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20 years of Community Media: BronxNet at Lehman College

In 1992 BronxNet began training Lehman College students and the general public in media production. These workshops took place as the BronxNet TV studios were being set up on the campus in the sub-basement of Carman Hall. 20 years later, BronxNet has trained and provided services to almost four thousand students, and thousands more of the general public. With tens of thousands of programming hours produced, and thousands of careers launched, this exemplar partnership between Lehman College and BronxNet is a nexus of college and community. BronxNet is the community media center providing public services including award winning programming and access to: technology, studios, media production training, locally generated content, local information, and the channels of the people of the Bronx. Bronx residents can take training and get certified. BronxNet-certified producers use the studios and technology for free, to produce their own programs. With close to one thousand current active independent producers, the BronxNet channels reflect the diversity of the Bronx. Lehman College faculty and students take the BronxNet training workshops and produce programs for television. BronxNet also produces programs with and about Lehman College through our Creative Services department. The workforce development training BronxNet provides for Lehman students, and programming partnerships with Lehman College contribute to important community development corollaries. These opportunities are enhanced though dynamic interaction in the state of the art Lehman College Multi Media Center.

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BronxNet is the first Public Access center in the nation to telecast on six channels with 33, 34, 35, 36, 37 and 38 on Verizon FiOS, and 67, 68, 69 and 70 on Cablevision in the Bronx. You can experience BronxNet anywhere you are in the world through the web, as channels are streamed live along with VOD at BronxNet’s first telecast took place on July 1, 1993. We can celebrate together next year, 20 years of BronxNet broadcasting from Lehman College. Your BronxNet channels are a transmedia open work and manifestation of democracy in a digital age. We look forward to building on our partnerships.

Stay Bronx Strong para Siempre, Michael Max Knobbe Executive Director BronxNet

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pop culture with a latin twist

Juan Guillen Founder & Publisher Bernadette Giacomazzo Associate Editor Luisa Grajales Graphic Designer Hope Lawrence Administrative Assistant Javier Castano Translator


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Cover story Juanes



Introducing... Ponce!



WRITERS Alan Bin-Naim, Lulaine Compere, Ray M. Figueroa, Jesse Schmidt-Gomez, Autumn Kelly, Andrea Krepelka, Ken Hunt, LeAura Luciano, Maria Luna, Edward Munoz, Bruno Navarro, Eddie Olmo, Jessica Ordenana, Lamont Jack Pearley, Maria Morales Prieto, Giselle Rodriguez, Lapacazo Sandoval, Gina Santi, Chia Schonberg PHOTOGRAPHERS Patsy Castillo, Scott Church, Alan Davis, Catherine Fonseca, Travis Levius, Smart Alix, Cathrine Westergaard Interns: Randall Rosario

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4 June 2012


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Juan Guillen

En español

Founder and Publisher



The Puerto Rican Day Parade is one of the largest parades in the country, and certainly one of the largest in the world. For us as Hispanics, however, the Puerto Rican Day Parade means not just Puerto Rican Pride, but Hispanic Pride. The Parade is the symbolic representation of all that we have overcome -- and all that we have left to do. As a Latino of Dominican descent, I applaud, recognize and share the accomplishments and contributions of Puertoriquenos to the fabric of American culture. It must also be recognized that Puerto Ricans paved the way for many of us that have come here from other places, because they were the first Latinos to establish Hispanic neighborhoods in New York and other parts of the East Coast (at a time when there were none). Because of that, they faced many, many challenges… but the good thing is, challenges makes us better and stronger as humans. Gracias, mis hermanos y hermanas de Borinquen! Yes, we have achieved a lot. But to whom much is given, much is expected. And for this, we dedicate this issue to the Puerto Rican Day parade...and to all the people who help make our culture great! First, I cannot stress how important it is to check out our special section dedicated to the Puerto Rican Day parade! First, we discuss the history of the parade -- then, we discuss the contributions of Puerto Rican Americans to the pop culture landscape -- followed by an exegesis on the importance of education in the Hispanic culture (which is also the theme of the Puerto Rican Day parade). Then, check out our interview with Jimmy Kimmel’s own Guillermo -- this fluffy sidekick has been a “doggie daddy” for years, but he recently became a father to a human baby, too! Check out our exclusive interview with him on page 11. In the spirit of Father’s Day, and overall Latino family values -- including beisbol -- we did

