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SIGHTINGS crew list — cont’d nametags, so spotting crew or boat owners is easy). If you already have a boat/crew spot, plan on coming by anyway for an enjoyable








____ SEX:_____________ ___


PHONE OR OTHER CONTA CT:__________________





BOAT SIZE/TYPE:_______ ___

splash 420s. All three undoubtedly had their bags packed that night! Svendsen’s Boat Works once again deserves kudos for their sponsorship, nice prizes and lots of behind-the-scenes legwork. While we’re on the subject, we’ve gotten a bit behind the curve on junior coverage, and would like to get back up to speed. If you or your kids or your club have a junior program, please take a minute to drop us a reminder about it, and the appropriate contact information.

sightings “It has a high ‘cool’ factor,” he conceded. Another site every Bay Area sailor should bookmark postehaste is the brand-new Tired of pulling up several different sites to find out what the sailing conditions were on the Bay, Todd Huss decided to take action. “Switching between sites isn’t so easy with a beer in one hand and a burrito in the other,” explained Huss, “so I needed everything on one page.” Compiling data supplied primarily from NOAA, Huss’s site is the definition of simplicity. One page gives you all the information you need to plan your Bay excursion: Wind speeds, forecasts, and current predictions. No wading through pages of confusing or irrelavent data. Just the facts. Huss, VP of Technology for an online company, isn’t interested in turning a profit from the site. “It’s one of many pet projects developed out of a need of continued in middle column of next sightings page


(check as many as apply


in all categories)


1)____ For the trip down 2)____ While in Mexico 3)____ For Baja Ha-Ha 14, the cruisers’ rally to Cabo starting October 30. 4)____ Return trip up Baj a 5)____ Other__________ _____________________ __


1)____ Bay 2)____ Ocean 3)____ Foreign Cruising


1)____ Enthusiasm — exp erience is not all that imp ortant 2)____ Moderately experie nced sailor to share norma l crew responsibilities 3)____ Experienced sailor who can a) share navigation and/or mechanical skills; b) who can show me the ropes 4)____ Cooking, provisioni ng or other food-related skil ls 5)____ ‘Local knowledge ’: someone who has a) bee n to Mexico before; b) speaks passab le Spanish 6)____ Someone to help me bring the boat back up the coast 7)____ Someone to help me trailer boat back up/dow n the coast 8)____ Someone who mig ht stick around if I decide to keep going beyond Mexico 9)____ Other _________ _____________________ ______ Mail completed form and $7 to: Mexico Only Crew List, 15 Locust Ave., Mill Valley, CA 94941 by September 15, 2006.

evening with like-minded people heading south. We’ll have more on the Crew List/Ha-Ha party in upcoming issues. We will rerun the Crew List forms in the next issue, and you can find them online at But why wait? Clip and send yours in right now! August, 2006 •

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Latitude 38 August 2006  

The August 2006 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 August 2006  

The August 2006 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.