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20 years of Community Media: BronxNet at Lehman College BRONXNET/BRONX FLAVOR’S BARON AMBROSIA In 1992 BronxNet began training Lehman College students and the general public in media production. These workshops took place as the BronxNet TV studios were being set up on the campus in the sub-basement of Carman Hall. 20 years later, BronxNet has trained and provided services to almost four thousand students, and thousands more of the general public. With tens of thousands of programming hours produced, and thousands of careers launched, this exemplar partnership between Lehman College and BronxNet is a nexus of college and community. BronxNet is the community media center providing public services including award winning programming and access to: technology, studios, media production training, locally generated content, local information, and the channels of the people of the Bronx. Bronx residents can take training and get certified. BronxNet-certified producers use the studios and technology for free, to produce their own programs. With close to one thousand current active independent producers, the BronxNet channels reflect the diversity of the Bronx. Lehman College faculty and students take the BronxNet training workshops and produce programs for television. BronxNet also produces programs with and about Lehman College through our Creative Services department. The workforce development training BronxNet provides for Lehman students, and programming partnerships with Lehman College contribute to important community development corollaries. These opportunities are enhanced though dynamic interaction in the state of the art Lehman College Multi Media Center.

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BronxNet is the first Public Access center in the nation to telecast on six channels with 33, 34, 35, 36, 37 and 38 on Verizon FiOS, and 67, 68, 69 and 70 on Cablevision in the Bronx. You can experience BronxNet anywhere you are in the world through the web, as channels are streamed live along with VOD at BronxNet’s first telecast took place on July 1, 1993. We can celebrate together next year, 20 years of BronxNet broadcasting from Lehman College. Your BronxNet channels are a transmedia open work and manifestation of democracy in a digital age. We look forward to building on our partnerships.

Stay Bronx Strong para Siempre, Michael Max Knobbe Executive Director BronxNet

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contents LT 07/08.2012


This summer, we celebrate the mix

pop culture with a latin twist

Juan Guillen Founder & Publisher Bernadette Giacomazzo Associate Editor Luisa Grajales Graphic Designer Hope Lawrence Administrative Assistant Javier Castano Translator



Music Fashion Reel to Real

Cover story 8 10 12

Prince Royce: The Next Level



Obama & Romney 42 Monica Gil of the Nielsen Company 43 Revitilizing the Apple 44

8 Television Trendspotting Gadgets & Gizmos Movies Theatre & Broadway On the Move

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PHOTOGRAPHERS Patsy Castillo, Scott Church, Alan Davis, Catherine Fonseca, Travis Levius, Smart Alix, Cathrine Westergaard Interns: Randall Rosario

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Fitness tips from Steel Gym Salud con los Drs. Pimentel

Love & Relationships Ask Judy

Veronica Contreras 2012 Olympics “Latino Gold Trends” La Patria de Papi Ecuador Ser Colombiano Global Spanish Latino Awards Nelson Gil


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4 July/August 2012

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Prince Royce

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WRITERS Alan Bin-Naim, Lulaine Compere, Ray M. Figueroa, Jesse Schmidt-Gomez, Ken Hunt, LeAura Luciano, Maria Luna, Shelley Mendoza, Edward Munoz, Bruno Navarro, Eddie Olmo, Jessica Ordenana, Lamont Jack Pearley, Maria Morales Prieto, Giselle Rodriguez, John Rodriguez, Gina Santi, Chia Schonberg


