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find the date when a San Francisco newspaper printed the following: A Captain of a U.S. Navy sub was washed overboard while on the deck of the sub while the sub was surfaced and heading west under the Golden Gate." I remember reading the headline when I used to live in Tiburon, from '73 to '76, and worked for Bechtel in San Francisco. I used to take the Red & White ferry from Tiburon to the Ferry Building in San Francisco. In '73, it cost 50 cents each way. I never read any follow-up stories on the sub skipper going overboard. Commander A.L. Wilderman was "lost overside" When I told the from SSN-595, aka 'Plunger' story to some ex-Navy and ex-Coast Guard friends down here, they said, "You must be losing it, Fred, we never heard that story." I'm sure some Latitude readers will remember. By the way, I sailed the East Coast and West Coast, and San Francisco Bay, aboard the Kenner 31 Privateer. I purchased her as a kit boat in '67, and launched her into the 'great south bay' — Long Island, New York — six months later. P.S. Thanks for the excellent Latitude 38, which I pick up and read at the Oceanside YC. Fred Engerer Member of Paradise Cay YC, '73-'79

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Latitude 38

• December, 2012

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Fred — What is 'spare time'? That said, we can report that you're thinking of Commander A.L. Wilderman of the USS Plunger (SSN-595). He was "lost overside" in stormy conditions just off San Francisco on November 30, 1973. The 278-ft-long Plunger, which was decommissioned in '90, carried a complement of 130 officers and men. Are you asking because the commanding officer of another submarine was lost just last month? We're referring to Chen Chi-tsung of the Taiwanese submarine Hai Lung, who was lost overboard in very rough weather in the waters off Taiwan. ⇑⇓LIMERICKS ARE ENCOURAGED It was fun to see my 'You Can't Sneak Poetry Past Us' letter published in the November Latitude, even if it was sans my poem. And thanks for the invitation to sail aboard Profligate on Banderas Bay this winter. I'm always up for a fun sail with interesting people, and promise to come bearing beer, not poetry. Linda Dayoan Richmond Linda — We appreciate the beer offer, but it's more important to us that everyone who sails with us on Profligate contributes $20 — directly, not through us — to his/her favorite charity. On the editorial cultural front, we may have neglected to mention that, while we do not publish poetry, we do accept clever and humorous limericks. You know, stuff like "There was a sailing poet named Dayoan, who preferred to write with a crayon . . ." You can take it from there.





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⇑⇓RACIST PARROTS CAN BE DANGEROUS I appreciate Latitude's First-Timer's Guide to Cruising Mexico. However, while skimming it I didn't see the issue of pets addressed.

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Latitude 38 Dec. 2012  

The December 2012 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 Dec. 2012  

The December 2012 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.