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Como están mi gente!?


I am hopeful that your year is going great so far…. I keep hearing about those tough times that are going on around us, negative vibes, yuck! I am not going to acknowledge them, after all –we are responsible for our own tomorrow’s right?

Sure we can’t ignore those negative vibes because they truly do affect our lives, probably on a daily basis but I would like to encourage you to keep your heart and mind focused on the positive, find the positive in your life no matter how small you think it seems, and say thank you for it….! I can almost guarantee (lol disclaimer!) that it will grow and soon, you will have more and more to say thank you to God for! I know that times are tough…and I know that the opportunities might be fewer and further between, but opportunities will come your way, and in the meanwhile –get Creative, that’s my word for the year: ”Creative”, look for ways to make your own opportunities happen, instead of just sitting around wishing for them.

What’s Going On? LOTS!

The Premier of Final Fridays, Friday May 29th, 2009 at The Venue @ 2675 Ulmerton Rd, St. Petersburg! Due to the high demand of requests that we have received throughout the last couple of years, we decided to create this new event. Many of you may recall that Latin Times had the pleasure of hosting networking socials in downtown St. Petersburg, several years ago. We are FINALLY back: the “Final” Friday’s, Latin ConneXions Business Networking Social is kicking off for Pinellas County professionals. All of Tampa Bay’s Business Community is invited to attend the KICK-OFF of “FINAL” Friday’s @ The fabulous Venue. These “Latino-Style” networking events are among the biggest, most exciting business networking socials in Tampa Bay and now they are available to the Pinellas County Business Community!! Other “Final” Friday Dates: Friday, June 26th & Friday, July 31st, 2009 @ The Venue! Our 2nd Quarter, Ladies Tea and Spa Party, Sunday, June 14th, 2009 @ The Empress Tea Room, Tampa, FL Ladies: This exciting event is limited to just 50 local professional women! The event will be taking place at a charming Victorian Room, where you will be awed by the formal setting and beauty of the room. Feel spoiled, as you are served with Crystal, Linens and Bone China. Talk and get to know other elite local business women in an atmosphere designed to make you unwind and relax. Develop new friendships or business relationships. Afterward, we will stroll through the connecting gate into the Secret Garden to enjoy wine tasting, Champaign toasts, Chocolate Fountain with Strawberries and other delicious fruits, while you enjoy our Spa Services! Each Guest will receive 2 Free Mini-Spa Services! Garden Spa Menu of Services include Message Therapists, Manicures, Facials, Hair-do’s, Make-Up, Eye Lash Extensions and MORE! Event to be held at the Empress Tea Room, located at 6810 E Fowler Ave, in Tampa. The Countdown to Census Day: April 1st, 2010 • The census is a count of everyone living in the United States that takes place every 10 years. • The census is mandated by the U.S. Constitution. • The next census is in 2010. • Your participation in the census is required by law. • It takes less than 10 minutes to complete. • Federal law protects the personal information you share during the census. • Census data is used to distribute Congressional seats to states, to make decisions about what community services to provide, and to distribute $300 billion in federal funds to local, state and tribal governments each year. In closing, I would like to request that you take a moment to read my feature article about the foreclosure crisis going on in America, which can be found on pages 19-21. The subject of helping Hispanic families in foreclosure trouble has become a big passion for me, and I am asking for the support of each and everyone one of our readers, this is the fight to save el “Sueño Americano”, and I would like to introduce you to the Hispanic Foreclosure Alliance, a new non-profit organization that I created along with my partner, Mr. Gilbert B. Swarts. Thank you to God and to my familia! See you at the next Latin ConneXions! Sigue Pa’lante, que pa’lante es que vamos!

Jolie R. Gonzalez

American Heroes Protected from Foreclosure A Wounded Warrior and Parents rmy Sergeant Joel Tavera, 22, and his parents A Maritza and Jose Tavera, will have their mortgage and car paid for an entire year by MSGI Corporation. In

March of 2008, just 2 days before returning to the states for some R&R, Joel was inside a military base when he was injured by a mortar attack. He suffered burns to over 60% of his body, lost vision to both eyes, lost his right leg, lost 4 fingers on his left hand, and head trauma. His parents have been told that he is the 2nd most injured Army soldier since the beginning of the Iraq War. This brave soldier and communications specialist has made it clear to his mother and father expressing that he does not want them to loose their home because of him. Furthermore, this is the home were he grew up in and he does not want them to sell the house either. Sgt. Tavera wants to return “home” when he released from the VA Hospital. Background Information: The Tavera’s uprooted themselves from their hometown of Cherry Point, North Carolina and have temporarily resided in Tampa in order to support and care for their child during therapy at the James A. Haley VA Hospital. As a result, both parents have not been able to hold a permanent job therefore unable to pay for their home or car. Joel is expected to remain in Tampa for another 10-12 months; however assistance from the US Military Health Systems and non-profits recently expired. Unfortunately most organizations have a charter which dictates the amount of direct financial help can be provided to each Wounded Warrior and their immediate family. In addition he is at a disadvantage because Joel is single and unmarried and many organizations are not prone to give assistance to parents. MSGI’s Decision: After becoming aware of their extraordinary situation and Joel’s request to his parents, the owner of MSGI Corporation, Retired Lt. Colonel Angel “Hank” Cintrón, was promoted to act. He states, “I believe that this is the least we can do as citizens of the United States, as a Corporation that has grown large in part because of the on going global war on terror, as the son of a veteran and a retired military member myself, as a father and grandfather. I do this also because of Mrs. Taveras. She has stood valiantly by her son with compassion and sometimes anger but, always with faith in the Lord and the love that only a mother can have for her child. She has been his ‘Angel’. She has stayed by Joel’s son every day and every night. She feeds him, bathes him, and changes his bandages. She is an ‘American Hero’ as well.” Inspired by the Tavera family, Mr. Cintron is in the process of formulating a non-profit called “Angel’s Latino Wounded Warriors & Family Foundation” that will assist Hispanic families like the Taveras. About MSGI Corporation Founded in 2000, MSGI is a veteran, Hispanic owned Small Business with its corporate headquarters in Tampa, FL and operations in San Antonio, Texas, metro Washington DC, Wisconsin, California, Georgia, Germany, Afghanistan, Kuwait and Iraq. MSGI provides a broad range of services to include Information Technology and Humanitarian Assistance to the Department of Defense, Homeland Security, other federal and state government agencies, and commercial clients. MSGI was established as one of the top Minority Owned Businesses by the Tampa Bay Business Journal and was ranked 150 as one of the fastest growing businesses in America by The Entrepreneur Magazine. For more information on MSGI Corp. visit:

These changes have been accepted and voted on by Congress. High Speed Rail (HSR) was given a greater amount of money that will allow us to have a better chance for service in Central Florida. This has given us another great opportunity for jobs and a public transportation system to connect city to city. HSR will travel at a minimum of 110 MPH. No matter which route is ultimately chosen, it would begin in Orlando and go to Tampa, Miami, or Jacksonville. This provides a minimum of 35,000 permanent jobs in Florida. A good portion of those jobs will be in Central Florida. HSR does not compete with SunRail or Light Rail. The money allocated for a good application is in a separate line item and cannot be used for anything other than a High Speed Rail system. The package does not require a state or city match of money and pays up to 80% of the rail cost with the balance coming from a successful private provider of rail service. JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! Thanks to Congresswoman Corrine Brown for her efforts in lobbying for this increase. As reported by the transportation industry, “In addition to the funding for federal public transportation programs, the bill provides a significant increase in funding from prior versions of House and Senate bills for high-speed passenger rail corridor investments, providing $8 billion for high-speed rail corridor develop-

ment. The compromise bill provides an additional $1.3 billion for Amtrak and intercity passenger rail.” The bill also includes $1.5 billion for a new intermodal discretionary program that can be used for highways, bridges, public transportation projects, including New Starts and Small Starts, passenger and freight rail, and port infrastructure projects. Commissioner Stewart feels strongly that to get us positively into the 21st Century we need a change and the change comes with our approach to public transportation. This will put Florida in the forefront of new cross state transit with reduction of road congestion as well as reduction of carbon emissions. Florida’s transportation sector causes 44% of the state’s total global warming pollution, the third highest percentage of all 50 states. We have a large retirement community; with an aging population we need even greater public transportation choices. Also, Florida needs to concentrate on trail projects for pedestrian, biking and walking opportunities. A separate portion of the stimulus package allows for trails and bikeways to be constructed. Commissioner Linda Stewart District 4 407-836-7350

Registration for Hillsborough County Summer Fun Camps



l Comisionado Kevin Beckner anuncia horas de servicio en la comunidad El Comisionado del Condado de Hillsborough Kevin Beckner del Distrito 6, (del todo el Condado), está llevando a cabo horas de servicio a la comunidad en distintos lugares del Condado el último viernes de cada mes. Esto le da la oportunidad a los residentes a tener la oportunidad de reunirse con el Comisionado y expresar sus preocupaciones e ideas para la comunidad directamente, sin tener que venir hasta el Centro de Gobierno en la ciudad de Tampa. Para estas reuniones con el Comisionado Beckner no necesita hacer cita. Las personas serán atendidas en orden de llegada. El itinerario de lugares y horas aparece como sigue:

With summer quickly approaching, there is still time to make plans to attend one of Hillsborough County’s 2009 Summer Fun Camps. One is based at recreation centers and the other is a traveling teen camp featuring field trips. The recreation center based Summer Fun Camp, scheduled June 8 through August 14, offers a supervised playground program at 43 locations for ages 6 and up. The camp is open weekdays from 7:30 a.m. until 6 p.m. Cost for the entire Summer Fun Camp is $300, but the Parks, Recreation and Conservation Depart-

ment wants every child to have an opportunity to participate in the supervised recreation program. In an effort to provide an affordable program, discounts are available based on income, number in household, and multiple children attending the program. To be considered for program discounts, application must be made by providing the first page of the 2008 1040 federal income tax form. The Traveling Teen Camp is for ages 12-17 and features six one-week camps where teens make field trips to area attractions such as Wet-nWild, Universal Studios and the MOSI (Museum of Science and Industry). The cost to participate in these traveling camps ranges from $90 - $123 depending on specific field trip locations. For a complete list of Summer Fun Camps and Traveling Teen Camps visit and scroll down to Summer Fun Camp for details or call (813) 635-3500.

