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Flowers from my garden for the cover image

Design Portfolio Every part of this story belongs to me, the art, the scribbles, the photographs and the lousy humor. c latikanehra2015

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illustration for kuzu



There is a set of the resume virtues and the psyche virtues, the skill & the self. This story has a both. This book is a candid approach to recollecting some parts of the past, in a hope to sort a future. Apart from exhibiting the work I have done in the last few years, I am also trying to figure why I did when and when I did what. There might be excessive and some irrelevant information for a portfolio. You are welcome to surf only through the works. Since its an attempt for me to collect not just the work but the thoughts behind and around the work, these pages might be slightly journal-eque.

self portrait , mix - media


the only way I could tell my story candidly, is by sharing it through the places I've been to and recounting the people whom I have worked with over the past few years.

The journal 2009- 12 ah em dabad

20 1 4 - 1 5 n ew d el h i

First identity design project for a NGO


Glean chai campaign Greenpeace India


Classroom project on color symbolism


Annual report Greenpeace India


Artworks for a restaurant


2012-13 GOA Diploma project houses of Goa


Non-comissioned illustrations


20 1 5 Ga n g to k Visual library for Kuzu



ah em dabad gujar at I went to Ahmedabad for my Design Studies. It is a big city in the state of Gujarat, India famous for giving us Gandhiji and now Narender Modi, our prime minister. Well known for its rich textile heritage, Islamic monuments and the nine days of a dance festival called Garba. It is extremely hot and the food is traditional sweet. My college, National Institute of Design was founded here in the early 1960’s as training institute for professionals. I was in Ahmedabad studying design for about four years. It was my ever first city experience as I was in a boarding school for 10 years before this, so, naturally it found a special place in my heart. It is the place, where I believe my life truly began.

2 3° 0 3’ N 72° 40’ E


friends over chai, design relevance in sleepless nights, first kisses and bike rides.


ONE First identity design project for a NGO


tags : identity design , branding , logo , ngo , weavers , women , assam


A non-profit Experience I was in second year college, studying Graphic Design when I got this identity design project for a NGO based in Assam. I remember being more excited than the client to work on the project. Through the course of this project I realized my big challenge as a designer in India was not just about creating a beautiful identity, but to first make people around me aware about the importance and the relevance of design work. Registered as a non profit organization in 1999, Mulberry had been set up with a mandate to work towards the development and economic empowerment of rural women in the north east of India. It provides an opportunity for the women in need and helps them generate income through their own household crafts.

see full documentation on

201 1

my very first gig. I remember being more excited than the client to work on this project.


TWO Color Meanings A research based project I took up in my third year as graphic design student, the outcome was a set of illustrations. The project aimed to understand color symbolism through different cultures and bring them together in their one universal meaning. Through the research I became aware that all colors owe their meaning to associations made with it and nature, where it is first seen and found in different cultures.


In this project, I attempt to explain the primary symbolism of different colors through artworks depicting females with color personalities.


Classroom project on Color Symbolism tags : color symbolism , subcultures , illustrations

see the entire project on

201 2


be brave baby On ne sait jamais!

i have started noticing certain similarities between me & my stationery kit. One Inexpensive unsharpened pencil, aimless just like me & one fancy ink pen that i will lose soon just like my determination.


A lepidopterist or aurelian is a person who specialises in the study of Lepidoptera, members of an order encompassing moths and the three superfamilies of butterflies, skipper butterflies, and mothbutterflies. The term also includes hobbyists who are not formal scholars, who catch, collect, study, or simply observe lepidopterans

“Here is my secret. It is very simple. It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.�

It is amazing how designers can win so many arguments by just using is the word 'perspective' and there ded bloo no arguing with a young s designer over it because everyone ives. pect pers own got their


image above poster for a textile and garments display . text around the ramblings i have preserved over time

This natural isolation along the 155 miles (249 km) length of the DMZ has created an involuntary park which is now recognised as one of the most well-preserved areas of temperate habitat in the world.

get a job. lose a life

In the past half century, the Korean DMZ has been a deadly place for humans, making habitation impossible.

big life agendas. Apart from being a kick ass GD n artist. +Organic farming +naturotherapy. +Fitness trainer. +Aurelian artist +Architecture and Interior Design. eeh big dreams.. +Landscape artist made some friends for life. drank enough alcohol to fill up the nights and of course lots and lots of chai.