6 June 2012

a story on a thirty year tradition that a local media professional has: going to the opening day at Shea Stadium (sorry, Yankees fans!) with his brother and father. But even Yankees fans will enjoy this article because it touches on the beauty of overall family values, father & son relationships, being Latino, and the diversity of our multi-ethnic communities. Flip to page 20 for more. A high school with a health clinic and a reception area, complete with full time doctors? And in the Bronx? Que? Go to page 46 for more! Our cover story is a man that needs no introduction. Juan Esteban Aristizábal Vásquez, better known as Juanes, is a Colombian musician who was a member of heavy metal band Ekhymosis and is now a solo artist of international acclaim. In 2000, his solo debut album with Joel Rios Romero (Fíjate Bien) won three Latin Grammy Awards. According to his record label, Juanes has sold more than 15 million albums worldwide. He has won 17 Latin Grammy Awards and one Grammy Award. Juanes received the BMI President’s Award at the 2010 BMI Latin Awards. Juanes is also known for his humanitarian work, and he recently spent time in the Big Apple to promote the GRAMMY in the Schools program at the Celia Cruz High School for Performing Arts, within Lehman College in the Bronx. Go to page 21 to learn more, and check out our oneon-one with Juanes on page 22. One artist, two writers… double the fun! Perhaps the most inspiring thing about being Latino, though, is the ability to be at the forefront of revolution. H. Rap Brown has said, “in terms of the revolution, I believe that the revolution will be a revolution of dispossessed people in this country: that’s the Mexican American, the Puerto Rican American, the American Indian, and black people.” We as a culture may be dispossessed, but we are rich in mind and culture. And this, then, is the greatest achievement of all. Oye mi canto!

El Día del Desfile Puertorriqueño es de los más grandes del país y con certeza de los más extensos del mundo. Para nosotros los hispanos, sin embargo, este Desfile Puertorriqueño no solo es sobre el orgullo boricua, sino el orgullo hispano. El desfile es una representación simbólica de todo lo que hemos conquistado y de todo lo que hemos dejado de hacer. Como dominicano aplaudo, reconozco y comparto las contribuciones de los puertorriqueños a la cultura americana. También debemos tener en cuenta que los puertorriqueños pavimentaron la vía para muchos de nosotros que llegamos de otros lugares, porque fueron los primeros en crear vecindario latinos en Nueva York y otras partes de la costa Este cuando no había nada. Debido a esto enfrentan muchos desafíos, pero hay algo bueno porque los desafíos nos hacen mejores y más fuertes. Gracias a ustedes mis hermanos y hermanas boricuas. Si, hemos logrado bastante. Pero aquellos que hemos recibido, también debemos entregar. Y por esto decidimos hacer esta edición especial sobre el Desfile Puertorriqueño… y dedicada a todos los padres que han impulsado nuestra cultura. Primero, no hallo más razones para motivarlos a que observen nuestra sección especial dedicada al Desfile Puertorriqueño. Nos referimos a la historia de este desfile, luego discutimos la contribución de los puertorriqueños a la cultura popular, seguido de un análisis de la importancia de la educación en la cultura hispana (que es el tema del Desfile Puertorriqueño de este año). Luego lea nuestra entrevista con Guillermo del programa de Jimmy Kimmel. Este personaje ha sido como un padre durante muchos años, pero ahora se ha convertido en un padre real. Lea nuestra entrevista exclusiva con Guillermo en la página 11. En el espíritu del Día del Padre y los valores familiares, incluyendo el béisbol, tenemos la historia de una tradición de treinta años de un profesional de los medios de comunicación que ha ido a la apertura del Shea Stadium (que disculpen los fanáticos de los Yankees) con su padre y hermano, pero inclusive los seguidores de los Yankees disfrutan de este artículo porque se refiere a la belleza de los valores familiares, la relación padre e hijo, ser latino y la diversidad de nuestra comunidad multiétnica. Vaya a la página 20.