Publisher’s Column


La esencia de la cultura

Juan Guillen Founder and Publisher

En español


The Essence Of Culture


The U.S. is a country of opportunity -- a land of innovation & innovative people, a country with a history of turning negative into positive, a country that turns “lemons into lemonade.” Almost everyone in America came from someplace else, and that, in part has influenced U.S. innovation. To some, “immigration” is a four letter word -- for some it’s a pleasure, for others it’s not. One thing is certain: migration is what has shaped America into the great nation that it is today. The United States would not be what it is today if not for all the contributions of those that came and are coming from some place else: immigration! Like it or not, it’s a fact. The contributions from immigrants and their descendents in music, movies, government, medicine, science, business, technology and cuisine (ever ask yourself, what is the traditional American dish?) is endless. Businesses -- large, small, national, local -- it goes on and on. See our article on the current numbers on New York’s small business owners broken down by ethnicticity on page 43. Immigration is a hot topic, controversial to some and plain is ice cream for others. Politicians, including Obama and Romney are looking for ways around it, or through it, in the name of the almighty vote. Last month’s June issue we presented a special section on the history and growth of the Puerto Rican Day Parade and the Puerto Rican influence in American pop culture. In this -- our double issue -- we bring you a diversity of content that tells three stories which describe three different perspectives, experiences and regions of the world from our writers and our designer. In it they tell their stories of growing up Latino in America, family trips to Colombia, Ecuador and Dominican Republic. Join us on this cultural ride that begins on page 28. Read about the recent merger of Health Plus and Amerigroup with our exclusive interview with Bob Wychulis, CEO of Health plus Amerigroup on page 48. Telemundo’s Veronica Contreras is on her way to cover the Olympics -- go to page 26 for more. Speaking of Olympics, check our special on the what the trend in the Olympics relative the Hispanic countries winning gold on page27. A photo essay on the restaurants that offer authentic and diverse Hispanic cuisine can be found on page 34. Our cover feature on rising superstar Prince Royce offers a unique perspective on the rising superstar. Geoffrey Royce Rojas, known professionally as Prince Royce, is a Dominican American singer-songwriter and record producer from New York City, New York. At an early age, Royce took an interest in music and into his teenage years, began experimenting with music and writing poetry. By age nineteen, Royce met Andrés Hidalgo, who became his manager. Hidalgo later introduced Royce to Sergio George, who immediately signed him to his label after hearing three of his demos. In March 2010, he released his eponymous debut studio album, which generated two commercially successful singles, “Stand by Me” and “Corazón Sin Cara”. Both songs reached number-one on the Billboard Tropical Songs chart while “Corazón Sin Cara” reached number-one the US Hot Latin Songs chart. The album, itself, was a commercial success, reaching number-one on the US Billboard Latin Albums and Tropical Albums charts. The album earned Royce three awards at the Premio Lo Nuestro Awards, including Tropical Male Artist of the Year. He also received three more at the Billboard Latin Music Awards in 2011, which included Tropical Album of the Year. Read our exclusive interview with him on page 38. Although, this column is mostly about culture…Hispanic culture, specifically. I want to close and leave you with this preceding message, it’s our overall mindset and core belief for us, here at LatinTRENDS No matter where we are from. We are all brothers and sisters beneath the sun. We all want respect, love and fun. We work and live. We take and give. We lead, we follow. We lend, we borrow. What we do today, we cultivate tomorrow. LatinTRENDS…Forward Thinking 6 July/August 2012

