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For Those Making Plans or Ready to Push Off the Dock. Everyone welcome! Check website below for details. OFFSHORE COMMUNICATION SEMINARS

TUES – 10/11 USING YOUR MARINE SSB Presented by Gordon West and Shea Weston Time: 5:30PM-9:30PM (check in at 5:00PM) Location: Downwind Marine, 2804 Cañon Street, San Diego, CA Cost: $25/person or $30/couple - check or cash at the door Snacks and refreshments provided - you bring pencil/paper Walk-in okay but reservation preferred for planning materials! Email WED – 10/12 SAILMAIL TRAINING Presented by Jim & Sue Corenman and Shea Weston Time: 9PM-4PM (check in at 8:30AM) Location: Pt. Loma Assembly Hall, 3035 Talbot Street, San Diego Cost: $50/person or $75/couple - cash or check at the door Training materials and snacks, lunch and beverages all inclusive Walk-in okay but reservation preferred for planning materials! Email

“CRUISING DOWNWIND” VENDOR FAIRS WITH BBQ SATURDAY STORE HOURS 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM Our favorite Product Reps on hand PLUS ONE-DAY SPECIAL DISCOUNT prices ALL day TWO DAYS OF FUN AT DOWNWIND MARINE: SAT – 10/15 BAJA HA-HA WELCOME POTLUCK Baja Ha-Ha sailors meet other sailors and bring a dish to share Hot Dogs & Sodas for ALL customers from Noon to 4PM LIVE MUSIC with Dennis Howard! SAT – 11/5 ANNUAL CRUISERS’ POTLUCK Cruisers meet other cruisers and bring a dish to share Hamburgers & Sodas for ALL customers from Noon to 4PM SPECIAL GIFTS for purchases over $250!


7PM, doors open 6:45PM, $3/person unless otherwise noted Back Door at Downwind Marine – 2804 Cañon Street Mon 10/17 Alan Katz, Dr. Electron on Marine Electronics Tues 10/18 Tom Teevin, Outboard Motor Maintenance in Mexico Wed 10/19 Dick Markie, Cruising Info for West Coast Mexico Thur 10/20 Cruisers Paul & David, Pressure Cooker in the Galley ($5) Fri 10/21 Capt. Stephen Mann, Rigging at Sea Tues 10/25 CF Koehler, Surviving a Haul Out Wed 10/26 Steven Gloor, Avoid Collisions at Sea with A.I.S. Thur 10/27 Bruce Brown, Safety at Sea, Life Raft Deployment Tues 11/1 Barry Kessler, Onboard Power to the Cruiser! Wed 11/2 TBA Thur 11/3 Bruce Brown, Prepare for Heavy Weather Sailing 2804 Cañon Street San Diego, CA 92106 Phone: (619) 224-2733 Toll-Free: (866) 289-0242 THE CRUISER'S CHANDLERY

Fax: (619) 224-7683

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Latitude 38

• October, 2011

LETTERS and the desire of most of his constituents and voted for the legislation. His explanation was that if the legislation would help force recreational boaters out, it would make more room on the waterfront for more profitable businesses — i.e. commercial shipping. Steve Denney BreakTime, Yorktown 39 Pittsburg Steve — It's a difficult problem. While non-toxic bottom coatings are improving, they still aren't as effective or economical as the copper-based stuff. Adding to our confusion about the matter is the fact that on September 19, a comprehensive report on the environmental quality of the Bay, funded mostly by the EPA, noted that "the amount of copper and nickel dropped by nearly 50 percent from '95 to '10 thanks to tightened restrictions on water treatment and industrial discharge." A 50% drop prior to any restrictions on the amount of copper in bottom paints and brake pads!? It makes us wonder if non-toxic bottom coatings for recreational boats might only be an expensive and somewhat ineffective solution to something that really isn't much of a problem after all. Remember that the leading source of copper in the rivers and bays is from car brake pads. We've got an open mind about all this, but we'd like to see some more factual information. ⇑⇓WASHINGTON WON'T BAN COPPER BRAKE PADS The August Latitude contained an editorial response to a letter that asked about copper brake shoes in the state of Washington, which are a major source of copper in the water. The state passed legislation in March banning them. Ned Cook Resolution, Elizabethan 29 Puget Sound Ned — Washington's SB 6557, which passed in March, calls for the banning of brake pads containing more than trace amounts of cadmium, chromium, asbestos, lead and mercury beginning in '14. It sounds wonderful, doesn't it? But to enduring skeptics such as ourselves, it's bogus as a $3 bill. First of all, "the banning of more than trace amounts" of elements such as copper starting in '14 is as misleading as a drunk saying he is going to become sober by limiting his consumption of alcohol to two bottles of gin a day — "starting" a couple of years down the road, and then eventually working down to just a couple of drinks a day. As we read the legislation, by '21, brake pads in the state of Washington will still be allowed to be made of 5% copper. We don't know about you, but 5% doesn't sound like a "trace amount" to us. Indeed, 'trace amounts' are generally considered to be "enough to identify but not enough to quantify." So we assume that SB 6557 simply guarantees that brake pads, not boat bottoms, will continue to be the greatest contributor to copper in Washington streams, rivers, bays and oceans for many decades to come. No wonder the legislation was enthusiastically welcomed by the automobile industry. ⇑⇓LEGISLATING SAFETY IN THE BIG BOAT SERIES During the America's Cup trials in Plymouth, England, many of the 45-ft catamarans cartwheeled or otherwise went over on their sides. As far as I'm concerned, it justifies the crew of Oracle racing wearing crash helmets on the cover of the July Latitude. I just watched the Rolex Big Boat Series, which was raced in winds to over 30 knots, with many round-ups. Yet I didn't see anyone wear a helmet. Will the St. Francis YC or Yacht

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Latitude 38 Oct. 2011  

The October 2011 eBook issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 Oct. 2011  

The October 2011 eBook issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.