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old Dark Side.) You could dedicate a section of your terrific magazine to include powerboats, be they in the States or the canals of Europe. My guess is there would be many who would welcome this addition to Latitude without feeling the essence of the magazine was being diminished. Stuart Kiehl Former Multihull Cruiser and Racer Even Kiehl, Scand Baltic 29 Sausalito

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Latitude 38

• June, 2015



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Stuart — It just so happened that we received your letter while on the Wanderer's 42-ft Majestic Dalat on the Seine River at Vernon, not far from Claude Monet's famous garden at Giverny. Since Latitude has been the Wanderer's art project rather than a business since we started it 40 years ago, we asked ourselves if an artist like Monet would have added something, perhaps an amusement park, to his garden to make it more attractive to people who were more interested in action than his art. We decided that Monet wouldn't have done anything like that, so as long as the Wanderer is the owner/publisher, we're not going to modify the sailing 'essence' of A canal boat is great for having the magazine. After all, it's not as your own home, and bicycles, though there is enough editorial convenient to places such as space for sailing as it is. Monet's garden or van Gogh's If this sounds a bit hypocritilast home. cal because we spend close to three months a year on our canal boat, it's not really, because canal boating in Europe isn't really about boating. It's mostly about having a great way to enjoy the incredibly rich European history and culture. As you point out, getting around on a canal boat is incredibly slow. And it can be surprisingly tedious because sometimes the canals are very narrow and winding, and there are an incredible number of locks. We're not saying that canal boating isn't a blast, because it is, but it's not because of the 'boating' part per se. The good news is that if anyone wants to read about the Wanderer and Doña de Mallorca's adventure on the canals and rivers of Europe, the Wanderer writes very long posts on the Richard Spindler Facebook page.


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⇑⇓ FINDING PURPOSE & ADRENALINE WHILE CRUISING My husband John and I always knew that we would eventually go cruising, having both dreamed about it our entire lives. Now that we're out here, we've been learning just how life-changing cruising can be. We began our life as cruisers last year after quitting our jobs, selling our more racy boat, and purchasing a new-to-us more cruisy boat — and just two months before we started our cruising with last year's Baja Ha-Ha. Once we started cruising, we began to miss the kind of adrenaline rushes we used to get during our 40+ years of racing in Southern California. So even though we had days filled with snorkeling, stand-up paddle-boarding, kayaking, fishing, swimming, swinging in hammocks pretending to read, hiking, meeting a multitude of great new friends — and let's not forget the endless list of repairs and projects — we found ourselves missing the energy expenditure and adrenaline rush

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Latitude 38 June 2016  

The June 2016 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 June 2016  

The June 2016 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.