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Young People:

The Future of Media Emanating from the continued success of the award winning TV magazine show OPEN on BronxNet, is a new program hosted and produced by High School students called OPEN 2.0. The students work in all production capacities shooting, writing, hosting, and producing in the BronxNet studios at Lehman College, and out in the community to cover real issues of interest to their peers as well as adults.

Brianna Graham of JFK HS, Kimberly Cionca of Lehman HS, Calvin Kendrick of Bronx HS of Visual Arts, Carlton Miller & Michael Cadenas of JFK HS are among the students receiving Certificates of Achievement for OPEN 2.0 from Youth Media Coordinator Marisa M. White, April Horton of Verizon, and Michael Max Knobbe of BronxNet

Hosts of OPEN 2.0 have conducted interviews with their peers as well as NY City Councilman James Vacca about public transportation, Bronx Chamber of Commerce President Lenny Caro about preparing for careers, and an in-depth interview with Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr. about a range of issues facing Bronxites. Borough President Diaz states “BronxNet is once again leading the way and innovating in the area of youth media and journalism, opening up channels so our young people can have a voice to speak of the issues.” BronxNet Executive Director Michael Max Knobbe relates “The students participating as the production team for OPEN 2.0, are developing high-level skills that will prepare them to bring new standards of quality to the ways we share ultra-local information and connect to the world. Communities will greatly benefit as the students of OPEN 2.0 have chosen to focus on a range of issues, including education, community, health, entrepreneurship, social issues, arts and life.” Students from Lehman High School, John F. Kennedy High School, Harry S. Truman High School, Bronx High School of Visual Arts, Jonathan Levin High School and School for Community Research and Learning have been producing under the supervision of BronxNet Youth Media Coordinator Marisa White. Mrs. White shares “The incredibly supportive teachers from the different high schools that work with us in the studio are impressed with how OPEN 2.0 energizes students, positively effects schoolwork, and encourages students from different schools to work together.” Visit for more information. 2 JULY/AUGUST 2010



CONTENTS LT 07/08.2010 Juan Guillén Publisher Bernadette Giacomazzo Associate Editor Dominika Bajuk Graphic Designer Soltier Guillen Administrative Assistant Nilda T. McKenna Translator Javier Castano Translator / Writer



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METROPOLIS Belize: Mahogany Island


HEALTH & BEAUTY Cardiovascular Health Quit Smoking Vegetarian Recipes


Carlos Chahín, Seitu Oronde, Cathrine Westergaard

ICONOMY Angels with Dirty Faces Help for NYC Pets Laura Soares

Aisha al-Muslim, Melissa Deskovic, Ray M. Figueroa, Giselle Rodriguez, Gina Santi, Hedwin Salmen-Navarro, Nilda Tapia

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LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS Love & Marriage: Then & Now World Cup “Players”

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Publisher’s Column

...from the desk of Juan Guillen English ----------------------------------------

La Belleza Welcome to our 70th issue – our inaugural issue as LatinTrends. But don’t consider this a goodbye to DTM; rather, consider this a “hello” to our journey into the future. For this, our debut LatinTrends issue, we’re going to be talking about the ever-elusive concept of la belleza. The old adage says that ugly runs right to the bone, but beauty is only skin deep. Fortunately for us, however, we’ve found two shining examples of beautiful people whose beauty runs right to the proverbial bone. Whether it’s the spicy Mexican beauty of tr3s’s Jazmin Lopez, or the rugged handsomeness of the talented Huey Dunbar, you’re sure to find something to tickle all of your senses. Read all about our good looking gente on page 24.

Publisher’s Photo Courtesy of: Juliet P. Aldana

Of course, we also want to talk about beauty in all of its forms. So, in the spirit of La Copa Mundial – The World Cup – we take a look at some of the men who are “players” both on and off the field on page 46. Blonde bombshell Christina Aguilera has been named the WFP Ambassador against hunger, and you can see exclusive photos of her journey to the earthquake-ravaged Haiti on page 8. Meanwhile, the hunky Enrique Iglesias proves that he’s still our “hero” with his latest release, Euphoria, on page 9; and Brazilian modelturned-swimsuit designer Laura Soares shares the secrets to her success on page 36.

tragedy is the largest of its kind, and is the worst oil spill in American history. This spill has all but destroyed the oncebeautiful Louisiana Gulf Coastline, and we urge you to take action now. Check out page 44 for some suggestions, and of course, please feel free to e-mail us with some suggestions of your own at You will notice, with our name change, that there are other changes, as well – whether it be a new and exciting change of subject matter, or more celebrities, or even a few more articles dedicated to our four-legged family members (our editor calls them “fur-kids”), we here at LatinTrends are continuing the DTM tradition of bringing you “pop culture with a Latin twist.” That said, we are always willing to listen to your ideas! What do you think of our new layout? Our name change? What do you think we should cover in future issues? What did you think about the articles in this issue? We invite you to send Letters to the Editor, which we will be printing in future issues. Our editor’s e-mail address is editorial@latintrends. com (in the “Subject” line, put ‘Letter to the Editor’). In addition, we’d love for you to check out our new and exciting interactive website at We all hope you enjoy Latin Trends.

Juan Guillén

Finally, we cover the subject of the recent BP Oil Spill: this


Spanish -----------------------------Bienvenidos a nuestra edición 70, la introducción a LatinTrends. Pero no piense que estamos despidiendo a DTM, por el contrario, estamos dando la bienvenida al sendero que nos conducirá al futuro. Para nuestro debut como LatinTrends vamos a referirnos al concepto elusivo de la belleza. El viejo adagio dice que lo feo está en los huesos y la hermosura no pasa de la piel. Afortunadamente para nosotros, hemos hallado tres ejemplos de gente cuya hermosura llega hasta los huesos. Así se trate de la picante mexicana Jazmín López de tr3s, e inclusive el atractivo y talentoso Huey Dunbar, estamos seguros que encontrará algo para despertar sus instintos. Lea sobre nuestra gente hermosa en la página 24. Por supuesto que deseamos hablar de belleza de todas las formas. En el espíritu de la Copa Mundial, le echamos un vistazo en la página 46 a los hombres que son jugadores dentro y fuera de la cancha. La atractiva rubia Christina Aguilera ha sido nombrada embajadora de la WFP contra el hambre y podrá ver en página 8 las fotos exclusivas de su viaje a la zona en donde tembló la tierra en Haití. El atractivo Enrique Iglesias prueba una vez más que aún es nuestro “héroe” con su más reciente producción Euphoria en la página 9, y la modelo brasilera Laura Soares que se convirtió en diseñadora de trajes de baño y comparte los secretos de su éxito en página 36. Finalmente, nosotros cubrimos la situación que se vive por la


fuga de petróleo ocasionada por la empresa BP: una tragedia de grandes dimensiones y el peor derrame de petróleo en la historia de los Estados Unidos. Esta fuga ha destruido todo menos la hermosura de la costa de Luciana, y hacemos un llamado a las autoridades para que tomen acción. Observe nuestra página 44 para algunas sugerencias y siéntase libre de enviarnos un correo con algunas comentarios a editorial@ También se dará cuenta que además de cambiar nuestro nombre, hemos hecho otras transformaciones en los temas, además de más celebridades e inclusive un mayor número de artículos dedicados a los miembros de la familia de cuatro patas (nuestra editora los llama “fur-kids”), y nosotros aquí en LatinTrends continuamos la tradición de DTM de entregarles “la cultura pop con un ángulo latino”. Además, siempre estamos dispuestos a escuchar sus sugerencias. ¿Qué opina de nuestro nuevo diseño? ¿Qué considera que debemos cubrir en el futuro? ¿Qué opina de los artículos que tenemos en esta edición? Los invitamos a escribir cartas al editor, las cuales publicaremos en ediciones futuras. El correo de nuestra editora es editorial@latintrends y en el “Subject” escriba Cartas al editor. También los invitamos a que ingresen a nuestra página digital interactiva Esperamos que disfrute de Latin Trends.











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Five-time Grammy Award winner Christina Aguilera was named “Ambassador Against Hunger” of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP).

“A child dies every 6 seconds of hunger, which is a huge statistic for me,”

Aguilera told Oprah Winfrey. “After having my own child, I just had to be a part of it and do something about it and help change that situation.” Photo: WFP/Rein Skullerud

Aguilera, one of the most successful recording artists of the decade, has a track record of interest and commitment to hunger issues. In January, she performed in MTV’s ‘Hope for Haiti’ telethon that raised more than $60 million for disaster relief in Haiti, including for WFP relief work. In May of this year, she traveled with WFP to Haiti to see first-hand how food assistance projects are helping to rebuild devastated communities.


Aguilera described her work with WFP as a life-changing experience and said she plans to go back to Haiti soon: “I want to check on the situation there and help to deliver food. I want to visit orphanages and schools there and try to do my part in helping.” “Christina Aguilera’s passion and dedication to hungry children runs deep, and it will make her a wonderful champion in the fight against hunger,” said Josette Sheeran, Executive Director of WFP, welcoming Aguilera to the WFP team. Aguilera is asking her fans to join her in the fight against hunger by going to or by texting WFP to 90999 (US only) to make a $5 donation - enough to feed a child in school for an entire month.


Photo: WFP/Rein Skullerud

Enrique Iglesias:

Still our Hero The sexy crooner is back with a new album, Euphoria, and is burning up the charts with “Cuando Me Enamoro.” He took some time out of his extremely hectic schedule to talk exclusively with LatinTrends about...

His New Single

“Right now we are working with two singles simultaneously. The first, Cuando Me Enamoro, has had an incredible response in the States. It features vocals by my friend, Juan Luis Guerra, and it’s already #1 on the Billboard Latin charts. The second single, I Like It, is a collaboration with Pitbull, whom I have always admired. This single is already ascending the charts, and it’s playing in the clubs, especially in Europe.”

His Collaboration with Pitbull

“It was easy and fun. He is a really down to earth guy, and at the same time very professional. It’s been really exciting for me to experiment new territories with the help of Pitbull.”

Breaking His Own Record

“I feel very fortunate with the response the fans have given to these new tracks and with the welcoming they have given me. It’s always an honor to break any record, and to break your own is even more flattering and fulfilling. I’m very pleased and really looking forward to what’s coming once the album is released in July.”

His Other Upcoming Projects

“There are still many surprises to come with Euphoria. Duets with Akon or Usher, for sure. This is definitely the most eclectic and diverse album of my career.”

Being Latino

“Ser Latino, oh yes! Un orgullo, cantar en Ingles y que te acepten en UK o Sudáfrica is an amazing feeling. Latinos are hard working talented people; there are simply no frontiers for us. I’m really proud of being Latino and the fact that I can represent this community by spreading my music all over the world is a great pleasure.” LATINTRENDS.COM




Fashion Via Uno of Brazil took the African route, got to Marrakesh, and put together a campaign filled with energy, femininity, and exotism. The Summer 2010 collection is sheer ethnic luxury, inspired by the magic scenery of Morocco and its rugs, spices, and huge terra cotta walls. Via Uno’s summer line is versatile and makes the most of the contemporary woman’s casual side. The great bet this season is the mix of styles and models, with luxurious sandals that are always comfortable and beautiful. Catch a ride with fashion and enjoy your trip.




lasses Blinged Out G

Every summer, it seems like sunglass styles are getting wilder.These Jaesyn Burke sunglasses are so bright, standing across from someone wearing a pair of them may blind you. For the full story, visit www.


