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SIGHTINGS mexico — continued Permits, also issue decals showing the year of expiration, similar to how it’s done in the United States." Grossman is influential enough in Mexican government that there is a good chance they’ll agree to her suggestion. Here’s what we like about the latest form, compared to the form for the 20-Year Import Permit we got 17 years ago: 1) Unlike the stillgood 20-Year Permit form, this one looks like an official document. AGACE officials impounded a number of boats because they didn’t know what to make of the unofficial-looking 20-Year TIPs. 2) The new form includes spaces for the boat’s document number and for her hull identification number — assuming she has the latter. AGACE agents often mistook one for the other, again leading to boats being impounded for no reason. 3) The new form has a bar code, which presumably will allow Mexican officials to check on the status and validity of the TIP in hours instead of literally months. We were so taken with the new form that we wrote Grossman and told her that we thought we’d replace our old TIP with a new one, even though our current one is still good for several more years. "No, you don’t have to do that," she replied. But we might do it anyway.

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on engineless cruising each destination safely reached. On the Cal 2-27 Mongo, removing the broken Yanmar 2GM diesel and functional 8-horse Honda outboard that came with the boat netted $1,650 on Craigslist, while removing more than 500 pounds. Considering that I bought Mongo for 4 grand, it meant that I was into the boat for practically nothing, it weighed much less than a stock version, and could carry an entire quiver of surfboards under the cockpit. Hauling out, removing the fixed 3-bladed prop, and then glassing over the hole did wonders for Mongo's sailing abilities, as did the diet which allowed her to stay near her design weight, even when fully loaded. And the cash saved helped me re-fit and untie the docklines sooner. Setting sail from San Francisco in Sep-

Above: Being a respected judge has its advantages — like being called on to umpire the America's Cup.

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