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Supplies from New England Ropes, RiRi marine zippers, DOT fasteners, and 303 products.

Sewing machines tuned for the canvasworker and sailmaker to provide optimum performance. ¤    

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Latitude 38

• July, 2007

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Kits designed for sail construction, sail repair, tote bags, winch covers, and more.

Churubusco,IN Ft.Lauderdale,FL Annapolis,MD

fun in Mexico, so we may see you there next year. Chris Golian Kinship, Cartwright 44 Seattle/Mazatlan Chris — Thanks for the heads up. It's just our luck that we not only had problems with our SSB, but we also bought a Uniden 525 VHF to replace our old one. It was zero for two for us on the last two radios we bought. It's not the end of the world, but we find Uniden's explanation to be rubbish. How can they market a radio in San Diego and expect that nobody will use it in Mexico? ⇑⇓A SHOCKING SOLUTION How about an inexpensive electric cow fence to keep sea lions off boats in places such as Newport Beach? They are available at Home Depot or Lowe's for $30 to $50, and run on 12-volt batteries. I saw them at Home Depot last week, and Sears used to have one that was perfect for discouraging our neighbor's Great Dane from visiting our home in Tahoe. The units usually come with nice little placards to protect your friends. At least the Great Dane was housebroken. Walt Kass Joy of Tahoe, Lagoon 44 Lake Tahoe


fabrics tools kits

Tools to make projects easier- snap fastener installation tools, hotknives and scissors.

Sailrite Fabrics and Supplies for D.I.Y.

Fabric lines from Sunbrella, Phifertex, Naugahyde, Stamoid and Ultrasuede.


⇑⇓PATIENCE MAY BE A VIRTUE BUT IT ISN'T EASY Frustration is just a word, but it can bring about such a negative emotion. When I was younger, little things — like not getting what I wanted, or getting something other than I expected — would frustrate me. There was an easy fix back then, as I could just change my goals and accept less. When I began competing in sports, I learned that changing the goal wasn't as easy. Everyone's goal was the same — to win! If I didn't win, I needed to work on fitness, endurance, or style to make myself better. Even if I wasn't first place, I always strived to be. Competing in sports taught me that, to succeed, I needed to work on myself first, and that discipline was the key to success. I was successful in a variety of sports, which I think helped me be a success in life. Some things still frustrate me. I still have problems with 'uniformed authority'. Someone puts on a uniform or a shiny badge, and their attitude seems to change. They become 'aggressively dominant' or 'all-knowing' or 'in-command' — and de"Patience is the key to combating mand respect even if they frustration. Unfortunately, I all but lost don't deserve it. Patience mine in the Galapagos." — which just happens to be my mother's first name — is the key to combating frustration. If, for example, you have to have a paper signed by an official with a bad attitude, you'd better learn patience — and how to smile a lot — or it will take you much longer to get that signature. I have never had much patience with people who weren't up to my expectations of competence. So I would try to work

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Latitude 38 July 2007  

The July 2007 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 July 2007  

The July 2007 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.