Chic Latina Biker The Christina Aguilera Latina Magazine spread brings out the hardcore rocker side of this talented singer. Wearing a black leather jacket, sky-high pumps and showing off her punk rock hairdo, Christina emphasizes her new, edgy personality in these high contrast shots. For the full story, visit

TRENDSPOTTING! Hot…new…controversial trends from around the world


ogs Futuristic H

Trend: Bad Parenting Parenting -- no matter how well behaved your children are -- is a full-time, difficult job... but someone’s gotta do it. Given what these hidden cameras have caught, however, it’s time to start asking ourselves WTF they’re teaching in Parenting Class these days... wait, what’s that you say? No Parenting Class? Hmmm. For the full story, visit www.

The 2020 Harley-Davidson 1 is nothing like any other Harley you’ve seen before. Designer Jonathan Russell’s take on what the Harley of the future will look like is something straight out of a sci-fi flick. For the full story, visit

WTF? Bottoms up, Daddy! 2 year old smoking 2 packs a day Spelling FAIL.


a Tablets Stylish Medi

Sinister Anti-Smoking Campaign These artistic anti-smoking posters are part of a series called ‘Smoking Kill’ by Khalil Damak. Each image shows the dangerous relationship between cigarette smoke and a smoker’s health by depicting the smoke as a sinister skull. For the full story, visit



Miika Heikkinen has designed TEN11 Sports Car for Bentley together with a virtual air tunnel testing company named EXA. The proposed car is built with lightweight and ecological materials and the design of this eco sports car is inspired by kite boards. For the full article, visit

Models Sam Brack, Ryan Jagger, Jamie Hanson, Kieron Wraith, and James Storr are badass individuals for ‘Leaders of Men’ in Posi+tive Magazine. Whether they’re gunwielding assassins rocking undies and tattoos or walking the streets clad in a Zara suit and full face mask, both the fashions and lifestyles featured are wild. Which character is your favorite? Tell us at www.latintrends. com.

Camangi Webstation is world’s first handheld device that runs Google Android and fulfills your internet needs. The Camangi WebStation is very light and fits perfectly in your hand. For the full story, visit

e Couture Healing Canin Pet owners know that when their animal companions grow old or are healing from an injury, soothing warmth or comforting cool can be a big help. Therapy Pet Jackets allow pet owners to insert hot and cold compress packs as needed to help their animal friends. For the full story, visit

Kite Board Cars

andals Sentimental S These Georgina Goodman ‘Love’ shoes express how every woman we know feels about shoes. The cleverly designed sandals spell out the word ‘love’ across the side of the shoe. For the full story, visit www.








reel to real -------------




1. Carlos Mencia, left, Daisy Fuentes, and Daddy Yankee personify the evolution of Tr3s: MTV, Musica y Mas at the network’s Upfront Wednesday, May 19, 2010 in New York. (Jason DeCrow/AP Images for Tr3s: MTV, Musica y Mas) 2. iCUNY TV Nueva York reception, celebrating their 2nd Emmy Award. Photo: Sietu Oronde 3. Beyonce performs at the White House. 4. Zoe Saldana parties with her mom – maybe a little TOO much! – at a party thrown by

Russell Simmons. 5. New York’s Maria Sansone, host of the weekly rescue segment, “Maria’s Pet Project” and Jane Hoffman, president of the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, at Adoptapalooza in Washington Square Park on Saturday, May 22.

7. Shirley Rodriguez Remeneski, president of 100 Hispanic Women, with Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. at a gala event. Photo: Seitu Oronde 8. Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria cohosted an LG event in Los Angeles, CA. 9. Bronx Week 2010. Photo: Seitu Oronde

6. Katy Perry performs a surpise performance in Times Square to celebrate the 2011 Volkswagen. Photo by: B. Giacomazzo.

10. Madonna proves she can still bring the sexy in her latest commercial for her new line of sunglasses.

for more pics go to 8












Genre: Comedy/Family Starring: Selena Gomez, Joey King, Ginnifer Goodwin, John Corbett Opens: July 23rd

Genre: Action/Adventure Starring: Clifford “T.I.” Harris, Hayden Christensen, Idris Elba, Matt Dillon Opens: August 20th

Genre: Comedy Starring: Eva Mendes, Mark Wahlberg, Will Ferrell, Michael Keaton Opens: August 6th

The adventures of young Ramona Quimby come to life in this all new film based on the best-selling books (over 30 million…and counting) by Beverly Cleary. Ramona’s vivid imagination, boundless energy, and accidentprone antics are put to the test when she helps her family face its biggest challenge. Along the way, Ramona must deal with her over-achieving older sister Beezus and the on-again, off-again romance between her Aunt Bea and Bea’s former beau.

“Takers” takes you into the world of a notorious group of criminals (Idris Elba, Paul Walker, T.I., Chris Brown, Hayden Christensen & Michael Ealy) who continue to baffle police by pulling off perfectly executed bank robberies. They are in and out like clockwork, leaving no evidence behind and laying low between heists. But when they attempt to pull off one last job with more money at stake than ever before, the crew may find their plans interrupted by a hardened detective (Matt Dillon) who is hellbent on solving the case.

Set in New York City, “The Other Guys follows Detective Allen Gamble (Will Ferrell), a forensic accountant who’s more interested in paperwork than hitting the streets, and Detective Terry Hoitz (Mark Wahlberg), who has been stuck with Allen as his partner ever since an embarrassing public incident with his quick trigger finger. Allen and Terry idolize the city’s top cops, Danson and Manzetti (Dwayne Johnson and Samuel L. Jackson), but when an opportunity arises for the “Other Guys” to step up, things don’t quite go as planned.

CASI DIVAS The Smash Hit that Seduced Mexico is Coming to America; Debuts at San Diego Film Festival in August. The San Diego Latino Film Festival is proud to present its 10th Annual Cinema en tu Idioma Film Series showcasing new Latin American, Mexican and Spanish Cinema. The 4-month series will begin this upcoming August with the screening of CASI DIVAS, starring: Maya Zapata, Julio Bracho and Ana Layevska. The show debuts from August 2127 at UltraStar Mission Valley Cinemas at Hazard Center (off 163 Freeway & Friars Rd.). Cinema en tu Idioma is funded by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.


The situation centers on a producer’s desire to turn a longrunning telenovela into a movie, one that will not feature its star, Eva Gallardo (Patricia llaca). Eva is too difficult and too old -- meaning past 30 -- to play the young, innocent heroine. So the producer (Julio Bracho) holds a national TV audition before celebrity judges -- what on earth does this remind you of? -- that attracts 3,000 girls and a huge viewership that can phone in votes. (What, no Internet voting?) Four contestants provide a glimpse into disparate geographic and cultural segments of Mexican society. These verge close to stereotypes, but four vivacious actresses stamp these roles with enough personality that one can overlook those shortcomings.

Francisca (Maya Zapata) is rural, poor and Azteca. Ximena (Ana Layevska) is white, urban and rich. Yesenia (Daniela Schmidt) is a Mexico City local: exotic, determined and flamboyant. Catallina (Diana Garcia) is a tough cookie from Ciudad Juarez, where girls like her have been disappearing for years. The latter tragedy represents a serious note for a comedy, but Lopez gets away with this by folding it into story lines that deal with how men treat women in her society. The movie is fun and colorful, mixing comedy and melodrama

into a piece that subtly wonders about a country transfixed by TV fantasies while corruption and a drug war tear the society apart. No, Lopez never asks that question; it’s just implicit in every satirical jab. Shot in HD, “Divas” has suitable grit to go with the swings among rural poverty, glamorous penthouses and a studio lot. American import Hans Zimmer provides a score that would be too busy for an American film but doesn’t feel incongruous here.

Latin Stars Shine at the New York International Latino Film Festival “NYILFF is very excited to be presenting these outstanding films,” says Calixto Chinchilla, Executive Director NYILFF. “Each year we bring audiences better and more varied Latino content starring some of the biggest stars from Hollywood and Latin America and throughout the world. Our Opening, Closing and Dominican Night films really exemplify the wide range of Latino cinema today.”




Tropico de Sangre

Starring Michelle Rodriguez & Cesar Évora Thursday, July 29 @ 7 PM @ Columbia University Alumni Auditorium

The Dry Land

Starring America Ferrera & Wilmer Valderrama. Tuesday, July 27 @ 7 PM @ School of Visual Arts Theatre - 333 W. 23rd St. (bet. 8 & 9)

The New York International Latino Film Festival (NYILFF) announces The Dry Land as its Opening Night and La Soga as its Closing Night films, unspooling in New York City from Tuesday, July 27 to Sunday, August 1, 2010. Tickets are available beginning June 25 at the festival’s box office at Clearview Cinemas Chelsea 9 and the festival’s web site: www. NYILFF is presented by HBO™.


La Soga

Starring Manny Perez and Denise Quiñones Saturday, July 31 @ 7 PM @ School of Visual Arts Theatre - 333 W. 23rd St. (bet. 8 & 9)

By the late 1950’s, Generalissimo Rafael Trujillo’s reign of terror over the Dominican Republic had lasted nearly thirty years, and yet the Mirabel sisters, led by feisty, passionate Minerva, would come to represent the greatest threat to his regime. Daring to stand up against him, they soon became folk heroes to the oppressed Dominican people. Their coldblooded murder at the hands of Trujillo’s thugs would prove to be the fearsome dictator’s ultimate undoing.



32nd Annual Thunderbird American Indian MidSummer Pow Wow New York City ‘s oldest and largest powwow will feature three days of intertribal Native American dance competitions, to which the public is invited. Over 40 Indian nations are represented at this spectacular event held in the apple orchard on the farm grounds. A large selection of quality Native American art, crafts, jewelry and foods are also available. July 23rd-July 25th. Admission: Adults $9.00 (all weekend pass $15.00), children: $4.00 (age 12 and under) (all weekend pass $5.00). Queens County Farm Museum: 73-50 Little Neck Parkway, Floral Park. 718-347-3276.

Fiesta Latina Night @ Citi Field Sponsored by Budweiser, this special night will feature all of the NY Mets celebrating Latin culture & Hispanic heritage. Players will be wearing “Los Mets” jerseys, and there will be a special pre-game performance by bachata band Marcy Place. In addition, bilingual announcements will be made throughout the game, and a commemorative koozie will be available for the first 25,000 adult fans. July 31st, 7:10 p.m. game time. Tickets start at $23. Citi Field: Flushing, NY.

On the Move: New York City Places to Go & People to See All in and around New York City!

Red Bull New York v FC Barcelona Juan Pablo Duarte Festival From Friday, July 15th until Sunday, July 25th, the Bronx’s Clay Avenue (between 173rd Street & Webster Avenue) will be closed for the Juan Pablo Duarte Festival, in honor of the reactionary visionary who founded the Dominican Republic. Expect the usual reverie of dancing, food, and celebration in this little cluster of NYC.


Red Bull New York and Soccer United Marketing (SUM) have announced that 2006 UEFA Champions League Winner FC Barcelona will play the Red Bulls at Giants Stadium on Aug. 6th, 2010, as part of the club’s U.S. Tour. Ticket Prices: $45, $55, $80, $150. Passengers will be directed to New York Penn Station and to use any NJ Transit train to Secaucus Junction, where buses will transport passengers to Giants Stadium.

Ruperto Vanderpool @ Caroline’s

Quimbombo @ Wagner Park Quimbombó is a groove oriented band with a musical base in the Cuban són (the contagious dance music championed by Buena Vista Social Club that is the main ingredient in salsa); they always maintain strong elements of improvisation and spontaneity in their sound. The group’s lively and unique sound has excited audiences at many venues including Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Night’s Swing, The River to River Festival, SOB’s, the Brooklyn Museum, La Belle Époque, and Gonzalez y Gonzalez. They have recorded two CDs: Quimbombó, released in 2004, and Conga Electrica, released in 2008. Wagner Park: June 29th at 7pm; free to the public.