Thanks to Wheels of Success, Friday the 13th turned out to be a Lucky Day for Carmen (the Mother of 2) whose car had broken down.

Distrito 2 New Tampa Regional Library 100001 Cross Creek Blvd. Tampa 29 de mayo - Mediodía – 2 p.m. Distrito 3 Seminole Heights Branch Library 4711 Central Ave. Tampa 26 de junio - Mediodía – 2 p.m. Distrito 4 Bruton Memorial Library 302 W. McLendon St. Plant City 31 de Julio - Mediodía – 2 p.m. Distrito 1 Ruskin Branch Library One Dickman Drive SE - Ruskin 28 de agosto - Mediodía – 2 p.m. Distrito 2 Temple Terrace Library 202 Bullard Pkwy. – Temple Terrace 25 de septiembre - 4 p.m. – 6 p.m. Distrito 3 West Tampa Branch Library 2312 W. Union St. Tampa 30 de octubre - 4 p.m. – 6 p.m. Distrito 4 Brandon Regional Service Center 311 Pauls Drive - Brandon 20 de noviembre - 4 p.m. – 6 p.m. Distrito 1 Charles J. Fendig Library 3909 W. Neptune St. - Tampa 18 de diciembre - 4 p.m. – 6 p.m. Para saber más sobre el Comisionado Beckner, visite la página de Internet:


Margo Flynn from Tampa Bay Downs and Susan Jacobs from Wheels of Success.

t Festival in the Skye, which was sponsored by the Tampa Bay Downs, recently, Carmen was the recipient of a car that will provide her with reliable transportation to and from work.

For information as to how you can help provide reliable transportation to others or obtain it for yourself visit:

Congratulations to Helda Rodriguez, recently featured as one of 10 Tampa Bay’s business people to watch: vision in hard times…


s recently featured in the St. Pete Times 3. HELDA RODRIGUEZ, 48, president and co-founder of NovaCharge LLC in Tampa, sees a coming boom in building an infrastructure for electric vehicles thanks to a national urgency to cut foreign oil and a White House eager to promote alternative, cleaner energy. NovaCharge deploys the ChargePoint Network of public plug-in stations that will let electric vehicles recharge in public parking spaces. People can even invest in recharging units, priced under $5,000, and earn revenue from their use. One-year-old NovaCharge supplies recharging systems developed by California’s Coulomb Technologies. Rodriguez, a Tampa native, says to look for the first recharging units in the Tampa Bay area within the next few months.

To Ivette Mayo of Yo Soy I Am, Hig Rodriguez Dillinger of Cirsco, Telemundo - Tampa!


wo of Tampa Bay’s Hispanic business leaders were among the list of local business people being honored at the Tampa Bay Business Journal’s 2009 Diversity and Inclusion Awards Luncheon on Thursday, March 19th. Ivette Mayo of Yo Soy I Am, and Hig Rodriguez Dillinger of Cirsco.   The Tampa Bay Business Journal honored the Bay area’s Top 25 minority-owned businesses based on our annual list and announced the ranking order at the event. Telemundo Tampa also received recognition at the event!   Also recognized were companies and individuals that have been instrumental in contributing to the success of minority-owned businesses in Tampa Bay.


he League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), the largest and oldest Hispanic civil rights organization in the country, is elated over the nomination of Frank J. Sánchez to be Undersecretary of Commerce for International Trade in the Obama Administration. “Frank Sánchez brings valuable experience and background to the position,” said LULAC National President Rosa Rosales. “This appointment would give him a key role in U.S. trade policy. The undersecretary for international trade oversees four divisions and more than 1,000 employees in trade offices in 85 countries. Frank is no stranger to LULAC and has been involved with the organization for over 10 years.” In 1999, he became a Special Assistant to the President of the United States working in the Office of the Special Envoy for the Americas. He worked with the National Security Council, the State Department and the U.S. Trade Representative on Western Hemisphere economic integration and the promotion of democracy. President Clinton later appointed Mr. Sánchez as U.S. Assistant Secretary of Transportation where he developed aviation policy and oversaw international negotiations. Prior to his work in the federal government and before joining a Cambridge, Massachusetts based consulting company, he practiced corporate and administrative law with the firm of Steel, Hector and Davis in Miami, Florida. Before practicing law, he served in the administration of former Florida Governor and former U.S. Senator Bob Graham, as the first

director of the state’s Caribbean Basin Initiative Program. At CNS, Mr. Sánchez works with corporations and governments worldwide on complex transactions, labor-management negotiations, litigation settlement, negotiation strategy, alliance management, facilitation and training. Among his public-sector engagements, Mr. Sánchez headed a team in Medellín, Colombia as part of a “Teaching Tolerance” program; an initiative to break the cycle of violence plaguing the country. More than 300 teachers and community leaders were trained in conflict resolution techniques. He also advised the president of Ecuador in negotiations to settle the 56-year-old border dispute with Peru. He is a contributing author to Negociación 2000, a collection of essays on negotiation published by McGraw-Hill. He has also taught negotiation at the Program of Instruction for Lawyers at Harvard Law School. A Florida native, Mr. Sánchez attended the University of Florida, received his undergraduate and law degrees from Florida State University and holds a master’s degree in public administration from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. The League of United Latin American Citizens advances the economic condition, educational attainment, political influence, health, housing and civil rights of Hispanic Americans through communitybased programs operating at more than 700 LULAC councils nationwide.


State of Hispanic Economy Briefing Opened the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Legislative Conference Public Briefing on the State of the Hispanic Economy

ow will the new economic stimulus plan work for 45 million Hispanics who are especially hard hit by the global recession? Leaders from business, government and the Hispanic community gathered to assess the current economic situation and the issues that Hispanic businesses face in weathering the national recession. A new survey from the Pew Hispanic Center—America’s foremost think tank on Latino issues—paints a dire picture. According to the Pew Hispanic Center, almost one in ten (9%) Latino homeowners say they missed a mortgage payment or were unable to make a full payment, and 3% say they received a foreclosure notice in the past year. Some 36% say they are worried that their own home may go into foreclosure. This is just one indicator of the negative impact of the current economic downturn on the nation’s Hispanic population. For the Hispanic community, this has been a perfect


he event recognizes Tampa Bay area women who have achieved power and influence while displaying a commitment to the advancement of women and the Community. The Executive Woman of the Year Award applauds one very special woman for her unique combination of career, community, and personal achievements. All proceeds from the Executive Woman of the Year Awards go to fund scholarships for women of all ages. The guest speaker for this year’s event was Irma B. Elder, CEO of Elder Automotive Group. She has built a 540 million dollar empire with her Detroit based auto group. Ms. Elder consistently ranks in the top ten of Hispanic Busi-

“Q. What is an Economic Stimulus Payment? “A. It is money that the federal government will send to taxpayers. “Q. Where will the government get this money? “A. From taxpayers. “Q. So the government is giving me back my own money? “A. Only a smidgen. “Q. What is the purpose of this payment? “A. The plan is that you will use the money to purchase a high-definition TV set, thus stimulating the economy. “Q. But isn’t that stimulating the economy of China? “A. Shut up.” Below is some helpful advice on how to best help the US economy by spending your stimulus check wisely: If you spend that money at Wal-Mart, all the money will

storm. Hispanic unemployment has run higher than the national average. Industries that are mainstays for Hispanic workers—construction, retail and manufacturing—have been hit especially hard. Hispanic families have watched their primary assets, personal savings and home values, lose significant value. This community has always struggled with unemployment, restricted access to the credit markets, a scarcity of affordable housing and the highest dropout rates in the nation, which hamper workforce development progress. Despite these problems, the Hispanic community is the nation’s largest and fastest growing minority with purchasing power fast approaching $1 trillion. Hispanics own nearly 3 million businesses that collectively generate nearly $400 billion in annual revenue. Ensuring the survival of this cornerstone of the economy was the focus of this briefing.

ness Magazine’s top 500 Hispanic-owned corporations., and the ONLY female owned corporation in the top ten. In addition, she is one of the highest ranking women in Working Woman Magazine’s Top 500 Women in the country. Ms. Elder believes that anything is possible, even in the aftermath of terrible adversity. The Network of Executive Women seeks to be the premier networking experience for professional women in Tampa Bay. For more information on the organization and ticket purchase, please visit our website at

go to China. If you spend it on gasoline it will go to the Arabs. If you purchase a computer it will go to India. If you purchase fruit and vegetables it will go to Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala (unless you buy organic). If you buy a car it will go to Japan. If you purchase useless crap it will go to Taiwan. And none of it will help the American economy. We need to keep that money here in America. You can keep the money in America by spending it at yard sales, going to a baseball game, or spend it on beer (domestic ONLY), or supporting local small businesses!


.S. Senate Candidate, Marco Rubio, will make his first campaign appearance in Tampa on Friday, May 15th at Dr. Blaise Alfano Center 11606 N. McKinley Dr. Tampa, where he is scheduled to speak during the Hispanic Republican Fiesta & fundraiser hosted by the RHCHC (Republican Hispanic Club of Hillsborough County). He will further discuss his role in the Senate and the importance of the Hispanic and Youth vote. See Rubio as he embarks on a new phase of his future political career while supporting RHCHC and their outreach efforts in the Hispanic community. About RHCHC: The RHCHC mission is to echo the GOP’s fundamental principles in the surrounding Hispanic communities through various community events, public relation opportunities, and increasing its membership through our monthly informative meetings. We also encourage fellow members and other Latinos to seek public office, as we are a growing population nearing 25% in Hillsborough. For more information, please contact: 813.679.0515 – Angelette Aviles


Caring for an Aging Parent


s U.S. Census Bureau reports can attest, the number of older adults in the United States is growing. Thanks to advances in medicine and an attitudinal shift toward healthier lifestyles, people are living longer, and the growing number of seniors is a testament to that.

family. Another way to make the transition go smoothly is to prepare your children for the changes that could come once their grandmother or grandfather moves in. Seek children’s input regardless of how young they are. Doing so will make them feel better about the process. For example, rather than telling a child that grandma will be taking their bedroom, ask them how they would feel if they were asked to move rooms, and explain to them the need for sacrifice for everyone. By including them in the decision-making process you’re letting them know their views matter, which is often a problem when parents don’t discuss the issue with children beforehand.

