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Application of Latex Surgical Gloves in Healthcare Industry! Medical safety gloves are widely used in medical facilities as well as medical facilities to avoid the contamination between the patient and the medical practitioner or care provider. These types of disposable safety gloves are manufactured using different polymers which may include neoprene, nitrile, latex, vinyl fabric and rubber. To make them more users friendly they come either powder or unpowdered along with maize starch so as to lube these safety gloves and thereby making it simpler for the user. Basically, there are two different types of gloves: surgical and examination safety gloves. The medical safety gloves require high requirements and hence they come with better sensitivity and perfection. Latex gloves are ruling market today even if some people are more prone latex allergy. So gloves manufacturers tried an alternate way to produce non latex gloves but it dint work due to lack of control and sensitivity which latex surgical gloves provided. Hence chemical processes are being applied to reduce the material of the antigenic necessary protein in making of Hevea latex which outcomes in the substitute rubber-based organic components like the Vytex Rubberized Latex.

Figure Latex Surgical Gloves

Isoprene can be used in manufacture of high grade gloves since it has same chemical structure as that of natural rubber latex. However, when in contrast to the natural rubber latex, they are a bit more expensive. There are also other advantages for the use of non-latex safety gloves in medical centers or in any of the treatment facilities. Physicians, doctors, care providers, catheter customers, lab specialists, Dental practitioners, save employees, pharmacy technician, manicurists, cops etc are those who frequently wear these safety gloves. The first medical glove came into existence in 1964 which was manufactured by Ansell. Medical clean rooms are always equipped with safety gloves which are without powdered. It is found that, these kinds

of safety gloves are often used in criminal activities but due to the thinness of the material, finger prints can successfully go through making the glove prints. In criminal cases it helped police in investigation using the glove prints. The use of latex surgical gloves is found to be much more secure as it will help surgeon by alerting them when they get breached. Non latex safety gloves used for operations have less tensile durability than medical gloves; hence it would be simple for surgeons to change the safety gloves. If you are looking for the best latex surgical gloves, get the quality products only from SMR gloves ( This is the genuine company for the production of various gloves like powdered surgical gloves, powder free surgical gloves, latex examination gloves etc.

Application of Latex Surgical Gloves in Healthcare Industry!  

If you are looking for the best latex surgical gloves, get the quality products only from SMR gloves ( This is the genuine co...