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Plan B:

The Reason Why Most Don’t Succeed The number one reason why most people quit is because consciously or subconsciously they have an alternate plan to fall back on. Psychologically, this additional route fosters lack of commitment and creativity towards the original plan. Let’s examine why. 1. Plan B Creates Uncertainty: When you have a plan B, you are broadcasting insecurity, uncertainty, and lack of faith. You are subconsciously saying to yourself “I believe plan A might not work out.” And sometimes, it’s that very belief that cause plan A to ultimately fail. 2. Plan B Kills Momentum: In order to succeed in any endeavor, you must give 120 percent of your energy, commitment, and drive. Anything short of that and your competition takes the prize home. Thinking of plan B, even for a minute while striving towards plan A, will dilute your momentum.


3. Plan B Blocks Creativity: The saying goes “When a door closes, another one opens.” However, at times that opening door can be very far and your energy can be better invested on finding creative ways to get the door in front of you to open. Yet it’s the thought of door B opening elsewhere that shuts people’s creativity and commitment. Try this. Act as though the door you are facing is the only door there is. Perhaps then, quitting on it might be a lot harder, which might force you to be creative. 4. Plan B Slows You Down: It’s tiring enough to give 120 percent of your energy towards the pursuit of a worthwhile cause. Now imagine giving 120 percent towards plan A while simultaneously letting plan B run on the background. It’s like a computer with too many windows open. You will be sluggish and react with much delay.

Hispanic Heritage Month Special Edition

5. Plan B Makes it Unsafe: Consider driving very fast while planning, thinking, and looking at a map for alternative routes. It is likely that you might end up crashing or never making it to your destination. This is what plan B does to you. It distracts you to the point where you might neglect the current path you are traveling on. 6. Plan B Makes it Harder: Thinking is optimized and better done when it’s focused; in other words, when your thoughts are aligned with the direction you are moving towards. It’s similar to swimming down the river; you don’t have to do much, the current and you are one. But when your thoughts begin to swim upstream towards alternative trails, then the journey becomes more arduous. Disregard any thought that’s not supportive of plan A; it’s then when you might have a real shot at success.



28 | Latino Espectacular | Pitbull Special Edition | Hispanic Heritage Month  

Pitbull Special Edition Front cover, Hispanic Heritage Month

28 | Latino Espectacular | Pitbull Special Edition | Hispanic Heritage Month  

Pitbull Special Edition Front cover, Hispanic Heritage Month