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People letting you down — especially bungling officials over whom you have no control — are a tremendous source of frustration. But an often equally powerful source of frustration is trying to do too much in too short a time. We don't mean to be critical of our good friend Mike, but laying out a very fast itinerary, such as an 11-month circumnavigation, tends to set one up for frustration. We know, because we do the same thing all the time. •

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Latitude 38

• July, 2007


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⇑⇓I NOW DO THE INFAMOUS POSE AT YACHT CLUBS In a response to a letter by Les and Sue Polgar, you mentioned that we could maybe even improve on the May cover, and wondered if I'd be interested in trying it again. I would love to be on the cover of Latitude anytime! I should be so lucky. In fact, I'll work on my poses until then. Maybe you should let Robert Zimmer man have a try and the public can vote on his seagull striker Lisa woman-handles her opponent. pose. By the way, I now do the infamous pose on command at yacht clubs around the world where the members are faithful Latitude readers. I suppose that since Zim wasn't on the boat that day, crewing on the funnest boat in the world, in one of the most beautiful spots in the world, he will never understand the picture for what it was — just having fun in the tropics on an awesome catamaran with a boatload of friends. Lisa Kerth Alameda / Puerto Vallarta Readers — Lest anyone think that Lisa is just a cutesy girlygirl — not that there's anything wrong with that — here's proof that she's powerful, too. This photo was taken at the Banderas Bay Regatta awards party, and shows Lisa emerging victorious in a high-powered 'Indian wrestling' match with a mirthful friend. ⇑⇓LAZY BUREAUCRACY DESERVES EVERY JAB In your May issue, Phil Kipper complained of what he terms "gratuitous jabs at 'government'" and a "clever little political aside" in your coverage of the mooring fiasco at Angel Island's Ayala Cove. Perhaps if Mr. Kipper were better informed about the underlying problem, he would at least understand, if not agree with, Latitude's perfectly accurate characterization of government. The moorings at Ayala Cove were renewed both for maintenance reasons and to attempt a more efficient mooring arrangement. As part of that renewal, a government agency required the installation of a ridiculous mooring system that attempted to keep mooring chains from dragging on the bottom and mixing up the muddy muck. The result was a serious safety problem, with lines floating just below the surface, almost as though they were designed to entangle boats. Although fully predictable, boats had to be entangled numerous times, at risk of life and property, before the idiots behind the policy backed down. I cut no government employee any slack

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Latitude 38 July 2007  

The July 2007 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 July 2007  

The July 2007 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.