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letter from the editor


"Como Regreso a Casa" by Stephanie Rosas


Illustration by Jasmine Chiquito



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Being so far away from what I call home, music is what takes me back.

"Ghazal to the tune of 'La hija de nadie'" by Elena Ramirez-Gorski "El Ritmo de la Resistencia" by Daniel López

Through music we dance, we march, we cry and we advocate for our communities.

"Dissonance" by Alanah Cardenas-O'Toole

"Quijada" by

The “Quijada” is one of the most important instruments in several genres of

music, specially “Música Criolla” and “Festejo”, in Perú, giving a particular sound and rhythm to them. It is depicted over an Andean textile to symbolize the

cultural fusions that shaped Perú as a nation, and which gave birth to the great variety of Peruvian musical genres.


"Dancing with a Memory" by Alanah Cardenas-O'Toole


"Rhythmic Resistance" by Red


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"El Ritmo de la Resistencia" by Daniel López (cont'd) "Dejalo que Baile" by Diana Galicia Heredia Illustrations by Carisma Ayala

"My Tejano Princess" by Carisma Ayala

letter from the editor Everyone reading this page right now is somehow removed— removed from their hometown, their family, their friends, or from the former chapters of their lives. This issue of Latinidad seeks to remind us of the medium that returns us to the places and spaces that we are removed from— the music that brings us back to those parts of our lives. The photography and artwork on the following pages proves that music is not only an aural presence, but it also manifests itself in our identity, clothing, physical space, and what it is we think about when we take the earbuds out of our heads and when the band stops playing. So, please listen to the playlist we fragmented together, read the poems our contributors wrote, and stare at their artwork for a long time— music is circumstantial and contextual to your experience, and we hope that whatever meaning comes from these pages reminds you of the parts of your life that you may be removed from. Emmanuel Solis Editor-in-Chief

Maria Sobirino Co-Editor

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playlist Llevo // Luke Martinez Frío // Omar Apollo Tkm // Boy Pablo Nuestro Planeta // Kali Uchis feat. Reykon Tusa // KAROL G & Nicki Minaj muévelo // Salt Cathedral Carrusel // RARRI BLANCO La Nueva Ciudad // Balún A letter to my younger self // Ambar Lucid No Hay Mal Que Dure // Zoé I Don't Know You // The Marias Memorias Caramelas // La Doña feat. Cotó latinidad magazine |  iii

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Ghazal to the tune of "La hija de nadie” Elena Ramirez-Gorski

My mother and I cry to the same ranchera song. We share the same salt-and-lime running-mascara song.

Both hijas de nadie, both cried with Yolanda del Río, bled dry for kind eyes, a father, for a song.

We have both danced on sticky bar floors with a stranger or handsy primo to the same Reagan-era song.

Every time she drinks she gets tattoos of lover’s names, then cries in the car with her speakers blaring the song.

Every doomed path turning blue under my mother’s skin-raised and inked over, a bulging pained prayer, a song.

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The forbidden name of my father goes forgotten, scraped and scrubbed from my tongue to avoid my swan song.

I’ve grown into her mania, watched her freckles spot my face, narrow hips sway to the same guera song.

Whoever dies first wins those sorrowful trumpets and gritos as their reunion-con-la-tierra song.

The doctor says to bury my mother. Mourn for who I needed and love who I have, the one who shares the song.

And after the pillow-choked sobs, Baby-teeth slapped from bloody gums, we still cry to the same ranchera song.

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Dissonance Alanah Cardenas-O'Toole

There’s a cacophony in my head A discord, loud and dissonant. My mind won’t let me rest.

Believe me, I’ve tried to shut it out,

But pillows only work for thunderstorms, And silence suffocates me. I drown. I drown.

For it is here to stay. 7 |  latinidad magazine

I drown. I drown.

Please take it away. I fight this discord with harmony. I fight this war with peace.

I fight this cacophony with music. The ocean of serenity drowns the roar inside, And, for a moment,

I can breathe again.

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Dancing with a Memory Alanah Cardenas-O'Toole


I’ll take star after star

And dance with your memory. I’ll practice for the day we meet again

Waltzing with the sun into the night.

11 |  latinidad magazine


I found your love for life Inside myself.

I’ll twirl and spin

Learning to dance with the moon. Abuelo,

Let’s dance again

Celebrating a life long loved. latinidad magazine | 12

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Rhythmic Resistance

Left, Right Left, Right My movement Makes music. Holding strong to my confidence So I won’t Lose it. Looking out for White Power and those who abuse it. Those who find my appearance amusing. Of not belonging, It’s me they’re accusing.

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An open-minded and aware perspective, Is one They’re not choosing. The reality that others besides them exist, is not an idea that they’re losing, Or perhaps never had. But still I walk, Or maybe stomp, With My shoulders back. My chest out, and My head held high, Using my musical movement to Create profane and vulgar lyrics When they apply. Parental Advisory Is surely advised. Around my neck a bandana is tied, Red, The same color of anger that Resides

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Behind my eyes. That is only my body, But in my voice There is rhythm, Releasing scholarly schisms, To an institution that can serve As an intellectual prison, For people not White, For people who fearlessly fight, To bring their existence to sight, Enduring our plight, With our fists clenched tight, We stand strong in the Brightness of day and the darkness of night. - Red

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Issue 7, Nuestra Musica  

Music & Rhythm -- how personal interpretations of music shape relationships, memories, space and time as well as how music relates us to hom...

Issue 7, Nuestra Musica  

Music & Rhythm -- how personal interpretations of music shape relationships, memories, space and time as well as how music relates us to hom...