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About half the boatowners stay with their boats through the summer, while the other half take off until the fall. Monkey Bay is a family-run marina with a great atmosphere, and it's surrounded by a jungle populated by howler monkeys. We've been having a ball! As for having made the switch to a cat, we absolutely love it! The spaciousness is awesome, we love the way she sails — in fact, there's nothing we don't like about her." The Verdreys, who initially had hoped to jam and reach the Sea of Cortez for the summer season, have seen the wisdom of a slower pace. In fact, they now think it will be another year before they get back to the Pacific. According to agent Christian Mancebo, the slips for the new 400-berth La Cruz Yacht Club, which is actually a marina and surrounding development, will be ready for occupancy by December of this year. In fact, he's taking reservations for 15-year renewable leases — the slips can't be sold outright because the marina is a government concession — but it's mostly typical short-term slip rentals.

He can be reached via email at lacruzyachtclub@hotmail. com for details. Nobody should get their hopes up that the La Cruz prices will be cheap, because there was a lot of work required to build the marina, and even more so, because the north shore of Banderas Bay has been transfor med. The seven or so mile stretch of coast from just east of La Cruz all the way west to Punta Mita is now very high-end real estate, and a favored getaway for the very wealthy, folks in the entertainment industry, and other such riffraff. The good news is that, even if the marina and/or waterfront lots are beyond your budget, that seven-mile stretch of coast surely isn't, because you can anchor there for free. Thanks to the prevailing winds and generally flat waters of Banderas Bay,



This June photo shows that some parts of the La Cruz Yacht Club are far from ready, but others look ready to take boats much sooner.

it's like one gigantic anchorage — with surf. In other words, you can live like a millionaire without having to be one. The limitation is that the only two places to go ashore for provisions are Punta Mita and La Cruz, but you can never be more than three or four miles from either. It seems as though the Publisher/ Changes Editor really made a mess of

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Latitude 38 July 2007  

The July 2007 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 July 2007  

The July 2007 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.