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Latitude 38

• April, 2007

your Icom 802 SSB radio. We'd recently installed one on AnamCara, and this morning it started to clip like yours does. Nonetheless, we are currently underway from Las Hadas to Barra and are loving life. Rocketeer is still waiting in Alamitos Bay for our return this summer so we can cruise the Channel Islands. By the way, we have married our two boats and are expecting our new Hylas 54RS to be delivered in the fall of '08. She'll spend her first year out of California cruising from British Columbia to Mexico. Jerry McNeil & Susan Felder S/V Rocketeer & M/Y AnamCara Jerry and Susan — We're sorry to hear about your radio problems. We're told that powerboats have far fewer problems with 802s than do sailboats because they have less clutter to interfere with the antenna. While it's not likely to be a solution, it might be worth carefully going over your antenna and ground set-up, as poor set-ups are what cause the 802s to clip. They do that to protect 'backwash' from the antenna that would otherwise destroy the transmitter. We will have more on this issue as it develops. Congratulations on the new boat coming down the pipe. As for your "loving life" comment, that's the sentiment we got from an overwhelming number of cruisers when we were down in Mexico for the season. And they weren't just loving life — but LOVING LIFE! ⇑⇓MORE ICOM PROBLEMS I think the problems with the Icom 802 are pretty well documented already. I was on friend's boat in Fiji this summer — he and his wife are circumnavigating aboard their Hylas 49 — when he mentioned that they not only had problems with their Icom 802, but so did many of the other cruisers they'd met along the way. He brought his 802 back to Icom over the holidays for service. He's back aboard now, but I haven't heard whether or not the radio is working properly. I've also heard that the problems are limited to the early 802s. Graham Macmillan Richmond Graham — For what it's worth, our non-functioning 802 was purchased in October of '05. Based on what we now know, later 802s have the same problem in certain installations as do earlier ones. ⇑⇓MAYBE IT'S THE MICROPHONE Four boats equipped with Icom SSB radios had failures during the last Singlehanded TransPac. The symptom was clipped transmissions that became increasingly worse until finally the units wouldn't transmit at all. Replacing the microphones fixed the problem. Mark Deppe Alchera, J/120 San Francisco Mark — Your report is both interesting — and a little spooky. We don't know of any other cases where the clipping problem has anything to do with the microphones. ⇑⇓CORROSION ON THE CONNECTIONS? The symptoms you described in 'Lectronic Latitude for the problems you are having with your Icom 802 SSB radio — "clipped transmissions and very limited range" — are almost always the result of corrosion on power connections. It may

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Latitude 38 April 2007  

The April 2007 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 April 2007  

The April 2007 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.