Comedian Ruperto Vanderpool has been into comedy his entire life. “Funny things always happened in my house being that there were 8 of us.” So it’s no surprise that he brings an extremely high level of energy to the comedy stage that is hard to find today. Growing up in the Bronx as the son of Dominican parents allowed Ruperto to be exposed to a diverse array of cultures that have provided him with many experiences, which today he incorporates into his stand up routine. Ruperto made his national television debut on the syndicated program It’s Showtime at the Apollo. Since then, he has appeared on BET’s Comic View, Galavision’s Que Locos!, toured college campuses across the nation, been chosen to perform at the Latino Laugh Festival in San Antonio, Texas, and recently made his debut as a writer for the online animated series, La Familia, which can be seen on the new website Carolines: July 29th at 9:30pm. 1626 Broadway. $19.50.

Midsummer Night Swing Given the economic uncertainties of the current age, Midsummer Night Swing (MNS), Lincoln Center’s annual three-week dance party under the stars, is nothing if not a beacon of certainty - to say nothing of fun. This year marks the 22nd season of the series, which brings world-renowned dance bands and DJs together with agile, fleet-footed crowds in Damrosch Park, now its permanent home. Latinos in New York hold tight to their dance traditions, even as time-honored genres like salsa and Dominican merengue seem to take a back seat to contemporary fare on the radio. This is just one reason that the crowds who come out to hear veteran merenguista Tony Swing (July 9) and the dynamic salseros in La Excelencia (July 16) will be crossgenerational. Both performers are reminders that the music of el barrio is still the foundation of everything contemporary. Lincoln Center: 70 Lincoln Center Plaza, NYC. 212-875-5000.

WWE World Wrestling Entertainment RAW Live World Heavyweight Championship Match CM Punk vs. JBL Raw Special Challenge Match John Cena vs. Batista Steel Cage Match Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels

Intercontinental Championship Match Kofi Kingston vs. Kane World Tag Team Championship Match Cryme Tyme vs. Ted DiBiase/Cody Rhodes Also appearing: Lance Cade, Mickie James, Santino Marella, Paul London and many more! Madison Square Garden: 32nd Street and 7th Avenue.




t u o h t i w d ! n p a u h t e i k w a s r M a St




1. Rosario Dawson (Actress/Singer) 2. Katherine Heigl (Actress) 3. Penelope Cruz (Actress) 4. Sofia Vergara (Actress/Model) 5. Beyonce (Singer/songwriter) 6. Adriana Lima (Model) 7. Eva Longoria (Actress/Model) 8. Jennifer Lopez (Actress/Singer) 9. Kim Kardashian (reality television star) 10. Lady Gaga (Singer/Songwriter)

Without make-up, the most beautiful celebrities in the 6 7 world look just like us!

5 8







Party Girl By: Lynne Ewing

Lynne Ewing, author of Drive-By (an ALA Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers), spins a harrowing, captivating tale with Party Girl, which paints a clear picture of gang life with lovely, mesmerizing prose. Ewing’s sense of drama is exquisite, and the realism is enhanced by her incorporation of Spanish, Quechua, and gang lingo into the dialogue. As readers live through Ana’s struggles, they may be inspired to think more deeply about what lies beneath the tough exteriors of hardened gang members. For example, consider Ana’s haunting recollection: “Sometimes when I was a little girl, I would play with my mother’s hand, pretending her hand was a doll. She’d let me hold the hand, kiss the fingers, cuddle the arm while she drank her beers and smoked with her free hand and talked to dark men.” While the ending may feel a bit too tidy for cynics, the final message of hope is a welcome relief after this grim, eye-opening walk on the wild side.

Honey Blonde Chica The Circuit: By: Michele Serros By: Francisco Jimenez

California sophomore Evie Gomez has benefited from all the accoutrements of upperclass life, including a maid, private school, successful parents, and every whim fulfilled (including a surfboard she has yet to dip into salt water). Her friends call themselves the Flojos for the flip-flops that are their trademark, some of which cost more than $100. The hip language, omnipresence of drugs and alcohol, plus the cars, games, and freedom of these teens combine with Latina cultural icons and Spanglish galore. Not that Evie really speaks Spanish, as she often has to get help from Dee Dee, who recently has returned from a number of years in Mexico City. The plot centers on Evie’s identity crisis as she moves from her initial chopped blue hair to the honey blonde she adopts when hanging out with the Sangros, a slightly wilder clique. This chick-lit title with Latina flair manages to capture the confusion of these privileged yet vulnerable teens, and it also provides a balance to the white-bread world often pictured in this genre.

Jimenez has created a moving autobiography that some critics have compared to John Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath. The story begins in Mexico, when the author is very young. His parents inform him that they are going on a very long trip to “El Norte.” What follows is a series of stories of the family’s unending migration from one farm to another as they search for the next harvesting job. The backbreaking work and the soul-crushing effect of the endless packing and moving are portrayed through a child’s dismay at having to leave a school where he has just gotten comfortable or, worse, having to miss several months of a school year in order to work. Panchito’s desire to help his family by working in the fields often clashes with his academic yearning. In this case, as in the case of many Mexican migrant farm workers, the American dream never comes to fruition.

Sisters, Strangers, and Starting Over By: Belinda Acosta

AVAILABLE JULY 20, 2010 Beatriz Sánchez-Milligan is shocked when her 14-year-old niece, Celeste, stumbles into her 25th wedding anniversary party. Celeste reveals that her mother, Perla, has died and that she has nowhere else to go. Beatriz begins to plan a quinceanera for Celeste; but the party planning doesn’t comfort Celeste, nor does it ease Beatriz’s pain. She feels guilty for losing contact with Perla, and that guilt grows deeper when she meets Josie Mendoza, a journalist who reveals that Perla may have been murdered. Beatriz wants to adopt Celeste to make peace with her late sister, but her husband Larry still has concerns. For the first time, their rock solid marriage starts to crumble, and a frightened, young girl is caught in the middle. Somehow Beatriz must find a way to save her family before the ghosts of her past tear it apart.








Gladys Zender Meier


Claim to Fame: As Miss Peru in 1957, Gladys became the first Latin American to win the Miss Universe title.

Susana Duijm



The Story: Zender married Antonio Meier in 1965, and secluded herself into a family life; they had four children together. Their son, Christian Meier, is a well-known actor and singer in Peru and has achieved some fame in other Latin American countries. In 2003, Zender allowed a photographer to photograph her (and Meier’s) home showcasing various artifacts, including a collection of Incan art that the couple have acquired through their years together.

Claim to Fame: As a representative of Venezuela, Susana was the first South American woman to win the title of Miss World. The Story: Carmen Susana Duijm Zubillaga is a former model, actress and television presenter who won the 1955 Miss World contest, representing Venezuela. She became the first South American woman to win the title. The pageant was held in London, United Kingdom. Duijm also was a semi-finalist at Miss Universe 1955. Her success as a beauty contestant led to a career as an actress and a presenter on Venezuelan television. She now lives in Margarita Island, Venezuela. Her daughter, Carolina Cerruti, was the official representative of Venezuela in the Miss World 1983 pageant, held in London on November 17, 1983.

Mariasela Alvarez Claim to Fame: Mariasela is the first Dominican woman to win an international beauty title.

1 9 5 5RLD



MISS U NIV E R S E photography by: JSquared Photography



The Story: Mariasela Margarita Alvarez Lebrón was crowned the 32nd Miss World on November 18, 1982, at the Royal Albert Hall in London. She became one of the most popular figures in her native country due to her long career on TV, which included a successful eight-year run with her awardwinning show Esta Noche Mariasela. At the end of her term as Miss World 1982, she returned to the Dominican Republic and finished her architectural studies at the Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo. Alvarez has designed many buildings in her home country, including one of Santo Domingo’s landmarks, Torre Cristal, where the telephone company Codetel has one of their commercial branches. She currently lives in Spain and works as a television producer.





Susie Castillo

Claim to Fame: Perhaps the best-known Miss USA, Castillo is a model, television personality, and actress.

2 0 0 3 SA SS U MI

2 0 1 0Great Kaiane Aldorino Claim to Fame: She is the current Miss World, and the first Miss World from the island of Gibraltar.

Miss Britian

The Story: Prior to becoming Miss Gibraltar 2009, she had been working as a human resources clerk at St Bernard’s Hospital in Gibraltar. She has been a dancer since the age of 14 with Urban Dance Group, and has experience performing locally and abroad. She has performed in Gibraltar and Spain, and has trained in Modern, Hip-hop, Contemporary and Commercial styles.

2 0 0 9RLD


Tara Hoyos-Martinez Claim to Fame: The current Miss Great Britian, she is the first Hispanic woman to represent Great Britian in the Miss Universe contest. The Story: Tara Hoyos-Martinez was born to Colombian parents living in England. The lovely Latina progressed through the British qualification rounds of the Miss Universe contest, seeing off hundreds of competitors with her startling beauty to be crowned the national winner. HoyosMartinez is a student of Medicinal and Biological Chemistry at Manchester Metropolitan University, and plans on studying a post-graduate course to become a surgeon.




The Story: Castillo was born in Methuen, Massachusetts to a Dominican father and Puerto Rican mother who were divorced when she was a child. Castillo has made guest appearances on such shows as OnAir with Ryan Seacrest (April 5, 2004), My Wife and Kids (October 5, 2004), where she was cast as “Sharon”, and Half & Half (October 18, 2004) where she was cast as “Shaunie.” Castillo was formerly a regular MTV VJ and host of TRL, and helped with the launch of Mi TRL on MTV Tr3s in September 2006. She also signed on as the brand ambassador for Charlotte Russe and Neutrogena products. Gossip Girl stylist, Eric Daman, is going to help her design her own line influenced by her Latino heritage.



Cover Story Jazmin Lopez: Tr3s Chic

English -------------------------By: Bernadette Giacomazzo

At the risk of coining a cliché, Jazmin Lopez

is simply stunning.

It’s not just the fact that she’s physically attractive (though that certainly doesn’t hurt her cause), nor is it just the fact that she’s multi-talented (when she’s not hosting Remexa on MTV Tr3s, she’s singing and dancing her way into American hearts; in a world filled with D-list actresses with an over-inflated ego & a false sense of their status, Lopez’s Triple Threat talent is rare and, frankly, refreshing).

It’s her esencia – the genuine way she smiles as she introduces herself, the sincere laugh that rings from her soul when someone cracks a funny joke, and the positive energy that emanates from every pore on her enviable body. Unlike many so-called “superstars,” Jazmin Lopez has every right to be a conceited, egotistical diva. Instead, the Brackettville, Texas native – who is better known as “The Duranguense Princess” – is as animated as she is guileless, eager to explain what, precisely, “Duranguese” music is to this unknowing gringa: “Some call it


‘circus music,’ because of the high hats & symbols, and because of the sharp & fast tempo,” she said. “But it’s more than that…and that was the entirety of my first album.” That self-titled debut album is probably best known for its hit single, Noche de Copas (“A Night of Drinks”), which was first made famous by the actress/singer Maria Conchita Alonso.

Though these days she’s probably best known for her hosting duties on Remexa – a nightly show focusing on regional Mexican music; the first of its kind for the network – Lopez is equally at home on the stage as she is in front of the camera: “I love being nosy and getting all the gossip that people want to see and hear,” she said, “but when you’re on stage, singing and dancing, and you’re feeling the vibe of the crowd, and it’s so full of positive energy and love…nothing can compare to it.” And even though the Mexican beauty – who is currently hard at work on her second album, which she says is more mainstream in its pursuits – dedicates Remexa to such different genres as Banda, Ranchera, Duranguense, and Norteña, she feels nothing but love for all of her Latino brothers and sisters: “Sure, my nationality is Mexican – my parents are from Mexico,” she said. “And that, I suppose, makes me Hispanic. So when I identify as “Mexican,” and people correct me by saying that I’m “Latina,” or I’m just “American” – because I was born in Texas – you have to ask yourself, ‘what does it all mean?’ I mean, am I Latina, Mexican, Hispanic, or just American?

