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Making College  Dreams   Possible  for  First-­‐generation   Latino  Youth!  

Leadership and  Commitment  

Latino U  College  Access   Our  Mission  

Latino U College Access was formed by a group of dedicated and experienced professionals with lengthy careers in non-profit management, business and education. We each share a commitment and passion to the mission of Latino U. Together with the assistance of volunteers, community partners and collaborators, we are committed to ensuring that Latino youth attain equity and opportunity for a brighter future.

Increase college enrollment and completion rates among firstgeneration Latino youth by providing equal access and guidance through education, outreach, collaboration and advocacy, enabling students to reach their full academic potential.

Our objectives and guiding principles are to: 1. Empower Latino students to participate fully in the college consideration and application process. 2. Increase post-secondary enrollment and completion of Latino students.

Bo ard of Directors v Founder, Executive Director - Shirley Acevedo Buontempo, MPA v President - Eridania Camacho, Assistant Director of The Gateway Center at Westchester Community College v Treasurer – Andrea Beltran Ruggiero, MPA, Director of Special Programs, Open Door Family Medical Center

v Secretary – Jamie Lulow, MSEd, Educational Consultant, Certified College Counselor

3. Increase access to financial aid and scholarship opportunities. 4. Enhance college-bound culture and engage parental support among Latino families. 5. Create a climate for real social change through education and community advocacy efforts.

Staff: •

Shirle y Aceve do Buont empo MPA, Fo under Execut ive Dir ector

Nelsida F ria s, Progra m C oordina tor


T am ara Bo net, C omm unicatio ns a nd S ocial Me dia

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“Upon the  subject  of  education…  I  view  it   as  the  most  important  subject  which  we   as  a  people  can  be  engaged  in.”      President  Abraham  Lincoln  


America’s Future   US  Education  Crisis   Only 41.1% of 25 – 34 year olds have college degrees. By 2020, 64% of US jobs will require some type of postsecondary education. At the current rate of college completion, America will experience a shortage of 3 million workers.

Access, Opportunity,  Success   Current programs offered in local communities in partnership with local school districts and community organizations. The programs will comprise of three core practices: to inform, guide and support students.

Inform –  Spanish  language  community  presentations    

Among Latinos only 19% of 25 – 34 year olds hold a college degree. Less than ½ the national rate and lower than all other ethnic groups.

Pasos a la Universidad / Pathway to College

Ingreso a la Universidad / Admissions 101

Ayuda Financiera / Paying for College

The Future  of  America  

Exito en la Universidad / Achieving College Success

Latinos are the largest and fastest growing minority population in the US. They represent 16% of the population in the US. This is a young population of 17.1 million under the age of 17 that represents 24% of public school students and one in four Kindergarteners. The future of our country and its educational needs depends on the academic success of Latino youth. However, Latino students often lack access to resources, support and guidance. Most students go through this process entirely on their own, and often under-apply or don’t take the risk of applying to college. Helping Latino students meet these challenges is necessary to achieve their dreams of going to college… and this is essential to America’s growth and success.

Guide  –  Student  workshops  and  prep  sessions   •

SAT / ACT Prep

Essay Writing Seminar

Common Application and FAFSA “Boot camps”

Support –Volunteer  “coaching  and  mentor  opportunities   •

Mentor Program

Volunteer “College Coaches”

“Education is  simply  the  soul  of   society  as  it  passes  from  one   generation  to  another”   GK  Chesterson  


Partnering For  Success  

You Can  Help  Fulfill  Dreams!  

A  Special  Thank  You  to  Our     Collaborators  and  Supporters  

Your help can make college dreams a reality for firstgeneration Latino youth! v Donate – give a donation to fund programs and workshops.

Collaboration is a key component necessary to achieve student success in a community. As they say “it takes a village.” We seek to continuously establish collaborative partnerships with public school districts, higher education institutions, libraries, community organizations and local businesses. National organizations have joined us to provide increased resources and materials, expertise, enhance public awareness and advocacy of our efforts. We could not fulfill our mission without the support and encouragement of our founding collaborators. For their support we are extremely grateful and appreciative. • • • • • • • • • •

Hispanic Scholarship Fund Bedford Central School District Ossining Central School District Ossining Public Library Mt. Kisco Public Library Proyecto Alcanze, Ossining Westchester Community College, Gateway Center Pace University Wilson Center for Social Entrepreneurship ALPFA, New York

v Volunteer - share your experience and expertise by volunteering to assist with Latino U programs and workshops in the school and community. v College “Coach” – serve as a volunteer college “coach” to assist a student with applications, essays, or test prep.

v Mentor - expose students to careers and college by mentoring a student within your organization. v Sponsor – invite your organization to become a corporate sponsor to fund programs and outreach efforts. v Partner - collaborate with us to bring programs to your community.

v Host - a gathering at your home or office to introduce and support Latino U College Access.

Aspirations and  Goals   90% of middle and high school Latino students say they plan to go to college. What they often lack is the experience, information and resources needed to successfully participate in the process.

Advisory Council   The Advisory Council is made up of key community members, agency and corporate leaders who share their experience and expertise to support the mission of increasing first generation Latino college completion rates.

Ruben Barato, PhD, Acting Director of Counseling, Student Judicial Affairs, Westchester Community College Grace Beltran, Director of Marketing and Community Outreach Open Door Family Medical Center Patti Ivry, MSW, LCSW, Director Executive Forum Western Connecticut State University Alice Joselow, Coordinator & Chair Ossining Communities That Care

Contact Us   F or mor e informa tion a bout La tino U Colle ge Access •

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Advisory Co uncil Member ship

Plea se co ntact : Shirle y Aceve do Buont emp o, MPA Exe cu tive D irector (914) 648-0239 / (914) 980-6359 (mobile)

Ellen Rodriguez, President & CEO French Connection Holdings, Inc. Lisa Strick, Founder, Chief Idea Officer IDEA Bungalow Melissa Torres, Managing Director Prudential Financial, Citigroup Dolores Vidal-Roy, MSW, Co-Founder Latino Providers Adrienne Viscardi, Director of ESOL Bedford Central School District

Student Voices   “My fa ther sacr ifice d e verything for us. I feel lik e I ow e it to him and I want to ma ke him pr oud.” Miguel L. “My mo ther did not finish her degre e…. I aim to finish so that her har d wo rk can cont inue thro ugh m e.” Lisette M .

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Latino U College Access Introductory Pamphlet  
Latino U College Access Introductory Pamphlet  

Introductory pamphlet providing details on Latino U programs, Board of Directors, collaborators and volunteer opportunities.