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2) Freja, Tom Reed, StFYC, 27 points; 3) Polruan, James Vernon, 47. (11 boats)

Knarr — Three Boys and a Girl Chris & Phil Perkins/Hans Baldauf, SFYC Only four Knarrs competed in just six of the WBRA races. The championship season we're featuring here is much broader, consisting of a 28-race, 5-throwout series that included SFYC's Resin Regatta, Elite Keel and Fall Clas-

sic, StFYC's Woodies Regatta, SYC's Invitationals, and TYC's Moseley Regatta. Three Boys and a Girl had the low-point score of 56 for the season. Brothers Phil and Chris split the steering this year and were joined by boat partner Hans Baldauf and crew Peter Clark, augmented by guest appearances from older brother Roland Perkins who lives in Boston, Chris's wife Brooke and older son Charlie, Eric Gray (another Knarr owner) and a couple of others. Chris Perkins started crewing in 1974 on Grant Settlemier's Knarr #125, which brother Jon Perkins now owns. "When I finished college in 1983 I returned to San Francisco and started racing on a number of borrowed or chartered boats," said Chris. "In the late '80s I teamed up with Hans Baldauf, who at the time owned the wood Knarr #107. We raced that boat for a few years and then in the early '90s sold it and bought our current fiberglass Knarr together, #141. We have been sailing #141 together since then. We named it Three Boys and a Girl (I have two sons and Hans has one of each) thinking that if we did that, our wives would probably never make us sell it! So far it has worked. "This year was a blur. We are all in our 50s and busy with kids, work, travel and life. We are fortunate that we have a very tight group with a lot of experience sailing the boat. Lack of practice does not seem to kill our performance. Phil and I were able to tag-team steering the boat, and we had fairly equal results. We again had an excellent set of North sails, so our boat speed was great all year." Three Boys and a Girl started the season really well and kept improving. "We did not have many bad races," said Chris. "There are a lot of well-sailed boats in the Knarr fleet (including our little brother Jon who we love to beat) so the key to doing well in the season is to show up prepared, with good crew, and sail consistently. Finding great crew is one of Phil's strengths. I love Knarr racing partly because it is very easy and basic. In the past I would email Hans around Wednesday and ask if he was sailing and had he heard from anyone who wanted to crew. Friday nights usually included emailing, texting and then roaming the bar at StFYC looking for crew. When Phil joined our team a few years ago he would start the search a week or two in advance, which makes a huge difference in finding good crew who also have busy lives."

IOD — Bolero Richard Pearce, SFYC Bolero's crew is another family affair, with brothers Rich, Mark and Jeff Pearce, plus Elliot James, Matther Nebal, Chris Raney and a cast of guests. Four IODs competed in a 21-race, 3-throwout series including the Elite Keel, StFYC Woodies, Fall Classic and the WBRA series. Skipper Rich Pearce describes several races when the boats were overlapped at the finish after 10 miles. "The teams of Zupan, Manning/Fulwiler and Vellinger have really raised the bar, and the boats



WBRA Folkboat — Polperro Peter Jeal, BVBC "This year, boats were a lot faster with new skippers doing really well." Peter Jeal said. His Polperro just squeezed through in the last race to maneuver Tom Reed into second place. The two had been neck and neck throughout the year. "He was ahead on the last race at SFYC's Fall Classic," said Jeal of Reed. "He was on port when his shroud connection bolt snapped, so he tacked immediately then retired. All we had to do was finish third or better! As we rounded a gate I touched the mark and did a penalty turn, putting us in last place. The last leg I went on a flyer and overtook a bunch of boats to come in second." Jeal relates another incident during the year: "We had our Internationals at the Corinthian in September. We were running a loose third overall when our mast cracked. Brock de Lappe had a spare mast — I couldn't believe it when he called and offered the use of it. Bren Meye r, D a v e , Susan and I stripped all the parts of f the injured mast and worked Susan Parker & Peter Jeal through to the small hours, getting the boat sailing for the last couple of races the next day. Polperro's crew this year was the same as last — Dave Kresge and Jeal's wife, Susan Parker. This is the eighth time that they've won the Folkboat championship; Reed and Chuck Kaiser have each won it seven times. Polperro scored 22 points in 14 races with one throwout in the WBRA series.

2) Fempty-Fempty, Jon Perkins, SFYC, 111 points; 3) Benino, Mark Dahm/Terry Anderlini, StFYC, 112. (20 boats) WBRA SERIES KNARR – (6r, 1t) 1) Fifty/Fifty, Brent Crawford, SFYC, 7 points; 2) Flyer, Chris Kelly, RYC, 16; 3) #134, Eric Gray, RYC 31. (4 boats)

Mark and Rich Pearce

are very evenly matched, making for some exciting racing." Bolero had a 3-point lead going into the final regatta, SFYC's Fall Classic. "Everybody sailed extremely well, and after I made a few bad calls I had squandered the lead," said Richard. "Paul Zupan won the coveted Delmas Cup in a tie-breaker with Rob Vellinger, and we won the season in a tie-breaker with Zupan. Last year we had a much wider margin of victory — 1 point!" The San Francisco International One Design Fleet will host the 2016 World Championships on September 4-10 at SFYC. "We have several boats available for sale or charter; please check us out at" 2) One Hundred, Paul Zupan, SSS, 31; 3) Xarifa, Paul Manning, StFYC, 45. (4 boats)


e'll wrap up our profiles of 2015 season champions next month, when we check in with some more of the region's one-design classes. — latitude/chris December, 2015 •

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