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HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN DELICIOUS WINE FOR THE CONFORT OF YOUR HOME Let me be honest with you... Making wine at home is EASY. Anyone, even if they can't read, can do it. Just get some juice, put in some sugar, then throw in some yeast and let 'er rip. 10 to 30 days later, you'll have something that slightly resembles wine. It'll taste like crap and none of your friends or family will touch it - but it WILL be wine and it will have alcohol in it. Will it be full-bodied and clear? Nope. Will you wait with bated breath in anticipation of the tears of wine on the glass? Nope - it'll be too thin and acidic. Will you taste the very sunshine that kissed the grapes as they hung on the vine? Hardly... Like many wine makers before you, you could spend thousands of dollars on how-to guides, chemicals, equipment, fruits, juices, grapes.. If you are truly ready to make real home-made wine, want it to be drinkable, want it to be appreciated by friends and family, want it to be award-winning... You're going to need a real, no-holds-barred Wine Making Book - written in plain English, andoutlining every step you need to take to make the most amazing bottles of wine your palate has ever had the pleasure of savoring... You need a Complete Home Winemaker's Guide that's

Take a look at just some of what you're going to discover inside the Complete Illustrated Guide to Homemade Wine ... How you can start your first batch almost immediately

The 4-step formula for successful winemaking at home

7 reasons people fail plus a complete Troubleshooting section

How to create an irresistible aroma

How to use additives that will boost your wines flavour

The science of aging wines

How the right amount of sugar can boost your flavour

How to force every batch you make to be PERFECT

The key differences between grapes and juices

41 magic "goodies" that will help every batch you make taste amazing

Not to mention over 150 recipes for award-winning wines!

And that's just a small portion of what's covered in the Winemaker's Inner Circle! You see, it took me more than 5 years to figure out through trial and error how to make a really good bottle of wine. I spent thousands of dollars getting it wrong - and when I say wrong... I mean making really, REALLY, bad wine during that time...

But if I had known then what I know now, I could have been making great wine for about 29 cents a bottle! The day you open a bottle of that first really great batch... well, it's almost like watching your child walk for the first time. That sense of pride and accomplishment - that feeling of doing something really monumental...


How to make your own delicious wine for the confort of your home  
How to make your own delicious wine for the confort of your home  

make your wine taste good at home