The new 390,000 sq. ft. Fiterman Hall at Borough of Manhattan Community College replaces the one lost on 9/11, with new classrooms, instructional and computer labs, an art gallery and café.

¿Una escuela secundaria con clínica de salud y área de recepción, además de doctores de tiempo completo y en El Bronx? Visite la página 46 para que se entere.


Nuestra historia de portada es sobre un hombre que no necesita introducción. Juan Esteban Aristizábal Vásquez, más conocido como Juanes, un músico colombiano que era miembro de la banda Ekhymosis y ahora es un solista aclamado a nivel mundial. En el 2000, cuando debutó con su álbum Fíjate Bien, con Joel Ríos Romero, ganó tres Latin Grammy Awards. De acuerdo a su primera casa disquera, Juanes vendió más de 15 millones de álbumes en el mundo. Ha ganado diecisiete Latin Grammy Awards y un Grammy Award. Juanes recibió de BMI el Premio Presidente en el 2010. También es conocido por su trabajo humanitario y hace poco invirtió tiempo en la Gran Manzana para promover el Programa Escolar GRAMMY en la Escuela de Artes Escénicas Celia Cruz del Lehman College en el Bronx. Visite la página 20 para leer la historia y la página 21 para la charla uno a uno con este artista. Dos escritores para disfrutar el doble. Quizás lo más inspirador por ser boricua es la posibilidad de estar al frente de la revolución. H. Rap Bronw ha dicho que “en términos de revolución, creo que la revolución la darán aquellos que no poseen nada en esta nación: los mexicanos, puertorriqueños, los indios y los negros”. Como cultura quizás no poseemos, pero somos ricos de mente y cultura. Y este es el logro más grande de todos. ¡Oye mi canto!


Bronx Community College’s, 98,000 sq. ft. North Instructional Building and Library, provides classrooms, a library, a café, a two-story commons, study rooms and lounges.


CUNY Law School moves to 2 Court Square, an environmentally green building in Long Island City with 260,000 sq. ft. of classrooms, library, law clinic, moot court, an auditorium and offices.

ESIGNED TO INSPIRE INQUIRY AND INNOVATION, five new, state-of-the-art education hubs — part of The City University of New York’s capital program to upgrade and build facilities to meet record

enrollments and 21st-century needs — open their doors this fall. CUNY’s construction program is a job-creating economic engine for New York, responsible for nearly 20 percent of all construction in New York City. — Matthew Goldstein, Chancellor


The New Community College at CUNY, an exciting new college opens in the center of midtown Manhattan at 50 West 40th Street, overlooking Bryant Park. The first entering class will be 300 students.


Lehman College’s 69,000 sq. ft. New Science Facility, Phase I, showcases its strength in plant science teaching and research with high-tech sustainable laboratories, science learning centers and offices.

Visit for more info.


To be honest with you, I don’t see it as something like, ‘Oh my God, it’s so hard to be a Latina [DJ] in the music industry,’” Stylez, who was born and raised in Los Angeles, said. “I think it’s a matter of choice: what you want to do, you know? This is what I wanted to do.

.......................................................................................... music, fashion, movies, books, y mas



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By: Ray Monell ot 97 FM and Sirius XM radio DJ Laura Stylez is used to conducting interviews, having played host to musical luminaries such as Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. But on a brutally cold and windy January day, she got a taste of her own medicine at the 2012 Hennessy Latino DJ Collective photo shoot in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, where LatinTRENDS briefly chatted with the voluptuous brunette. As the only female in the shoot—executed masterfully by photographer Peter Yang—Stylez, who’s been on the airwaves for seven years, clearly stood out, symbolizing the fact that she’s in a profession overwhelmingly dominated by men. It’s a parallel she conspicuously embraces. “To be honest with you, I don’t see it as something like, ‘Oh my God, it’s so hard to be a Latina [DJ] in the music industry,’” Stylez, who was born and raised in Los Angeles, said. “I think it’s a matter of choice, what you want to do, you know? This is what I wanted to do. Stylez, as countless others, was drawn to the Big Apple—where she’s been living for 14 years—because of her professional ambitions. “I went to school in Los Angeles and I decided that I wanted to do radio, and I was like, ‘If I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it in the No. 1 market,’” she said. “So ... I came here with a goal, and that’s what I’m doing. I started out working for Clear Channel doing hip hop and R&B for that station. And then I made an official move to Univision, like five or six [years ago]. 8 June 2012