Los Estados Unidos son una nación de oportunidades, una tierra de innovación y gente innovadora, un país con historial de volver positivo lo negativo, una nación que transforma “limones en limonada”. Toda la gente de esta nación ha venido de otras partes y eso ha influido, en parte, en la innovación de los Estados Unidos. Inmigración es para algunos una grosería… para otros es algo placentero… pero no para todos. Una cosa es cierta, inmigración es lo que ha hecho grande a esta nación y nunca sería lo que es hoy en día sin las contribuciones de los inmigrantes. Es un hecho así te guste o no. Las contribuciones de los inmigrantes y sus descendientes en música, películas, gobierno, medicina, ciencias, negocios, tecnología y cocina (alguna vez se preguntó ¿cuál es el plato tradicional de esta nación?) son interminables. Hay negocios grandes, pequeños, nacionales y locales, de toda clase. Vea nuestro artículo en la página 43 sobre el número de pequeños negocios en Nueva York y categorizados por etnicidad. Inmigración es un tema caliente, controversial para algunos y un entretenimiento para otros. Los políticos como Obama y Romney buscan la forma de escabullirse o utilizar el tema de inmigración como una forma de obtener votos. Lea nuestro artículo de las próximas elecciones en la página 42. En la última edición de junio tuvimos una sección especial dedicada a la historia y crecimiento del Día del Desfile Puertorriqueño y la influencia de Puerto Rico en la cultura pop. En esta doble edición traemos diversidad como estas tres historias desde tres perspectivas diferentes, experiencias diversas de varias regiones del mundo de nuestros escritores y de nuestro diseñador. Nos cuentan historias de haber crecido como latinos en los Estados Unidos, viajes familiares a Colombia, Ecuador y República Dominicana. Disfruta de este viaje que comienza en la página 28. Lea sobre la reciente unificación de Health Plus y Amerigroup en nuestra entrevista exclusiva con Bob Wychullis, CEO de Health Plus Amerigroup en la página 48. Verónica Contreras de Telemundo va de camino a cubrir los Juegos Olímpicos en la encuentra en la página 26. Hablando de los Olímpicos, lea sobro la participación de los latinos y las medallas de oro que han ganado en la página 27. Y tenemos un reportaje fotográfico de restaurantes en las páginas 34 que ofrecen la auténtica comida latina.


Nuestro artículo principal es de Prince Royce, una estrella en ascenso que ofrece una perspectiva única. Geoffrey Royce Rojas, conocido profesionalmente como Prince Royce, es un cantante y compositor dominicano americano y productor de música de la ciudad de Nueva York. Cuando era niño, Royce se interesó en la música y hasta sus años como adolescente estuvo experimentando con música y escribiendo poesía. A la edad de diecinueve años, Royce y Andrea Hidalgo, quien se convirtió en su manager. Hidalgo luego le presentó a Sergio George, quien inmediatamente lo contrató para su casa disquera, luego de escuchar tres de sus demos. En marzo del 2010 sacó a la luz pública su gran álbum de estudio, que generó dos sencillos exitosos, “Stand by Me” y “Corazón sin Cara”. Ambos temas fueron número uno en Canciones Tropicales Billboard, mientras que “Corazón Sin Cara” logró el puesto número uno en la lista de las canciones latinas más exitosas, US Hot Latin Songs. El álbum fue un éxito, alcanzando el primer puesto en los US Billboard Latin Album y Tropical Albums. Este álbum le otorgó a Royce tres Premios lo Nuestro, incluyendo el Artista Tropical del Año. También recibió tres más en el Premio Billboard Latin Music 2011, que incluyó el galardón Tropical Album del año. Lea nuestra entrevista exclusiva en la página 38. Aunque escribo de cultura… cultura hispana específicamente. Deseo terminar aquí con este mensaje que es nuestro sentir y en lo que creemos. No importa de donde venimos. Todos somos hermanos y hermanas bajo un mismo sol. Todos deseamos respeto, amor y alegría. LatinTRENDS… Pensamiento Progresista

The new 390,000 sq. ft. Fiterman Hall at Borough of Manhattan Community College replaces the one lost on 9/11, with new classrooms, instructional and computer labs, an art gallery and café.



Bronx Community College’s, 98,000 sq. ft. North Instructional Building and Library, provides classrooms, a library, a café, a two-story commons, study rooms and lounges.


CUNY Law School moves to 2 Court Square, an environmentally green building in Long Island City with 260,000 sq. ft. of classrooms, library, law clinic, moot court, an auditorium and offices.

