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LH CONTENTS 4 | MOULD SOLUTIONS Set your Spring clean on the right trac

5 | WRITE A WILL & SUPPORT MARLETS Essential paperwork housekeeping – and raising money for charity

6 | BRIGHTON & HOVE BUSINESS AWARDS The lowdown on how to enter your business for the presitgious prizes

8 | NOW & THEN


Andy Garth looks at tram accidents compensation

8 | LANDLADY Pay, Big Spender


Tom Highflyer Project brings to life the true story of a slave boy who lived in Brighton

10 | WIN £1983 WITH LEADERS Marking the estate agents’ 35th anniversary

11 | ELIZABETH COURT SHOW HOME Oakley Proerty and Mansell McTaggert’s exciting new development

12 | HOMES ACROSS BRIGHTON & HOVE A wide range of homes to rent or buy from page 12


HOT PROPERTY Full house This is a magnificent double­fronted period house – the kind you see in movies. It’s got loads of details from its original history – built around 1860 – from high ceilings to corner cornicing, as well as seven bedrooms, two fabulous kitchen diners, extensive living space, and a glorious 100ft garden. £1,495,000 01273 286666



To advertise call

01273 687171



Managing Director Bill Smith Editor Victoria Nangle Business Director Angi Mariani Design/Production Kyle Moon Creative Director Andrew Kay Head of Sales & Marketing Lesley Lawrence



CEO Bill Smith TV Team Jamie Walker, Matthew Enderby, Jodie Allan TV Academy Tracey Davidson TV Scheduling Dan Roberts

Ali Cluney­Hickford Jeff Hemmings Charly Stringer



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Mould Solutions Professional Mould Removal & Prevention 01273 589 689 | 077 2929 6969


he NHS, the Department of Health and the World Health Organisation all regard exposure to excessive mould as a

threat to health. That’s why the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) has classified mould as a Category 1 health hazard. Living with mould can have a detrimental effect on one’s health which is why mould problems should be dealt with quickly and effectively.


Paint isn’t your solution

Mould is a Category 1 Health Hazard If left untreated MOULD can:

As tempting as it may be, heading for the mouldy wall with a bucket of paint

• Trigger asthma attacks • Cause allergic reactions • Cause sinus infections • Make you more susceptible to colds and flu

and a brush in hand isn’t going to solve the problem. In actual fact, painting over existing mould won’t kill

If your home, let or business is affected by mould, don’t delay – call us today

it. Painting over the mould is simply a waste of time and money, as mould will continue to grow, resulting in the continuous dispersion of mould spores. Even the thickest coats of paint won’t mask your mould trouble. Unless you invest in a proper and professional mould removal procedure, the mould will only just continue to grow! Out with the mould! MOULD SOLUTIONS specialise in mould removal, prevention and ventilation solutions. They can identify the cause, treat the mould and give you advice on how to keep you homes healthy and mould free.



For more information call MOULD SOLUTIONS on 01273 589 689 or visit mould­

PUBLIC NOTICE THE LICENSING ACT 2003 (PREMISES LICENCES AND CLUB PREMISES CERTIFICATES) REGULATIONS 2005 Regulation 25 Advertisement TO: WHOM IT MAY CONCERN I Elizabeth Wakefield, trading as Sussex Gourmand, do hereby give notice that it is my intention to apply to Brighton & Hove City Council in the county of East Sussex for the grant of a premises licence to use or permit the use of premises known as 101 Chester Terrace, BN1 6GD for the following licensable activities: Online sales of Sussex sparkling wines and other alcoholic drinks, as part of a Sussex food hamper and gift box provision. Any person who desires to make a representation to the grant should send to Head of Planning and Public Protection, Health & Safety and Licensing, Bartholomew House, Bartholomew Square, Brighton, BN1 1JP no later than 9 May a brief written statement of the grounds of his/her objection. The register and records of applications may be viewed at the above council office during normal office hours; summaries are available via It is an offence knowingly or recklessly to make a false statement in connection with an application and the maximum fine for which a person is liable on summary conviction for the offence is currently £5000 [level 5]. Dated this: 17th day of April 2018 Signed: ........................... 4 | LATEST HOMES


