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there is no official presence there, so we won’t have to check in. It’s our understanding that the island wasn’t directly affected by the terrible earthquake, but there is still horrible poverty. As such, Marina is preparing a token CARE package. After that, we’ll be off to never-never land. — peter 03/01/10




Readers — For Peter was delighted those who may have to get to shake the forgotten, in ‘07 Pas- hand of Pedro. sano was awarded the Cruising Club of America’s Bluewater Medal for his extensive cruising achievements, thereby joining the ranks of Bernard Moitessier, Sir Francis Chichester and Eric Tabarly.

high percentage of baseball players to the United States, and the people are true baseball ‘nuts’, so I wanted to see a baseball game. Unfortunately, we arrived just after the winter season had ended, However, Virgintino told me that Pedro Martinez, the famous pitcher for the Red Sox and later the Mets, keeps a boat next to Raffles Ligh Light. Martinez apparently loves to come down to the marina and sit on the float in a lawn chair next to his boat. We were told that he’s generally accompanied by at least two beautiful lady friends. The first night we stayed at the marina, Virgintino invited Marina and me, and a nice Canadian couple, aboard Raffles Light for drinks. Sure enough, when we arrived, Martinez was next door enjoying the evening air with his friends. He was quite approachable, and I got the thrill of shaking the hand of the baseball great. James and Chantel, the Canadian couple, had just arrived on their hand-

some aluminum sloop from Bonaire. They were very interesting and charming. James is a very knowledgeable techie, so their boat has every conceivable, state-of-the art marine electronic installed. Their boat makes Sea Bear seem like something out of the Dark Ages. While in the DR, we’ve been keeping our eye out for other boats that might be heading for Cuba. So far we’ve come across a couple of possibilities. One is an English/Irish couple aboard the Freya 39 Foxglove that Roy and Tee Jennings of Tomales Bay once sailed around the world. As I write this, our plan is to stop at one or more of the five nice stops between here and the Haitian border. We’ve also been told Ile de Vache is a beautiful and safe island off the south coast of Haiti. Although the island has no electricity or cars — they get around by horseback — there are 10,000 residents. Yet

Desperate people do desperate things. Bob Smith, Patsy Verhoeven and Bill Lily feed their internet addiction outside Caleta Partida. LATITUDE/RICHARD

Sea of Cortez Sailing Week, clockwise from top: The the ridge route at Isla San Francisco. The lovely anchorage at Isla San Francisco. Upwind to Caleta Partida. Downwind to La Paz. The sunset cruise on 'Profligate'. Real sea salt. Denis and Holly of 'Tango', about to head to the South Pacific.

Cruise Notes: Gotta have your internet off Caleta Partida in the Sea of Cortez? While doing the recent Sea of Cortez Sailing Week, we had some participants tell us where they got internet access closest to the popular Caleta Partida anchorage. Allan and Rina Alexopoulos of the Redwood City-based Hunter 466 Follow You Follow Me — who had just had their boat shipped from New Zealand to Ensenada at a cost of $1,000/ft — reported they got Edge connectivity at 24°31'7"N - 110°24'2"W, although it was very slow. They got their first GSM connectivity at 24°29'8"N - 110°25'1"W, which was all right, but still not very fast. They finally got swift and solid GSM connectivity at 24°29'5"N - 110°25'3"W. Bill Lily of the Newport Beach-based Lagoon 470 Moontide reports that he had 236 kbs Edge service at 24°30.99'N - 110°25.111'W and much better 3.6 mbs

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Latitude 38 May 2010  

The May 2010 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 May 2010  

The May 2010 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.