Photography: Cathrine Westergaard Hair & Makeup: Nathan Hamilton for MAC Cosmetics Creative Direction: Dominika Bajuk

“Overall, we’re all Hispanic – we all come from the same place, the same blood,” she said. “Think of it like this: just like Latin music has many different ‘genres,’ so too do the Latino/Hispanic people.” Currently, MTV Tr3s is undergoing a bit of a transformation; on or about July 12, 2010, the channel will simply be known as Tr3s. “The

channel is expanding,” she said, “and because of that, [Remexa] is going to see what changes we will be implementing – to reach out to a different age group, and to broaden our horizons.” Whatever the end result, Tr3s – and the beautiful Jazmin Lopez – will fulfill a need amongst Latinos to for the positive portrayal of Latinos achieving the American dream.


-----------------------------------------------a las cámaras. “Me encanta ser chismosa y obtener todo el chisme que la gente desea ver y escuchar”, ella dijo, “pero cuando estás en el escenario, cantando y bailando, y estás sintiendo la vibración del público que está lleno de energía positiva y de amor… nada se puede comparar a esta sensación”. Y teniendo en cuenta que esta hermosa mexicana, quien se halla trabajando fuerte en su segundo álbum que es más para el mercado general, le otorga a Remexa diversos géneros como banda, ranchera, duranguesa y norteña, siente un verdadero amor por sus hermanos y hermanas latinas: “Seguro que mi nacionalidad es mexicana, mis padres son de México”, dijo ella. “Y eso me convierte en mexicana. Así que cuando me identifico como ‘mexicana’ y la gente me corrige diciendo que soy ‘latina’ o quizás soy ‘americana’ porque nací en Texas, entonces debes de preguntarte ‘qué es lo

Bajo el riesgo de caer en un cliché, Jazmín López es simplemente sorprendente. Nos sólo es físicamente atractiva (algo que no le hace daño), ni tampoco el hecho de que posee múltiple talentos (cuando no está presentando Remexa en MTV Tr3s, ella está cantando y bailando para conquistar los corazones estadounidenses, en un mundo lleno de actrices exigentes con un ego muy inflado y un falso sentido de sus estatus, los tres talentos de López son raros y francamente refrescantes).

En esencia, es la forma genuina como sonríe cuando se presenta, la risa que genera su alma cuando alguien echa un cuento y la energía positiva que emana por los poros de su envidiable cuerpo.

que esto significa’. Digo que ¿soy latina, mexicana, hispana o sólo americana? “En términos generales todos somos hispanos, todos venimos del mismo lugar, la misma sangre”, dijo ella. “Piense en esto como si fuera la música latina que tiene diferentes géneros, así somos la gente latina/hispana”. En la actualidad MTV Tr3s está cambiando mucho y el 12 de julio de este año o alrededor de esa época, el canal simplemente será nombrado Tr3s. “El canal se está expandiendo,” dijo ella, “y debido a eso (Remexa) está observando qué cambios implementará para cautivar un grupo de diferente edad y ampliar nuestros horizontes”. No importa el resultado, Tr3s y la hermosa Jazmín López llenarán una necesidad entre latinos por un retrato positivo en la conquista del sueño americano.

Contrario a gran número de “superestrellas”, Jazmín López tiene todo el derecho de ser engreída y una diva egoísta. Por el contrario, esta nativa de Brackettville, Texas, mejor conocida como “La Princesa Duranguesa”, es tan animada como despistada, y se esfuerza en explicar el significado de la música duranguesa a esta gringa desconocida. “Algunos la llaman ‘música de circo’ debido a los símbolos y sombreros altos y por el tempo agudo y rápido”, dijo ella. “Pero es más que eso… y abarcó todo mí primer álbum”. Ese primer álbum auto titulado es quizás reconocido por el sencillo Noche de Copas (A Night of Drinks) el cual hizo famoso por primera vez María Conchita Alonso. A pesar de que ahora es más conocida como presentadora de Remexa, un show diario que se enfoca en música regional mexicana, el primero de esta clase de la cadena, López se siente en casa en el escenario como frente LATINTRENDS.COM


represent o t r o n o h n a It was for my people.


-Huey Dunba

Stylist for Huey Dunbar: David F. Zambrana Blazer: Dolce & Gabbana Tux Shirt: Christian Dior Belt: Dolce & Gabbana Jeans: Levi’s


Cover Story Huey Dunbar: Rebirth of the Groove

English -----------------------------------------------By: Bernadette Giacomazzo

Huey Dunbar is nothing if not humble: the former lead singer of Dark Latin Groove came to his cover shoot sans entourage, and even – mira, ladies! – ironed his own shirts.

“My wife trained me,” he said with a smile. “She’s a typical Latina woman – she doesn’t want to raise me, she wants me to be her partner & her equal.” But this bicultural powerhouse – the son of a Puerto Rican mother and a 26 JULY/AUGUST 2010

“And the way this business is changing,” he said, “you need to have all your things in order.”

unmatched. His newly released third solo album, Huey Dunbar IV – which, he says, comes from his given name, Eustace Dunbar IV – debuted at number two on the Latin Billboard Charts, and has been received with appreciation and praise from both Dunbar’s long-time fans and new ones. The first single, Te Amar, has already garnered the top positions in sales and radio play and sets the stage for an upcoming world tour.

Dunbar must be doing something right: this year, after an absence of almost seven years, Huey Dunbar once again reached out to audiences with his vocal ability and signature sound that, to this day, has remained

All this success, however, clearly hasn’t gone to the 36-year-old’s head: at the shoot, the entire LatinTrends team marveled at his kindness, his total lack of pretension, and his playful abandon. He leaped onto

Jamaican father – is just getting back into the entertainment industry after an extended, self-imposed hiatus. “After I left DLG,” he said, “I just wanted to surround myself with positive people, to put myself into the right mindset. When you work in this business, you need to have the right energies around you.

20-story rooftops with the greatest of ease, bent himself into every position asked of him (and then some), and eagerly twirled about with Jazmin Lopez as he Twittered his every move to his multitude of fans (who were all too eager to share in his palpable joy).

These days, Dunbar calls Los Angeles home; he came to New York to do the LatinTrends shoot, and of course to indulge in the festivities of the Puerto Rican Day parade. “It was an emotional experience for me,” he said of the parade, “and it was an honor to represent for my people.”


-----------------------------------------------Huey Dunbar: El renacer de un ritmo Huey Dunbar no puede ser más humilde: la ex primera voz de Dark Latin Croove llegó a la toma de fotografía de la portada sin compañía y, mira mujeres, él plancha sus camisas. “Mí esposa me entrenó”, dijo entre risas. “Ella es una típica latina, no me quiere criar, sino que sea su compañero, su igual”. Pero este hogar de poder bicultural, hijo de una madre puertorriqueña y de un padre jamaiquino, está regresando a la industria del entretenimiento luego de un extenso y auto impuesto descanso. “Luego de que abandoné DLG”, dijo él, “sólo quería rodearme de gente positiva y enfocar mí mente en el lugar correcto. Cuando tú trabajas en este negocio, necesitas rodearte de la energía correcta. “Y de la forma como ésta industria está cambiando”, dijo él, “tú necesitas ordenar todas tus cosas”.

fanáticos, quienes compartieron con él su palpable excitación. Estos días, Dunbar considera a la ciudad de Los Angeles como su hogar, vino a Nueva York a la toma de fotos de la portada y a deleitarse con las festividades del Desfile Puertorriqueño. “Fue una experiencia muy emocionante para mí”, dijo él sobre el desfile, “y fue un honor representar a mí gente”.

Photography: Cathrine Westergaard Hair & Makeup: Nathan Hamilton for MAC Cosmetics Creative Direction: Dominika Bajuk

Debe de estar haciendo lo correcto, puesto que luego de una ausencia de siete años, Huey Dunbar una vez más llega a su público con sus habilidades vocales y su sonido indiscutible que hasta hoy no ha sido igualado. Su tercer álbum como solista que acaba de lanzar, Huey Dunbar IV, el cual dice él provino de su nombre, Eustace Dunbar IV, debutó como el número dos en la lista de los Latin Billboard y ha sido recibido con apreciación y elogiado por los fanáticos de siempre de Dunbar y por los nuevos seguidores. El primer sencillo, Te Amar, ya logró las primeras posiciones en ventas y en sintonía radial y se dispone a salir en una gira mundial. Todo este éxito, sin embargo, no ha llegado a la cabeza de este hombre de 36 años: durante la toma de fotografías, todo el equipo de LatinTrends apreció su gentileza, su total ausencia de pretensión, y su abandono de hombre juguetón. Subió hasta la azotea del edificio de 20 pisos con gracia y facilidad, se agachó para posar en diversas posiciones, se compenetró con Jazmín López y se movió para satisfacer a sus múltiples LATINTRENDS.COM





cultura, activities, facts, & travel tips in US, Caribbean and Latin America English ----------------------------------------



Belize: Mahogany Island By Bernadette Giacomazzo With one foot planted in the Central American jungles and the other dipped in the Caribbean Sea, Belize blends the best of both worlds. Offshore, kayakers glide from one sandy, palm-dotted islet to another, while snorkelers 28 JULY/AUGUST 2010

swim through translucent seas, gazing at a kaleidoscope of coral, fish, dolphins and turtles. Inland, explorers investigate ruins of ancient civilizations, and birders aim their binoculars at some 570 species. Between national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and marine reserves, more than 40% of the

country’s area is protected in one form or another, creating a haven for countless creatures of land, sea and sky. Belize attracts more than 850,000 annual visitors eager to explore the mysteries of Maya sites such as Altun Ha or Lamanai, spot

a toucan in the bird-watcher’s paradise that is Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary, snorkel the reef off Caye Caulker or the Northern Cayes, and otherwise partake of paradise. Tourism is the country’s top source of employment and investment. The irony is that it is also the country’s

Waterfront in Belize City

biggest environmental threat. Belize does not yet have the infrastructure to support the massive numbers of tourists that arrive, especially by way of cruise ships. It does not have the resources to truly protect its sanctuaries and reserves and their inhabitants. And it does not have the political will to stop the rampant coastal development, which would mean turning down millions in investment dollars. According to sources such as Tropical Conservation Science, as much as 80% of coastal land has already been sold to foreign

interests with the intention of building condos and resorts. Fortunately, Belizeans are environmentally aware and indefatigably active. Thanks to a progressive populace, Belize offers myriad ways for travelers to tread lightly, from beach resorts powered by solar energy to jungle lodges built from reclaimed hardwoods. Licensed guides not only direct, but also educate their clients – about the fragility of the reef, the medicinal uses of flora and the threats to the jaguar’s habitat. It’s never easy to maintain

the delicate balance between preserving natural resources and cashing in on economic opportunity. But most Belizeans are proud of their natural heritage and they recognize that the goals of environmental conservation and economic prosperity are not mutually exclusive. This is the enlightened approach that has earned Belize its reputation as a paradigm of ecotourism. Sub Umbra Florero reads the motto on the Belizean flag. It refers to the mighty mahogany tree, and it means ‘Under the shade, I flourish.’ The mahogany

may not be as prevalent as it once was, but with its loss has come an understanding of its value. Belizeans recognize that their country’s greatest asset must be respected and protected, and that tourists have an important role to play. It’s no wonder that Belizeans extend such a warm welcome to travelers. These easy-going people are eager to share – the staggering scenery, the bountiful biodiversity, all that exists in the shade of the mahogany tree.