ESIGNED TO INSPIRE INQUIRY AND INNOVATION, five new, state-of-the-art education hubs — part of The City University of New York’s capital program to upgrade and build facilities to meet record

enrollments and 21st-century needs — open their doors this fall. CUNY’s construction program is a job-creating economic engine for New York, responsible for nearly 20 percent of all construction in New York City. — Matthew Goldstein, Chancellor


The New Community College at CUNY, an exciting new college opens in the center of midtown Manhattan at 50 West 40th Street, overlooking Bryant Park. The first entering class will be 300 students.


Lehman College’s 69,000 sq. ft. New Science Facility, Phase I, showcases its strength in plant science teaching and research with high-tech sustainable laboratories, science learning centers and offices.

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I’m proud to be a Latin woman. Being Latina is really what got me into the music industry in the first place -- my father is a singer, & every family get-together incorporates music & dancing. I think every Latino carries some element of their musical heritage in them.”

.......................................................................................... music, fashion, movies, books, y mas

Fresh f o h reat B A : hine s n u Lea S


By: Bernadette Giacomazzo

orn to Dominican & Puerto Rican parents in the heart of Queens, NY, Lea Quezada -- better known as Lea Q. Sunshine, or just Lea -- grew up listening to G-Unit, but never dreamed she’d be the first lady of G-Note Records, 50 Cent’s pop division of his infamous G-Unit label. Still, she’d love to have one of her labelmates join her on a verse & fulfill a childhood dream. “I would love to have Lloyd Banks on a verse,” she said during a phone interview with LatinTRENDS. “Or 50 Cent. That would be dope.” This is not to say that the budding superstar -- who is also a big fan of Marc Anthony -- doesn’t hold her own on the stage, or in the recording studio. To the contrary, really -- her features on Hot Rod’s “Dance With Me” and Lil’Flip’s “Sunshine” (which is where her “Lea Q. Sunshine” moniker originated) indicate a woman who is quite sure of her craft. Sunshine credits her family -- and, indeed, her Hispanic heritage -- with her success in the music industry. “I’m very proud to be Latina,” she said. “I’m proud to be a Latin woman. Being Latina is really what got me into the music industry in the first place -- my father is a singer, & every family get-together incorporates music & dancing. I think every Latino carries some element of their musical heritage in them.”

8 July/August 2012

The lovely Latina will be playing live in Brooklyn on July 7th, and she’s excited for her one of her first live performances in the greater New York City area. “I’m not really releasing any new music anytime too soon,” she said. “So, in order to keep me fresh in people’s minds, I’m performing more, interacting with my fans more on the social media sites like Twitter, and doing covers -- like the Selena cover. Nowadays, it’s all about Internet presence, and I’m going to increase mine.” But Sunshine isn’t just about the music. Recently, Cielo Latino honored her as a Youth Ambassador for the Latino Commission on AIDS. Sunshine was honored alongside model Jessica Caban, Miss Universe Dayanara Torres, & salsa legend Jose “El Canario” Alberto. Sunshine’s role as a spokesperson for the Latino Commission on AIDS comes from a personal place. “I lost two uncles to AIDS,” she explained. “So, as far as I’m concerned, any way I can get the word out about the disease is fine by me. For lack of a better way of putting it, I’m more than happy to use my celebrity -- not that I’m a celebrity like 50 or Banks, but for whatever that I’m known for, by whomever -- but I’m more than happy to use my celebrity to promote a good cause. Any way I can connnect with a youth audience is welcome by me -- I have a real good connection with the youth.”

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At first glance, it seemed like NBC’s new musical series Smash was going to be all about Marilyn Monroe — and the ongoing drama of which lucky lady would get to play her on Broadway. But we were thrown for a loop when Ivy Lynn (Megan Hilty) nabbed the role, seemingly leaving Karen Cartwright (Katharine McPhee) in the dust. Could it really have been that simple?

