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IN LATITUDES it the taxi. We didn't have a particularly festive dinner, and that night neither of us slept well because of the ramifications of her lost purse — credit and debit cards to cancel, I.D.s to replace, and so forth. The next morning Diana and a girlfriend took a taxi to Loreto to try to find the taxi driver. All they had to go on was that he was older and it had been a blue and white vehicle — like all the others. Their new taxi driver did his best, taking the ladies all over Loreto looking for a driver that matched the vague description. It wasn't until they returned to the taxi stand by the Super Mercado El Pescador that the blue and white taxi 06, with the same driver at the wheel as the day before, pulled in. As Diana ran to the taxi, the driver recognized her, and, with a big grin, pulled the purse up from his side to show her he still had it! He explained that he'd gone back to the waterfront when he discovered her purse, but we'd already gone, and he didn't know what to do. He was hoping she would come back. The driver was insisted that Diana go through the purse

to see that nothing had been taken. She declined, knowing that it would all be there." Look for positive changes for cruisers at Isla Isabella, the well-known nature reserve off the mainland Mexico, reports Norm Goldie of San Blas. "I had the pleasure of meeting with biologist Jorge Antonio Castrejon Pineda, the Director of Isla Isabella, and he told me that mooring buoys for cruisers will be installed at the NNE side of the island near the pinnacle rocks known as Las Monas. The installation of these buoys should be good news, as a number of cruising boats have been lost at the island due to less than ideal anchoring conditions. The buoys should be in place prior to the start of the winter

Secure moorings at Isla Isabella could be in everyone's best interests. The rock and sand bottom make for unreliable holding.

cruising season. Jorge also wants cruisers to know that no pets are to be taken ashore, dinghies are to be landed only at a specific location on the SSE side of the island, no dinghies are to be landed on the pinnacles sides of the island as the reef has been damaged, and that smoking and the consumption of alcoholic

Prime Slips Available 36 to 100 ft. $7.50 per foot Long Term Includes 24-Hour Security and Internet 3rd Ann u FISH al TOURN ING AM June 16ENT

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Security Dock Master Fresh Water Power 220/110 Volts Launch Ramp

• Dressing Room, Shower & Laundry • Immigration & Customs Services • Maintenance

Lat. N 32˚ 3.28’ Long. W 116˚ 53.20’ Ensenada 22 N.M. South Tijuana 39 N.M. North

• Restaurant & Bar • Bait - Fuel - Ice - Beer • Recreational Area • Golf Course Access


Bienvenido! Easy Access, Convenient and Quiet Launch Ramp Available

Toll Free 1-866-365-25-62 and 011-52-646-155-41-06 • July, 2007 •

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Latitude 38 July 2007  

The July 2007 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 July 2007  

The July 2007 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.