* Be sure your home is safe. Certain things are safe for young adults and children but much less so for seniors. For example, bathrooms are often danger zones for seniors, and slipping and falling can prove disastrous for seniors. Consider installing handrails in the shower to make things safer for seniors. Other easy ways to make a home safer for seniors is to use higher wattage light bulbs to increase visibility, securing throw rugs to reduce the likelihood of slipping, and converting a first floor room into a bedroom to make it easier * Be prepared. While not all aging par- for seniors to get around the house and ents will need to move in with their sons lessen their load. or daughters as they get older, many will. Preparing for this possibility well in advance can make the process go This feature is sponsored by: much more smoothly. Don’t wait until Dr. Robert Casañas parents’ health deteriorates to the point Dr. Casañas is a Board Certified Internist and Board Certified Pain Management specialist. where options will be limited. Also, by Dr. Casañas practices out of two offices, Uniplanning ahead, you’re able to consider corn Medical Office in West Tampa and Lunawhat your parents want, whereas wait- sol Institute in Westchase. Submit your quesing too late can limit their input and tion for Dr. Casañas by emailing him at: or possibly lessen their quality of life as a contact him directly at 813-792-5730. result. Still, the exploding senior population has also resulted in a growing number of adults caring for older adults. The recent economic struggles have also added to this number, as many adults have found that nursing homes or assisted living centers are no longer affordable in these tough times. For adults faced with the responsibility of caring for an aging parent, consider the following tips to make sure the transitions goes as smoothly as possible.

* Discuss the situation with your own

Comprando seguro para su auto


i es la primera vez que usted compra seguro para automóvil, o si está buscando una mejor oferta, debería hacerse varias preguntas. Primeramente, ¿es la persona que le va a vender el seguro (su agente) un miembro notorio de su comunidad, alguien que usted conoce y en quién confía? En segundo lugar, ¿es la compañía de quién piensa comprar bien conocida? ¿Cuál es su reputación? ¿Qué tal es el precio? Ya que hay cientos de compañías compitiendo para su servicio, los precios varían – algunas veces bastante. Quizás le convenga comparar precios. Asegúrese que las primas que le den cubran la misma clase de cobertura. ¿Qué tal es el servicio? El precio es importante, pero ahorrar dinero no importará mucho a menos que usted obtenga lo que necesita, cuando lo necesita. Si es posible, hable con otros clientes acerca de ese agente y pregúnteles cómo han sido tratados, especialmente si han tenido un reclamo. Averigüe cómo la compañía se encarga de los reclamos. ¿Es el método conveniente para usted, sin importar dónde usted tenga un accidente. ¿Qué tan solvente es la compañía? ¿La compañía que usted está considerando todavía seguirá operando cuando usted necesite presentar un reclamo? Cada estado tiene un departamento de seguros que tiene la información financiera de todas las compañías que se encuentran en ese estado. Una vez que se haya decidido por una compañía y un agente, hay más preguntas por hacer. ¿Cuánta cobertura necesita? La cantidad mínima de cobertura por responsabilidad requerida puede que no sea suficiente para usted. Tenga en cuenta sus necesidades de acuerdo a sus bienes y sus ingresos. ¿Cuánto podría usted solventar si hay un juicio en contra suya porque estuvo involucrado en un accidente? ¿Y el deducible? Los deducibles bajan su prima–mayormente en cobertura contra choques y cobertura completa-- pero sube la cantidad que usted tiene que pagar de su bolsillo. ¿Cuánto se quiere usted arriesgar para ahorrarse dinero en su prima? ¿Debería usted tener cobertura completa y contra choques? Según va disminuyendo el valor de su automóvil, usted puede considerar abandonar estas coberturas y ahorrarse dinero en las primas. Pero decida si los ahorros son suficientes como para compensar el riesgo de tener que pagar todo el costo de reparación o de comprar otro automóvil. El seguro de automóvil es un producto que debe adaptarse a las necesidades de cada individuo. Su agente puede ayudarle a responder estas preguntas y así poder desarrollar un plan de seguro de automóvil de acuerdo a sus necesidades específicas y únicas. Preguntas:

How to Invest During a Recession


e are finishing the 16th month of the recession, which began in December 2007, according to the National Bureau of Economic Research. Not only is this a long recession, but it’s also a severe one, marked by painfully high levels of job losses, sharply reduced credit flow and a drop in the value of many investments. Despite the bad news, there are valid reasons to believe brighter days lie ahead. But you don’t have to wait for things to turn around before taking steps to help your financial future.

Here are some actions to consider: Don’t cut back on your 401(k): During difficult economic times, it’s hard for many people to assume job safety. But if you are fairly confident your employment situation is secure, continue investing in your 401(k) or other employer-sponsored retirement plans. The tax advantages of these types of plans — not to mention the employer’s match, if one is offered— make them ideal savings vehicles for retirement. Your plan probably has taken a hit over the past year, but that’s the case for many investments. If you’ve chosen a good mix of investments, your plan should recover at some point. Diversify, diversify, diversify: Generally speaking, it’s not a good idea to tie up more than 5 percent of your portfolio in a single investment. Spread your money among a range of stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit and other securities. For an idea on how well you’ve diversified, ask yourself: “If the value of a few of my stocks and bonds declined and didn’t recover, would it be extremely painful for me financially?” If the answer is “yes,” you probably need more diversification. Of course, diversification by itself cannot guarantee a profit or protect against loss, but it can give you more chances for success and reduce the effects of volatility on your portfolio. Think long term: Your investments may have lost 30 to 40 percent of their value since October 2007 — which seems like a long time. Yet quality investments need much longer periods to show significant growth. While it can be painful to endure short-term losses, you need to develop discipline to hold your investments for many years. Don’t reach for high yields: When the stock market is down, many investors turn to bonds that offer high yields, reasoning that bonds are always safer than stocks. Don’t be fooled by this mentality; high-yield means high-risk. If the issuer defaults, you could lose your principal. Stick with investment-grade bonds. Look for opportunities: Instead of avoiding the markets, look for good investment opportunities. Because investment prices have fallen greatly, your dollars can now buy more shares. Historically, buying shares at lower prices often leads to higher returns over the long term. If you’re receiving dividends, now is an opportune time to reinvest. You can’t avoid all negative effects of the recession. But following the above suggestions can help you avoid getting thrown off track from your journey toward your financial goals.

Marco R. Williams/Financial Advisor 3100 S. Dale Mabry, Tampa, FL 33629 813-837-6967 Please contact me with any investment questions or needs


he New Tampa Latin Chamber of Commerce was welcomed by a “SOLD-OUT” luncheon. With its official kick-off held at the Valencia Gardens on Tuesday, April 28 at 11:30 a.m., the capacity limited the luncheon to 100 people – and that they had and more, as a few people were turned away due to the sold-out status. Gil Hernandez, CPA was the guest keynote speaker, he discussed the important role that chambers of commerce can play in the economic development and growth of businesses especially during financial hardship times. There was a definite excitement in the air –as area professionals were once again given the opportunity to network in a luncheon setting with other area professionals that they had not seen in a long time. “It was definitely long over due”, seemed to be the consensus

joint event of leaders from the export/import comA munity announce their first joint event in Tampa aptly named the Export-Import Symposium 2009 Panel Speakers / Industry Experts: • Judith Rivera, Director - Export-Import Bank of the U.S • George Martinez-Director U.S. Department of Commerce • Mary Hernandez - Regional Manager, Small Business Administration (SBA) • Moderator, Dean Collura - Director, Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce Wednesday, June 24th, 2009 @ 8:30am - 1:00pm University of South Florida, Marshall Student Center

when we asked what local professionals thought of the new Chamber. For many, it was an emotional time “I haven’t seen a Latino Chamber of Commerce luncheon like this one, since the good ole’ days –when the other chamber used to have big ones at the Columbia Restaurant!

Norma Camero Reno Ileana Devin Jolie González William Insignares Carmen Ochoa Grace Posada

With a dedicated team of local professionals, including some genuine “Tampeños” the board is made of the following:

The next event is scheduled for Tuesday, May 26th, 2009 @ The Valencia Gardens at 811 W. Kennedy Blvd. in Tampa. 11:30 AM -1:00 PM. Due to limited room capacity, TLC is requesting that all individuals wishing to attend the event confirm their reservation with payment in advance to ensure a seat is reserved in their name. Subsequent events will be held at the Columbia Restaurant in Historic Ybor City.

2009 Officers: President - Jackie Rojas-Quiñones Vice-President - Al Frederick Secretary - Denise Shreaves Treasurer - Diego Malagón 2009 Committee Chairs: Leo Alvarez

For information on how you can become a member TODAY, please visit their website for details:

4202 East Fowler Ave Tampa, FL 33620 The event has been created to assist small, medium, or large companies that wish to expand into the international marketplace by way of exports - imports and share with them, the current global market status along with regional and global trade and commerce information.

• In dept exploration of the subject of importing and exporting internationally and a Q&A • Perspectives on cultural diversity and international business strategies • Export-Import Bank presentation on “financing solutions” to those interested in investing abroad.

• One to Ones with industry experts • Scenarios will be shared about real world experiences, successes, challenges, and best practices from businesses that have branched out into international markets • Networking period with answers about trade and how to enter the global market and grow within the international community.

FOR TICKETS: (727) 919-2030 / (813) 333-9331 * Ticket prices include panel, networking session along with a light breakfast and a buffet-style lunch reception. Sponsorship Opportunities available: Derek Lloyd at (727) 919-2030 for more information.


atin Times: How did you get started in your profession? LatinoMoverNShaker: I went to the business school at Florida State University and so now I open businesses for a living. I look for niche markets and talented people. Latin Times: As a young boy, what did you aspire to become? LatinoMoverNShaker: I always wanted to be the richest man in the world. Latin Times: Tell us about your family.. LatinoMoverNShaker: My mother is from Ecuador and my father is from Peabody, Kansas. It was like “I love Lucy” in reverse. Latin Times: What are your immediate and/or long term professional goals?


atin Times: How did you get started in your profession? LatinoMoverNShaker: My brothers Bill and Santiago and I were the only three soccer players in our small town of Labelle, so we were asked to kick on our high school football team.  I did not kick a football until I was a senior in high school.

