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SIGHTINGS crew list

I AM / WE ARE LOOKING FOR CREW TO RACE ON MY/OUR RACING BOAT NAME(S):___________________________________________ ________ AGE(S):________ SEX:_____ PHONE: (_____) ____________ CONTACT IF DIFFERENT THAN PHONE:________________ ____________________________________________________ BOAT TYPE / SIZE____________________________________ ___________________________________________________

names, along with a contact number and a little bit about the desires and skills of each Crew List participant. Both the March and April lists will contain hundreds of names of people of both sexes, all ages and a wide range of experience.

HAVE SAILBOAT, WILLING TO TAKE OTHERS OUT FOR CASUAL DAYSAILING NAME(S):_____________________________ AGE(S)________________ SEX:___________ PHONE OR OTHER CONTACT: _____________________________________

I / WE PLAN TO RACE: (check as many as apply)

a)_____ Handicap 1)_____ San Francisco Bay 2)_____ Monterey/Santa Cruz b)_____ One Design c)_____ YRA Season 3)_____ Ocean Series d)_____ Specialty Events 4)_____ 2006 Pacific Cup and/or occasional YRA 5)_____ Coastal Race(s) e)_____ Beer Cans 6)_____ Mexico Race(s) 7)_____ Baja Ha-Ha Cruiser’s f)_____ Anything & everything Rally (late Oct.) 8) Other___________________________________________

I AM / WE ARE: 1)_____ Single to take singles out 2)_____ Couple to take couples out 3)_____ Singles, couples or small groups okay, but leave any kids home 4)_____ Kids okay as long as you can control them Mail completed form and $7 to: Latitude 38, Attn: Daysailing Crew List, 15 Locust Ave., Mill Valley, CA 94941 by MARCH 15, 2006

I / WE WANT CREW: 1)_____ Who will consistently put out 100% for the chance to get experience, and won’t complain when wet, bruised or scared silly 2)_____ With at least one full season of racing experience 3)_____ With more than three years experience 4)_____ Willing to do occasional maintenance/repairs 5)_____ Willing to do occasional lunches/galley duty

I / WE RACE: 1)_____ Casually. Winning is nice, but let’s keep it fun. 2)_____ Pretty seriously. Why else make the effort? 3)_____ Very seriously. I/we don’t like to lose. Mail completed form and $7 to: Latitude 38, Racing Crew List, 15 Locust Ave., Mill Valley, CA 94941 by FEBRUARY 15, 2006

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Latitude 38

• February, 2006

All you do to use the Crew Lists is look over the people in the category that most interests you and start making phone calls. Of coures, you’ll be getting calls, too. Also, on Wednesday, April 5 at the Golden Gate YC, we’ll have a big Crew List Party where you can come and meet your new crew or skipper, keep looking for a boat or crew if you haven’t found one — or just hang out and enjoy the company of other sailors there to scarf up the free munchies. Any way you look at it, the Crew List experience is pretty much of a win-win deal. But you can’t ‘win’ if you don’t play. And you can’t play unless you read and acknowledge the following: the Latitude 38 Crew List Advertising Supplement is for informational purposes only. Latitude 38 neither makes nor implies any guarantee, warranty or recommendation as to the character of individuals who participate

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Latitude 38 February 2006  

The April 2006 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 February 2006  

The April 2006 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.