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2006 WEST MARINE PACIFIC CUP Squalls and heavy rain were staples on the weather menu for the last three days, though intermittent nightly breaks gave way to glorious "moonbows," a phenomenon that numerous crews described with awe and wonder. "I saw two in one hour," said Baylis, "All the colors of the rainbow in the middle of the night. Just beautiful." E.T.'s elapsed time of 11 days, 10 hours, 15 minutes was also good enough to take second in fleet overall. On top of that, by virtue of the close racing within the division, and E.T.'s performance therein, the boat also earned the first-ever Latitude 38 Performance Trophy. So, now that they're three for three in Pac Cups, will E.T. be back for a "four-peat?" "Last time, Jim said, 'There'll be no effing next time!'" said Baylis. We know how that turned out. Now, he acknowledges the foregone conclusion. "Oh yeah, we'll be back," he said.

Bill Parks' San Francisco-based J/35 'Stray Cat Blues' didn't make headlines, but she was lookin' good at the finish.




moments in the 2006 Pac Cup. "We had a bit of an issue," said Baylis. "It was blowing in the mid-20s and we had this puff come down from above and spin us out. I threw off the vang and the sheet but the boat wouldn't come up. Then it went head to wind, on its side, and that's when the masthead hit the water. I guess it was blowing about 40 at that point. Then, just like that, it popped up and we were surfing back at 15 knots. The world was right again. It was, like, who wants some coffee?!"

"The plan was to see how far south you could get for free, and not get wound up in the high."

be the first of many smart moves in the campaign, for Kennery is not only a fine sailor, but a superb cook. His culinary efforts ranged from poached salmon to New York strips with blue cheese. But let's not get sidetracked by the food, for the Tutto Bene crew was in fullon race mode from soup to nuts (sorry). The navigator's role fell to T ravis, who said, "The plan was to see how far south you could get for free, and not to get wound up in the high." Jack added, "Like all displacement boats, you pay dearly for those extra miles." Tutto Bene enjoyed a tight – and highly motivating – race t was a family afwithin the race, sailfair this time around, ing within sight of Ted as the stories of the Morgan's Express 34 Lessleys, and Hedin Locomotion and Denis and Baylis, will attest. Mahoney's Catalina And there were liter42 Irish Lady for some ally dozens of Crewman Trey Powers (L) and skipper three days and over other families John McPhail of 'Jam' show the duct 500 miles. They also s a i l i n g w i t h tape repair of their heavy-weather kite. flew the same kite, one another this time around, a composite Quantum Airex chute, for including the Andersons on Free nearly seven straight days. Range Chicken, the Engleharts Mostly they strove for consistency, on Compromise, the Gregories on though they worked hard as a crew to get Morpheus, the Mahoneys on Irish the most out of their 38-footer. "We had Lady and the Lafittes on Kyrnos. one noon-to-noon run where we made With apologies, there simply isn't 192 actual miles, but we had a big jibe space to tell all their tales. in there, so we easily did over 200 miles. We'll focus instead on the VetThat's about as fast as you can get this ters aboard Tutto Bene, the Beneboat going." Tutto Bene's top speed was teau 38s5 which earned top hona burst to18.5 knots, though the sailors ors in Division B. Father Jack and saw several 12s and 13s and a top wind sons Travis and Nicholas have a speed of 28 or 29 knots, which was about ton of Pac Cup experience, and the norm through the fleet. two years ago sailed the race on A contaminated water tank added Tutto Bene with longtime friend some tension to the trip, and for much of Dennis Ronk. This time Ronk the middle stages the crew was rationed wanted to take his own Beneteau to three pints per day. But they were 411 Bequia, and the Vetters deable to increase that to a whopping four LATITUDE / HERB

Tom Hedin drove 'E.T.' to glory yet again — with just a little help from his wife, Liz Baylis and designer Jim Antrim.

cided to amp up their own effort. "It was largely driven by the boys," said Jack. The Vetters asked friend Stephen Kennery to join them, which proved to

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Latitude 38 August 2006  

The August 2006 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 August 2006  

The August 2006 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.