Latin Times: Tell us about your family… LatinoMoverNShaker: I am married to a beautiful woman named Ashlee and we have two wonderful boys named Nico, who is three, and Gaston, who is one. Latin Times: What are your immediate and/or long term professional goals?  LatinoMoverNShaker: Since retiring from the

to help the national Latino community during this time of economic turmoil? LatinoMoverNShaker: The best way is to stop giving bail-outs to corporations and start giving money to people and to support small businesses. LatinoMoverNShaker: My long-term professional goal is to start a business that will change the Hispanic Community’s perspective on the subject of business in general. Latin Times: What is your definition of success? LatinoMoverNShaker: I think real success is when you can afford to give back to the community and make a difference. Latin Times: If you were President of the United States, what would you do to repair the Nations Economy? LatinoMoverNShaker: I’d find resources to invest into new ideas and to help people with real entrepreneurial spirit, people like me. Latin Times: What do you feel is the best way

NFL, giving back to the Tampa Bay area is a personal goal. Our new company, Gramatica Group, LLC is manufacturing energy efficient, green construction homes throughout Florida and beyond. Our Mission for this company is to create green construction solutions to preserve our planet. Latin Times: What is your definition of success? LatinoMoverNShaker: My definition of success has changed over the years.  Five years ago my success was solely based on making field goals and winning football games.   However since becoming a father, I will be successful when I can  participate  in creating a clean environment for my children’s future.  Latin Times: Who (here or departed) do you consider to be a role model in the Latino Com-

Latin Times: Who (here or departed) do you consider to be a role model in the Latino Community, and why? LatinoMoverNShaker: My role model is the publisher of Latin Times magazine. She is hardworking, entrepreneurial and drop-dead gorgeous. Latin Times: What advice would you give to young Latinos about pursuing their goals? LatinoMoverNShaker: Get an education and meet as many people as you can. Latin Times: Are you involved in community organizations? Which ones? LatinoMoverNShaker: Yes, the Hispanic Foreclosure Alliance, which is a non profit organization with a focus on raising funds to bail-out struggling Hispanic homeowners.

munity, and why? LatinoMoverNShaker: My role model is Diego Maradona.   I have looked up to him my entire life, not because he has had continued success but because through his failures he always perseveres. The truest test of anyone’s character is how they handle failure. Latin Times: What advice would you give to young Latinos about pursuing their goals? LatinoMoverNShaker: No matter how high or unreachable your goals may seem, go for it with all heart, whoever thought that an Argentinean born soccer kicker could win a Super Bowl!   Latin Times: Are you involved in community organizations? Which ones?  LatinoMoverNShaker: The Martin Gramatica Family Foundation is involved in children’s organizations that focus on health and education within the Tampa community. Our focus in the past has been The Shriners Hospital, Children’s Dream Fund and The Florida Museum of Photographic Arts children’s programs. 


atin Times: How did you get started in your profession? LatinoMoverN’Shaker:I was drawn to politics since a very early age, and I have worked on local campaigns since I was 12 Years old. When I was 18, I worked on the campaign of an obscure state senator from Miami that at the time, no one knew: Bob Graham. At the time, Bob Graham had a 2% name recognition not to confuse that for 2% of the vote, but rather, 2% name recognition. I tend to support the underdog, if I believe in them. When I went to work for Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton was up by 30%.

States. Her life has always been about public service, and she got me into liking politics and public service. My mother took me to my first political event when I was 8 years old. We saw Leroy Collins who was running for senator, and he was a very distinguished former governor. As I remember he was talking and shaking people’s hands, people were cheering. He came to where me and my mother were standing, got down to eye level with me and he said “young man thank you for your support”. To have this very distinguished man that all these people were here to see take the time to speak to me was a very big deal to me, he became a hero to me.

Latin Times: As a young boy, what did you aspire to become? LatinoMoverNShaker: My inspiration really came out of the public service that I saw in my mother. She helped to develop one of the first head-start programs in the United

Latin Times: Tell us about your family… LatinoMoverNShaker: We are immigrants from Spain who arrived here at the turn of the century, my grandparents on my mothers side around 1920, they settled in Ybor City, and on my fathers side, my great uncle


atin Times: How did you get started in your profession? LatinoMoverNShaker: I was hired as an intern and then worked my way up taking on increasingly complicated assignments.

Latin Times: What are your immediate and/or long term professional goals? LatinoMoverNShaker: To help HART to become the nation’s best transit agency and to be recognized in my industry as a national leader on transportation.

Latin Times: As a young boy, what did you aspire to become? LatinoMoverNShaker: A lawyer or detective. I do both. I am always investigating ways to improve performance and I deal with legal issues everyday. However, the lawyers report to me.

Latin Times: If you were President of the United States, what would you do to repair the Nations Economy? LatinoMoverNShaker: I would reduce payroll taxes, review and where appropriate, execute the recommendations of the General Accounting Office (GAO) report that is produced annually; these recommendations seek to improve efficiency and effectiveness in each and every federal agency. These two actions would reduce the size of government and the burden to tax payers and would spur economic growth.

Latin Times: Tell us about your family… LatinoMoverNShaker: My parents are from Las Cruces, New Mexico which is my birth place. They both worked in government, my father in the U.S. Customs Service and my mother in the Border Patrol.

came even earlier than that, also settling in Ybor City. They started a little grocery store specializing in Spanish home made chorizo that supplied the many Spanish restaurants in town including the Colombia Restaurant. My mother (Delia Sanchez) is ahead of her time, a Latina from very conservative parents, she wanted to go to college, she attended Florida State University, which at the time was an all woman school, and she later received a full scholarship for her Masters Degree in social work. It was almost unheard of for an immigrant to attend college in those days, and more so for a Latina, it was also very challenging to convince her father to let her go away to school. Latin Times: What are your immediate and/or long term professional goals? LatinoMoverNShaker: I plan to take on the nomination, for Undersecretary of Commerce for International Trade and help the president in re-vitalizing the economy. I want to be involved in something that I can continue to support and help my community – the country or the world, walking in my mother’s foot steps.

Latin Times: Who (here or departed) do you consider to be a role model in the Latino Community, and why? LatinoMoverNShaker: Edward James Olmos. He has done an excellent job in being connected to the community on a wide range of issues and as an actor he demonstrates the viability of Hispanics to be leaders both on screen and within the community. Latin Times: Are you involved in community organizations? Which ones? LatinoMoverNShaker: I have served in many community organizations; including, the Red Cross, Girls Scouts and in Tampa at the Greater Chamber of Commerce. Nationally, I serve on the Conference of Minority Transportation Officials (COMTO). Last year, I helped form a local chapter that is dedicated to helping minority businesses to improve training and make a connection with other business in seeking business in government contracting. I also work to advance education by raising funding nationally, to help fund college education through a series of individual grants.


atin Times: As a young boy, what did you aspire to become? LatinoMoverNShaker: I wanted to be a farmer growing up. My stepfather and mother owned a chicken farm in Antioch. We had 53 acres with 57,000 laying hens, as well as hogs and cattle. The farm was eventually sold when I reached adulthood, and it was impractical to start one from scratch. After a few odd jobs, my father asked me to join his newspaper. I started as a salesman but eventually worked every job in La Gaceta – dark room technician, layout, IT manager, writer, business manager, associate publisher and, upon my father’s death, editor and publisher. Latin Times: Tell us about your family… LatinoMoverNShaker: I am very proud of my heritage. My grandfather, Victoriano Manteiga, came to Tampa from Cuba in 1913. He came with two white linen suits and ten dollars in his pocket. The next day he was hired

as a lector at the Morgan Cigar Factory. He was an impressive man, an intellectual passionate about improving the quality of life in his Latin community. In 1922, he started La Gaceta Newspaper as a Spanish six-day daily with wire service from Spain and Cuba. At that time, we were one of many Spanish-language papers serving Ybor City and West Tampa. La Gaceta was the only one to survive. My father, Roland Manteiga, grew up in the business and in the shadow of my grandfather. Many felt he would never achieve the stature of his father, but in many ways Roland surpassed it. He brought the newspaper to a new level and made it a political force. It is well known not only regionally but on a statewide basis. My mother’s side of the family is from hearty Irish stock. My maternal grandfather operated a dragline in the digging of the Panama Canal.

Latin Times: If you were President of the United States, what would you do to repair the Nation’s Economy? LatinoMoverNShaker: I would correct the problems that led us to this disaster. The U.S. needs to achieve energy diversity. Oil shouldn’t be the only energy source to grease our economy. We must better regulate banks and place certain restrictions on Wall Street. This mentality of looking after only this quarter’s profit has lead to horrible executive decisions, which have jeopardized the well being of many companies central to our economy. The stock market was never designed to be a sure thing. It is always a gamble, and the public bought into it, investing their retirement in a system that pays off like Las Vegas. The real, underlying issue with our economic woes is that America no longer produces anything. How can a consumer economy go on forever? Latin Times: Who (here or departed) do you consider to be a role model in the Latino Community, and why? LatinoMoverNShaker: I admire those who have given back and fought against the odds. Of course, I place my father and grandfather at the top of that list. I also include people like Judge E.J. Salcines, Judge Elvis Martinez, Jr., Louis de la Parte, Matilda Garcia, Willie Garcia, Sam Rampello and a host of others.

LatinoMoverNShaker: Bail-out? The only bail-out I can think of for us is providing every Hispanic kid with the best opportunities in education, and offering all Hispanics the same opportunities for success that everyone has in this country. The rest is up to us and what we do with those opportunities.


atin Times: How did you get started in your profession? LatinoMoverNShaker: Many moons ago. In fact, about 40 years ago, while I was still a student and I stepped into a radio newsroom for the first time, in Havana, Cuba. The person in charged said, “So you have no experience, eh?”.

Latin Times: As a young boy, what did you aspire to become? LatinoMoverNShaker: An attorney. In hindsight, that wasn’t such a bad choice.

