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Traditional Views Vs. Real Gritty Truth of Britain

Theses are traditional views of London 1st of all we are the only country who still have royals for example queen Elizabeth. Another traditional view is the English breakfast which consist of beans sausages eggs bacon and bread We also have traditional landmarks that tourist visit for example tower bridge, big ben and London eye which lets visitors view London high up in the ferries wheel

The real gritty truth that isn't portrayed to tourist, is the fact the London isn't as great as it seems to be. It is full of gangs and crimes because of the countless fatherless children around the London's areas with no farther figure to look up too. There's also been a riot due to the governors cutting benefits and more.

LOCATION SHOOTING vď śâ€Ż British social realism films are filmed on actual, real life locations such as parks and as parks and council estates and not in made up set in studios like big hollywood films use. By using locations rather than the studio, it makes the film seem more true to real life the audience to watch. An example of this is in fish tank as it uses an actual council estate within the film same as shank

NON-PROFESSIONAL ACTORS British social realism films use non professionals or unknown actors as it adds to the realistic look. Also , many british social realism films cannot afford popular hollywoods actors to be in their films as the budget is usually quite low. For example, katie jarvis main character in fish tank.


KIDULTHOOD v  Directed by  Menhaj  Huda,  ‘Kidult  hood’  is  a  Bri:sh  drama:sed  social  realist  film   that  takes  the  se>ng  of  London  and  depicts  a  certain  portrayal  of  social  stereotypes.   It  includes  a  group  of  teens  at  a  rough  London  school,  it  follows  certain  stories  and   consequences  in  a  ending  for  each  characters  story.     v  Kidulthood  can  benefit  my  research  in  social  realist  films  as  it  very  much   resembles  my  desired  film  in  the  prac:cal  produc:on,  as  my  theme  is  child  abuse.   Kidulthood  shows  examples  of  abuse,  not  to  children  but  from  teens  to  one  another.   v  ‘A  day  in  the  life  of  a  group  of  troubled  15-­‐year-­‐olds  growing  up  in  west   London.’    

LIGHTING , PROPS AND CAMERA SHOTS The ligh:ng  in  social  realist  films  normally  consists  of  natural  daylight,  giving  the  effect  of  normality  and  day   light  being  the  peak  of  the  days  events.  By  using  ‘natural’  light  it  allows  the  audience  to  think  that  because  it   is  in  the  middle  of  the  day  it  is  natural  for  occurrences  to  happen  like  fights  etc.   Props  that  are  used  in  films  with  such  a  genre  mostly  include  everyday  objects,  things  that  would  be  a   normal  item  to  own  in  either  the  era  of  the  film  or  the  style.  These  things  would  include  knives,  guns  which   because  of  the  :me  of  day,  would  seem  ‘normal’.     Camera  work  and  shots  involve  shots  such  as  close  ups  and  medium  long  shots,  this  is  because  close  ups   show  the  actors  facial  expressions  which  perhaps  are  used  more  to  show  the  conveyed  expression  upon  the   characters  face  rather  than  CGI  taking  charge.    Medium  long  shots  also  because  they  are  standard  shots  that   allot  a  large  scale    of  picture  to  be  seen.  

traditional vs gritty british realism  

this was my traditonal vs gritty british realism presentaion.

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