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We depart from our normal format this month to bring you our annual springime overview of Greater Bay Area Bareboat and Crewed Charter Yacht Fleets. Accessing the Bay: A Boatload of Charter Options As you look out across the Bay on any busy weekend, a sizeable number of the sails you see will belong to charter boats of one type or another. In fact, sailing is such a popular pastime here in the greater Bay Area that it can support an enormous rental fleet of drive-it-yourself 'bareboats', as well as two dozen crewed charter vessels licensed to carry from 6 to 80 passengers. The Bay Area's legendary sailing grounds are also home to almost a dozen sailing schools where newcomers can learn the ropes and eventually become qualified to charter any boat in the fleet — even those equipped for overnights. As regular readers know, it's our annual tradition every April to publish this updated comprehensive resource, detailing virtually every charter boat available for hire in the area. We encourage you to peruse it now, and perhaps also save it for future reference. Bareboats — As every sailor worth his salt knows, the term bareboat was coined back in the late '60s to mean a drive-it-yourself rental boat equipped with all necessary sailing gear, as well as interior amenities. Over the years, that novel concept evolved into what is today a multimillion-dollar industry with char-

ter bases located in both tropical and temperate climates all over the planet. Here in the Bay Area, there are roughly 250 bareboats available for hire, but the businesses that manage them are not simply rental agencies. Almost without exception, these boats are offered by sailing schools — usually called 'clubs' — which offer a full spectrum of courses, from basic sailing to coastal cruising and celestial navigation. In most cases, you don't have to be a member of the sailing club to rent a boat, although nonmembers will pay somewhat higher rental prices. The first time you charter with a company you will generally have to get checked out by their staff so they'll feel confident that you're not going to run the pride of their fleet into a waterside restaurant. Our advice concerning checkouts is to drop by the rental outfit a few days ahead of time and get 'signed off', so you won't cut into your precious charter time on a busy weekend. Beyond rental discounts, there's usually added value to club membership such as dockside barbecues, 'social sails' where everyone pitches in a few bucks to cover costs, and charter flotillas to idyllic venues in the Caribbean, South Pacific or elsewhere. For folks who don't own their own boat and/or who don't have close friends interested in sailing,


Club Nautique

As the following list demonstrates, there is a wide variety of sail-it-yourself bareboats available for rent in the Bay Area. Compiled here are listings from the area's principal companies (listed alphabetically). We've attempted to be as up-to-date and comprehensive as possible. We regret any errors or omissions. Please note: Not listed here — due to space limitations — are university and community sailing programs which offer the use of sailing dinghies and daysailers in conjunction with their instructional programs.

Sausalito, Alameda (800) 343-SAIL

Atlantis Yacht Charters Sausalito (415) 332-0800 • 30' & UNDER • Ericson 30 • 31' - 35' • N/A • 36' - 40' • Columbia 36 Catalina 38 Beneteau 38 • OVER 40' • Nordic 44 ••••••••••••••••••••• Page 194 •

Latitude 38

• April, 2007

Cass' Marina Sausalito (415) 332-6789 • 30' & UNDER • Santana 22 Mk II (6) J/24 C&C 25 Bristol 27 Lancer 30 Cape Dory 30 • 31' - 35' • C&C 35 Ericson 35 •••••••••••••••••••••

AL = Alameda ; SA = Sausalito; RI = Richmond

• 30' & UNDER • Santana 525 (2) AL, SA Colgate 26 (6) AL, SA, RI Hunter 290 (2) AL, RI Hunter 306 AL • 31' - 35' • Hunter 31 (6) AL, SA, RI Hunter 310 (2) SA Jeanneau 32 (2) AL, SA Hunter 320 (3) AL, SA, RI Hunter 326 (2) AL Hunter 33 AL Gib Sea 33 RI • 36' - 40' • Hunter 356 RI Dufour 36 (2) [3-cab] AL, SA Hunter 36 (2) AL, SA Jeanneau 37 SA Caliber 40 AL Jeanneau 40 SA

joining a club is a smart move. The friendly ambience of a club creates a low-pressure forum for advancing through a hierarchy of classes, and the natural camaraderie that comes with shared activities on the water often spawns lasting friendships. Even if you already own a boat or have access to a friend's, the Bay's combined fleet of so many varied types of boats can be a valuable resource. Suppose, for example, you can go out racing with a friend whenever you like, but you rarely get time on the wheel. Renting a bareboat is the perfect solution for honing the full range of skills. We'd bet that virtually every Bay Area sailor has

• OVER 40' • Hunter 41 (3) AL, SA, RI Hunter 410 [3-cab] RI Jeanneau 43 [3-cab] AL Gib Sea 43 [3-cab] AL Hunter 44 DS [3-cab] RI Hunter 466 [3-cab] RI Jeanneau 45 [3-cab] RI Jeanneau 54 [4-cab] AL •••••••••••••••••••••

J/World Alameda (510) 522-0547 San Francisco, Puerto Vallarta • 30' & UNDER • J/80 [26'] (6) • 31' - 35' • J/105 [34'] (3) J/35C Seawind 1000 cat [33'] • 36' - 40' • J/120 [40'] (2) • OVER 40' • Jeanneau 43 DS •••••••••••••••••••••



Lighthall Yacht Charters Santa Cruz (831) 429-1970 • 30' & UNDER • N/A • 31' - 35' • Catalina 34 (2) • 36' - 40' • N/A • OVER 40' • Catalina 42 (1) •••••••••••••••••••••

Modern Sailing Academy

Sausalito (800) 995-1668 • 30' & UNDER • Islander 30 Ericson 30 • 31' - 35' • Beneteau 311 Pearson 32 Ericson 32 Beneteau 33 Seawind 1000 [34'] cat Beneteau 35

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Latitude 38 April 2007  

The April 2007 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.

Latitude 38 April 2007  

The April 2007 issue of the West's premier sailing and marine magazine.