Latin Times: Tell us about your family… LatinoMoverNShaker: I have been married to my one and only wife, Juanita, a very gifted performing artist, for a long time. Our only son, Juan Manuel, unfortunately passed away. But our married life has been and continues to be a very happy one. Latin Times: What is your definition of success? LatinoMoverNShaker: Being the best and the happiest at what you do... and being recognized for it. Latin Times: What do you feel is the best way to help the national Latino community during this time of economic turmoil? - Latino Community Bail-Out!

Latin Times: Who (here or departed) do you consider to be a role model in the Latino Community, and why? LatinoMoverNShaker: The late Jorge Mas Canosa, both for his business acumen and his political leadership. Latin Times: Are you involved in community organizations? Which ones? LatinoMoverNShaker: I am involved in the most important community organization there is –a newspaper. Every single week, I build a stronger link between Hispanic readers of many origins, and inform them about each other. What other organization would offer me more or accomplish more? around you. Latin Times: If you were President of the United States, what would you do to repair the Nation’s Economy? LatinoMoverNShaker: Let the free market take over as our forefathers intended.


atin Times: How did you get started in your profession? LatinoMoverNShaker: My first job was the Public Address (PA) Announcer at Florida College.

Latin Times: As a young boy, what did you aspire to become? LatinoMoverNShaker: I wanted to be a computer geek because I thought I could make money. But in my heart, I always wanted to be a sportscaster. Latin Times: Tell us about your family… LatinoMoverNShaker: My family is from Nicaragua. They

had a coffer business. Their land and money was taken away from them. They never gave up. My parents and the rest of my family always backed me and never stopped me from doing anything. Latin Times: What are your immediate and/or long term professional goals? LatinoMoverNShaker: I want to be the Broadcaster for the Rays as long as they want me (forever I hope). Also, I want be on the National Networks. Latin Times: What is your definition of success? LatinoMoverNShaker: To be able to fulfill your dreams and impact others. Changing the tree of life of people

Latin Times: Who (here or departed) do you consider to be a role model in the Latino Community, and why? LatinoMoverNShaker: Roberto Clemente because of his relentless pursuit in helping others and giving of one’s life. Andres Galaraga – The way he fought his cancer, he never complained; and my Dad because he gave me the drive to succeed. Latin Times: Are you involved in community organizations? Which ones? LatinoMoverNShaker: I was the Co-Chairman for the 2008 Walk for the Foundation Fighting Blindness. I was the top fundraiser for the Kidney Foundation Walk 2007. I participated in American Cancer walks. I have given speeches to groups like Envision in Kansas.

learned for you to avoid or follow.


atin Times: Tell us about your family… LatinoMoverNShaker: Mom and Dad were both born and raised in Puerto Rico and migrated to the United States in the late 1950’s. My dad had his own business in NY selling and making statues. He had a factory in Brooklyn that employed about ten people. My mother worked for a hospital in Brooklyn and did billing. I have a wife named Yamile and three kids, Erica, Andrea, and Nicky. Latin Times: What is your definition of success? LatinoMoverNShaker: My definition of success has changed over the years, first it was finishing school, getting a nice car, having a great job, buying a house. However, as I grow older, I now see success as being happy with who you are, having kids, a loving wife, and family support.

Volunteer for tough assignments, this will give you confidence to set higher expectations for yourself and thus creating goals that are more meaningful and challenging. Latin Times: What advice would you give to young Latinos about pursuing their goals? LatinoMoverNShaker: To achieve a goal, write down what you envision to be the result and work backwards to create the steps to get to the goal. Do not give up if you first do not succeed, this is part of life and you will learn from failure. Stay around positive smart people, they will rub off on you and you will learn from each other. Read books about leadership to learn from other successful people, they will discuss their goals and you will see their results. Reach out to others that have already reached the level you are pursuing. They can provide invaluable experience and even provide a few lessons that they

Learn how to manage yourself, your emotions, do not be selfish, do not judge others, be helpful to those that need help, because leaders lead by teaching. Latin Times: Are you involved in community organizations? Which ones? LatinoMoverNShaker: Yes, I am the current president of the National society of Hispanic MBA’s a Tampa Bay a not for profit organization with 8,000 members nation wide, 32 chapters across the U.S. and Puerto Rico. I must mention this, NSHMBA Tampa Bay and University of South Florida have formed the first in the nation NSHMBA student council at USF, this is a huge accomplishment and our chapter is now creating the template / model for the other 32 chapters across the U.S.

sump of money to pay off their home and their debt. This in turn would stimulate the economy. Get people spending, but there would have to be rules instilled and each person will need to be educated about financial responsibility.


atin Times: How did you get started in your profession? LatinoMoverNShaker: I was recruited by a good friend DeeDee Castillo in 2006 with Homebanc Mortgage Corporation. Best decision I ever made I love my job, I get to help out people in the community in becoming home owners and achieving the American Dream. Latin Times: As a young boy, what did you aspire to become? LatinoMoverNShaker: Funny, I wanted to be a pilot. Instead I joined the Army and got to work and teach


atin Times: How did you get started in your profession? LatinoMoverNShaker: My first job after graduating from USF (85) was as a Letter of Credit and Collections Analyst in Sidor, Venezuela’s largest steel industry, collecting the proceeds derived from the exports of steel products globally. Latin Times: Tell us about your family… LatinoMoverNShaker: I have been married for 24 years, after dating for 5 years. We met while studying English at USF in 1979 and have been together since then. We have 2 children, Samira who is 21 and attending USF pursuing a Master’s Degree in Architec-

helicopter maintenance, had a great 22 year career. Latin Times: Tell us about your family… LatinoMoverNShaker: I am the oldest of three children, mom lives in NY with my sister, the youngest one lives in Ft. Lauderdale. I have four beautiful children. Latin Times: If you were President of the United States, what would you do to repair the Nations Economy? LatinoMoverNShaker: Tough question, I believe that what President Obama is doing right now is ok, but I would have done it differently. Instead of bailing out the institutions, I would have given each American a lump

ture. My son Juan Miguel is 13 years old and ready (not really) to begin High School. I consider myself very lucky as my parents and siblings all live here. Latin Times: What are your immediate and/or long term professional goals? LatinoMoverNShaker: On a professional note, ensure that an International Trade training program is developed and implemented in Latin America, allowing my clients to become more knowledgeable and experienced in the subject. As a person and resident of this planet, ensure that I continue to connect to someone on a daily basis, by helping in any possible way. Latin Times: Who (here or departed) do you con-

Latin Times: What advice would you give to young Latinos about pursuing their goals? LatinoMoverNShaker: Let your brain be like a sponge, take advantage of the great educational opportunities offered and never stop dreaming. And no matter what obstacles you encounter in life you must overcome them and achieve your dreams. Latin Times: Are you involved in community organizations? Which ones? LatinoMoverNShaker: I am a cancer survivor and I support the American cancer Society, I am a member of NAHREP, involved in many Networking groups and the Chamber of Commerce.

sider to be a role model in the Latino Community, and why? LatinoMoverNShaker: I think that naming a “single” person is unfair because we have had and currently have many “role models” in our community who have in one way or another helped and supported our growth and development as an ethnic group. Many people represent us Latinos and extend us a hand on a daily basis. To me, a role model is the person that is able to touch someone in a non-interested way, no strings attached and out of the goodness of their heart. Latin Times: What advice would you give to young Latinos about pursuing their goals? LatinoMoverNShaker: Set SMART goals, work hard and consistently towards reaching them and do not allow anyone to deviate or distract you. Develop new relations and strengthen the existing ones. Practice networking and spend valuable time with others, oneself and family.


Latinos and the Foreclosure Crisis Can we save “El Sueño Americano?”

f you haven’t somehow felt the effect of America’s foreclosure crisis, I am sure it’s not for lack of seeing the homes being foreclosed on in your very own neighborhood! All areas of Tampa Bay have been touched by this crisis, but none more than that of the Latino community. It is precisely because of this crisis, that I first became interested in becoming a part of the solution. In January of this year, after meeting with Gilbert B. Swarts, and seeing first hand how much we could help our community, we decided to create the Hispanic Foreclosure Alliance, a charitable, tax-exempt, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. In the months that’s followed, we have gone through an extraordinary period of growth that involved learning, testing –and finding various method’s of putting together viable “bail-out” plans to combat foreclosure. Mr. Swarts has dedicated countless hours working on the “Hispanic Community Bail-Out Program”, mainly because the industry has carried such a bad reputation, he has had to work extra hard to ensure that we were in compliance with state and government laws. It is because of Brad’s business savvy and his ability to gain above normal industry knowledge, that the

Hispanic Foreclosure Alliance is today a recognized and respected community advocate that offers the community viable help and solutions in dealing with the various stages of the foreclosure crisis. My role in this project has been in the Marketing and Communications area, but my duties have also involved long hours of research, meeting with clients, and maintaining an excellent level of customer service through open communication. Running radio promotions, and establishing a marketing plan, to make sure our message is being effectively communicated. My duties also involve in putting together educational seminars and community events that will allow us to raise money in order to save el Sueño Americano. I would like to tell you a little bit about our clients, which include families in various stages of the foreclosure crisis. These families have become my first clients, and they include not only families that were late on payments, or facing foreclosure, but also families who were not yet late on a payment, but were beginning to feel the economic pinch. They knew that somewhere down the line, they would be in trouble with their mortgage payment. I can honestly tell you that it is heartbreaking what is happening in America.


he thought alone of mass amounts of people struggling to keep their homes breaks my heart, and it has also made me very angry because although this entire mess affects every single American… has actually had an affect on many other countries as well! It’s what I call the “Domino Effect”, and it has affected everything from real estate, to business, money, trade, jobs, and has even impacted crime...crime is on an up-rise. Armed with a collection of negative tales that local and national media have effectively communicated about loan modification organizations, the government tells homeowners that they should be dealing directly with their lender/servicing bank, (which, by the way, is actually a debt collector). This, in essence, puts these frightened and emotional people right into the lion’s den, without a single weapon, and with no knowledge of how to best deal with the situation. The government communicates their message very clearly: you should be dealing with your lender, cautioning homeowners against working with loan modification organizations. It’s really quite simple. There are several reputable organizations out there, and lenders know that many organizations will defend your interests more effectively than the average homeowner can do on their own. I have seen first hand some of these “loan modifications” that lenders offer distressed homeowners, and they are definitely not doing families any favors. Some of the results have been devastating. I have seen people end up with higher payments, lump down payments, or short term relief. I have also seen how certain lenders (debt collectors) almost seem to “setup” homeowners by refusing to discuss a loan modification until the homeowner has missed a few payments. Almost forcing them to miss a payment, and then they turn around and report those same late payments to the credit reporting agencies.

