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hroughout Arizona history, when people ventured out to pursue dreams of a better life, there have been legendary Latinas leading the way. The spirits of these women shine brightly, serving as beacons of courage, hope and determination for countless generations. Drawing on their heritage of hard work, caring and generosity, they followed familia-instilled values to help others. Motivated by selfless dedication, they struggled on the paths of service to the community to achieve equality, justice, education, prosperity and all that creates a quality life. The four Trailblazers that Latino Perspectives Magazine and Phoenix College’s Raul H. Castro Institute honor in 2013 are accomplished in many areas, always driven by strong commitments to their families and neighbors. Each has taken up the torch seeking fairness and opportunity. They often tread a rocky road toward basic human rights, some by taking their fights to a political arena, others in service organizations.

In commemoration of Women’s History Month, LPM and the Raul H. Castro Institute at Phoenix College will celebrate the life and dedication of four remarkable Arizonans. Join us for a community celebration in their honor on March 27, 2013, at the Phoenix Art Museum. Free admission. (See ad on page 63)

ÂĄ March 2013!

Latino Perspectives Magazine


Latino Perspectives Magazine March 2013  

Magazine focused on the Arizona Latino Market

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