Our Top Picks For Belize CAYE CAULKER




The most beautiful sight is certainly Cabrera’s lonely coast. If you are lucky, you can observe the dolphins play!

An underwater ecosystem where divers and snorkelers have face-to-face meetings with sharks and rays

A village rich in Creole culture and a reserve bountiful with bird life

The birthplace of punta rock and the spiritual home of the Garifuna people







Belice: Isla caoba Con un pie en las selvas de Centroamérica y con el otro metido en el mar Caribe, Belice combina lo mejor de los dos mundos. En el mar, quienes practican kayak se desplazan de la arena de un islote a otra, mientras que los buceadores recorren aguas cristalinas en donde aprecian la hermosura de los corales, los peces, los delfines y las tortugas. Fuera del mar, los exploradores pueden investigar las ruinas de civilizaciones pasadas y los amantes de los pájaros apuntan sus binóculos a las 570 especies. Entre los parques nacionales, santuarios de la vida salvaje y reservas marinas, más del 40 % de esta nación es protegida de alguna forma, creando un paraíso de creaturas de la tierra, el mar y las nubes. Belice atrae más de 850,000 turistas cada año para explorar los misterios de la cultura Maya en lugares como Altun Ha Lamanai, observar un tucán en el santuario de pájaros Crooked Tree Wildlife, bucear en el área Caye Caulker o en Northern Cayes y otros paraísos. Los turistas en esta nación son más que los empleados y superan las inversiones de esa nación. La ironía es que son también la mayor amenaza para el medio ambiente. Belice aún no tiene la infraestructura para recibir la cantidad de turistas que llegan, en especial quienes arriban en barco. Tampoco tiene la capacidad de proteger los santuarios y a la población. Y no posee el poder político para enfrentar el desarrollo de sus costas, rechazando así millones de dólares en inversión. De acuerdo a fuentes como Tropical Conservation Science, el 80% 30 JULY/AUGUST 2010

de la costa ha sido vendida a extranjeros con la intención de construir condominios y centros vacacionales. Afortunadamente, Belice reconoce esta amenaza al medio ambiente y está actuando. Gracias a su población progresista, Belice ofrece alternativas ambientales de iluminación, centros vacacionales con energía solar y casas en la selva construidas con madera reciclada. Los guías con licencias orientan a los turistas y los educan sobre la fragilidad de los corales, el uso medicinal de la flora y las amenazar a la preservación de los jaguares. Nos es fácil preservar esta naturaleza y progresar a nivel turístico para obtener ganancias. La mayoría de su población está orgullosa de su legado histórico y reconocen que esta dicotomía entre el medio ambiente y la economía no es fácil de apartar. Esta es la interesante aproximación de sus habitantes al paradigma ecoturístico. Sub Umbra Florero lee el propósito de la bandera de Belice. Se refiere al árbol caoba y significa ‘bajo la sombra yo floreceré’. El caoba no parece tan importante como alguna vez lo fue, pero con su pérdida ha llegado el entendimiento de su valor. Los residentes de esta nación reconocen que su mayor propiedad debe de ser protegida y respetada y que los turistas juegan un papel vital. Por eso es que sus habitantes reciben tan bien a los turistas. Estas personas amigables prefieren compartir el escenario y la diversidad biológica que existe bajo el árbol de caoba. Caye Caulker Beach Houses



The Face of the Place GEORGE CADLE PRICE

Price, upon the formation of the PC in 1950, was named its Assistant Secretary, and in a famous speech later that year claimed that “National Unity” propelled the PC’s actions. With the formation of the PUP, Price’s stature rose and he ascended through the party ranks until he became Party Leader following a leadership dispute in 1956. Elected to the colony’s Legislative Council in 1954, he also served as mayor of Belize City from 1956

to 1962. In 1956, Price became also Party Leader of the PUP. As First Minister, a post he held since 1961, he led the team which began negotiations over independence with Great Britain. He maintained that post as Premier in 1964. In 1981 Belize gained its independence, and Price served as the country’s first prime minister and foreign minister until 1984. After the PUP’s defeat in the elections by the United Democratic Party under Manuel Esquivel, he resumed the post of prime minister in 1989, serving until 1993, when he was again replaced by Esquivel. In 1982, Price became a member of the United Kingdom’s Privy Council. In October 1996, he announced his resignation as party leader and on November 10, 1996, was formally succeeded by Said Musa. In September 2000, Price became the first person to receive Belize’s highest honour, the Order of National Hero, for the prominent role he played in leading his country to independence. He has received similar honors in other Caribbean and Central American countries.

• Belize is the only nation in Central America with a British colonial heritage. Despite this, Belize considers itself to be a Central American nation affiliated with both the Caribbean & Latin America. • Belize's abundance of biologically significant and unique ecosystems contributes to Mesoamerica's designation as a biodiversity “hotspot.” • Belize has a sizeable proportion of Africans from the ancient Kingdom of Kongo. • Belize is a parliamentary democracy, a Commonwealth realm, and therefore a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. • On Easter Day, citizens of Dangriga participate in a yearly fishing tournament. First, second, and third prize are awarded based on a scoring combination of size, species, and number. The tournament is broadcast over local radio stations, and prize money is awarded to the winners. • The national tree of Belize is the mahogany tree (Swietenia macrophylla). British settlers exploited the Belizean forest for mahogany, beginning around the middle of the 17th century. • Belize's national animal is the Baird's Tapir (Tapirus bairdii), the largest land mammal of the American tropics. It is also known as the mountain cow, although it is actually related to the horse and the rhinoceros.

Price was never educated further than St. John’s College High School (SJC did not have a sixth form until the 1960s). While there, however, he was exposed to the teachings of Catholic social justice, in particular the encyclical Rerum Novarum. Upon graduation, Price was hired by local businessman Robert Sidney Turton as his private secretary. He also rallied a few SJC graduates, some of them later members of the PUP, to contest elections in 1944 and 1947 for the local Town Board, being successful in 1947. Price also contributed to the Belize Billboard, then run by Phillip Goldson.

Facts about Belize

Did You Know?

George Cadle Price (born January 15, 1919) was the first Prime Minister of Belize and is considered one of the principal architects of that country’s independence, and is referred to by many as the Father of the Nation. Born in Belize City to William and Irene Price née Escalante, he entered politics in 1947 with his election to the Belize City Council. Three years later, on September 29, 1950, he cofounded the People’s United Party, which he led for four decades and which was devoted to the political and economic independence of the British colony, then known as British Honduras.





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Angels with Dirty Faces: The Perils Faced by Minority Youth By: Sean M. Byrne Acting Commissioner, NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services In the 1938 film classic Angels with Dirty Faces, two Irish boys from the wrong side of the tracks rob a railroad car. One of them, played by Pat O’Brien, escapes and eventually becomes a priest. The other, played by James Cagney, “couldn’t run as fast” as his friend and gets caught and sent to a juvenile detention center – a precursor to a life of crime that ultimately ends in the electric chair. Tragically, it seems a similar fate awaits youth today who can’t escape New York’s juvenile justice system, especially minorities. Consider these daunting facts: - Minority youth account for 44 percent of New York State’s juvenile population, and 61 percent of juvenile arrests and 88 percent of juvenile secure detentions. Minority youth are arrested twice as frequently as white juveniles, and security detained five times as often. - While African-American youth represent just under 18 percent of the state’s juvenile population, they 32 JULY/AUGUST 2010

account for 39 percent of juvenile arrests and nearly 59 percent of secure juvenile detentions. Black youth are arrested about three times more often than white youth, and securely detained about five times more often.

Hispanic youth make up about 20 percent of the state’s juvenile population and account for roughly 20 percent of juvenile arrests and 23 percent of juvenile secure detentions. Hispanic juveniles are arrested about 1 1/2 times as often as white youths, and securely detained four times as often. Far from being a vehicle for rehabilitation of juveniles, New York’s ridiculously expensive juvenile justice system is unfortunately a predictor of adult criminal justice involvement, particularly for minority youth.

In return for the $200,000 per child annual investment in youth

sent to secure juvenile placement facilities, New York taxpayers have a system where 89 percent of boys and 81 percent of girls are rearrested by age 28; 83 percent of boys and 63 percent of the girls are arrested on felony-level charges; and of the 57 boys who were not re-arrested, 12 (21 percent) are dead. This is nothing short of a disgrace, and it is entirely reasonable for taxpayers to demand to know why we are we not rehabilitating these youth while we have them under our control. The reasons are as complicated as the solutions are obscure, made even more so by socio-economic and demographic factors. We know that in any given year, up to 9 percent of children and teenagers have emotional disturbances that impair their ability to function at home, in school, and in the community. We know that abuse and neglect by adults often precipitate juvenile crime. Further, we know there are over a half-million children and youth in our foster care system – many of them victims of abuse, neglect

or abandonment. A third of them enter the system at age 13 or older, and thousands of them will “age out” before a permanent home is found. And for all too many, the problem of the Family Court becomes the problem of the Juvenile Court becomes the problem of the Criminal Court. Clearly, we cannot arrest our way out of this problem. And that is why early intervention and solid re-entry strategies are so important. We have to protect our youth before we can empower them – and if we don’t protect them, they may well find power behind the barrel of a gun, and probably an illegal gun. We need to do more than, as Father Jerry (the Pat O’Brien character) famously beseeches the “Dead End Kids” at the end of the film, “say a prayer for a boy who couldn’t run as fast as I could.” We need to completely revamp not only our juvenile justice system, but the way we think about juvenile justice and the way it impacts our communities. We need to break the cradle-to-prison pipeline that entraps so many of our youth, especially those of color. The future of our youth, and our nation, hang in the balance.


----------------------------------------------Angeles con caras agreivas: Los riesgos de los rostros de las minorías jóvenes

En un clásico del cine de 1938, “Angels with Dirty Faces” (“Ángeles con la cara sucia”), dos muchachos irlandeses del bajo mundo asaltan un tren. Uno de ellos, interpretado por Pat O’Brian, huye y finalmente se hace sacerdote. El otro, interpretado por James Cagney, “no puede correr tan rápido” como su amigo, lo detienen y lo envían a un reformatorio juvenil, el primer paso de una carrera delictiva que finalmente lo llevará a la silla eléctrica. La trágica realidad es que parecería que un destino similar aguarda hoy en día a los jóvenes que no pueden escapar del sistema de justicia juvenil de Nueva York, especialmente a las minorías. Algunos datos sobrecogedores: - Los jóvenes de las minorías representan el 44% de la población juvenil del Estado de Nueva York, el 61% de los arrestos juveniles y el 88% de las detenciones de jóvenes enviados a establecimientos de seguridad. Los jóvenes de estas minorías son arrestados con el doble de frecuencia que los jóvenes blancos, y enviados a establecimientos de seguridad con una frecuencia cinco veces mayor. - Mientras que los jóvenes afroamericanos constituyen

apenas el 18% de la población juvenil del Estado, representan el 39% de los arrestos juveniles y casi el 59% de las detenciones remitidas a establecimientos de seguridad. Los jóvenes negros son arrestados tres veces más frecuentemente que los jóvenes blancos, y detenidos en establecimientos de seguridad cinco veces más frecuentemente. Los jóvenes hispanos constituyen el 20% de la población juvenil del Estado y representan aproximadamente el 20% de los arrestos juveniles y el 23% de las detenciones remitidas a establecimientos de seguridad. Los jóvenes hispanos son arrestados una vez y media más frecuentemente que los jóvenes blancos y enviados a establecimientos de seguridad cuatro veces más frecuentemente. Lejos de ser un medio de rehabilitación de los delincuentes juveniles, el sistema de justicia juvenil de Nueva York, por otra parte ridículamente costoso, es lamentablemente un factor de predicción de participación delictiva en la vida adulta, especialmente para los jóvenes de las minorías. A cambio de los $200,000 invertidos al año por cada menor, que se traducen en jóvenes enviados a establecimientos de seguridad, los contribuyentes de Nueva York tienen un sistema

