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Peaceful Southern San Diego Bay

Boate Barbec r u August e 19 1-4 pm

Bow Wow! Offset hinge enables lashing to forestay

Pull the pin and it hinges open for easy luff tape loading

HOME OF CHULA VISTA MARINA 552 slips with complete amenities from private dock boxes to pool and jacuzzi to ample free parking.

Come feel the South Bay difference. Permanent or temporary berths available.

(619) 691-1860 Dockmaster's office open 7 days a week

Low-friction rollers smooth hoists

McGinnis Insurance Since 1972

Knowledge Commitment Reliability Service

H2O Pro Feeder by Holt Here’s a product that’s anything but a dog. Consider the poor bowperson. Most of the time, the best they can hope for is not to screw something up, therby avoiding the wrath of the rest of the keyedup crew. That’s why this little bit of genius from Holt Allen is the stuff of dreams for those who prowl the pointy end. A pull of the piston pin enables the hinged Pro Feeder to open, so you don’t have to remove the headsail from the luff groove to run it through the feeder before a hoist. Simply pull the pin, open the Pro Feeder, insert the luff tape, snap it shut and tell the pit man to hoist away. Also simplifies and speeds up sail take downs. Construction is 316 stainless steel with friction-reducing rolling balls so it’ll take heaps of abuse while sparing the bowperson equal amounts of same. Handles 4mm to 7mm luff tape sizes. Model 8681637 $39.99

Liveaboard Available Call us at: 800-486-4008 License #0570469

Find the H2O Pro Feeder by Holt at our Alameda Sailing Superstore! 730 Buena Vista Ave. • 510-521-4865 We have 22 stores in Northern California. Log onto or call 1-800-BOATING to find the store nearest you. July, 2007 •

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Latitude 38 July 2007  

The July 2007 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 July 2007  

The July 2007 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.