Ellis may be the most hated character on NBC’s hit show “Smash,” executive produced by Stephen Spielberg...but the man behind the character, Jamie Cepero, is nothing but lovable! Jaime Cepero stars as Ellis, assistant to composer Tom Levitt (Christian Borle) on NBC’s new musical drama “Smash.” Armed with irresistible charm, boundless ambition, razor-sharp intelligence, and ruthless determination, Ellis seeks to rise to the top of the showbiz heap in “Smash” - which marks Cepero’s television debut.

Not so fast, said Jaime. On the Great White Way, anything can happen and it would be too simplistic to just dismiss Karen at this point in the game. In an exclusive interview, Jaime Cepero spills some big secrets about the fate of Karen, Ivy and Ellis, and what it’s like to spar with co-star Debra Messing (Julia). LatinTRENDS: I think a lot of people were surprised that we already found out who’s going to be play Marilyn at the end of episode two. Jaime Cepero: I think not knowing who was going to play Marilyn would have been the obvious choice as far as writing goes. If we stretched it out for six episodes, it would have gotten a little old. So I feel like it was smart of them to just go ahead and throw it at Ivy right away. But I can say that it doesn’t necessarily mean that the casting will stick for that long. [Editor’s Note: We’ve got spoilers and more details here.] LT: Karen obviously doesn’t just disappear. How is she brought back into the fold? Cepero: Well, she really nailed her callback, and I think that everybody on the team is really impressed with her. So they don’t want to just forget about her. I think they’re going to keep her involved. LT: What about Ellis? He feels like the musical was his idea, and certainly Julia (Debra Messing) has not taken that very seriously. Yeah, he definitely considers it his idea. I mean, they don’t really start writing anything until he mentions that it would be a good show. So when they start working on it, he’s like, ‘You guys are using my idea.’ He’s on top of that.

Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Cepero has starred in New York workshop productions of “The Voice Within,” “Harlem Stages” and The Concubine,” as well as the 75th anniversary National tour of “Porgy & Bess.” He has also been featured in regional theater productions of “Hair” at the Prince Music Theatre, “Jesus Christ Superstar” at the Alliance Theater Company and Richard Kramer’s “Theater District” for the Speakeasy Stage Co. Cepero has voiced commercials for American Eagle Outfitters and has also performed as a backup vocalist for several artists, including Kameko and Tituss Burgess. 10 July/August 2012

LT: What are we going to see for Ellis in the near future? You are going to see him climb the corporate ladder as far as the Broadway business is concerned. He’s definitely concerned with making sure he has a permanent spot in the creation of Marilyn. So you’ll see a lot of shifting happening within the business aspect of it, and I think you’ll see just how far he will go to make sure that everything works out the way he wants it to work out. LT: That must mean a lot more conflict between Ellis and Julia, right? Yeah, I can definitely say that. They don’t get along. I know definitely you’re going to see more as things go on.

Photos by: Luis Lockhart

Reel to Real

1. We missed this crazy face...but Charlie Sheen, seen here at the MTV Movie Awards, is BACK and better than ever! 2. What is Snooki wearing?! Jeez!

3. Sofia Vergara shows that a real classy lady matches her lipstick with her purse as she walks the streets of NYC! 4. Fergie is tres chic in Chanel & leopard print as she leaves Los Angeles International Airport!

5. Also seen at Los Angeles International Airport were Eva Mendes and her new boyfriend Ryan Gosling! 6. Carmen Electra is pretty in pink at the 23rd Annual “A Time for Heroes” celebrity picnic in the Hamptons! 7. Emily Bustamante, our favorite star of VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop, had a family night out with the kids as she hit up the screening of Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

at the AMC Lincoln Square Theater in New York. 8. At the Principales Awards in Miami, Shakira sparked rumors of a pregnancy when her pooch started showing! 9. Miguel makes a splash at the Premio Lo Nuestro awards in Miami! 10. Zoe Saldana is looking absolutely fabulous in sleek, chic black in Los Angeles!