I worked for like 105.9 [FM]; I did midday for them for a couple of years. “I do Spanish radio for Sirius XM also; I have an afternoon drive [show] from 12-to-6 p.m., Monday through Friday and also Sundays,” added Stylez, whose parents hail from Guatemala and Belize. “I just wanted to do something different, I wanted to do more commercial radio. So I figured, ‘You know what? I’m gonna do something and just be happy and maybe just find a good balance.’ So then I’ll do hip hop on FM here in New York, and I’ll do Latin [music] nationwide on Sirius XM. It was pretty much like I’m blessed to have great connections and a good, nice little resume, so I just made the call [to Hot 97], said, ‘Listen, I’m interested in the job,’ and they said, ‘Yes.’ Next thing you know, I was hired.” Stylez is honored to form part of Hennessy’s Latino DJ Collective, a campaign which targets the Hispanic demographic through assorted DJs based in relevant markets. “I think it pretty much entails of like the reach, how well you’re known in your community and your area, the type of events you’re already doing, how recognized you are,” she said. “So it’s a pleasure; I’ve been working with them, it’s my second year, and it’s been really, really fun. It’s an amazing brand, the people are great to work with, and it’s actually a product that I enjoy. It’s something that I have a great time representing.”

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Television ............................................................. Jimmy Kimmel’s Fluffy Sidekick Speaks on His Famous Boss, His Precious Pups, & Being a Father! By: Lapacazo Sandoval is last name is Rodriguez but most of the world knows him simply as Guillermo, the sidekick of late night’s ruling prince, Jimmy Kimmel of the selftitled – JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE! It’s difficult to understand how a mild mannered, happy-go-lucky security guard from Zacatecas, Mexico, became such a lovable iconic figure so quickly. The franchise and Guillermo are more than simply a hit; they are part of pop culture’s funky fabric and well on their way to becoming television legends. This funny man captures lightning in a bottle five nights a week, and attributes his success to “just being himself. Just, being Guillermo.” I caught up with him, a few days before his beloved pups, Paco and Pepe, were preparing to enjoy the perks of being Hollywood canine royalty. It was Pepe’s birthday (May 4th) and both furry family members were preparing to chow down on a special birthday cake. Pepe is not the only Taurus in his life; that vital astrological sign is also shared with his grandmother and his wife, the mother of his son!

Reel to Real 1. J-Lo laughing as she makes the announcement that she won’t be returning to American Idol! (Or will she?) 2. Freddie Prinze Jr. took his (very pregnant!) wife Sarah Michelle Gellar, and their daughter Charlotte, to the Los Angeles Zoo recently. 3. Polito Vega ( La Mega), Pablo Salas (SBS ) & Wife @ Copa NY 4. The paparazzi caught Eva Mendes with her new boyfriend, Ryan Gosling, in

the East Village in NYC!

with Basketball Wives: LA star Draya!

5. Sofia Vergara, seen here at the Met Gala, recently broke up with her boyfriend of two (2) years!

8. Christina Milian goes shopping with her sister at Fred Segal in West Hollywood.

6. Terrence J & Rocsi are leaving 106 & Park! They’re going on to movie careers.

9. Salma Hayek & her magnificent chichis attend a screening of “Madagascar 3” in Paris, France!

7. Video vixen Rosa Acosta, who recently announced her retirement, celebrated her birthday at The Roxbury in Los Angeles

How do I begin to explain exactly, what makes Guillermo so very-very-very special? All the quips aside, sharing my conversation with him might give a slight clue. Here is what I learned about, and from TV’s funniest straight man! The first question is the most obvious: What makes you special? “Me?” Guillermo responded with genuine surprise, accompanied by a deep, slightly throaty and absolutely goofy laugh; one which had the power to plant a huge smile on my face and keep it there: “Well, I am just myself...just me. And I enjoy my work. It’s fun to come to work, you know. And the producers, they feed me very good. Very nice food. So that’s true, I love to eat and they keep feeding me. So now, I am getting even chunkier!”

