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SHEET The PHRF 3 Division stretched out on their way to Blackaller. They enjoyed the windiest conditions experienced in the second annual Robgatta.


time closing the gap between the secondto-last boat and us in Division 1. While my crew started outlining what we could have done better, I consoled myself with the fact that once times were corrected, we would not be DFL. And indeed, we were not last. It was a very close race all around, with the fastest boat finishing the course in two hours and 20 minutes, and the slowest boat finishing within two hours and 42 minutes. Seems that the Liquid Kitty's head start on the first leg worked out significantly in our favor, as she corrected out 35 seconds ahead of Luther Izmiriam to take first place in Division 1. And despite Friday's Eagle's valiant run, Mark Canton's Catalina 22 Escape corrected out 7 seconds ahead for first place in Division 2. — yvette yong

winners in April's Racing Sheet. Coyote Point YC Double Up & Back Regatta The small boats ruled the day on February 1, during Coyote Point YC's Annual Double Up & Back Regatta. Originally created as a doublehanded race, it was changed into a fully crewed race last year to encourage more participation. Further changes were made this year when a second division was added, marking a return for the doublehanded boats. A total of 11 boats turned out for the race — seven doublehanding and four fully crewed. There was also a very impressive turnout of female sailors, as five of the seven doublehanded boats had both men and women on board. The doublehanded start was scheduled for 1 p.m., followed by the crewed boats ten minutes later. Unfortunately, at 12:55 p.m. it became clear that there wasn’t enough wind to start and the red and white postponement flag was raised. The wind did pick up a little and without warning. Division 1’s starting sequence began at 1:11 p.m. with Division 2 starting ten minutes later.

True to seasonal winter conditions, the light wind decided to disappear altogether within a half-mile of the first mark, and the fleet started bobbing around — Sweet Grapes, Mark Green's Ericson 36 RH, at one point lost steerage and headed in the completely opposite direction from the mark. The lazy drifting lasted long enough for me to have a sandwich and work on my February tan. Then I watched as the wind filled in for everyone except us (or at least it felt that way), such that most of the fleet caught up, passed, and rounded the first mark ahead of my Santana 525, Liquid Kitty — including those from the second division. Not cool. Bizarrely, the wind shot up from nothing to a steady 12 knots or so for the rest of the race. Mike Haddock's C&C 100, Hot Ice left everyone in the dust, finishing a good seven minutes before anyone else, and Mark Hecht on his Catalina 30 Friday’s Eagle tore through the pack, finishing well before four of the boats that had started ten minutes before him. After rounding the Birdcage to head back to Z for the finish, we had a lovely downwind leg with the chute and a little bit of surfing action that we haven't had on the water in quite some time. The Kitty likes to surf, so we made up some

COYOTE POINT YC DOUBLE UP & BACK REGATTA DOUBLEHANDED — 1) Liquid Kitty, Santana 525, Yvette Yong; 2) Paradigm, J/32, Luther Izmiriam; 3) Hot Ice, C&C 100, Mike Haddock. (7 boats) CREWED — 1) Escape, Catalina 22, Mark Canton; 2) Friday's Eagle, Catalina 30, Mark Hetch; 3)Moriah, Islander 36, Steve Maionchi. (4 boats) Complete results at

Berkeley YC Midwinters On February 8 we got some wind on the Berkeley Circle! And with it, we also got some desperately desired rain. We also had a bit of drama when one of our racers was knocked off a J/24. Fortunately, he was soon picked up, not too worse for wear (see the February 10 'Lectronic Latitude). But perhaps best of all, a couple

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February's racing stories included: Wylie Wabbit Season Champion, Richmond YC's Little Daddy, Midwinter racing wrap-ups from Berkeley YC, RegattaPRO, Sequoia YC, Encinal YC's Jack Frost Series, Sausalito YC, Coyote Point YC, and more!

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