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Latisha Banks is a full-time Graphic Designer Student of CSN. She lives in North Las Vegas, Nevada. Born in the city of Chicago. She was in the military (Air Force) for 14 years & 9 months. The mediums she used for her art are: pencils, markers, color pencils, ink pens, digital software like; InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. The themes of her art are: fan art form anime, cartoons and video games. She been studying art since grade school, middle school, high school and from a different college. When she was 11 years old, she started to learn how to draw on her own thanks to the influence of video games. Now she’s a member of AIGA Las Vegas Chapter. She wants to become a character designer, an children’s book Illustrator, a cartoonist, or graphic artist.

This is a cover CD single of the opening theme song from an anime called Yuri!!! on Ice called “History Maker� by Dean Fujioka. Inspired by Yuri!!! on Ice TV Series Circa 2016.

Design a “Wake Up And Win� motto on a fitted baseball cap for Revive.

Inspired by Tasmania TV Series Circa 1990’s

This is a character study of my original character, a kangaroo named Kiro.

A Pocky package design of a new Pocky flavor, cherry. The spread for the package and the mock up of the Pocky package.

A bumper sticker design for advertising for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Bjing, China. It has two mascots of endangered animals of China named, Tao the Panda and Ming the Albino Squirrel.

A comic that features my own characters, Kiro the Kangaroo and Kippy the Koala. It’s for either Disney, Warner Bros. animation, or Dreamworks.

Inspired by Animaniacs TV Series Circa 1993

This is a character sheet with the color pallets of the new characters I made up for the Animanics reboot show in 2020. The characters are: Felix Fox, Sally Squirrel, and Ricky Rat.

This is an ad for adding video games from EA sports as an event for the future Summer Olympics.

A T-Shirt with a vectorized design of some of the Organization XIII members from the Kingdom Hearts 3 video game. I recreated the Kingdom Hearts 3 logo. Inspired by Kingdom Hearts video game Series Circa 2002

A movie poster ad about the newest Super Mario Bros. 2D animated movie for Dreamworks in 2019. Inspired by Super Mario Bros. video game Series Circa 1988

My Leave Behind  

Here's my leave behind for Graphic Design and Illustration.

My Leave Behind  

Here's my leave behind for Graphic Design and Illustration.