10. Zoe Saldana, looking flustered, leaving the Soho Hotel in NYC.

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I must confess. The smile on my face while interviewing him, by phone no less, stayed with me for the remainder of the day. His advice is peppered with humor and is very simple. However, on closer inspection his words are sage wise and dead on accurate. Here is more of Guillermo’s insight. There are many qualities that Kimmel and Guillermo share; one is a serious turn at hard work and a respect for family values. “Jimmy, he is always working so hard. And he is a loyal family man.” Guillermo disclosed with a sense of pride. “ He told me similar things that I learned from my grandmother. Like, it’s important to be nice to people.” He pauses to clear his throat and returns, enthusiastically, to his point. “Loyalty. It’s important for a person to keep his word. Jimmy teaches me about

loyalty every day. He is a good friend.” Understood. My curious mind wanted to know what he has taught Jimmy? So I ask. Guillermo laughs, searching for an answer, “Well... (clearly his favorite word)...I don’t know.... maybe how to pick really good Mexican food?! The producers here feed me well - oh, I said that before. I love food!” Moving away from the food track, I wanted to know his creative ideas and how he would influence television programming. So I asked Guillermo; If you were in charge of television programming, what show would you create and why? A rippling burst of laughter, and rapid speech, might be the first hint to the possible building of a television dynasty. He shares: “It has to be a funny show about kids and for kids! They are funny you know? They say anything and like ‘it’s funny’ – so – a really hidden camera show with regular people and kids asking the questions. Yup. Funny Kids in charge and me, too. That would work, I think! People love to laugh.” LatinTrends got it. Laughter and kids is the key to a winning hand. Now, on to exploring how he truly feels, as a proud Latino working in late night television. More to the point, what advice would he give to those who might want a career much like his own? “That’s easy,” he responded, “go find a job as a security person for a television show and then just be yourself. It worked for me. It could work for you, too!” Duly noted. Now to his favorite subject, food and where to find his favorite cuisine, (Mexican) in a town called Los Angeles (The City of Angels). “I love Casa Vega. They make the best enchiladas and the Margarita’s – ohhhhhh, they are great. They are really great.” On a roll and fueled by food talk, I delve into his life in Hollywood and what it’s like, working with movie stars and rock royalty. Poised for the inside dish, I have my pen ready. “It’s fun. It’s great. I meet a lot of famous people. Some, I do not know but they all seem to know me. That’s good.” Of course they know him. He is Guillermo. Now, to the really tough questions on how he deals with international stardom. Where did he get sound advice on staying humble? “Hey, that’s an easy one too. The best advice came from Jimmy’s Uncle, Francis, who passed away. He was a good guy. I used to drive him home (a lot) and he gave

me so much good advice. He’s like Jimmy. Loyal. He said, be yourself. So, I am.” On to sports and his love of soccer. “Ohhhh, I don’t play but I love to watch,” he continues. “ I love it! I love Real Madrid. Ohhhhh, that’s a good team. Oh, then, ok, from England it’s Manchester United. They can play. Aaaaah, from Mexico, America. Italy, it’s the team from Milan and Brazil is something all together. I love Pele, of course, yes but I love watching Brazil. See, even when they lose, they are happy. They are happy just playing the game. Brazil makes me happy, too! Last year, Guillermo and his wife became the proud parents of their first son. They shared the responsibility of choosing the name. She chose Benjamin to honor a family member, and he chose Frances to honor Jimmy Kimmel’s uncle. Benjamin Frances will be celebrating his first birthday soon, and the rich lessons of parenting is something the new papa Guillermo is eager to discuss and share. These pearls of wisdom were taught by his beloved grandmother (born on April 21st ) and practiced on his wife, also a Taurus. That makes three bulls in his life that add (the) stubborn spice. “My grandmother taught me to value the role of the woman, especially the mother,” he shares. “She would tell me, all the time, ‘when you get married, you still have to come home to help with the children and show her love, too.’ I know how hard my wife works. She works harder than me! I come home late to take care of our son and let her sleep. I tweet, too. It’s imguillermo – so people can keep me company.” When asked what three things he loves best about fatherhood and what surprised him the most, he replied with a serious tone that announced, without fanfare, the most obvious and beautiful, that Guillermo is a father.


