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AIS (Automatic Identification System) receivers enable AIS-capable chart plotters and navigation software to see other vessels. AIS transponders allow other vessels to see you. EAGLE (WXX1234) MMSI: 312345678 Reported via AIS at 13:45 Towing Vessel Underway with engine at 4:30 kn 346°M / 1.77 NM from boat 47°44.296'N 122°27.312'W

Navigation software displaying AIS targets

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Latitude 38

• October, 2011

LETTERS skills, and are draining our limited services budget — will be allowed to stay as long as they haven't committed a felony. But the U.S. isn't the only country with such policies. A few years back, our son went to Italy and found a one-year teaching job. After he got the job, the Italians made him fly all the way home to apply for his visa! He got it and flew right back to Italy. I think there must be some test that all the people who work on immigration policy have to flunk in order to get a job with that agency. By the way, I made the return trip home from Hawaii with Wayne Hendryx aboard his Hughes 45 Capricorn Cat. It was a great trip, and my first experience sailing at such high speeds. I hope it's not my last. Pat McIntosh Peregrine, trawler Alameda / Sacramento ⇑⇓PUNISHING 'LEGALS' AND REWARDING ILLEGALS Do you realize that the entire European Union has immigration laws very similar to the one that Latitude is complaining about? You can't get a work visa in the United Kingdom while in-country, nor can you go to bordering Ireland to get one. You have to go across the English Channel to France. Frankly, we in the United States do a more pitiful job of protecting our borders and controlling immigration than any country on the planet — Mexico included. I say good on the Verdons for following the rules. Nick Salvador Finn, USA 1109 Richmond Nick — You're talking apples and we're talking oranges. The Verdons weren't seeking a work visa, but rather a brief extension of their tourist visa so they could shower even more money on the Northern California marine industry. But no, our government made them spend $4,000 of boat money on flying to El Salvador so they could apply for a new tourist visa there. Meanwhile, our president grandly announced that we won't prosecute people who are in the country illegally, taking American jobs and getting free American services. If we're going to turn a blind eye to law-breakers, can't we at least close our eyes to those who are reducing the national debt rather than contributing to it? On the other hand, we couldn't agree more that the United States does a pathetic job of protecting borders and controlling immigration. If we're going to deliberately ignore our immigration laws and let everybody stay in the country, why are we wasting billions on border patrolmen, helicopters, SUVs, fences, night vision binocs and all that other junk? And if the president announces he's going to pick and choose which laws are going to be enforced, how does he expect citizens to have respect for any laws? Of course, it's a moot point here in California, where the people of Mexico have all but succeeded in their 'Reconquest' of Alta California. It's just that not everyone realizes it yet. ⇑⇓HEY MAN, IS THAT OUR CAT IN THE PHOTO? While dutifully reading the August issue of Latitude cover to cover, I came across a gorgeous photo that featured a girl in a bikini in the foreground on page 134 in Charter Notes. It was part of an article recommending chartering in the Eastern Caribbean. Anyway, after squinting at the photograph for a bit, I could make out the name on the Lagoon catamaran in the background, Chillmore. That's our cat!

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Latitude 38 Oct. 2011  

The October 2011 eBook issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 Oct. 2011  

The October 2011 eBook issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.