201 2

for the first time in a long time, I stopped & questioned my medieval belief system passed on to my by a socie ty that had not tolerance for th e different.

we would laugh at seniors who never left or who left and then came back and hung around college. thought, maybe they dint make it out there. only after i graduated and went out there i finally understood why they came back.



GOA GOA Goa needs no introduction to those who frequently visit it for its beaches and parties, that it is popularly know for. The Goa I got to experience was very different from that. I went to Goa as a final year-design student in search of a diploma project and was very fortunately to have got the opportunity to work on the houses of Goa. ‘Houses of Goa’ is an illustrated tribute to celebrate the architectural beauty of Goa. It was a project initiated by the studio Beard Design, for their love for Goa. My six month stay in Goa was filled with discoveries. I felt so empowered finding new places, meeting new people and getting to understand a whole new culture. It was also my first work-in-the-industry experience and although was entrusted with an intensive work, I thoroughly enjoyed it. After the completion of this project, I stayed in a small fisherman’s hut by the beach in south Goa, documenting this project and also working on some side wall art projects.


15 ° 3’ N 73° 5 5 ’ E

201 3

the sea, the breeze, the feelings. UNFORGETTABLE. like the nat king cole song

THREE Final year thesis. Graduate design diploma project.


tags : goa , portuguese houses , architecture , vector illustrations , identity design , website design


houses of goa ‘Houses of Goa’ is an illustrated tribute to celebrate the Portuguese Architecture of Goa. The website, went live on Goa’s liberation Day, 19th December 2013. Initiated by Beard Design for their love for Goa, it was my final Diploma project at the National Institute of Design. My time working in Goa will be one of best moments of my life. I will fondly remember my days of riding around Goa to places off the grid in search for the hidden architectural treasures of the land. Later painstakingly illustrating them digitally, the way I saw them. Overall some unforgettable moments and the best way to commemorates my precious years at the National Institute of Design. The project can viewed on and its documentation on on the left exploring the architectural richness of goa below full detailed sketches before color the fills

201 3


casa figueiredo

solar dos colacos

casa rodrigues

vivian coutinho

qudros e costa

casa robello

casa humberto alvares

casa grande

sequeira nazareth

casa mirando

pinto de rosario

casa barreto

panjim inn

pillar sisters

silva house

casa monte silva

casa fernandes


francisco xavier house


201 3

I call it my vector intensive project where I spent months with the pen tool and played with muted color palettes to get the perfect flat vector illustrations


my exc lu of the sive list h treasu idden res of Goa



Non-commissioned art. tags : goa , portraits , art , illustration , people , mix - media


best Eat the y r r Fish cu e ic r and at WOODSorim. rv INNpo t s ju for ks. 50 buc

Eventually I needed to get my hands dirty and create without thinking. it was my way of taking a break from all the digital illustrations and surprisingly i found my calling in painting strange portraits of people i had known or met only in my mind.

IN K & PEN I went to Goa to for my final college project and worked in a very difficult design environment. While no work place is perfect, this one was a mess. Amidst this mess I found my joy. My project houses of Goa gave me the chance to explore a place for real and find hidden houses with stories. It was the first time I was completely on my own and loved it. It is where I discovered how much I love discovering places. Trusting a stranger’s word, relying on my instincts and diving into completely new energies with each person. These are artworks I did on the side, some portraits, some thoughts and emotions from the many mysteries that surfaced my mind back then. see the entire collection on


Reuben’s cutlets and pork ribs near Miramar circle .

for N igh Lilliput t scenes he ad t in place o Anjuna. Lots o n tha of are ve t stretch ry chil l.