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Splattered Sci-Fi Blinged-Out & Bark-alicious! Silhouettes Sharing Arian Noveir the house is renowned with pets foris his a splattered barking good silhouette time, yet style it can of depicting leave much subjects, to be desired and in when it comesseries, to creating a stylish home. Krisybelle Pet characters Products has banished the this particular he’s interpreted infamous Star Wars using his distinct bland, big-box store pet bedsthe to series the back porch, and of invites clientshas to tailor their talents. Arian Noveir created in celebration May their 4th, which become a pets’ beds to their complete pet beds innovative day people around the world specifications. have dedicatedTheir to allcustom things Star Wars.are He an crafted these way to dress upusing a room, match decor styles, and jazz bedtime. simply images digitally a number of ink blot brushes and up possibly the Customers pen tool in Photosend Krisybelle their fabric, and they’ll take it from there to create something beautiful. shop in order to get an accurate silhouette of each character. For those without a fabric choice on hand, Krisybelle will search out the perfect material to meet their customer’s desires. Choose from adorable pouf beds and high sided options that will keep Fido or Fifi comfy and cozy all winter long. Best of all, their beds are machine washable so owners can keep fur and dirt at bay.

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Beauty on a budget just got more fabulous as salon-inspired hair care line, Twisted ¬¬Sista, launches their latest collection, featuring LEGO artist and Sci-Fi aficionado Shannon Ocean created a LEGO three brand new products! Available Spring 2012 at Target, Alien book stand in anticipation of the upcoming film Prometheus. Walgreens, Duane Reade and Wal-mart stores nationwide, the Ocean originally wanted to create a model that had the face of the latest collection is formulated with high-performance ingredients Space Jockey (a character present in both Prometheus and Alien) at affordable prices easily accessible for women with all hair for one half and the Alien for the other. This endeavor did not pan types and textures. Free from sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and out as hoped so Shannon settled for having two alien faces instead. mineral oils, the new formulation includes powerful ingredients, The model is eerily accurate and displays two characteristics that such as Argan Oil to soften and moisturize hair, Green Tea Extract fans of the Alien saga will notice. First is the iconic mouth-tongue to protect hair from UV damage, and Lychee Extract to reduce that makes the Alien such a deadly foe, and second is the use of color fading, keeping hair shiny and vibrant. The latest formulation transparent LEGO pieces to create the impression of drooling. The proves to effectively meet the needs of all hair types and textures, LEGO Alien book stand would be an excellent way to keep one’s wavy, kinky or straight, voluminous or limp. favorite science fiction novels neatly in place.

Beach Baby Bingo! John Frieda Styling Tools by Conair has a variety of tools to create the beach-wave look everyone strives to achieve! Pliable Patterned Purses John Frieda® Haircare Experts Full Volume Dryer ($49.99): This durable, lightweight dryer features 1875 watts of power, The Falconwright Summer Collection with three heat and two speed 2012 settings as wellisaspopping two snapelectrifying colors and bursting with geometric forms. These on concentrators for custom targeted airflow. Made with cutesy clutches are a darlingand wayTitanium to accessory your Coating, stunning Advanced Ionic Technology Ceramic collection of sundresses and full-circle skirts. colorful the Full Volume Dryer defends hair from heatThese damage and clutcheshair willwith havevolume fashionistas everywhere for summer infuses bounce and shine ready as it dries. weddings, patio soirees or family gatherings.

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