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Let Hydrovane steer you home safely.

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Autopilot fails Batteries are dead Engine won’t start Steering broken Rudder is damaged Crew incapacitated

NO WORRIES WITH HYDROVANE Totally independent self-steering system and emergency rudder... in place and ready to go.


Bill and Conni on SV Wings, their Passport 40, in Nuku Hiva, Marquesas, after completing the Pacific Puddle Jump in April 2013. Bill writes: “Don’t leave home without one!”

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Latitude 38

• March, 2014

Wayne on SV Dante, his Harmony 42, in Suva, Fiji. Hydrovane mounted off-center to preserve the swim platform.

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two weeks for DHL to deliver it to you. (This is important: When the software asks for the boat's serial number, it's asking for the hull identification number, not the boat's federal document number as you would expect. When applying for the TIP, make sure the engine serial number(s) are correct, as well as all the other information. And make sure the boat has the HIN number on the starboard transom and at an inconspicuous place inside the boat. You can put the HIN numbers on yourself with a Dremel engraver.) 4) Your boat document. 5) If you are not the owner of the boat, a notarized letter from the individual or corporation that owns the boat authorizing you to move the boat in Mexico. Include a photocopy of the owner's passport or some corporate document. 6) Bring a copy of all the documents to the marina office. 7) Have copies of all the documents on your computer so you can print them out at a moment's notice. 8) Keep the originals of all documents on the boat. If you're really concerned, put a copy of all the documents in a Zip-Loc bag marked "ATTN: AGACE", and attach it to the lifeline nearest the dock. In addition, outline the boat's HIN number on the transom in blue tape. With this, you shouldn't have anything to worry about. You shouldn't but . . . Banderas Bay is one of the great pleasure sailing spots in the world. Enjoy yourself. ⇑⇓NOT SO FAST I’ve been following the story of boats being impounded in Mexico via Latitude's near-daily reports. While the reports of late January — all 50+ boats being "liberated" from the Marina Riviera Nayarit — were encouraging, please don't oversell the present relief. As I understand it, boats such as Profligate haven't really been released. What's happened is that the government has merely assigned the marina as its agent to police the impounding of Profligate and the other boats. Since the marina had no choice but to agree to whatever terms were imposed, it would take only a small re-interpretation to enforce the impound. However much respect you have for Mexican law, as a boatowner with the means of escape, you have an option not available to the marina operator. P.S. I'm preparing for the 2014 Ha-Ha. Cliff Smith Carola, Young Sun 35 Pt. Richmond Cliff — We spoke with an AGACE agent directly just minutes before the marina signed the papers making them a depositaria, and the agent said our boat was now free to move about Mexico and leave the country if we so chose. 'Profligate's "Liberation Day" sail across In addition, we got a Banderas Bay was sweet indeed. copy of the letter from AGACE listing all the boats that were "liberated" from the marina. We're not worried. In fact, we think we're now better protected than the boats that weren't impounded. It's been a complicated situation, and the facts have been few and far between. However, we were led to believe that the depositaria business was mostly a way for AGACE to end the fiasco while covering their asses. In governments around the world, including Mexico and the United States, what is said



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Latitude 38 March 2014  

The March 2014 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 March 2014  

The March 2014 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.