en el que: 89% de los varones y 81% de las mujeres vuelven a ser arrestados para cuando llegan a los 28 años de edad; 83% de los varones y 63% de las mujeres son arrestados por delitos graves; y de los 57 varones que no vuelven a ser arrestados, 12 –es decir el 21%– están muertos. Esto es una vergüenza, y es absolutamente razonable que los contribuyentes exijan saber por qué no se logra la rehabilitación de esos jóvenes mientras están bajo nuestro control. Las razones son tan complicadas como oscuras las soluciones, agravadas aún más por factores socioeconómicos y demográficos. Sabemos que en cualquier año hasta un 9% de los niños y adolescentes tienen problemas emocionales que les impiden funcionar en la casa, en la escuela y en la comunidad. Sabemos que el abuso y la falta de cuidado de los adultos, a menudo, conducen a la delincuencia juvenil. Además, sabemos que hay más de medio millón de niños y jóvenes en el sistema de hogares de crianza, muchos de los cuales son víctimas de abuso, maltrato o abandono. La tercera parte de ellos ingresa al sistema a la edad

de 13 años o más, y miles de ellos se emancipan antes de hallar un hogar permanente. Y, para muchos de ellos, el problema de los Tribunales de Familia se convierte en el problema de los Tribunales Juveniles, que se convierte en el problema del Tribunal Penal. Claramente, no nos podemos detener en la búsqueda de una solución a este problema. Es por eso que la intervención temprana y las estrategias de reintegración son tan importantes. Tenemos que proteger a nuestros jóvenes para que tengan una vida independiente –y si no los protegemos, bien pueden hallar poder detrás de un arma y, probablemente, un arma ilegal. Necesitamos hacer algo más que “rezar por un muchacho que no pudo correr tan rápido como yo”, como suplica el Padre Jerry (el personaje de Pat O’Brien) a los “Chicos de la calle”, al final de la película. Necesitamos reformar totalmente, no sólo nuestro sistema de justicia juvenil, sino la forma en que pensamos la justicia juvenil y la forma en que afecta a nuestras comunidades. Necesitamos poner fin al camino directo que lleva de la cuna a la cárcel a muchos de nuestros jóvenes, especialmente a los de color. Lo que está en juego es el futuro de los jóvenes y de nuestra nación. LATINTRENDS.COM


NYC Pet Owners Get Help to Feed their Furry Family Members

What would you do if you couldn’t afford to feed your pet? Now, if every person who has a pet and loves their pet thought about that for ten seconds, they would make a donation.


-----------------------------------------------By Aisha Al-Muslim

food pantries.

Susan Kaufman, a New York City real estate lawyer, couldn’t imagine not being able to feed Rex, her 8-year-old Boston terrier, if she ever had to face a tough financial situation.

“He’s the baby of our family,” said Kaufman about her dog Rex. “I know that from talking to other pet owners, who have been using ARF services, we all feel like they are our children, even if we have other children. It is just a very special relationship between people and their pets.”

That concern led her to create the Animal Relief Fund (ARF) in November 2008, the first not-forprofit organization in NYC to help supply and distribute pet food to struggling pet owners through 34 JULY/AUGUST 2010

Kaufman’s grassroots initiative started by asking local pet stores for over-stocked or ripped pet

food bags and supplies to help stock food pantries. Then, she convinced the administration at food banks to carry and distribute the pet food. Most of the time, Kaufman said she delivers the pet food to the pantries by whatever means possible: her car, a taxi and, if lucky, a truck. “There will always be people that will have financial difficulties and have troubles paying for the maintenance of their pets,” Kaufman said, “and it just seemed

to me like such a logical thing to do. I was just really surprised to find out that nobody was doing it and there was just absolutely no support out there for pet owners in need. So I did it.” Now, ARF’s program delivers pet food to nine NYC food banks located in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. And with its partnership with Long Island Cares, ARF expanded its services to almost 80 pantries all over Nassau and Suffolk Counties on

Long Island. “Hopefully from the 180,000 of pet owning families that we have helped,” Kaufman said, “they were people thinking, ‘Oh my God, what if I have to give up my pet?’ And they say, ‘Wow, now I don’t have to.’” Though the distribution system of major organizations, ARF has been able to get pet food to hundreds of pet-owning families who want to feed their furry four-legged friends. The PETCO Foundation teamed up with ARF

in March to launch its charitable campaign “We Are Family Too.” All food donations collected in the eight PETCO stores in the fiver boroughs will be distributed by ARF’s partner, Food Bank for New York City. All donations collected in the 12 PETCO stores in Nassau and Suffolk will be distributed by ARF’s partner, Long Island Cares. ARF’s goal is to reach even more family pets with even more food. ARF is working with 20 NYC pet food stores, where people can buy a goody bag of pet food to be donated to Food Bank for New

York City. “What would you do if you couldn’t afford to feed your pet?” Kaufman said. “Now, if every person, who has a pet and loves their pet, thought about that for ten seconds, they would make a donation.” ARF supports the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals’ goal of making NYC a no-kill community by 2015. Kaufman said that by preventing pet owners from giving up their animals because they don’t have the money to

feed them, it would help control shelter overpopulation and slow down euthanasia rates. “My goal for ARF is to be so successful that we won’t need it anymore,” Kaufman said. “My goal is to get pet food manufacturers, pantry executive directors and clients, where giving pet food is just a non-event. My goal is to no longer be needed.” For more information about ARF, visit:


-----------------------------------------------Los dueños de las mascotas en Nueva York reciben ayuda para alimentar a esos miembros de sus Familias Susan Kaufman, una abogada de finca raíz de la ciudad de Nueva York, no podía imaginarse sin poder alimentar a Rex, su perro Boston terrier de 8 años, en caso de que algún día tuviera problemas financieros. Esa preocupación la llevó a crear el Animal Relief Fund (ARF) en noviembre del 2008, la primera organización sin ánimo de lucro para ayudar a obtener y distribuir comida para mascotas de propietarios con problemas. “Es el bebé de nuestra familia”, dijo Kaufman de su perro Rex. “Luego de hablar con otros propietarios de perros que han usado los servicios de ARF, reconocemos que son como de nuestra familia, inclusive si tenemos niños. Es una relación muy especial entre la gente y las mascotas”. Kaufman comenzó esta iniciativa en la comunidad pidiéndole a los dueños de las mascotas que donen bolsas de comida para ir formando una despensa. Luego convenció a la administración de las despensas

para que distribuyeran la comida. La mayoría del tiempo, Kaufman distribuye la comida en las dispensas usando su carro, en taxi o en camión cuando está con suerte. “Siempre habrá gente con problemas financieros para alimentar y mantener a sus mascotas”, dijo Kaufman, “y esto me parece que es lo más razonable de hacer. Me sorprendió que nadie más lo estuviera haciendo y que no hubiera apoyo para los dueños de animales con problemas y por eso lo hice”. Ahora ARF entrega comida para mascotas en nueve localidades de Manhattan, Brooklyn y Queens. Con sus socios en Long Island Cares, ha expandido sus servicios a 80 despensas en los condados de Nassau y Suffolk. “Con la esperanza de que las 180,000 familias de propietarios de animales que hemos ayudado”, Kaufman dijo, “ahora piensen “ahí Dios mío, qué tal que tuviera que regalar a mi mascota”. Y wau, wau,

“no tengo que hacerlo”. Aunque con el sistema de distribución de las mayores organizaciones, ARF ha podido llevar comida a las familias que consideran a las mascotas como sus amigos de cuatro patas. La Fundación PETCO se unió a ARF en marzo para lanzar su campaña de caridad “Nosotros también somos familia”. Toda la comida que se recoja en las ocho tiendas PETCO de los cinco condados es distribuída por los socios de ARF y los Bancos de Comida para la ciudad de Nueva York. Todas las donaciones que se recojan en las 12 tiendas PETCO de Nassau y Suffolk serán distribuidas entre los socios de ARF de Long Island Cares. El objetivo de ARF es llegar a más familias con más comida. ARF está trabajando con 20 tiendas de comida para mascotas de esta ciudad en donde la gente puede comprar bolsas de comida para mascotas con el fin de ser donada en los Bancos de Comida de la ciudad de Nueva York.

¿Qué haría sino puede alimentar a su mascota?”, se preguntó Kaufman. “Si cada persona que tiene una mascota y la ama, piensa en esta pregunta por diez segundos, entonces haría una donación”. El ARF apoya la Alianza de la ciudad de Nueva York por los Animales para que en el 2015 no se mate animal alguno. Kaufman dijo que previniendo que los dueños entreguen a sus mascotas porque no tienen dinero para alimentarlos, se controlar la sobrepoblación en los refugios para animales y se reduce el nivel de eutanasia. “Mí objetivo con ARF es que sea tan exitosa que no la necesitemos más”, Kaufman dijo. “Mi objetivo es conseguir fabricantes de comida para animales, directores de despensas y sus clientes, en donde sea común donar comida para mascotas. Luego mí objetivo es que algún día esto no sea necesario”.



Hair: Zuri Tamayo Make-up: Charlotte Lopez Video: Down Home Hype Productions, LLC/David Bacon

Laura Soares:

A Model Businesswoman

Former model Laura Soares has come out with a new, custom swimwear line based on Brazilian styles. The collection is currently being sold in the trendiest shops in Miami/South Beach, New York City, and Beverly Hills. In this exclusive interview with LatinTrends, she talks about… California Dreamin’ “I initially came to San Diego and quickly fell in love with the Southern California coast. After talking it over with my father back in Rio, I decided to stay longer in California and enroll in college in San Diego. During the next few years I pursued a modeling career while attending college. It was around 2006 that I started my own business; I felt there was a lack of style, fashion, and sex appeal in the swim wear market in Southern California, so I established a manufacturing presence in Brazil and started to import my own uniquely designed collection of Brazilian swimwear.” Model Achievements “I also have been actively pursuing my modeling and acting career ( I have recently been featured in leading publications, music videos, and national broadcasts (e.g., HBO, Maxim, 36 JULY/AUGUST 2010

Korbel Champagne).” TV Appearances “I have been getting into acting, and currently I am filming a Brazilian sitcom called Garota eu fui para California. It airs on I Tv (digital California - open channel).” Long-Term Goals “I would like to do more work within my community to help other, children in particular. My father taught me through example to always leverage my skills and education to help others. As a doctor, he volunteered countless hours by providing free medical treatment to the poverty stricken Favela communities of Rio. Currently, I volunteer for a great program in Los Angeles called “School on Wheels” in which I meet with a homeless youth each week to tutor her and help her with her homework. In the future I would like to dedicate more of my time to these types of educational programs. Who knows – maybe an underprivileged child I help and train will grow up to run their own swim wear business some day!”








Health & Beauty

English ---------------------------------------salud for your body, mind, and soul

By R. Figueroa In 2011, Latino residents in the Bronx are going to be the subject of a study that can potentially have a progressive effect on housing policy across the entire City of New York. According to a spokesman for the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Dr. Earle Chambers -- who is the co-principal investigator and assistant prof. of family and social medicine and of epidemiology & population health at the school -- will be leading a study early next year looking to uncover a link between “housing conditions and cardiovascular health among Latinos living in the West and South Bronx.” This spring, the project was made possible when the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University was awarded $750,000.00 by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. The primary focus of the study, said Dr. Chambers, is to show the disparity between the dietary and lifestyle choices people have in neighborhoods predominantly occupied by residents living in subsidized housing, and what people in more desirable areas have at their disposal. “We know that the Bronx has one of the highest poverty rates in the country, and that they also have extremely high rates of obesity,” he said. “Those are the two that set the stage for why the Bronx is an important place to do the type work that I do. The study is to look at the effects of affordable housing vouchers, and physical activity and dietary choices in Latino families in the Bronx that are eligible for low income housing.