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Es nuestra Misión. Cobertura de salud de calidad Medicaid Managed Care con Fidelis Care • Cobertura de seguro de salud para niños y adultos en el Estado de Nueva York que califiquen • Chequeos con su propio médico • Radiografías y análisis de laboratorio • Cuidado hospitalario y de emergencia • Cuidado dental y de la visión • Servicios relacionados con la audición y el habla • Servicios de salud de la conducta • Más de 49,000 proveedores de calidad Medicaid Managed Care es un programa de seguro de salud patrocinado por el Estado de Nueva York ofrecido por Fidelis Care.

Es necesario un comprobante de edad, ingresos y dirección para inscribirse. Para averiguar si usted es elegible para uno de nuestros programas de seguro de salud patrocinados por el gobierno, llame a Fidelis Care al:


1-888-FIDELIS (1-888-343-3547) (TTY: 1-800-421-1220)




Fox Ad

By: Chia Schonberg

Picture a bright Hollywood lit stage surrounded by the staring eyes of hundreds of anticipating strangers. Directly in front of you, the back of four chairs, each belonging to one of the most prominent figures in the industry you are trying desperately to break into. The goal: without the help of props, costumes or training, inspire one of these legends to turn their chair around with an offer to become your voice coach. If you’re one of the few reality enthusiasts who just caught on to the genius of one of America’s latest music competitions The Voice, featuring popular music legends Christina Aguilera, Cee-Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, then you may need to be formally introduced to its first season winner: devoted husband and father of two, Javier Colon. “I was running out of shows and didn’t have the means to take care of my family if I didn’t do something quick,” he says of his decision to try out. “Experiences like that can either make or break you. There’s a lot of pressure in situations where you have to perform for your life. But I felt comfortable knowing that if its meant to be it will be and I will leave it in God’s hands.” Now, the end of season two marks a year later in his career, which he can only describe as life changing. “It’s been an amazing ride filled with a lot of challenges and of great opportunities,” he said. Opportunities like touring with his voice coach’s band, Maroon 5 and performing with one of his idols, Stevie Wonder. Among his challenges, however, was pressure from all sides to succeed after the show was over. “You have to keep a level head about you. Before The Voice I knew it was going to take hard work and even after The Voice I knew it was still going to take hard work.” But to Javier, the hardest part is the time spent away from his family. He hopes to make time to immerse his children in the Spanish culture, making jokes about attempting to acclimate his oldest daughter to the taste of Malta. With his mother being from Salinas, Puerto Rico and his father from Santo Domingo, Javier explains the strong influence each culture had in his home. “There was a lot of culture in my upbringing. It was in the music we listened to, the food that we ate and just in our every day experiences,” he said. “What I admire the most about our culture is the love that we show for each other. We are a very proud people and I love that. Everyone knows if you have Latino fans by your side, they will be there until the day you die” For years Javier has been attempting to release a Spanish album, with dreams to work with one of his inspirations, Jose Feliciano, but that project seemed to always fall through the cracks. But on this, the eve of the Puerto Rican Day Parade, Javier seems sure that its one of his next projects to look out for.

Photos by: Jose Alfonseca

Car Comfort for Expecting Moms! The Owie Pillow is an out-of-the-box product that helps redistribute the pressure of a seatbelt on the stomach, effectively relieving stress and pain on the area. While the Owie Pillow is a life-saver for moms, it also helps those who are recovering from surgeries, suffering from other abdominal problems, or travelers who just want a little added comfort on the road. Simply place the soft pillow under the lap portion of the seat belt and secure it with the built in velcro loops. It makes long road trips, short outings to the store, and even plane rides comfortable and fun again. The Owie Pillow comes with a removable cover that easily slips off the pillow and can be thrown into the washer. Choose from silver, pink, or black covers, all of which come with chic, sparkling sequins built into the fabric for a feminine and flirty touch.