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WRITE A WILL AND SUPPORT MARTLETS Essential paperwork housekeeping – and raising money for a very good cause


artlets is taking bookings for its Will Writing Fortnight, which begins on Monday 14 May. Fifteen local Will writing experts are to give their time free of charge in exchange for a donation to the hospice; which will help to provide care for families from across the Brighton & Hove area. If you’re a parent, cohabiting, in a civil partnership or have dependents that can’t care for themselves then making a Will is essential to ensuring the security of your family. It will also mean that your loved ones won’t have to pay any more Inheritance Tax than they need to. Martlets’ Legacies Manager, Gary Moyle said: "It’s not the easiest thing to think about, but this is the perfect opportunity to get that difficult paperwork done whilst also helping an important local cause. “Getting your Will professionally written means that you’ll have peace of mind that your wishes will be followed and that the people or causes you want remembered are going to be properly looked after. “Having a Will in place when you die is also reassuring for your loved ones; they will know that they are doing things exactly the way you wanted, which makes it much easier for them at a difficult time. “It’s simple to organise, just choose from one of the 15 local Will Writers who are kindly giving their time for free and contact them from 16 April to book a slot. "We hope that some people will also think about making a gift in their Will to Martlets. Our care is only free thanks to the generosity of local people, whose legacies make up more than 25% of our income. “Will Writing Fortnight gives you the chance to make a real difference to the lives of local people and their families in their time of need.”


“ Getting your Will professionally

written means that you’ll have peace of mind ”

The suggested minimum donation is £135 for a single Will and £175 for a joint Will. All proceeds will be given direct to Martlets to help the hospice to care for people living through a terminal illness in the Brighton and Hove area. For further information or for a free copy of the Martlets’ Gifts in Wills booklet contact Gary Moyle at Martlets on 01273 718778 or email |


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LANDLADY Pay, Big Spender


andlady Towers is undergoing the equivalent of a full beauty makeover at great cost to yours truly. It’s having a full back, sack and crack (crack being the operative word as far as the walls are concerned), and a hefty dose of Botox – although I do hope the decorators will not be injecting the walls with poison. The downstairs hallway is being transformed into what will look like an extremely swanky hotel lobby, the woodchip finally

“ No doubt it will within months, be trampled into tatters ”

being replaced with eye­wateringly expensive Matthew Williamson wallpaper. No doubt it will within months, be trampled into tatters by my trio of heavy­ footed male lodgers. Mind you, it’s their rent that’s paying the bill, so I suppose I shouldn’t really complain. The makeover is about halfway through and I’m very much looking forward to it all

being over as, no matter how much you like your decorators (they’re actually good friends), there is no price for having your own space. Having friends around all the time, working their butts off, makes me feel deeply guilty. And, on a rare day off, makes lying down in the living room with a cream horn and Jeremy Kyle a virtual impossibility when they can see me through the windows. Luckily, The Cuban has spent the past three weeks in Cuba, as it would’ve been impossible to have our usual lie­ins with my friend B laboriously burning the paint off my bedroom windows at the crack of dawn. Although the sound of the paint­ burner might usefully mask the sound of the snoring. His, not mine. As luck would have it, I won’t be around

for the whole of April, as I’m off to Cuba with The Small Daughter on Thursday, will be back for a day in the middle of April and will then be going to Turkey for the rest of the month. I’d just packed my case when The Cuban called on a crackly, long­ distance line asking me to bring a plethora of things to Cuba, some of which will require a trip to Halfords, the mere thought of which brings me out in hives. Well, it’s not very lady­like is it? In these days of gender self­identification, I’ve had a good check and I’m definitely a woman. At least I can comfort myself with the fact that, these days, I know where to purchase the best cream horn in Havana. And woe betide anyone who stops me trying to eat it in peace.

NOW & THEN Andy Garth: Compensation


elieve it or not there are loads of people interested in trams! Brighton had a fantastic tram service from 1901 till 1939 and they all terminated at the Lewes Road depot that is still used as a bus depot today. So imagine my joy when I picked up the book as seen in the photo.

