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BIO KIA DENISE is a Philadelphia-based freelance WARDROBE STYLIST and FASHION BLOGGER whose fashion blog showcases everyday fashion, wardrobe styling, personal shopping, and image consulting works by Kia Denise to an average of 30,000 site visitors quarterly. As the founder of one of Kia Denise’s passions is to make fashion attainable for everyone – across price points and personal tastes. As a fashion blogger, KIA DENISE has covered New York Fashion Week (twice), attended the TIBI F/W 2012 show, and was featured on during the Independent Fashion Bloggers (IFB) Conference in 2012. This year KIA DENISE attended eleven (11) 2013 Fashion Week shows, nine (9) Mercedez Benz Fashion Week (MBFW) show and two (2) New York Fashion Week (NYFW) shows – whose behind the scenes photos were disseminated on her blog, instagram, and twitter. KIA DENISE has contributed to fashion events throughout Philadelphia, New York, and the DC Metro region – all of which has been documented on and publicized to nearly 7,000 Facebook users and over 7,000 instagram followers who are included in the | KIA DENISE network. KIA DENISE contributes an inimitable perspective to the fashion blogging community. She has built numerous professional relationships with others in the Philadelphia-based fashion community including Saks Fifth Avenue on City Avenue in Philadelphia. Selftaught, she has been cultivating her passion and professionalism since high school. Citing celebrity stylist, Rachel Zoe, as someone she admires, KIA DENISE, seeks to achieve her ultimate goal of becoming a household name in the industry and inspiring individuals around the world to feel like fashion icons in their own right.

First Look: Helmut Lang Dress My Own Shoes

Here are the final photos from my shoot with Saks Fifth Avenue! I wanted the shoot to show the typical shopping day, just super glamorous! It starts off in the fitting room, where I’m trying on a few outfits. I then go to my favorite part of the store, which is, of course the shoe department. After having a ball trying on all types of shoes I make my way up to the 3rd floor to browse the gown department. After falling in love with this beautiful dress I quickly put it on, and give it a spin around the store. After twirling and spinning in the dress, I packed it all up to-go, and then headed home. Sounds like a perfect day right!! I was able to pull any clothing article I wanted, and was able to shoot at any part of the store. It was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had! The managers and staff were so friendly I felt like I’ve known them forever, which was a good thing because I am super camera shy when I have others looking. Everyone loved it and we met so many new people it was unbelievable!

Second Look: McQueen Dress My Own Shoes (Scattered Christian Louboutin Shoes) Third Look: 7 for all Mankind Jeans Generation Love Jacket Vince Top My Own Shoes Fourth Look: Helmut Lang Dress Helmut Lang Fur Vest My Own Shoes Fifth Look: Cut 25 Pants Vince Turtle Neck Vince Fur Vest Vince Jacket with Leather Sleeves My Own Shoes­‐my-­‐style-­‐2-­‐urs-­‐invades-­‐saks-­‐fifth-­‐avenue/

Here’s a  few  photos  of  the  many  things  going  on  in  MBFW!  It  definitely  kept  you   entertained  while  you  waited  for  your  next  Designers  show.  Fashion,  Shoes,  and   Cars….what  else  could  you  ask  for!!  It  was  a  great  experience  and  I’m  glad  I  was   invited!  I  met  tons  of  new  people  while  inside,  as  well  as  outside.  I’m  looking   forward  to  connecting  with  all!  Look  forward  to  my  post  for  TIBI  Fall  2012   Runway  Show!  

Saturday was  a  busy  day.  I  was  invited  to  view  TIBI  Fall  2012  collection  for  MBFW.   Can  we  say  SUPER  HAPPY?!!  I  made  my  way  back  to  New  York  to  meet  up  with  a   friend  of  mine  to  attend  the  show  together.  The  week  had  been  nice  weather,  but   this  day  was  freezing!  Perfect  right?  I  managed  to  pull  off  an  outfit  while  still   staying  warm.   My  Heels…  Asos,  and   coincidentally  the  bag  is  too!   The  bag  was  another  gift   given  to  all  the  bloggers  at   the  conference.       1  -­‐­‐fall-­‐2012-­‐runway/   2  -­‐­‐of-­‐mercedes-­‐benz-­‐fashion-­‐week/   3  -­‐­‐of-­‐the-­‐day-­‐mercedes-­‐benz-­‐fashion-­‐week/  

.com Website Launch Fashion Show

November 2012 • •

all models styled by KIA DENISE SOLD-OUT – over 250 guests


R&B singer Jade Alston styled by Kia Denise

Kia Denise | Press Kit  
Kia Denise | Press Kit  

Kia Denise is a Philadelpia-based wardrobe stylist and fashion blogger