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Steve Hodges on the yellow Islander 36 'Frolic' and Ralph Morganstern on the Dehler 34 'Geodesic III' start the Singlehanded Farallones Race.

crab-pot floats she passed. "There were seals and pups clustered on top of the channel markers, with little ones trying desperately to leap out of the water and onto the pile." She saw dolphins and "sea birds that made a weird honking noise." Greg Nelsen, who had helped Wells with her depthsounder, was the first monohull sailor to finish, at 5:28. His Azzura 310 Outsider also corrected out to first monohull overall. When Elkins ran the finish times the morning after the race, he noticed that Outsider had beat Bob Johnston's J/92 Ragtime! for first monohull on corrected time by just 24 seconds — after more than nine hours of racing. At age 84, Ryle Radke was, presumably, the oldest skipper in the race. He dropped out after about 12 hours of racing his Beneteau 323 Friday Harbor — but not because he was tired. "I had promised a friend of mine I'd take him and his daughter sailing on Sunday morning," he confessed. Outbound, he found a hole in the fog on the north side. "When I rounded the island I was the only one there. Then, about 10 miles off Point Bonita, I hit another hole. At 9 p.m. I was going less than one knot." Radke did the math and dropped out. "The race committee did a terrific job putting the race together and keeping in communi-

cation with everyone," he told us. Though he says he's not a serious racer, he won his division in the 2014 SHF. Jackie Philpott on the Cal 2-27 Dura Mater came in after midnight and said she could hear the whales spouting all around her. This was the first Singlehanded Farallones that Philpott was able to finish — and she was the only one in her slow-boat PHRF division to do so. The final boat returned to GGYC at 1:36 a.m. on Sunday, with plenty of time to spare before the 6 a.m. cutoff. "The finish was not one of my shining moments, as I wrapped the spinnaker in an attempt to jibe in pitch blackness," recalls Ralph Morganstern of the Dehler 34 Geodesic III. "Spinnakers seem to be my main foil in life (see 'Ralph's wrap' in your archives of the '86 Singlehanded TransPac). However, this was not the lowest moment of the race for me, nor was the jib halyard failure on the trip up to GGYC Friday — but for the help from a coastal cruiser and a fellow singlehander, Tom Boussie of the Capo 30 Joujou, I would not have made it to the start. That honor was reserved for a fouled prop caused by an errant spinnaker sheet which had me sailing into Brisbane Marina at 7 a.m. Sunday, upwind, against the tide, under main alone." — latitude/chris

SSS SINGLEHANDED FARALLONES, 5/14 PHRF <108 — 1) Ragtime!, J/92, Bob Johnston; 2) Tijd, Beneteau First 30, Dirk Husselman; 3) Freedom, Worth 40, Jib Martens. (7 boats) PHRF 111-159 — 1) Whirlwind, Wyliecat 30, Dan Benjamin; 2) Grace, Beneteau First 300, Jincrich Dokonal; 3) Iniscaw, Martin 32, Max Crittenden. (8 boats) PHRF >162 — 1) Dura Mater, Cal 2-27, Jackie Philpott. (4 boats) SPORTBOAT <129 — 1) Outsider, Azzura 310, Greg Nelsen; 2) Nina, Olson 29, Robert MacDonald; 3) Fugu, Wilderness 30S, Chris Case. (8 boats) SPORTBOAT >128 — 1) Wetsu, Express 27, Phil Krasner; 2) Elise, Express 27, Nathalie Criou; 3) Verve, Express 27, Ron Snetsinger. (3 boats) NON-SPINNAKER — 1) The Flying Penguin, Beneteau 375, John Shannon. (1 boat) MULTIHULL — 1) Wingit, F-27, Amy Wells; 2) Raven, F-27, Truls Myklebust; 3) Humdinger, Walter Greene 35, Lawrence Olsen. (3 boats) MONOHULL OVERALL — 1) Outsider; 2) Ragtime!; 3) Tijd; 4) Freedom; 5) Nina; 6) Fugu; 7) White Shadow, J/88, Jim Hopp. (31 boats) Full results at

R2AK2 Attracts Big Guns Come June 23, John Sangmeister, Ryan Breimeyer and a crew of fellow superstars will find their foiling ORMA 73 trimaran Tritium (ex-Lending Club) competing against everything from Corsairs to a Hobie Windrider to a Cal 20 to a Drascombe Longboat to a kayak to a stand-up paddleboard. That's because the professionally sailed and commercially sponsored team has taken up the challenge of the second Race to Alaska, which will start in Port Townsend, make a quick stop in Victoria, BC, and wind its way through the Inside Passage to Ketchikan, in Southeast Alaska, 750 miles from the start. According to the team's description on the R2AK website, "The boat is a force:

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