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SIGHTINGS why winter racing is ideal for newbies


jacket. What season is it? Need a hint? You're on San Francisco Bay. If you've been sailing here for a few years, you already know the answers. In Scenario #1 it's summer. In Scenario #2 it's midwinter season! Midwinter racing begins the first weekend of November in the Bay Area, and, if you've thought of making the transition from daysailing into racing, you couldn't pick a better time of year to ease into competition. Midwinters are also a good time to train new crew, bring along landlubber friends, and get some use out of the big genoa. What about winter storms — and rain? (Remember rain?) Forecasters can see winter storms coming from a long way off. Everyone

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Latitude 38

• November, 2014

napa river on site from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Hail VHF 13 on approach or call (707) 562-3556. Max height is 102 feet. A few minutes later you'll pass beneath the Highway 37 bridge (100-ft clearance), then meander through about seven miles of mostly undeveloped wetlands and sloughs before passing beneath the Brazzo Train Bridge (97 feet), which is always up. Napa Valley Marina is less than a mile beyond it. About five miles farther — beyond the