Albert Einstein College to Conduct a Bronx Study to Link Cardiovascular Health to Housing Conditions “We’re trying to make a correlation between 1) how people live in the Bronx, and 2) how that can influence their health. In essence, the idea is to try to recruit families that fit into that category and look at the difference between people who live in Section 8 housing versus those who live in another type of subsidized housing, more specifically housing projects, and then compare it to the people who pay market [prices] for their rent.” Obesity, said Dr. Chambers, is the big health issue, because unhealthy dietary choices and lack of physical activities are major risk factors. “If the hypothesis is right, then people in Section 8 and [other] subsidized housing living in a mixed income housing environment will exercise more on average, and they will also have healthier dietary choices on average,” he said. “Again, would they have more access to larger supermarkets

with better food options? If that’s the case, then we will have provided some evidence to suggest that increasing the amount of affordable housing vouchers [in mixed income areas] could have benefits that extend into healthier lifestyles and behavior changes as it relates to obesity for these families.” Chambers and a team he’ll assemble this fall will also examine other factors in the subjects’ environment, such as their proximity to parks and how safe they feel being outdoors, which, of course, is determined by the crime rate. Dr. Chambers, who was born in Washington D.C. and raised in Maryland, earned a 4-year degree at Duke University before attaining a Masters at the Univ. of Illinois. He got his PhD at the Univ. of Pittsburgh and joined the faculty at Einstein after completing postdoctoral work at The N.Y. Obesity Research Center at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital at Columbia University. The research Dr. Chambers has ahead seems apropos, considering the fact that he was inspired to get into the practice by his graduate work in public health, which focused on ethnic and racial minority populations. “This needed to be done in the Bronx; it really requires a lot of attention,” he told DTM Magazine. “At Albert Einstein, we’ve been doing a lot of work in the Bronx, because we’re trying to get more attention to what’s happening and that’s what I think is important. “When you get to a point where you want to live healthier, want to eat healthy, and you want to exercise more, maybe your environment can be conducive to you doing it.”


-----------------------------------------------La Universidad Albert Einstein conducirá un estudio en El Bronx sobre la relación de las enfermedades cardiovasculares y las condiciones de vivienda en NY

Los residentes latinos de El Bronx serán el objeto de una investigación en el 2011 que tendrá un efecto potencial sobre la política de vivienda en la ciudad de Nueva York.

y el por qué El Bronx es bueno para la clase de investigación que realizo. El estudio se enfoca en los talonarios de subsidio de vivienda, la actividad física y las dietas de las familias latinas de El Bronx.

De acuerdo al vocero de la Escuela de Medicina Albert Einstein, el doctor Earle Chambers, quien es el principal investigador y asistente de profesor de medicina social y familiar, y de epidemiología y salud poblacional de la escuela, será el líder del estudio de comienzos del año entrante, que buscará “la conexión entre la salud cardiovascular y los latinos que viven en el oeste y el sur de El Bronx”.

“Estamos tratando de establecer una correlación entre 1- cómo la gente vive en El Bronx y 2- cómo esa condición afecta su salud. En esencia, trataremos de conseguir familias que están en esta categoría y observaremos las diferencias entre la gente que vive en Sección 8 y aquellos que reciben otras clases de ayuda de vivienda, en específico en los proyectos, y luego los compararemos con la gente que paga renta de conformidad con el mercado”. La obesidad, dijo el doctor Chambers, es el principal asunto de salud porque los malos hábitos alimenticios y la carencia de actividad física son factores de alto riesgo.

Esta primavera se obtuvieron $750,000 dólares para que la Escuela de Medicina Albert Einstein de Yeshiva University hiciera la investigación con la Fundación John D. Y Catherine T. MacArthur. El foco principal del estudio, conforme al doctor Chambers, es mostrar la disparidad entre los hábito alimenticios y de estilo de vida de las personas que viven en vecindarios principalmente ocupados por personas que reciben subsidio de vivienda, y las oportunidades que tienen aquellos que viven en áreas afluentes. “Sabemos que El Bronx es de los vecindarios más pobres en el país y también poseen casos extremos de obesidad”, dijo él. “Estas son las dos tendencias

“Si la hipótesis en la correcta, quienes viven en Sección 8 y reciben otras formas de subsidio, hacen más ejercicio, más frecuente y con hábitos alimentarios superiores y mejores elecciones de comida”, dijo él. “Una vez más, ¿tienen acceso a supermercados con mejores opciones alimentarias? Si este es el caso, entonces suministraremos más evidencias para demostrar que el incremento en los subsidios de vivienda puede conducir a un estilo de vida mejor y a mejores hábitos alimenticios”.

Chambers y el equipo que creará este otoño examinarán otros factores del medio ambiente, como la proximidad a parques y qué tan seguros se sienten en la calle, algo que está determinado por el nivel del crimen. El doctor Chambers, quien nación en Washington y se crió en Maryland, obtuvo una licenciatura en Duke University antes de la maestría en la Universidad de Illinois. Obtuvo su PhD en la universidad de Pittsburg y se unió a la facultad de Einstein luego de terminar el postdoctorado en el Centro de Investigación de la Obesidad en el Hospital St. Luke’s Roosevelt de Nueva York. La investigación del doctor Chambers luce apropiada si consideramos que se dedicó a esta profesión debido a su práctica en salud pública y se enfoca en el aspecto étnico y racial de la población minoritaria. “Es necesario hacer la investigación en El Bronx y requiere mucha atención”, le dijo a la revista DTM. “En Albert Einstein he hecho mucho trabajo en El Bronx porque estamos tratando de atraer la atención a lo que está sucediendo allí y es importante. “Cuando tomas la determinación de vivir saludablemente, comer con balance y hacer más ejercicio, quizás su medio ambiente puede contribuir a esta resolución”




Smoking causes 20% (or 1 in 5) of all deaths in the United States each year.

Lucas Zoltowski

HELP NEW YORKERS QUIT SMOKING By: Dan M. Suarez, RN, MA The National Association of Hispanic Nurses, New York Chapter, promotes Hispanic nurses to improve the health of the community. NAHN-NY has 500 members, including nursing students, in NY State. As part of our efforts to promote health and wellness and reduce health disparities in NY State, NAHN-NY is passionate about lowering smoking-related illnesses and assisting New Yorkers to quit smoking. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cigarette smoking is the single leading cause of preventable disease and death in the US -- leading to more than 400,000 deaths annually. It is the most important contributor to cardiovascular disease, lung cancer, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. In the American Lung Association’s 2009 State of Tobacco Control report, New York State received an “A” for smokefree air and tobacco tax; however, we also embarrassingly received an “F” in the categories of Program Spending and Cessation Coverage. The report looks at how well states do at preventing tobacco use and helping smokers quit How can we improve outcomes in NY State? New York should pass legislation that requires private health insurance plans to provide coverage for costs of smoking cessation treatments. Rhode Island and Oregon



have recently done so. New York should be a leader in this area. New York State should expand reimbursement for smoking cessation counseling during medical visits for ALL Medicaid recipients and should use revenues from cigarette taxes and tobacco settlement dollars to invest in these services. Currently, coverage for smoking cessation counseling is only provided to pregnant and postpartum women and children and adolescents ages 10-21. New York State should implement a targeted smoking cessation initiative for its over 1 million state and local employees and their dependents. Smoking cessation coverage should meet all of the US Public Health Service Clinical Practice Guidelines on Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence: 2008 Update. This initiative has been proven effective in the State of Oklahoma, which estimates $2.2 million in annual savings. We applaud New York’s efforts to date and strongly encourage the State to work to improve their scorecard for Program Spending and Cessation Coverage. By doing so we are saving the state money in the long-term, and most importantly....we are saving lives. Dan Suarez is the President of the New York Chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses.


-----------------------------------------------AYUDE A LOS NEOYORQUINOS A DEJAR DE FUMAR La Asociación Nacional de Enfermeras Hispanas, capítulo de Nueva York, motiva a las enfermeras a mejorar la salud de la comunidad. La NAHN-NY posee 500 miembros, incluyendo estudiantes de enfermería en el estado de Nueva York. Como parte de nuestro esfuerzo para mejorar la salud y reducir las desigualdades de salud en el estado, NAHN-NY se empeña en bajar el número de enfermedades relacionadas al acto de fumar y alienta a los neoyorquinos a dejar de fumar. De acuerdo al Centro para el Control y la Prevención de las Enfermedades, fumar es la primera causa que se debe atacar para la eliminación de las enfermedades preventivas en esta nación, causante de más de 400,000 muertes cada año. Fumar es el principal causante de las enfermedades cardiovasculares como el cáncer de pulmón y el deterioro crónico de los pulmones. En el informe del 2009 relacionado al acto de fumar, de la Asociación Americana de los Pulmones, el estado de Nueva York recibió una ‘A’ por los impuestos al tabaco y a la calidad del aire sin contaminación. Sin embargo, nos sentimos apenados de recibir una ‘F’ en la categoría de gasto en los programas de prevención. El informe analiza cómo el estado previene el uso del tabaco y cómo ayuda a los ciudadanos a dejar de fumar. ¿Cómo podemos mejorar el resultado en el estado de Nueva York? Nueva York debe de pasar una ley que le exija a las aseguradoras de salud tener un plan que cubra el costo de los tratamientos para dejar de fumar. Los estado de Rhode Island y Oregon lo han hecho así recientemente.

Nueva York debe de ser un líder en esta área. El estado de Nueva York debe de re-embolsar el dinero por consejería para dejar de fumar durante las visitas médicas de todos los que reciben Medicaid y debe de usar ese ingreso de los impuestos al cigarrillo y de las demandas en las cortes para invertir en estos servicios. Actualmente el cubrimiento de consejería con el fin de dejar de fumar sólo es suministrado a mujeres embarazadas y mujeres que han dado a luz, además de niños y adolescentes entre 10 y 21 años. El estado de Nueva York debe de implementar una iniciativa para dejar de fumar que cubra más de un millón empleados estatales y locales y a sus familiares. El cubrimiento para dejar de fumar debe de cumplir con todas las exigencias de las Prácticas del Servicio Clínico relacionadas al Tratamiento del Uso y Dependencia del Tabaco: informe actualizado del 2008. Esta iniciativa ha demostrado su efectividad en el estado de Oklahoma, con un estimado de ahorro anual de 2.2 millones de dólares. Aplaudimos el esfuerzo del estado de Nueva York y lo alentamos a que mejore su calificación en los gastos de prevención y cubrimiento para dejar de fumar. De esta manera le estamos ahorrando dinero al estado a un largo plazo y aún más importante, estamos salvando vidas. Dan Suárez es el presidente del capítulo de Nueva York de la Asociación Nacional de Enfermeras Hispanas.



Vegetarian Latino Recipes Think all vegetarian recipes are bland & boring? Here’s a flavorful menu that’s chock full of healthy deliciousness… Appetizer


Cucumber Soup From Guatemala

Heart of Palm Salad

Makes 4 servings

From Costa Rica Makes 4 servings


1 tablespoon vegetable oil 1 pound hydroponic cucumbers or small, pickling cucumbers (peel if waxed), chopped 1 medium onion, chopped 1 medium red bell pepper, chopped 3 cups vegetable broth ground pepper to taste small amount of salt (optional) 1/4 cup plain, nonfat yogurt 1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley


*In a large saucepan, warm the oil over medium heat. Add the cucumbers, onion, and red pepper. Cook until all the vegetables are tender, about 15 minutes. Stir in the vegetable broth


and simmer for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Remove from heat. *In a blender or food processor, puree the soup until very smooth and then return it to the saucepan. Bring to a simmer and season to taste with salt (optional) and pepper. Serve hot, topped with a tablespoon of yogurt and sprinkling of parsley.

