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Latitude 38

• December, 2015

⇑⇓ IT STRETCHED OUR ABILITIES AND INCREASED OUR CONFIDENCE Those who hadn't done a Baja Ha-Ha told us not to do it. Those who had done one told us we should do it. With some trepidation, we signed up at the last minute — and we're so glad that we did. I loved the daily check-ins while underway, as they made us know that we weren't alone. And not only did we meet the greatest bunch of people, we knew that if anything were to go wrong, there would be friends there to help. Being part of the Ha-Ha made us stretch our sailing abilities and improve our confidence. Now that we are safely ensconced in La Paz, Jeff and DeAnne were inspired by sailing with I look back on the the Ha-Ha fleet. experience and am so grateful for all the hard work that the organizers put into ensuring that the event was fun and safe. By the way, we highly recommend that all future Ha-Ha entries have a SSB radio. Those with only VHF radios miss out on the morning nets when at sea, and those nets are really fun. Jeff and DeAnne Warner Stryder, Cascade 36 Newport, OR Jeff and DeAnne — We're glad you decided to listen to the people who had actually done a Ha-Ha rather than those that hadn't. Firsthand reports tend to be more reliable. ⇑⇓ WONDERFUL CAFES, GREAT HAPPY HOURS, NICE BEACHES We were reluctant to do the Ha-Ha because we were concerned that we might end up being in a group of Ugly Americans who don't appreciate our Mexican hosts. But LaDonna Bubak, a former editor at Latitude, convinced us that this wouldn't be the case. She was right, and the Ha-Ha was terrific. The other crews were fun, the parties were great, and there was some terrific sailing on every leg. Every- Turtle Bay kids were anxious one was helpful to one another and to help cruisers get ashore. complimentary about the great efforts the Mexicans made to accommodate us.


Marine parts & accessories, pLUs a coMpLete hardware store

with the Latitude 38 Crew List. We have selected people from the list for sailing with us on San Francisco Bay and for the 2011 and 2013 Baja Ha-Ha's. The crew that we've gotten have been honest, fun-loving and eager to learn. For Marina and me, these personal qualities are more important than sailing experience, because novice sailors can learn quickly, and the 750 miles to Cabo gives them plenty of ocean miles during which to hone their new skills. Our only suggestion would be a voluntary list of email addresses. There were lots of people we wanted to talk with again, but didn't always have boat cards to exchange with us. Myron and Marina Eisenzimmer Mykonos, Swan 44 San Anselmo


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Latitude 38 Dec 2015  

The December 2015 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 Dec 2015  

The December 2015 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.