I have wondered, what is the point of all of this?? Why would lenders not want to work with responsible people who want to keep their homes, have lost their jobs, or are experiencing some other type of financial difficulty? Is it to make sure that they DON’T fall behind on their payments? I will tell you this, it’s like a game to them. They are playing with our futures, our families, our money and our lives! The families that I met with are responsible and God fearing. They are not irresponsible people who made an irresponsible decision when they purchased

their homes. Many of these people were misled by unscrupulous real estate professionals, many have lost an income in the home – maybe because of a divorce, or a job loss, or their hours were reduced, or their job “title” changed –and they have received a demotion, or maybe there has been illness or death in their lives. There are many contributing factors to how most families have ended up in their current situations. I can almost guarantee that whatever the reason they can’t make that monthly payment. It was a direct result of the housing crisis in the first place.

If you do the research and get to know this situation and how it directly affects our community you will note the following: The banks are certainly not losing as much as homeowners in any of this – it’s obvious that they are winning “the game!” I studied what the banks are getting versus what most homeowners are getting and was not surprised by the results. The Banks/Debt Collector: Receive bail-outs, incentives, bonuses, and of course they get your house at the “unfair” market value of whatever you “bought” it at. They have been given the right to call, and instill fear and despair in the hearts of millions of people, and they have the right to call and harass and demand the impossible. Knowing that it is just that, impossible monthly mortgage payments, and of course they get to force families out of their homes, kill dreams and destroy families. Did I miss anything? The Homeowner: Interest rate hikes, escalated payments, they get to watch in horror as their house loses $10,000 – $50,000, $100,000, $200,000 (Unfortunately, I could go on but I am sure you get the picture) in value. They also get to lose their jobs or their businesses, they get to become ill, or lose someone in their life… they get to worry, and cry, and then they get to pack up the memories of their American dream in several boxes and they get to start over, with destroyed credit, little to no money, no job, no home, no nothing…. TIf lenders were willing to just “give” a little, meaning, working with these families, shaving a little off of their principal, and making their payment was affordable to them! These families don’t want to lose their homes they are willing to work hard to keep their homes. This is not fair for any homeowner in America, and its even more unfair for the Hispanic community throughout the U.S. especially in Florida as it is one of the hardest hit States. How is this fair to us? Did this happen by accident? Absolutely not!

ruled these industries and, it still does. If you don’t think this is the biggest threat facing America today then you need to study the facts….

What’s Ahead for us???


or several years, the Latino community was the “prime” target for predatory lenders. Mortgage companies set up shop in various areas, hire a bunch of “glorified used car sales people” -- many of them Latino, and many of them unscrupulous in nature. The “Mortgage Professionals” (and I am going to use the word professional very loosely here) sponsored local events, advertised in our media outlets, and they coldly set-up our communities for the big fall! (Please don’t misunderstand me, there are plenty of reputable and good Mortgage Professionals around today, as many of the unscrupulous ones are now in hiding!) They spun dreams of cook-outs, picket fences, family, home….”el Sueño Americano” and in many circumstances, they mislead our community. Often verbally translating information incorrectly to Spanish-only clients, just to get them to sign on the “dotted line”, many times pressuring their clients to come up with yet another salary to be added to the household income so that they could qualify for the loan, and promising home buyers that their payment would be a certain amount, and that in a year they could refinance. As well as failing to properly educate or inform the home buyer about adjustable rates, and that their monthly payment may start off by being a certain amount but that it would climb steadily or suddenly, and in many cases having that original payment multiply by two or three times! Meanwhile, the lenders accepted a lot more “Stated Loans”, not because they suddenly wanted to help millions of Latinos become “new homeowners” but rather because at the end of the day it all came down to simple greed. Why did all this happen…? Because greed

The national unemployment rate reached a 25-year high of almost 9 percent, a dismal fact that faces people that are out there trying to find a job. Today, millions of people find themselves “upside down” on their home loans, with many of those same homeowners also being unable to pay their monthly mortgage payment, because they earn LESS than what their monthly payment is. So far, the federal programs to reduce foreclosures have largely failed in their goal, particularly the Hope for Homeowners program which was approved by Congress. Under that program, less than a hand full of mortgages were actually modified under that particular program, which lawmakers had hoped would help as many as 400,000 homeowners. The U.S. government has lent banks $392 billion to stem the losses through its Troubled Asset Relief Program and another $12.4 trillion was spent, lent or guaranteed by the government and the Federal Reserve to stop the longest recession since the 1930s. President Obama’s plan to keep struggling Americans in their homes now relies on lenders to voluntarily re-work bad loans. The plan provides incentives for the lenders to do this, including payments to servicing banks that successfully modify loans and, in some cases, payments to mortgage investors who agree to the modifications. In the past, voluntary modifications have failed to curb the rise in foreclosures, because at the end of the day, even if lenders do agree to modify loans, many Americans will still be in trouble. Why? Because nearly 14 million homeowners are “upside down” which means they owe more on their mortgages than their homes are worth. To make matters complete, those values are still going down, and relief is said to be “no where in sight”.

There is always hope….

Walk in faith! I am here to let you know that I have done my research on this sub-

ject, and this has become a BIG passion for me. Don’t lose faith, there is always some hope. I have seen first hand what having a professional on your side can do in these circumstances, it means having someone on your side that can offer some real assistance to families that are living with this crisis. If you are interested in receiving information on foreclosure prevention, loan modification, refinancing, purchasing a home, appraising a home, bankruptcy or other similar, I can sure I can help you. I am committed to help. For more information or assistance, please call me at (888) 725-8252 Ext 1, or email me at: Webiste: God Bless America!

About the Hispanic Foreclosure Alliance Our Mission Statement

The Hispanic Foreclosure Alliance is a charitable, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization. Our goal is to serve as an educational and financial resource to the millions of Hispanic/Latino homeowners facing the possibility of foreclosure in the United States. HFA’s mission is to educate and empower U.S. Hispanics/Latinos with the knowledge and information necessary to avoid, withstand and/or survive the foreclosure process and to overcome the fear, depression and anxiety surrounding this hardship through early intervention, focused involvement and pro-active participation. Our goal is to be a ray of hope for the Hispanic/Latino Community first in Florida, but eventually across the United States, by raising the funds necessary in order to save Hispanic/Latino families from foreclosure, or to help them in the loan modification process. HFA will support the community through its development of multi-faceted seminar, events and other programs that are aimed at raising funds to “bail-out” families, and through its strategic alliances with other bilingual professionals whose purpose it is to save “El Sueño Americano”.

3. Mary Kay Table 4. The Law Offices of Byrd and Gonzalez


Exhibitors 1. Display Table for Latin Times 2. Health Drink Samples

1. A And C La Banda Performing at our 4th Anniversary 2. Damaris Rivera dancing Salsa with Danny Bravo


atin ConneXions are best Latino networking socials in Tampa Bay! Latin ConneXion Business Networking Events! Join us at one of our Latin ConneXions Business Networking Socials throughout Florida! Over 250 Business Professionals through the 3 hour event. Guests enjoy free parking, complimentary buffet & entertainment! PLUS Great Networking Opportunities! Latin ConneXions offers you a unique opportunity to meet and socialize with other local business professionals. Latin ConneXions guests include Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Community Leaders, Corporate Professionals, Doctors, Attorneys, Real Estate Professionals, and MORE! Events are fun, and you will find people easy to speak with and to approach. Meet your next client here, or make a new friend!

Upcoming Events Include! NEW Exciting Events in Pinellas County! Premiering the “Final” Friday in May, 2009 Our exciting NEW EVENT at The Venue @ 2675 Ulmerton Rd, St. Petersburg, Fl. 33762 Due to a high demand of requests, we have decided to create a NEW EVENT for our Business Community in the Pinellas County Area! Tampa Bay’s Business Community is invited to attend the KICK-OFF of “FINAL” Fridays. These “Latino-Style” networking events are among the biggest, most exciting business networking socials in Tampa Bay and now they are available to the Pinellas County Business Community!! Friday, May 29th, 2009 The event starts @ 5:30 PM until 8:30 PM. Entrance: $5.00 - Includes Buffet! Other “Final” Friday Dates: Friday, June 26th, 2009 & Friday, July 31st, 2009 @ The Venue! 1st Fridays Business Networking Socials – Hillsborough County @ Mirage Restaurant and Lounge @ 3605 W. Hillsborough Ave in Tampa, FL. Event Hours: 5:45 PM – 9:00 PM. Entrance: Free – Includes Buffet! Tampa Bay’s Premier Latino Monthly Business Networking social in Tampa Bay and Metro Orlando –and now on its 5th Successful Year of Hosting these events.

Upcoming Events Dates:

Friday, June 5th, 2009 - Comedy Night Friday, July 3rd, 2009 – Casino Latino Friday, August 7th, 2009 – Latin Expressions – A Cultural Art Exhibit Like every Latin ConneXions event, these events will offer guests a complimentary Latin buffet courtesy of The Venue and Latin Times Magazine, Parking is FREE and there will be many great giveaways. The Latin ConneXions Business Networking Socials are the product of Latin Times Magazine, this event was created in order to offer Tampa Bay’s business community the opportunity to meet and network with other area business professionals in an upscale environment. Latin ConneXions events attract both Latinos and non-Latinos alike and normally draws over 200 business professionals throughout the evening. Themed Entertainment with Salsa, Latin Jazz y Disco . Parking is FREE and there will be many great giveaways. LIVE Performances. Very Limited Exhibitor Opportunities:

Ladies Tea & Spa Party!