Cadillac XTS Safety Seat Industry-first directional seat vibrations alert drivers to crash threat

Social Media Smartphone Concepts

Colorful Fashion Statements! TM

Pavon, by lovely Latinas Luz & with Victoria pop culture a latinPavon, twist has been seen on everyone from Amber Rose to the late Amy Winehouse, & has been featured everywhere from Rolling Stone to Glamour Magazine. Their amazinng use of color & fabric combine to give the wearer a unique, bold look that you can’t find anywhere else!

Recently ushered into the smartphone market is the Facebook phone. Albeit the mixed reviews, the Facebook phone has entered the market and joined its previous predecessors in the world of cell phones. In the beginning, Facebook was once a site dedicated only to college and university students and now it’s the world’s largest social media networking site.

Eerie Space Creature Bookends

Kitchen Fashion for a Good Cause!

The Monstre Shoe This isn’t a WTF? Trend because we don’t like it. Rather, we think these shoes are REALLY cool! But you’d have to be Nicki Minaj to have the guts to wear these. In any regard, The Monstre Shoe is nothing if not unique. Presented by the Pink Sugar Shoes Club in Baltimore, The Monstre Shoe is releasing their fall line this month, after receiving success on the runway (including a runway show with Jimmy Holloway) and in print (Yo Soy Urbano!).

Cool Drinks without Water Dilution! Sipping Stones are an “aha!” product that are as simple as they are elegant. Sipping Stones slightly cool the drink and maintains optimum drinking temperature for about thirty minutes without the progressive dilution of flavor and loss of proof from melting ice. Made from 100 percent pure soapstone, these finely crafted stone cubes preserve the quality and taste of any connoisseur’s treasured scotch, tequila, bourbon, vodka or any spirit.

LEGO artist and Sci-Fi aficionado Shannon Ocean created a LEGO Alien book stand in anticipation of the upcoming film Prometheus. Ocean originally wanted to create a model that had the face of the Space Jockey (a character present in both Prometheus and Alien) for one half and the Alien for the other. This endeavor did not pan out as hoped so Shannon settled for having two alien faces instead. The model is eerily accurate and displays two characteristics that fans of the Alien saga will notice. First is the iconic mouth-tongue that makes the Alien such a deadly foe, and second is the use of transparent LEGO pieces to create the impression of drooling. The LEGO Alien book stand would be an excellent way to keep one’s favorite science fiction novels neatly in place.

Vintage inspired hostess kitchen and cooking apron created to flatter every woman’s figure. A modern, high fashion flair with a classic retro twist, these flirty aprons make a perfect gift as well as the perfect fashion accessory to add to your own assortment of favorite things! Gone are the days of taking off your old unfashionable apron when guests arrive, go ahead, tie one on! Large coverage to protect clothing, roomy pockets to hold kitchen tools and accessories, long lasting, constructed of high quality materials, 100% cotton.

Blinged-Out & Bark-alicious! Sharing the house with pets is a barking good time, yet it can leave much to be desired when it comes to creating a stylish home. Krisybelle Pet Products has banished the bland, big-box store pet beds to the back porch, and invites their clients to tailor their pets’ beds to their complete specifications. Their custom pet beds are an innovative way to dress up a room, match decor styles, and jazz up bedtime. Customers simply send Krisybelle their fabric, and they’ll take it from there to create something beautiful. For those without a fabric choice on hand, Krisybelle will search out the perfect material to meet their customer’s desires. Choose from adorable pouf beds and high sided options that will keep Fido or Fifi comfy and cozy all winter long. Best of all, their beds are machine washable so owners can keep fur and dirt at bay.

Untitled-1 1

Pliable Patterned Purses The Falconwright Summer 2012 Collection is popping with electrifying colors and bursting with geometric forms. These cutesy clutches are a darling way to accessory your stunning collection of sundresses and full-circle skirts. These colorful clutches will have fashionistas everywhere ready for summer weddings, patio soirees or family gatherings.

5/23/2012 2:32:17 PM

Mission: To inform, entertain and inspire the forward thinking 16 July/August 2012

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