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THE RACING race was relatively benign and mostly involved boats (including Ego and Yucca) hitting the mud as they navigated the river shallows. At least two boats fared far worse, however: J.D. VanWhye's Merit 25 Villain lost her mast (see Sightings), and the rumor mill reports that a Moore 24 was rear-ended on her trailer during the 55-mile-per -hour delivery home. As for Jesberg, he's not sure if he'll shoot for lucky number seven next year. "If we want to win, we're going to have to find smaller and smaller boats," he said, noting that he thinks the race now favors small, light boats. By his own estimates, Wylie Wabbits have a 20-minute advantage. Race organizers dispute the claim, and the jury is still out on the issue, but it's worth pointing out that Wabbits rounded out the top six places overall, behind Ego. That said, Jesberg still says he'll be back, but on a slightly larger boat: Richard Leslie's new Melges 32. "I don't think we'll win, but we'll have more fun."


HEAVY I — 1) Yucca, 8-Meter, Hank Easom; 2) Stewball, Express 37, Bob Harford; 3) Spindrift V, Larry Wright; 4) Samiko, Serendipity 43, Dexter Bailey; 5) Cirque, Beneteau 42s7, Louis Kruk; 6) Jarlen, J/35, Robert Bloom; 7) Cuchulainn, J/105, James Mullen. (13 boats) HEAVY II — 1) Uno, WylieCat 30, Steve Wonner; 2) Rock Paper Scissors, Martin 242, Denise & Mike George; 3) Tiki Blue, Beneteau 423, Gary

Sophie Soltys and BAADS commodore Ed Gallagher won the Access 303 U.S. Championship title in late May. Troxel; 4) Bravo, Pretorian 35, Aaron Wangenheim; 5) Marrakesh, Express 34, Craig Perez; 6) Stink Eye, Laser 28, Jonathan Gutoff. (12 boats) HEAVY III — 1) Happyhouka, Cal 27, Greg Goodman; 2) Cloud Nine, Catalina 30, Steve Page 170 •

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• July, 2007

Plummer; 3) Strike Slip, Merit 25, Brad Cameron; 4) Quick Fixx, Merit 25, Clark Penfield; 5) Jagermeister, J/24, Chris Corbin; 6) Luna Sea, Santana 525, Steve Strunk. (11 boats) LIGHT I — 1) Skiff Sailing Foundation, 11 Meter, Rufus Sjoberg; 2) Sea Saw, Henderson 30, Tim Cordrey; 3) Always Friday, Antrim 27, John Liebenberg; 4) Cascade, Antrim 27, Steve Rienhart; 5) Max, Antrim 27, Ryan Richard; 6) Sand Dollar, Mumm 30, Erich Bauer. (11 boats) LIGHT II — 1) Backatcha Bandit, Thompson 650, Ben Landon; 2) Arcadia, Santana 27, Gordie Nash; 3) Still Crazy, Hobie 33, Robert Plant; 4) Arc Angel, Sonoma 30, Jack Tatum. (8 boats) OLSON 30 — 1) Naked Lady, Jeff Blowers; 2) Family Hour, Bilafer Family; 3) Scoundrel, Aaron Feves; 4) Hot Betty, John Scarborough. (7 boats) EXPRESS 27 — 1) Motorcycle Irene, Will Paxton/Mark Jones; 2) Get Happy, Brendan Busch; 3) El Raton, Ray Lotto; 4) Moxie, Jason Crowson; 5) Xena, Mark Lowry; 6) Witchy Woman, Tom Jenkins; 7) Freaks ona Leash, Scott Parker. (13 boats) MELGES 24 — 1) Ego, Don Jesberg; 2) Go Dogs Go!, Tim Hawkins; 3) Average White Boat, Kent Pierce; 4) Flashpoint, Pat Brown. (8 boats) MOORE 24 — 1) Eight Ball, Scott Easom; 2) Tortuga, Bill Erkelens, Jr.; 3) Wet Spot, Mike O'Callaghan; 4) Free Willy, Scott Sorensen; 5) Paramour, Rowan Fennell; 6) Gruntled, Bart Hackworth; 7) Numa Boa, Mark English/Giles Combrisson; 8) Morphine, Brad Butler; 9) Cal, Dave Albright; 10) Flying Tiger, Vaughn Seifers; 11) E-9, Peter Schoen; 12) #122, Mark Breen; 13) Topper II, Conrad Holbrook; 14) Who Dat, Richard Korman; 15) Bruzer, Morgan Larson; 16) Mercedes, Joel Verutti; 17) Bad Waitress, Jim Taylor/Jim Barton; 18) Century, Matt Dini; 19) Wildfire, Howard Ruderman. (38 boats) WABBIT — 1) Weckless, Tim Russell; 2) Mr. MacGregor, Kim Desenberg; 3) Wind in the Willows, Erik Menzel; 4) Kwazy, Colin Moore. (8 boats)

MULTIHULL — 1) Serenity, Seawind 1160, Michael Ropers; 2) E2, Tornado, Pease Glaser; 3) WingIt, F-27, Amy Wells; 4) Peregrine Falcon, F-27, Bill Gardner; 5) Three Sigma, F-27, Chris Harvey. (9 boats) CRUISE — 1) Irrational Behavior, Merit 22, Richard Paul; 2) EC Rider, Catalina 25, Matthew Loeffler; 3) After Math, Schumacher 28, Dick Horn; 4) Walkabout, Colin Archer, Ben Neely. (8 boats) OVERALL — 1) Ego; 2) Weckless; 3) Mr. MacGregor; 4) Wind in the Willows; 5) Kwazy; 6) Ghost Dog, Wylie Wabbit, Andy Hamilton; 7) Go Dogs Go!; 8) Eight Ball; 9) Tortuga; 10) Wet Spot. (129 boats) Full results —

Access Class U.S. Championship Sailors with a diverse range of abilities and disabilities converged on the South Bay over Memorial Day Weekend for the six-race Access Class U.S. Championship. The quadriplegic sailors in the twoboat Liberty Servo division, which has small electric motors to help sailors maneuver their boats solo, used different methods to get around. Fred Hess used a "sip and puff" helm and sheet winch controller, winning a spirited battle over Herb Meyer, who had manual steering

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Latitude 38 July 2007  

The July 2007 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 July 2007  

The July 2007 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.