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are engineers. — latitude/rs 01/05/2014

others, but we made up for it with what we think is a great photo spread. We hope you enjoyed our mini feature, which shows how very different cruisers are — except for the fact that all the guys


We don't know who the characters are at the bottom, but that's Jamie Rosman and Elaine Lutz on the right, and Dave Calhoun in the left.

Legacy — Saga 43 Chris and Heather Stockard Another Great Season in Tenacatita (Juneau, Alaska) It's been a particularly fun season

this winter at Tenacatita Bay, the cruiser favorite on Mexico's 'Gold Coast' that is some 15 miles north of Barra de Navidad. But if anyone is looking to avoid socializing, this would not be the best place. The usual tropical Mexican weather has been consistently pleasant, meaning sunny and warm with light breezes. The Caribbean may get endless days and nights of 20+ knots and big seas, but that's not what we find on Mexico's Gold Coast. The water temperature has been hovering between 80° and 83°, ideal for swimming, with decent clarity. The days are mostly sunny, so cruiser solar panels usually don't have much trouble keeping the batteries topped up. Given the calm waters of the anchorage, we've even had time to check some of the boat projects off our list. February 7 was the Mayor's Raft-up, the 'mayor' being Robert Gleser of the Alameda-based Islander Freeport 41 Harmony, Thirty-two dinghies showed up for the camaraderie, making it the biggest of the season. As usual, the chefs of the fleet cooked up delicious hors d’oeuvres. And this week was the annual Talent Show. Who knew what a gifted and unique bunch of individuals we had among us? Naturally there is a Gold Coast Cruisers Net, so everyone is able to know who is coming and going, as well as which boats have been passing through on their way down to the Zihua Sailfest. For all we know, those of us at Tenacatita have the only cruiser swim team. Our members work out every afternoon, swimming about one-third of a mile to shore. Among the frequent participants are Terri of Mija, Patricia of Paloma, Lynn of Voyager, Julie of Slacker, Rita of Overheated, Kathy and Dan of Lungta, Sherri of Nirvana, Virginia of Harmony, Top photo below: The mostly male bocce ball players. Bottom photo below; The mostly female Tenacatita Bay Cruisers' Swim Team.

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Latitude 38 March 2014  

The March 2014 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 March 2014  

The March 2014 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.