Go to Margao for old goa feels. Beautiful old churches & houses.

the Backyard cafe in Porvorim has a very chill. live music scene.

201 3

Loutolim village is filled with Portuguese houses and India’s best bakery called JILA.

Must Try - Rasam omelette near the panjim Church. main square.

Go to Vagator for the beach & Scarlet juice shop. Its in a really charming street and try the avocado juice. its yum!

GOA SOUTH o t o g Must or f a d n Ago y an empt l beautifu . h c bea


this is a funny story, seriously.

I imagined of all the horrific things that were going to be done to me with those creepy pointed sharp nails. Just then a thin, creepy, big eyed man, riding a motorbike came near the car.

so after you dropped me. the big fat cab driver drove to an isolated area off the main road to an area with only paddy fields on both sides. When I asked him, where are you going, he said “I am waiting for someone who will drive, I don’t know the way.” I started to panic. But I made sure I did not let him notice the fear in my voice.

The only thing that had changed now was my pulse. it had heighten to the next level. My hear was pounding against my chest. like the sound of the heart beat changed from lubh dub. lubh dub to F*ck F*ck. F*ck f*ck. I paused. And took it all in. Started to accept that I am fucked. I was a nervous wreck. I remembered all these crime movies and series that I have watched, where shit like this has happened to women. Just making my own situation far worse then before.

But a true one! goa 2013

We waited for about 10 minutes. It was a pitch dark blue sky resting on pitch dark green paddys. Perfect setting for a crime scene. oh. shit. My fear only increased when I noticed,


that the guy who drove me till here had exceptionally long finger nails. These nails were clean, but so is the blade of the knife after a murder. hehe

Game change. I remembered all these crime movies and series that I have watched, where shit like this has happened to women. And I realised that the only way to survive was to calm the fuck down. That how the hero does it right? like Fuck Fear. Accept you are getting into deep shit. And Prepare. yay. ilikethat. Now my pulse was pumped. haha. like feeling all heroic. a lil too early. So I smiled. And I was like Que sera sera, whatever will be will be. the futures not ours to see. Que sera sera. Prepare. Combat Mode ON. I remembered that when I had got in, the door next to me did not open once I shut it from inside. So I shifted to the other side where I hoped it would open. Obviously, there were no window that would open, because there were no windows at all. Just a plain big glass. By now I had gone through my bags looking for a sharp object. The only thing I could dig out was my staedtler 2B pencil. which was not even sharp. damn. I was going to strike them with that anyway. anyhow.


So and guy and

while I get on on the the big

was with bike guy

expecting them to open my doors the fucking my life over, the thin took his place behind the wheel on the passenger seat.

I could have taken a breath of relief and relaxed. Considered that all this is just me freaking out for no reason. But I chose to believe the worst. Maybe, this is not going to be a rape-and-lets-dump-the-body-in the paddy field scene after all. They have bigger plans to like drive me to another place some hideout and more people are waiting. But since I had already got my hero-mode on. I did not panic. I thought good! it gives me more time to prepare. I started thinking of what I ll say to them, like, “Hey I have 80k in my bank account, don’t you want that instead of lowly rape sex?” OR “yes yes, Rape me, I haven’t had sex. nobody will have sex with me because I have AIDS. yes Yes, please do it.” haha. yuk.

But, I had already prepared my moves. I was going to shove my pencil in the driver throat first because he was thiner compared to the big man who sat on the other seat.. hoping that we will all crash somewhere and then I would run away. Or I had a duppata, with which I was going to strangle the big guy with one hand and shove the pencil in the drivers neck. Kill them both. Kick them out of the car, switch on the radio with an evil smile and drive off.

