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chor is part of the fun. I found that the KVH/DirecTV system works where the new digital television does not — such as at Angel Island's Ayala Cove, Paradise Cove, and Clipper Cove, all of which are behind a hill. Being able to rent Pay Per View programming is nice, too. The installation pretty much consisted of adding a stainless support for the antenna at the back of my boat. This cost $1,500. The KVH system was $1,500 after the rebate. Onboard television has sort of become like GPS for us. We could live without it, but it's just too much fun to go without. 'Perseverance's DiJeff Berman recTV antenna. Perseverance, Catalina 36 Alameda

Hoist Your Sails for the 14th Annual Celebration

San Francisco Bay Celebration Encinal Yacht Club, Alameda

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⇑⇓DECORATIVE DOMES We have funded the last few years of part-time cruising — and our daughter's college education — as a professional yacht captain and chef, respectively. We ran a Westport 112 to Alaska in the summers for a family from Seattle. Want television on your boat? All you need is money to buy a satellite dome and a subscription to DirecTV. The quality is excellent and the signal is rarely affected — although a dome might look a little funny on a small cruising boat. Unfortunately, we are currently working in Florida, but we're soon to return to the land of tranquility and cheap tacos. Rob & Linda Jones Cat'n About, Gemini 3000 La Paz Rob and Linda — According to the KVH website, they now have a 12.5-inch antenna "perfect for coastal cruising or sailboats," with coverage in "North America and Europe." That's a small footprint, but we presume there must be some trade-offs for having such a small antenna — or everybody would have them. By the way, megayachts often have two or four giant domes on their masts, but oftentimes one of them has nothing in it. The second or fourth is to 'balance' the look of the yacht. ⇑⇓THE TAXMAN REACHES ACROSS THE PACIFIC After paying last year's "unsecured property tax" on our boat, I submitted a letter to the Orange County Tax Assessor, asking to have my two boats — well, Cherokee Rose and her California-registered dinghy — removed from their tax roster. I included proof of her departure from Orange County. So I was surprised to get another tax bill this year, and called their office to see why. It turns out that you need to prove that your vessel has been out of Orange County for the year after you leave. Failing to do this, or failing to pay the tax bill on time, will result in a lien against your boat. So keep all of those receipts for marinas, fuel, haulouts/ repairs, port fees and such. I have all of these, so I sure hope I don't hear from the taxman next year. Stay tuned. Michael Moyer Cherokee Rose, Alajuela 48 Newport Beach / Currently in the Marshall Islands Michael — It's borderline government harassment such as this that encourages many California-based cruisers to establish residency in other states, such as Florida, before taking off.

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Latitude 38 May 2014  

The May 2014 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 May 2014  

The May 2014 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.