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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Protect your heart and Date Responsibly.: Philadelphia-based author Kevin Carr releases first eBook in series PHILADELPHIA – In a body of work inspired by his own shortcomings, author and contributor, Kevin Carr released his first eBook on March 15th in a series of four, Date Responsibly. Its call is a corporate one, applying to men and women alike – although this particular eBook is dedicated to women. Date Responsibly. can be purchased for iPhones and iPads directly from iBooks, for Kindle from and is also available for all other digital devices. Date Responsibly. has been endorsed by Paul C. Brunson, author of It’s Complicated and host of “LoveTown USA” on the OWN network and Charli Penn, Relationship Editor at Essence Magazine. Charged with a message that differentiates itself from other relationship books, Date Responsibly. shares with women the groundwork that must be laid so they can achieve greater results when it comes to their relationships and dating experiences. Women must be honest with themselves about their: IDEALS “So what is your ideal?... If you do not have a clear idea about what it is you are looking for, along with the fortitude to actively require it to be present, then you will never get what you truly want.” STANDARDS “Date responsibly and protect your emotional wellbeing by surrounding your heart with worthy standards.” And operate with: CLARITY “As you begin to date responsibly avoid the temptation of pursuing love, pursue clarity and love will appear.” Dating responsibly requires women to be intentional about their relationships and dating experiences in order to be fulfilled. This book is the beginning of a process towards fulfillment. For interviews, book reviews or other inquiries Contact: Elle Tee | 215.650.7726 | Kevin S. Carr is a entrepreneur, filmmaker, journalist, inspirational teen life/social coach and most recently, he added author to his resume in 2012 with the release of his book entitled, “If All Men Are Dogs, Then Women You Hold the Leash”. With truly a contagious and infectious personality it is Kevin’s mission to be a bridge connecting his audience to the other side of their fulfilled potential. @Kev_Carr Tabb Management (Tabb MGT) is an intimate, Philadelphia-based marketing and management firm that provides marketing, management, and event production. We work with individuals and businesses that are emergent and may seek professional direction and support through targeted developmental strategies.


Press Release: Date Responsibly. [eBook]  

In a body of work inspired by his own shortcomings, author and contributor, Kevin Carr released his first eBook on March 15th in...

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