“ya. I can totally stop. I am in this dark blue van. Wait let me ask the number.” (to the driver) Bhaiya, whats is the car number?? Long pause. “KL 34C 9864” He replied. BANG ON. YES YES YES (To my friend. FAKING IT) “yea so the car number is KL 34C 9864. Its a blue van, Two drivers in front. Just wait for me. I ll be there.” End Of Story. You see. I won.

Que sera sera, whatever will be will be. These guys would be f*cked if they tried to F*ck with me. Que sera sera. Maybe nothing was going to happen. And everything was normal, just me being paranoid. I had a really good laugh, all by myself once I reached the airport. And wrote this down.

201 3

Anyway, we drove off. The reason why I kept thinking of my attack plan was because he did not go by the conventional route. He kept taking these dark shortcuts in this dark night.

I pretended to make a call to my friends who were waiting for me near the airport to say a final bye. (to my friend. FAKING IT) “hey man, yea I am on my way. What? even I want to say bye to you, but i am already in the cab. Okay wait, where are you. Oh that is close to airport.

But then thought of something brilliant.



n ew delhi n ew delhi After graduating from NID, Ahmedabad and finishing my diploma in Goa, I moved back home to Delhi, one of India’s biggest metropolitan and also the capital city. I do not have a list of must do’s or places to visit here as my experience in Delhi has been more of the internal kind. Interactions with so many people over such little time has been very effective in teaching me a lot of people skills. I was not particularly keen on begin here but I wanted to give it a shot in the big city and experience the rat race, first hand. I define Delhi as my first love-hate relationship. So many things started to bother & sadden me in this city. As I watched the news and traveled in metros, I became extremely observant as a person. Social evils, rape, pollution, garbage, filth, and mostly brutal killing of animals and that feeling of helplessness making it worse. I saw friends give up what the loved for fancy UI-UX studios and its big packages. As for me, I ended up joining a place not knowing what to expect as a designer but that, I really wanted to work for it. Greenpeace.


2 8° 4’ N 77° 1’ E

welcome to the big city grind. show Airs daily from 9am-9 pm. Watch it live on the RAT RACE!

201 4



home is where the art is


I always believe that when you have nothing to do you will end up doing exactly what you want to do. Joblessness can be very productive if we want it to be. at home, I would work create random thing, like a hypothetical logo for A political party, because I felt, it desperately needed one. Some productive work like making a poster for the Kashmir floods 2014 to help generated relief work funds.

I was waiting for something I truly wanted so I got crafty in the meantime at home. I started customizing my bikes. I modified a Yamaha Rx100 motorcycle to a light weight scrambler and took my old bicycle, revamped it with a new paint job and also It is one of those things I love to tell people about, especially the boys. =P

201 4






e ac pe en als e u r , g vis es nd id a c i g t in es , p nd ea bra t : ign gs ta m pa ca


h nC





e ac pe s n ee wa Gr dia of t a i, In ar on ing elh a ye vati now k r r I k is d ke Wo new t li nse ng. th . o s c in mo in igni rom o it t al udy mpa re f ave st d ca mo I g an ook than I t ace pl lailum

a mp

pesticide f r e e T EA I joined Greenpeace India’s fight against the big Tea giants as there was high levels of pesticide residue found in the tea. My job was to give this campaign a face. As a designer I did not get to decide the logo for the campaign. The campaigners against my suggestion chose tea cup stain over a cup of clean tea as the logo. I strongly feel that the world is tired of advertisements and visuals telling them how everything is bad and they need to do something about it. We need to do more positive campaigning. The identity should then become the goal and not a crisis that we campaign towards.

see more on this campaign , reports and other collaterals on


My year in Greenpeace was the toughest year for Greenpeace India. The Indian government had blocked its funds because it felt the organization has foreign interests. To put it simply, they felt that if we protested against the deforestation of a forest, we did it not for the environment, not for the tribals whose lives depended on it, but because we wanted to bring down the GDP of India and stall its development. I learned deeply about the sociopolitical landscape through my organization’s dealing with the government. I felt so rebellious being targeted by the government and watching the organization in the papers and my senior campaigners being questioned on national news. I would laugh at the thought of how I found myself in the center of it all. I worked on three campaigns, one was on setting up the first solar powered village in Bihar and providing electricity after 30 years. The second was on cleaning India’s teas, our national drink Chai, which contained with pesticides residues and the third campaign was on air pollution in Delhi which eventually helped me make up my mind to leave the city.