“ Every minor and major

incident involving a tram car across the town ”

It’s the Accident claim book for the period 1926­1932 and includes every minor and major incident involving a tram car across the town, from torn coats and minor bumps to quite big accidents. The incident I have found seemed the most compensated within the book. I know there are four pictures this week, but it tells a great story with the news cutting from the local paper about a runaway tram in Ditchling Road on 3rd 8 | LATEST HOMES

October 1930, and the names in the article match the names on the compensation note in the book. I love putting jigsaws like this together, and this is the stuff I like buying as it’s real social history and actually happened here in Brighton and Hove. We are now putting our May Auction together so if you have anything let me know.


Any more info needed on these please let me know





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BRIGHTON Tom Highflyer Project brings to life the true story of a slave boy who lived in Brighton – By Suchi Chatterjee


righton & Hove Black History Project was awarded a Heritage Lottery Fund grant, in partnership with Brighton & Hove City Council, to research the life of Tom Highflyer, a 12­year­old African boy whose grave was discovered in Woodvale Cemetery. Tom died in 1870, and left behind a mystery. How did a child from Africa end up on Brighton shores? “In memory of Tom M.S. Highflyer. Rescued from a slave dhow August 24, 1866. Baptised by his own request at Brighton March 30 1870. Died at Brighton June 20, 1870. Supposed to be about 12 years old. Jesus said Him that cometh unto me will be no wise cast out." The intriguing words on a gravestone give a tantalizing glimpse into the life of a child of Africa. Tom (Tommy) Malcolm Sabine Highflyer, (named after the Captain of the HMS Highflyer) who at the tender age of eight was rescued from a life of slavery by the British ship the HMS Highflyer. The Highflyer was a fine ship, fast in the water as it had access to both sail and steam, as well having a good complement of officers and crew. Tommy's rescue was worthy enough for a mention in the press and two years after the young boy's death an anonymous person, possibly a clergyman, wrote about his life in a gospel book for children. Tommy lived on board the HMS Highflyer for two years before it docked in Portsmouth. In that time, he travelled the globe with Captain Pasley. From Zanzibar to, Australia, back to Africa and then onto India. In his time on the ship Tommy more than likely learned to speak English.

“ Tommy's rescue was worthy enough for a mention in the press ” Tommy came to Brighton because the wealthy English family who had taken him in wanted him to have an education, and what better place than Brighton, by the sea, and considered a healthy place to reside. Tommy was lodged with a retired coastguard, Henry Thompson and his wife Eliza who treated Tommy like the son she never had. They lived in Great College Street. Tommy went to school at St Mark's, then on Chesham Road, and attended a local Sunday School, where he was baptized in the All Saints Church on Eastern Road. He made many friends and loved to play cricket. One of his prized possessions was a cricket bat. However, Tommy's time in Brighton was to be short­lived. Perhaps his time at sea hastened his demise; it certainly did so for his benefactor, Captain Pasley, who died six months before Tommy, his health apparently, "wrecked by his time at sea." And so it was, in March 1870, Tom Malcolm Sabine Highflyer, "Son of an African, Name Unknown", died in the home of his guardian Henry Thompson. His cause of death, dropsy and a tubular liver. LATEST TV | VIRGIN MEDIA 159 | FREEVIEW CHANNEL 7

His journey from slavery to freedom etched on a gravestone is currently being restored as part of the project and will be returned to its original place in Woodvale Cemetery, to be a permanent part of Brighton & Hove's Black history. To learn more, see­­highflyer


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WIN £1983 IN LEADERS’ 35TH ANNIVERSARY GIVEAWAY! One lucky person will win £1983 this spring as part of estate agents Leaders’ celebrations to mark its 35th anniversary.


he company, which was founded in Brighton in April 1983, has launched the giveaway ahead of its landmark anniversary and is encouraging as many people as possible to enter. For a chance of winning the cash prize, people must answer the following question: How many sales and lets has Leaders completed since opening its first branch in 1983? The entrant with the closest guess to the correct answer will win.

