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YACHT RACING ASSOCIATION Bldg, 35S, Fort Mason, San Francisco CA 94123 Phone - 415-771-9500 e-mail - Fax - 415-276-2378




Office ____________

Home _____________ Fax ___________ Email


Sail # ____

YRA Sailing Member Number

Name ____________ ________________




US Sailing Member Number **

Address _________________________________ City _______________ ST __ ZIP ___________ YRA of San Francisco Bay Membership:

**Required when claiming US Sailing membership

*Yacht Club:

*YRA Member Club required to race in YRA races

Skipper's Jacket Size $40.00

Sailing Membership (Required to enter any YRA race) OR Associate Membership (Non racers, CRO'S AND CRO Candidates

Select one


YRA SUMMER SERIES One Design Class Association (ODCA)



Wooden Boat Racing Association (WBRA)



(US Sailing Membership fee included)

Handicap Division Association (HDA)



Ocean Yacht Racing Association (OYRA) Entry MUST include signed copy of OYRA Minimum Equipment Requirements.See or call office for



For OYRA CIRCLE ONE of the following: PHRO-over 34 ft

MORA-34 Ft and under SHS-1 or 2 crew

Fleet raced in previous year

DEADLINE FOR ALL FLEETS SAILING IN LIGHTSHIP I - March 13 W/O LATE FEE of $35.00/$75.00 after March 20, 2006. HDA racers wishing to race the additional Lightship II race, please check box and add $5.00. OYRA racers wishing to race the VALLEJO race please check box and add an additional $5.00. NON-US SAILING MEMBERS ADD $15.00 TO SEASON RACING FEES



SINGLE RACES: Not included in Fleet Season Racing = $50 ($55 Non US Sailing) Vallejo/2nd Half Opener and Drakes Bay $75 ($80 Non US Sailing) NAME AND DATE OF RACE(S) REQUESTED PHRF RENEWAL PHRF NEW


Lightship I - Mar 25 Vallejo Race - May 6/7

$15.00 $50- $55/$75-$ 80 circle one

PHRF______________________ PHRF______________________ TOTAL____________

RACE ENTRIES ARE DUE BY 5PM MONDAY PRIOR TO THE RACE. A $35 late fee must accompany any application received after Monday at 5PM but before 5PM Wednesday preceding the race. The LIGHTSHIP I (3/25/06) AND THE VALLEJO RACE (5-6-7/2006), are exceptions. Lates fees begin on 3/13/2006; and 4/24/2006 respectively. Entries received for LIGHTSHIPI after 5:00PM on 3/20/06 incur a $75.00 late fee. Entries for VALLEJO after 5/2/06 incur a $75.00 late fee. No Applications will be accepted for any race after 5PM on WEDNESDAY preceding the race. IF YOU ARE A PHRF RACER PLEASE SIGN UP EARLY TO INSURE GOOD DIVISION BREAKS FOR YEAR 2006.

In consideration to sailing membership in the Racing Association of SanofFrancisco Bay (YRA), I agree to abide by considerationofofbeing beingadmitted admitted to sailing membership inYacht the Yacht Racing Association San Francisco Bay (YRA). I agree to abide by “The Rules Sailing” the Sailing Instructions of the YRA and theIregatta warrant compliance that I will "The Racing RulesRacing of Sailing" andofthe Sailingand Instructions of the YRA and the regatta sponsors. warrantsponsors. that I willImaintain maintain compliance with the YRArequirements. Minimum Equipment requirements. to agents releaseand theemployees officers, agents and employees of with the YRA Minimum Equipment I agree to hold harmless theI agree officers, of the YRA, and its member the YRA, andinits in anyform activity to which this entry that formI have applies. further warrant I haveentities not relied Associations anymember activity Associations to which this entry applies. I further warrant not Irelied upon any ofthat the above or upon any ofinthe above entities individuals individuals preparing my yachtorfor racing. in preparing my yacht for racing. Signed: _______________________________________________ Date: __________________________ Make check payable to: Yacht Racing Association (YRA)

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Latitude 38

• February, 2006

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Amount PD_____________ DATE Received in office_____________________________

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Latitude 38 February 2006  

The April 2006 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 February 2006  

The April 2006 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.