Event Date: June 2009 This exciting event will be taking place at a charming Victorian Room, where you will be awed by the formal setting and beauty of the room. Feel spoiled, as you are served with Crystal, Linens and Bone China. Talk and get to know other elite local business women in an atmosphere designed to make you unwind and relax. Develop new friendships or business relationships. Afterward, we will stroll through the connecting gate into the Secret Garden to enjoy wine tasting, and Champaign toasts, Chocolate Strawberries and our Spa Services! Each Guest will receive 2 Free Mini-Spa Service! Garden Spa Menu of Services: Message Therapists, Manicures, Facials, Hair-do’s, Make-Up, Eye Lash Extensions and MORE! For more information on how your company can exhibit at any one of our exciting upcoming events, please contact us at: (813) 901-5292 or email: JGonzalez@


Sponsored: Latin Times, Hispanic Foreclosure Alliance, Higher Dreams Productions, Mirage Restaurant and Lounge, The Venue, Telemundo Tampa and more! For exhibit/sponsorship opportunities for any of the events listed above, please email: or call: (813) 901-5292.

A & C La Banda” is a Spanish oriented band, offering a variety of merengue, salsa, bachata, and bolero music. The band originated in Tampa, Florida by both Carlo Kural and Armando Olivero. It consists of 12 musicians ranging from piano, bass, saxophone, trombone, trumpet, congas, timbales, bongo, 3 singers and 1 musical director. Armando Olivero was born in Bahoruco, Dominican Republic. Since a child he was greatly inspired with musical studies. Later registering at the Conservatorio Nacionalde Musica in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, where he finalized his career with Cuban professor Santiago Falls, which graduated from the University Tchaicovski in Russia. With his direction and instruction he was taught to compose and orquestrate symphonies. He studied the piano with Milagro Beras

WBO welterweight champion Miguel Cotto (33-1, 27 KOs), has been training hard for the title unification match that’ll take place in Madison Square Garden on June 13th, when he will meet the IBF champion Joshua Cottley (35-2, 20 KOs). “ Cotto, decided to train in Tampa to get away from the distractions that might crop up with his training in Puerto Rico and is reportedly feeling very comfortable with his new trainer, Joe Santiago. Miguel Cotto returned to the ring in February 2009 with a dominant win over Michael Jennings, seven months after his now-debated loss to Antonio Margarito.

at the Academia Dominicana de Musica, where he was recognized in the year 1988 as the Highest Achieving Student. At the Universidad Autonoma in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic he studied Economy for a number of six semesters. Where he later graduated as a lawyer at the Universidad del Caribe with honors Magna Cum Laude. He was orquestrator and director in the La Banda Sonora in the movie The Specialist, starring Sylvestor Stallone and Sharon Stone in the studios of Emilio Stephan in Miami, Florida. He has performed in prestigious stages in diverse countries such as, Japan, Chile, Cuba, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Venezuela, United Sates, Estocolmo, Switzerland, Spain, San Martin, and Curazao. His works have been recognized by the Asociacion de Cronistas de Arte in the Dominican Republic as the Best Orquestrator and or Musical Arranger from 1994 through 2000. In the


here’s “Danger” coming our way from Orlando. Dangerous P., born in Chicago, Illinois moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the age of 10 and relocated to Orlando last year, and will be coming to Tampa to perform music from his previous album, and some of his new music from his upcoming album, soon to be released. Dangerous P. is known for his deep lyrics and unique voice. He writes his own music and has a California connection for beats. D.P. recently did a show at the 11/12 Lounge in Orlando and has had his music played at Makos in downtown Orlando.

Check him out at: as well as

years 1998 through 2000 was awarded great statuette. He has acted as producer, musical director, and as special guest in a number of concerts and recordings for famous international artists such as, Danny Rivera, Sophy de Puerto Rico, Juan Luis Guerra, Jose Alberto (El Canario), Gilberto Santa Rosa, Jhonny Ventura, and Jhonny Pacheco. He is currently residing in the city of Tampa, Florida, where along side pianist, Carlo Kural, has created “A & C La Banda”, in which he is producer and musical director. He is currently residing in the city of Tampa, Florida, where along side pianist, Carlo Kural, has created “A & C La Banda”, in which he is producer and musical director.


lue Martini and Maxima 92.5

FM hosted a great event and Latin Times was thrilled to catch up with old friends Albert Kinng and DJ Neko! Albert Kinng, who has

been thrilling audiences in Metro Orlando for many years –is now part of Tampa Bay’s Maxima morning team. Albert Kinng was features on the cover of C.L.U.B. Magazine almost

9 years ago –which was the original Latin Times Magazine! We would like to welcome them to the morning team!


any years ago, Latin Times had the pleasure of hosting networking socials in downtown St. Petersburg. Those events ended a couple of years ago, and since then we have received so many requests to host these events in Pinellas County again, and FINALLY: the “Final” Fridays, Latin ConneXions Business Networking Social is kicking off for Pinellas County professionals. Tampa Bay’s Business Community is invited

Friday, May 29th, 2009 The event starts @ 5:30 PM until 8:30 PM. Entrance: $5.00 - Includes Buffet! Other “Final” Friday Dates: Friday, June 26th, 2009 & Friday, July 31st, 2009 @ The Venue! to attend the KICK-OFF of “FINAL” Fridays @ The fabulous venue” The Venue, located at 2675 Ulmerton Road in St. Petersburg, FL. These “Latino-Style” networking events are among the biggest, most exciting business networking socials in Tampa Bay and now they are available to the Pinellas County Business Community!!

For more information on how your company can exhibit at any one of our exciting upcoming events, please contact us at: (813) 4076866 or email: JGonzalez@thelatinvillage. com Sponsored: Latin Times, Hispanic Foreclosure Alliance, Higher Dreams Productions, Mirage Restaurant and Lounge, The Venue, Telemundo Tampa and more!

Ladies Tea & Spa Party! Event Date: June 14th, 2009

This exciting event is limited to just 50 local business women! The event will be taking place at a charming Victorian Room, where you will be awed by the formal setting and beauty of the room. Feel spoiled, as you are served with Crystal, Linens and Bone China. Talk and get to know other elite local business women in an atmosphere designed to make you unwind and relax. Develop new friendships or business relationships. Afterward, we will stroll through the connecting gate into the Secret Garden to enjoy wine tasting, and Champaign toasts, Chocolate Strawberries and our Spa Services! Each Guest will receive 2 Free MiniSpa Service! Garden Spa Menu of Services: Message Therapists, Manicures, Facials, Hair-do’s, Make-Up, Eye Lash Extensions and MORE! Event Location: The Empress Tea Room, located at 6810 E Fowler Ave, in Tampa, FL Website: For more information on how your company can exhibit at any one of our exciting upcoming events, please contact us at: (813) 407-6866 or email: HYPERLINK “” JGonzalez@ Sponsored: Latin Times, Hispanic Foreclosure Alliance, Higher Dreams Productions, The Empress Tea Room and more!


he award winners will be recognized at the July 25 Disability Awareness Expo at MOSI, 4801 E. Fowler Ave., in Tampa. The event will take place from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. The awards include: • Outstanding Community Service Award, which recognizes an individual, group or organization for outstanding accomplishments and contributions to the community through courageous advocacy, education and diligent persistence in pursuing goals that improve the quality of life for persons with disabilities. • Outstanding Accessible Places for People Award, which honors an individual, organization or place in Hillsborough County, for developing innovative ideas that improve life and accessibility for individuals with

disabilities. • Outstanding Youth/Young Adult Service Award, which pays tribute to a young person or youth group who volunteers their time to make a positive impact in the lives of people with disabilities. For a nomination form, log onto the County’s Web site at and click on the nomination form; or contact Raquel Peverini at (813)974-8616. Mail completed nomination forms to Raquel Peverini, ADA Coordinator, University of South Florida, Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity, 4202 E. Fowler Ave., ADM. 172, Tampa, FL, 33620. Completed forms can also be faxed to (813)974-4375. Nomination forms must be submitted by Friday, June 19.



Les exhortamos e invitamos a todos a participar de este importante 2ndo. Seminario de inmigración.

Este seminario se llevará acabo : El Sabado, 13 de junio del 2009, 9:00 a.m. - 2:00p.m. En La Iglesia Incarnation Catholic Church @ 8220 W Hillsborough Ave. (esquina de Hillsborough y Webb Rd) en Tampa.

Para más información y reservacion a participar en este evento: Luís López – Presidente: luislo313@gmail. com. 813-417-4046 Damaris Soto Frassica-Directora de Relaciones Publicas: 813-966-7612

a Junta de Directores de la Alianza Hispana de la Bahía de Tampa, Inc. Invita a la comunidad hispana y publico en general al 2ndo. seminario de inmigración.


ow can you get involved with the Hispanic Foreclosure Alliance:

There are many ways that you can assist us in this fight. The Hispanic Foreclosure Alliance is poised to help thousands of families throughout the US in their struggle with the foreclosure crisis. We are prepared to offer them assistance in obtaining a true loan modification, to save their homes, their dreams, and in some cases their families, but we do need your help!

You can help by: Becoming a Corporate Sponsor.

Is your company trying to reach the Hispanic Market? By becoming a corporate sponsor your business will be included in our radio and cable advertising. It is our goal to reward our corporate sponsors with the gratitude and attention of the Hispanic Market.

Making a Monetary Contribution. Become a Volunteer.

If you would like to become a volunteer, you can help families that are undergoing the trauma of foreclosure or work with the lenders and learn how loan modifications are done.

Helping us with fundraisers and events.

Our goal is to raise enough money to provide free loan modifications and foreclosure help to Hispanic families. Help us put on these events and have some fun at the same time.

What can the Hispanic Foreclosure Alliance do for you? Mortgage Review: We evaluate your current condition. This includes contacting the bank to determine the default amount and researching the servicer's loss mitigation procedures. We also obtain an appraisal, pull a credit report and run an amortization schedule. We interview the home owner and make qualified requests for useful documents. Plan Analysis: Since your situation is unique, we develop a plan that’s right for you. We take the mortgage review and develop a plan that is tailored to your circumstances, before we negotiate with the bank. Authorization to Represent: We can stop the annoying debt collection calls. Make no mistakes; your servicer is a debt collector. By using the ATR we can redirect all calls and correspondence to us and stop the servicer from harassing you about your mortgage. Audit Loan Documents: We help you delay or even win a foreclosure lawsuit. Many Florida home owners delay or even win foreclosure lawsuits because they find violations in their loan documents. We audit your loan documents based on Troy Docet’s book “23 Legal Defenses to Foreclosure”. Contacting Your Servicer: We are your representative with the servicer. We stay in regular contact with your servicer so you do not have to. Since foreclosure workouts and loan modifications change, we can evaluate and implement the most effective strategies available. Weekly Updates: We send you a weekly progress report. We contact your servicer weekly and send you a progress report by mail, e-mail or fax. Customer Service: We offer unlimited telephone support. We provide unlimited telephone support between the hours of 9am and 5pm est. Monday thru Friday, except holidays. The number for customer support is (888) 7258252.