201 4

in all honesty, I did not feel very strongly for a clean chai campaign. I felt that maybe saving the tiger was a much urgent issue than the long term ill-effects of chai on Indians.

above logos created for the campaign


SIX Annual Report 2014 tags : publication , greenpeace , report , editorial , layouts



Amidst all the campaign work I also worked on the Annual Report of Greenpeace India. It was an absolute delight when the printed copies came out. Everyone from the team in India, UK and other offices loved this edition as they very different from all other reports designed in the past. That made me really happy! I also pushed for a version to be sent out to schools and kept in certain libraries so that the people would know the truth that it worked really hard to save the environment and the absurd notion of Greenpeace India being anti-national could be cleared out.

k i am i thin ly put t sligh this y b t. off nmen r e v go


201 4

view full report on



above identity projects done for a variant clientele . on the right illustrations done for freelance work


This ye ar is en din I haven ’t under g. stood what Fr ied is trying rich Nietzsche to say. =(

201 4

my enthusiasm for an exciting life is my only shot at getting one.

a Freelance project that does not pay you, only makes you stronger.




SEVEN Secondary branding for a restaurant ‘RollUp’ tags : illustrations , branding , india , wall art , sketches

201 4



Ga n g to k sikk i m After working for over a year in New Delhi, I needed to get away and introspect. I will always remember Sikkim as my escape and I will also remember it whenever I doubt myself to take the leap. It gets harder to move if your job is not the reason why you choose to leave a place and that monthly salary makes it even harder. I knew I had to get out of Delhi before I got too comfortable. So when I reached a saturation point and the government with its bans handicapped Greenpeace, restricting my expertise to social media posts I knew it was time to move on. So I went hiking in Sikkim. I went from the most to the least populated place in my country for a trek to Mt Kanchenjunga, got stranded in the hills because of the 2015 Nepal earthquake and almost came under a landslide. Apart from making it back alive, I spent two months creating a plentiful visual library for a brand at a the Echostream design studio in Gangtok. Remembering Gangtok, Sikkim will always give me courage.


2 7° 3’ N 88° 6 ’ E

201 5

People in the city tend to forget where the wealth really is.




EIGHT Visual Library for KUZU. tags : research , concept art , textile and product design , illustrations , mix - media

kuzu visual library My job was to create a variant visual library for Kuzu, a niche textile brand in Sikkim, and the in house brand of the Design studio Echostream. The only brief given to me was to create visuals and concepts for a visual library inspired from Sikkim. I was super thrilled to work on this project as it reminded me of the kind of process of work I loved; live-inspire-create, very similar to the houses of Goa project, only much wider in scope.

After a month of exploring Sikkim, from the temi tea gardens to the snow capped Himalayan ranges I got invited to work as visual artist for Kuzu. I was thrilled because I got a chance to prolong my stay and also it was just the kind of work i wanted to do! 201 5

absorb, Study & extract I started this project with a small recount and recollection my experience in Sikkim. I listed down the tangibles and intangibles that I could be extract from Sikkim, its topography, climate, flora, fauna and its cultural aspects like the local tribes, local food and festivals. Large part of the project was spent creating through experiments with various techniques and mediums so I could come up with a vast variety of visuals not limited to a certain style sheet or medium of expression.

texture & essence After choosing a theme for a week, I would generally start with formlessness. Instead of jumping into real representation of forms I explored certain intangible aspects of the form. For example the flutter of prayer flags or the fear of landslides, the rough texture of rocks or the unseen gamut of colors combinations of a tundra landscape.