------------- --- --------Main Course

Caribbean-Baked Tofu Cutlets From the D.R.

Makes 4 servings


1/4 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder 3/4 teaspoon dried oregano 1 tablespoon grated onion 2 tablespoons lime juice 8 ounces tomato sauce 1 pound firm tofu -- sliced 1-inch thick 0.125 teaspoon pepper 0.25 teaspoons coconut extract


* Press tofu slices between two pans for one to two hours to squeeze out the water and compress the tofu. While tofu is draining, combine remaining ingredients. Mix well and set aside.


* Preheat oven to 350 F. Lightly oil a 7 x 11-inch baking pan or spray with a nonstick cooking spray. * Spoon about a third of the sauce into prepared pan. Place pressed tofu on sauce and top with remaining sauce. Bake uncovered, 45 minutes.

2 16-ounce cans of heart of palm 1 pound strawberries, cut in halves 1/3 cup chopped red bell pepper 1/3 cup chopped yellow bell pepper 1 tablespoon chopped parsley 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice 1 tablespoon dijon mustard 2 tablespoons vegetable broth 1 tablespoon olive oil ground pepper to taste very small amount of salt (optional) lettuce leaves


* Drain the heart of palm, cut them into 1/2inch pieces, and put them into a large bowl. Stir in the strawberries, red pepper, yellow pepper, and chopped parsley. * In a small bowl, whisk together the lemon juice, mustard, vegetable broth, and olive oil. Drizzle the dressing over the hearts of palm mixture and toss gently. Season to taste with salt (optional) and pepper. Line a serving bowl with lettuce leaves, spoon the salad on top and serve.

Dessert Tembleque

From Puerto Ricoo Makes 8 servings

Ingredients * 1 grated coconut * Hot water * 1/2 cup of sugar * 1/2 cup of cornstarch * 1/4 teaspoon salt * 1 teaspoon vanilla extract * Ground cinnamon Directions

Add hot water to the coconut and squeeze to extract 4 cups milk. Mix cornstarch with the sugar and salt. Add the coconut milk and cook at low heat, stirring constantly. When starch grains are cooked and mixture thickens, add the vanilla. Remove from heat, pour in wet cups or dishes and let cool. Sprinkle with cinnamon (or top with fruit or chocolate syrup).

Did You know? The origin of the term dessert derives from Old French term desservir, which means “ to clean the table.� Before the development of the sugar industry in the 19th century, sweets were a financial luxury that were unattainable for the middle class. Drink Horchata

From Mexico

Makes 6 servings. Ingredients

* 1 cup long grain white rice * 2 cups skinless almonds * 1-inch piece cinnamon bark * 8 cups water * 1/2 cup sugar * 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract * Ice cubes


Wash and drain the rice. Using a spice grinder (an electric coffee grinder works well too), grind the rice until fine; combine with the almonds and cinnamon bark. Add 3 1/2 cups water and let sit overnight, covered. Blend rice mixture until smooth using a blender. Add 2 1/2 cups of water and continue blending. Add sugar and vanilla extract. Strain horchata into a bowl first using a metal strainer and then a double layer of cheesecloth; finish with up to an additional 2 cups of water until it achieves a milky consistency. Enjoy over ice. LATINTRENDS.COM


The Worst Oil Disaster in U.S. History: How You Can Help Thanks in large part to BP and the government’s inept handling of the Gulf Coast oil spill, we’re going through one of the worst ecological disasters in American history. But there are some things we can do to help. Get Informed BP’s been touting figures measuring the spill at 5,000 barrels per day— scientists who have studied video and satellite images estimate that there is actually 26,500 barrels of crude spewing in to the Gulf each day, with some saying it could be as high as 100,000 barrels. BP suggests that 11,550,000 gallons of oil (roughly equivalent to the amount of oil spilled by the Exxon Valdez) have been released from the well since the beginning of the crisis. Realistic estimations indicate that there have been at least 54,894,000 gallons spilled, or at least 5.2 Exxon Valdez spills —and there could be that much flowing into the Gulf every five days. BP has only recently released some high-resolution video from the well—and it’s footage from June 3. We must demand that all pertinent information be exposed for transparent analysis immediately. Donate There are several groups accepting donations. The folks over at The 44 JULY/AUGUST 2010

Venture Bros. cartoon show are selling off production drawings, with proceeds going to The Colbert Nation Gulf of America Fund. The Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, the Audubon Society and the National Wildlife Federation are also focusing their efforts on the ecological and environmental effects of the BP oil spill. The Louisiana Bucket Brigade, a watchdog and monitoring organization, is asking for help to continue their work in the Gulf. Images of oil soaked and dying wildlife are heartbreaking, but it’s important to keep in mind how deeply the crisis is affecting coastal communities that rely on the ocean. The Greater New Orleans Foundation and Oxfam offer support to communities who were previously sustained by the fisheries and tourism destinations now poisoned with crude. Volunteer For those who live near the Gulf, there are several volunteer groups looking for help. Networked Organisms and Habitats (NOAH) is asking for reports on where and how the spill is affecting wildlife. Locals with training can also sign up with the Oil Spill Volunteer or the Oiled Wildlife Care network and assist with beach and wildlife cleanup. The Grassroots project is taking donations for kite-camera kits volunteers can use to image various portions of the coastline. What do you plan to do? Let us know at




Love & Relationships sex, advice, alternative lifestyle, y gente picante


Love and Marriage: Then and Now

Marriage has evolved into a strange – yet wonderful – institution through the years. Here’s a look at how much it’s changed… The 1950’s


Back in the love-honor-and-obey 1950’s, spouses largely shared the same view of marriage. Most wives stayed at home; their husbands were the undisputed breadwinners -- and the fact that they controlled the purse-strings meant that they wielded most of the decision-making power in the family, too.

The 1970’s


In the 1970’s, traditional wedding ceremonies gave way to barefoot brides on windswept beaches, and the emergence of the sexual revolution proclaimed a different cultural mantra. So-called “open marriage” with its myriad sexual partners was in, staying in a relationship that needed work was decidedly not.

The 1960’s As unprecedented numbers of women moved into the work force in the 1960’s, men and women struggled to comprehend the social upheavals set in motion by the women’s movement. 46 JULY/AUGUST 2010

The 1980’s 1990’s


Through these two decades, the issues long in the shadows -- alcoholism and physical & sexual abuse -- as well as those increasingly in the headlines -- the growing use of psychotropic medications and new forms of counseling, such as group and solution-oriented, brief therapy – came into the forefront.

The 2000’s With gay marriage, baby-daddies, Facebook, and, the world of marriage has become complete and utter craziness. Who knows what the future will bring for marriage!

Facts and Figures of the Last 50 Years of Marriage • In the 1950’s, the chance that a wedding would lead to divorce was less than 20 percent. Today, it is around 50 percent! • As late as 1970, 80 percent of married women in the United States agreed that “it is much better for everyone involved if the man is the achiever outside the home and the woman takes care of the home and family.” By 1991, a mere 27 percent agreed! A similar shift occurred in men’s attitudes. • Only one-quarter of Americans today live in the traditional families described in the 1950’s. • The proportion of households headed by married couples fell from 77 percent in 1950 to 55 percent in 1993. LATINTRENDS.COM


Cristiano Ronaldo Ah, Ronaldo – whether frolicking on the beach or on the yacht, the legendary Real Madrid forward has had a bevy of beauties at his beck and call, including (most recently) Kim Kardashian. Looks like he knows how to get the goal in more ways than one!

World Cup Players

With the World Cup competition heating up, these men prove they’re players on and off the field! Dani Alves

Diego Maradona

He may be one of the most successful soccer players on the field today, but Barcelona’s attacking right back Dani Alves proves he’s one of the “few good men” by staying loyal to his wife. He even has her portrait tattooed on his arm!

Though he was certainly a player in his younger years, these days Maradona has settled down with his young & beautiful girlfriend, Veronica Ojeda.


Diego Forlan The Teutonic-looking Uruguayan – who comes from a family of soccer players, and currently plays for Atlético Madrid of La Liga – has Zaira Nara as his main squeeze, and she just might be better looking than he is!

Carlos Tevez While not what one would call “traditionally attractive,” the Argentina-born Carlos Tevez (who currently plays as a forward for Manchester City, and was endorsed by the legendary Diego Maradona) still gets his fair share of attention from the ladies. Hmm… wonder what his wife thinks about this?

Sergio Aguero Another top ranking Argentine, this Atletico Madrid striker has both a wife…and a girlfriend! Que escandalo!




Trendscopes Each month, we’ll give you a hot trend based on your sign!


June 21-July 22

You Are: Compassionate, caring, and gentle with your family, friends, and lovers. You Might Like: Godiva Ice Cream Truffles: they’re just as sweet as you are!


January 20-February 18


December 22-January 19


August 23-September 22


July 23-August 22

You Are: Always willing to lend a helping hand, an eternal “giver,” and a treasured friend. You Might Like: Prezzybox’s Heavenly Honeycomb Chocolate Pizza: with “heaven” and “chocolate” in the name, you can’t go wrong!

You Are: A trendsetter, a leader, and an adventurer. You Might Like: The Snail Shell Armchair: perfect for your CEO office, it encases you in privacy and makes a statement!

You Are: Ambitious, practical, and a superb organizer. You Might Like: The Lunar Koo: it easily converts from a baby bassinette to a rocking chair, and is perfect for tight city spaces!


February 19-March 20


September 23-October 22

You Are: Charming, peace-keeping, and a savvy businessperson. You Might Like: The PaperGs Placelocal Ad Creator: efficient and effective, this is the perfect time-saver for your busy professional schedule.


March 21-April 19

You Are: An intellectual, a humanitarian, and constantly marching to the beat of a different drummer. You Might Like: Weiden + Kennedy’s Nike 78 Aquarium Shoe: your surrealist side can’t help but ask, “Why is the purple elephant munching on green peanuts, anyway?” You Are: The saint and the sinner rolled into one - the psychotic and the visionary doing battle inside your own mind on a daily basis. You Might Like: XDress Men’s Lingerie: from split-seam thongs to transparent suits, these lingerie ensembles are both naughty and nice!

You Are: A doer, rather than a talker. You do first, ask questions later. You prefer real-life experiences to those read about in a book. You Might Like: The Soopa Scoota: aim this thing down the biggest hill, strap your legs in, and try to break the sound barrier.


October 23-November 21

You Are: Intense, wise beyond your years, and a born winner. You Might Like: W.A.R.P. Wayward Asteroid Redirection Program: the iPad’s most intense game yet!


November 22-December 21

You Are: Eternally optimistic, honest, & freedomloving. You Might Like: The Ikies Resort in Santorini, Greece: overlooking the Mediterranean, with a pool that starts outside your room & ends inside of it, this is bound to impress the fickle Sag!


April 20-May 20

You Are: A creature of comfort. You prefer stability and structure to unpredictability. You Might Like: Colleen & Eric’s Hold On Tight Bookshelf: minimalist décor meets high function to create this must-have home essential.


May 21-June 20

You Are: A multifaceted, complex soul. You are terminally curious, and even somewhat mischievous! You Might Like: The Sims 3 Video Game: in this version of the popular RPG, you can rewrite the 10 Commandments! LATINTRENDS.COM



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