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Photo Courtesy of elBullifoundation


By Sem Devillart Translated by José Antonio Villarán

Ferran Adrià Catalan chef Ferran Adrià revolutionized the culinary world with the gastronomic methods he put into practice at his pioneering restaurant elBulli. Adria’s “Notes on Creativity” is the first major exhibition dedicated to the visualization and drawing practices of this master. The exhibition presents examples of drawings, notes, notebooks, diagrams, pictograms and prototypes by Adria and his collaborators. The exhibition, currently running at the Drawing Center in New York City, is a beautiful showcase that depicts Adria’s creative process, at the intersection of science meets art. LatinLover could not resist asking a few questions!


Latin Lover #7: Supergood, Superyou!  

In this issue, we’ve prepared something we hope will make you healthier and happier. We’re bringing you an exploration of twenty-first centu...

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