Credit Protection and Repair: We help protect and improve your credit score. We keep your lender from reporting missed payments to credit bureaus. We will dispute charges that hurt your credit score. Loan Modification: This service consists of paying the default and the deficiency amount. We start by requesting a new 30 year fixed mortgage at the current market value of the property. We negotiate a new monthly payment of approximately 31% of your combined monthly income. At the same time we request that any missed payments are deferred to the end of the loan. According to the servicer it takes 3 to 5 weeks to get a response. Stop Home Foreclosure: We negotiate with the servicer and the lender. We contact the lender and the trustee to stop or delay the foreclosure process. Forbearance: This means deferring mortgage payment. To help you get back on your feet, we will negotiate with your lender to defer your payments. Submitting the Documents: There is a right way to submit your documents. To stop home foreclosures, or to offer loan modifications, servicers require certain documents. These documents include proof of home owner's income, expenses and hardship. We will prepare these documents for you to build a convincing case for the servicer that will get you results. Field Offers from the Lender: We will evaluate and negotiate offers from the lender. Most lenders make offers and counter-offers to homeowners that are in default. We will field these offers and advise you of the impact these offers may have on your monthly payment and principle amount. Rental Property: We help landlords and tenants. We offer a service to home owners that own rental property. We will update your tenant on any foreclosure information relevant to the property through our customer service line. E-mail: Phone: (888) 725-8252 Fax: (888) 316-6459

Salma Valgarma Hayek Jiménez was born September 2, 1966, in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, Mexico


he attended a convent school in Louisiana at the age of 12 and lived with her aunt in Houston, Texas during her teens. After a brief stint at a university in Mexico City, she dropped out to pursue a career in acting, eventually becoming a soap star in her native Mexico. In 1991, the ambitious Latina moved to Los Angeles, determined to improve her ingles and become a Hollywood actress. After small gigs, she landed a role opposite Antonio Banderas in 1995’s Desperado. Today, Salma is an actress, director, and television and film producer. Salma has appeared in more than 30 films and has performed as an actress outside of Hollywood, in Mexico and in Spain. Salma is the first Mexican national to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress. She is one of the most prominent Mexican figures in Hollywood, since the silent film actress Dolores del Rio and is also, after Fernanda Montenegro, the second of three Latin American actresses (the other being Catalina Sandino Moreno) to achieve a Best Actress Oscar nomination. Salma Hayek is executive producer of the hit television series Ugly Betty which is based on the Colombian telenovela “Yo Soy Betty La Fea.” The show premiered on ABC in September 2006 and won a Golden Globe for Best Comedy in 2007. In July 2007, The Hollywood Reporter ranked Salma fourth in their inaugural Latino Power 50, a list of the most powerful members of the Hollywood Latino community. That same month, a poll found Salma to be the “sexiest celebrity” out of a field of 3,000 celebrities (male and female); according to the poll, “65 percent of the U.S. population would use the term ‘sexy’ to describe her”. In December 2008, Entertainment Weekly ranked Salma number 17 in their list of the “25 Smartest People in TV.” Salma’s charitable works include increasing national awareness on violence against women as well as discrimination against immigrants.

Aries (March 21 – April 19) Hola Aries! Ram’s seek fame y fortune? Definitely el fame, not so much the fortune! While you could hit it big and make a bundle of dinero (many are entrepreneurs), it’s more than likely that any fortune attained will have been as a result of your incredible will to succeed, not a desire to get rich. Aries, tu eres daring y bold, los go-getters de el Zodiac. They like to run the show – y como te gusta ganar! This quality might get you in trouble every now and again where dinero is concerned, pero invariably, you’ll wriggle out of it. Its action y adventure that el Ram craves, whatever el cost. With the world as their oyster, Arians will purr like a gato. Bottom line: the Rambo of the boardroom has arrived!

Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 23) Hola Libra! It should come as no sorpresa that the Scales like things to be en balance -- el checkbook, your life. Librans revel in beauty y harmonia y are often striving for perfection. This quest can lead to bouts of indecision, for although you love to please, you hate to make the wrong choice! Ever the conciliator (you are often a diplomat), the Scales prefer to achieve a happy medium, whatever the ‘precio.’ You are at your best with a partner, ideally someone who can keep you from swinging wildly in either direction and help you to achieve your goals.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20) El Toro es one of the Zodiac’s great providers. Those born abojo de este sign are great with money, probably because they value it so much. You love the good life, y that usually costs a pretty penny -- after all, how many Picasso’s go on sale? Tangible assets are best where los toros are concerned, things which you can see, feel, y touch. Consequently, antiques and real estate are far more appealing than stocks and bonds. Toros should consider some long-term investments, since you like both making y keeping money.

Scorpio (Oct. 24 – Nov. 21) Hola Scorpio! Eres complex y mysterious y el master of strange dealings. You never quite know what these folks are up to! Hopefully, algo bueno. When the chips are down, however, Scorpio’s inner fuerzas y nerves de acero makes those born under this Sign great in a crisis. Hey, Scorpio are poderoso y you command respeto...or is that fear? Whatever the case, don’t cross a Scorpion in a business deal, because it could be a fatal move -- this is the Sign, after all, which rules sex, muerte, y dinero. A holy trinity indeed!

Gemini (May 21 – June 21) Hola Gemini! Los twines are considered los deal-makers de el Zodiac, albeit guileless ones. It is a good time to do a little networking. A crowded cocktail party con its potential for you to make some new contacts may lead to endless possibilities. You have the ability to charm your way into the pocketbooks of everyone you meet –and would probably do well in sales. You are changeable, unpredictable, y you enjoy spending your pennies, rarely worrying about where the next cheque will come from.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) Hola Sagittarius! ‘Hey, Big Spender...wanna spend some tiempo with me?’...yes, that little ditty was definitely referring to a Sagittarian, for those born under esto signo, love to spend and usually have mucho dinero with which to do it. Sagittarius, you are considered the luckiest Sign of the Zodiac. Then again, it can also be said that one makes their own luck, y this is something that el optimistic Sagittarians do muy bien. Sagittarians are fairly good at handling dinero, although they’d rather be trabajando en el next big deal. Since money management bores them to lagrimas, they are well advised to hire an accountant.

Cancer (June 22 – July 22) Hola Cancer! Why do you think Crabs come equipped with a hard, protective shell? It’s because security is of the utmost importance to these folks and that means financial security as well. Cancerian’s like having money and feel especially good when there’s a pile of it in the bank. Instinctive as they are and quick to trust their gut, making money comes fairly easily to those born under this Sign, but then it can also be said that that’s because they’ve worked at it, perhaps while no one was looking. Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22) Hola Leo! Cómo te gusta estar en el center stage eh? You also love beauty y riches y often seem to be pampered con los dos. When not on el stage, it’s easy to spot el león en a crowd, siempre son los mas magneticos in the room. Leos are usually on a mission to find their right place in the (business) world. If they’re chosen to lead -- well, some things just make perfect sense! You enjoy taking a risk, pero generally only if the odds are in their favor. They hate to lose (and look bad!). It’s not surprising for Las Vegas to beckon to the Lion who loves glamour y glitz along with some shiny new coins. El León’s gambling streak can be a good thing, as long as el ego doesn’t get in the way y lead you to some bad business decisions. Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22) Hola Virgo! Those born under this Sign are bendecidos con common sense and self-reliance and manage their dinero (and that of others) muy bien. As befits their cautious and reflective nature, Virgos like to size up a situation primero, making them good business partners. These honest and trustworthy folks are also chronic worriers, so they’ll definitely mind the store! A business with a Virgo involved will run like a finely-oiled maquina since perfection is the name of the game. The bottom line with Virgos is that they are very good with money. This suits your analytical mind! Your accounts will always be en orden, and you can really stretch a buck, being as measured as they are. The Virgin also hates to waste money. Having money en el banco is a bonus for you since it will eliminate one more worry!

Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19) Hola Capricorn! The Goat is oh-so-careful where el dinero es concerned. Disciplined y focused Capricorns love routine y actually enjoy el hard work involved in achieving financial success. It’s el Capricornio’s lot in life to slowly y steadily climb up la montaña, pausing every now and again for a gulp of aire fresco and then continuing, ever higher. Capricorns expect things to be tough since they tend toward pessimism. Al fín, however, it’s exactly what will spur you on, because they do want to get to the top of that montaña in the worst way. Being acknowledged is what you want most, and if that can happen with a bulging wallet in hand, all the mejor! Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18) Hola Aquarius! They don’t call you el geniuses of the Zodiac para nada. Possessed of a quicksilver mind, these folks could make a bundle of dinero -- if they ever put their mente to it. It’s likelier, though, that restless Aquarians will be mas focused on their lofty new ideas or salvando el mundo. That’s right, a new world order -- now that’s fun to an Aquarian! The visionary Aquarius may seem distracted mucho del tiempo, but that’s only because they’re living inside their cabeza, a place where the wheels are spinning away. Those born under this Sign are logical, love to think, y enjoy helping otros, especially via charities y their pet causes. Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20) Hola Pisces! The Fish like to own their own casa, since it provides a safe haven from the changeable mundo. Nimble as they are con el dinero, they know how to stretch a buck y can make second-hand rags look like designer duds. However, they won’t always be attuned to the specifics of their bank balances. ‘Out of money?!’ the Pescado will exclaim. ‘Oooops! I’m afraid mi mente was elsewhere.’ Sweet-natured Pisceans simply cannot say no cuando alguien asks them for dinero, yet they’ll never keep track of where the dinero went! Some things are forever hazy with El Pescado...

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