above pattern extracted from a butterfly native to sikkim



formlessness To get a sense of the place, you have to walk the streets, overhear conversations at local beauty parlors, observe behavior of the youth towards the aged, breath in the air and sense the change, from aroma of wild flowers to to pork momos. So I walked a lot through the moss filled streets and slopes of Gangtok, trying to capture tiny details from big spaces. The wild daisy walls to the skeletal of leaves, there was so much to extract visually from just one little creation of life.


motifs After formlessness, I went on to form studies. Starting with realistic sketches to abstract representations. One such way was through making motifs, geometric or organic in their make. For Kuzu, I created a lot of floral and animal motifs that can have multiple of uses from fabrics to products such as floor tiles and rugs.

graphic This was the part in the project where I created artworks highly influenced by my illustrative style of creating narratives. I believe it was because I was personally learning about new things as I was going, so it was natural for me to have my own way of representing them and moreover a need for me to express my perspective.

artworks After various experiment and explorations and coming up with visual I could not bring together, I felt very lost as I felt I had not created anything concrete. Everything seemed scattered everywhere and I had to bring them together in some way. In my last two weeks of the project I categorized and complied certain visuals and styles through creating complete artworks.

products & textiles After completion of my duration at Echostream, I was so eager to see my work in print or in some form that I ended up creating my own library for its uses. For my mental peace, I made a small collection of sample products that these artworks could inspire, look great for and look great on.

on the right an artworks on rhododendrons being used as upholstery for a modern sofa



Explorations From rough sketches to vector motifs to developing full designs and patterns, the scope of just one subject was enormous and using different color would make the possibilities even more wide and variant. One such example is above on this page, done on mountains. Since I was abstracting diverse forms and exploring subjects with different representative techniques, I focused on generating as diverse visual as possible because that is what is expected out of a visual library to have different ideas and concepts in an abundance.


on the left wide range of explorations above ‘ motification ’ of mountains .

201 5



Details My fascination for the wild took me to my favorite zone of explorations, Animals. It was not only for my love for animals but Sikkim’s love for the environment and wildlife that motivated me to delve into this section. From musk deers to snow leopards to a rich avifauna. Sikkim effectively safeguards its wild by placing 82% of its land is under the Forest Department, which would have otherwise crunched under the real estate mafia.

most rewarding feeling to me is when I can back my art works with research.


on the left black and white explorations of eagles , vultures , musk deers , snow leopards right artworks , snow leopards , yaks , and red pandas

201 5


MORE I truly hoped to have stayed long enough to see some of my work in production. Two months was a short duration but I was very happy with the outcome of this project in such time. The production of the these visuals and concepts into tangibles will take a lot of time, but I am hoping they will help ‘Kuzu’ generate some great fabrics, textiles and products. There is a lot more of work & explorations on the techniques that I have used while developing this library, from different illustrative styles, to certain shaving cream marbling attempts and photographic captures. The project is confidential at the moment so has not been openly shared but it has been documented on tumblr. Please do have look at at the mammoth amount of work done over a summer in Sikkim below a characteristic representation of the ‘ mahakala ’ mask . on the right a lino - cut styled landscape .

the idea of this visual library was to provide variety. From different themes & representations styles, I came up with in numerous visuals which i know is only a small window to my magical and wondrousness time in Sikkim.

201 5


New Delhi, India


English & Hindi

CONTACT +91 9643831766

School 2000-09

mayo college girl’s school, Ajmer, Rajasthan

Graduation 2009-13

National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad

Work Experience

Turmeric Design, New Delhi BEARD Design, Goa GReenPEace, New Delhi Echostream, Gangtok



Lailum, so far, has had some incredible and unforgettable time in the past few years. I know myself to be a big planner, but I still find myself going with the flow. I am collecting my last few years with this book, feeling grateful and sending out gratitude to everyone who has given me their time. Before I head out for some more scenes, I just want to say thank you.

above characters created using images of hallucinogenic plants on the right plants collected from the dzouku valley , nagaland

201 5