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SIGHTINGS run for the border When your boat is in danger in a foreign country and all else fails, the best solution may be to make a run for the border. At least that’s what 16-year Mexico cruiser John Hards decided. As reported in ‘Lectronic Latitude, Hards, 75, had obtained a standard 10-year Temporary Import Permit for his Beneteau 36 Pelican in 2009. But the clerk who prepared it at the military bank, Banjercito, made a typo on the end date: 2010, instead of 2019. While the mistake should have been obvious — a 10-year permit good for only one year? — inspectors from AGACE, a sub-agency of Mexico’s IRS, didn’t see it that way and demanded that Hards pay a fine of roughly $7,000. In addition, during his attempts to resolve the issue, he was eventually told that his boat had become Mexican Federal property (although it was never continued on outside column of next sightings page

Far left, top to bottom: PJs prep for jumping, jettison equipment, and parachute into the sea. Center inset and upper right: 'Rebel Heart' is spotted by crew of the MC-130P. Below, right: Lyra hangs out with her Guardian Angel. Below, center: Rescuers from the 'Vandegrift' arrive for the transfer.


cluding a rock 'n' roll beach party — and we'll set off toward Cabo (180 miles), where our final beach party and awards ceremony are held — not to mention taking over the dance floor at Squid Roe. As its name implies, the Ha-Ha is a whole lot of fun, but it is not a booze cruise or a magnet for irresponsible people. The basic rule is: Don't sign up if you wouldn't be prepared to go on your own. Read all about it at Online signups begin May 1. — andy


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Latitude 38 May 2014  

The May 2014 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 May 2014  

The May 2014 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.