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Latitude 38

on the January cover of Latitude 38. Of course, my wife and I are probably the only two who would recognize her as our boat, but we'll take what we can get! In case anyone who looked closely at the photo is wondering what we are doing with our jib backed, the answer is simple — we hove to waiting for the container ship to pass so we could cross the channel. Knowing how to easily and safely heave-to is not just a skill for heavy weather in the ocean, it comes in handy in the Bay whenever you might want to just sit and wait for a bit without taking sail down. We all want to know how to make our boats go as fast as we can, of course, but sometimes the best thing to do is stop and wait. In order to heave to on our boat, we just back the jib, ease the main, The January cover. harden the mizzen, and put the helm to leeward. We come to nearly a complete stop in a very short period of time. By easing the mizzen and putting the helm to windward, the boat spins back on course. For many situations, from getting a quick bite to eat to waiting to cross a channel, this approach is worth knowing and practicing on your boat. Bill Kinney Fetchin' Ketch, Northstar 80/20 Sausalito Bill — The fact that your jib was backed was almost enough to get the photo eliminated from consideration for the cover. Thanks to your helpful explanation about how and why to heave to, we're glad we went ahead and ran it. ⇑⇓WE'D LIKE TO TAKE THEM SAILING We read your articles on the Silverwood family's loss of their San Diego-based Lagoon 55 catamaran Emerald Jane in French Polynesia. We recently purchased a catamaran that we base out of San Diego. If they want, we'd be delighted to take them sailing sometime aboard our Fountaine-Pajot 38, Limerick. They can contact us at Bill & Sue Houlihan San Diego

Northern California Bill Kinstler


• February, 2006

⇑⇓SECTOR SAN FRANCISCO COAST WATCH First, I want to say, "Great publication!" I read almost everything — much of it very enviously — every month except for the race results. My family is the proud and hopeful owners of a very beat-up Rawson 30 that someday we hope to have sailing around the bay. I read Mike Miller's January letter saying that the Coast Guard reports had always been his favorite part of Latitude, and your editorial response that you wish the Coast Guard still provided them. For the record, Group San Francisco is now Sector San Francisco, and it now includes the former Group, Marine Safety Office, and Vessel Traffic Service under one command. And if you folks at Latitude could make space for them, we would be happy to resume the Coast Watch reports. Much

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Latitude 38 February 2006  

The April 2006 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 February 2006  

The April 2006 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.