Allison Thompson, managing director at Leaders, says: “We are delighted to be celebrating 35 successful years at Leaders. This is the ideal time for us to reflect on our journey from a one­branch operation in Brighton in 1983 to the national company we have become with 125 branches and more than 1,300 employees. “That’s why we are asking people to take a guess at exactly how many properties we have sold or let throughout all of our 35 years in business. “Leaders was founded by Neville Lee OBE and I am proud that we remain committed to the principle upon which he based the business; to provide a professional and personal service that all customers can trust and rely on regardless of whether they are 10 | LATEST HOMES

selling, letting, buying or renting. Our long­standing ethos of best practice and integrity is behind our success and will remain so as we continue to grow our business across the UK.”

“ Reflect on our journey from a one­branch operation in Brighton in 1983 to the national company we have become ”

Anybody who wishes to enter the competition to stand a chance of winning £1,983 can submit their guess at or on flyers available in Leaders’ branches. For more information on the competition or to start your next move visit


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ELIZABETH COURT SHOW HOME Oakley Property and Mansell Mctaggart are thrilled to be working jointly on an exciting new development in Burgess Hill


lizabeth Court is a unique development comprising of 12 two bedroom luxury apartments and two contemporary town houses. Phase one offers 6 apartments and there is now a stunning ground floor show home available to view. All of the apartments offer open living space, 2 double bedrooms, large bathrooms and an en­suite shower room. The apartments in phase one also benefits from communal gardens and allocated parking. David Beaken, a Director at Oakley New Homes, commented “It’s great to be working on a scheme in Burgess Hill as it has been some time since we have had apartments to offer in the area. The standard of finish is superb and this is clear to see as soon as you approach the building. The front gardens have been beautifully landscaped with excellent attention to detail which really sets the tone for the apartments".

“ The standard of finish is superb ” Burgess Hill is a fast growing town, ideal for commuters, families and older residents positioned at the edge of the South Downs National Park. This makes it the perfect place for anyone who wants to combine the convenience of town living with outdoor pursuits, from cycling and horse riding, to dog walking around the fabulous countryside. Two mainline stations – Burgess Hill and Wivelsfield – offer frequent and fast services to London, the stunning south coast, and the bohemian market town of Lewes. Elizabeth Court is great for commuters as the majority of the town and the station is within walking distance. Chris Bates from Mansell McTaggart commented ‘’ We’re all very LATEST TV | VIRGIN MEDIA 159 | FREEVIEW CHANNEL 7

excited about this brand new exclusive quality development from ‘Whiteoak’. It’s refreshing to see a high specification throughout the apartments which we strongly feel will suit a cross section of buyers. Acclaimed luxury house builder, Whiteoak Developments have a reputation for being at the heart of quality. They incorporate style, comfort, innovation and value for money in Surrey and the South East. Since its formation, Whiteoak Developments Limited has established a reputation as an exclusive house­builder, specialising in prestigious, luxury developments, catering for the discerning buyer. Surrey based Whiteoak is a family­run private company with day­to­day control and attention to detail being exercised by its original founder. This ensures continuity of the company’s philosophy with all the homes they build. Regarding specification the kitchens are fully fitted contemporary ‘Leicht’ Kitchens with a range of Integrated Siemens appliances including hob and oven, fridge freezer, extractor hood and dishwasher. The beautifully designed, modern bathrooms and en­suites offer excellent quality throughout, including overhead showers and polished chrome heated towel rails. All the apartments have gas fired central heating. For security and peace of mind there are mains fed smoke detectors, video phone entry system and each home will be sold with a 10 year BLP Structural Warranty. Prices for the homes start from £275,000. Please call for an appointment to view or to discuss in more detail please contact Oakley 01273 487444 email or Mansell McTaggart 01444 235665 For further detail or to download a brochure visit or


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NEW in

NEW in

Warleigh Road

Downs Valley Road

Holtview Road

£250,000 Share of Freehold • One bedroom ground floor flat • 50% Share of Freehold • 999 year lease from May 2015 • No onward chain. EPC D66 Call Fiveways office 01273 566777

£520,000 Freehold • Five Bedrooms • Tastefully Presented • 100ft Rear Garden • Modern Kitchen & Bathrooms. EPC C69 Call Woodingdean office 01273 278866

£495,000 Freehold • Flexible Accommodation Throughout • Sought After Location • NO CHAIN • 4 Double Bedrooms EPC D57 Call Woodingdean office 01273 278866

Franklin Road Offers over £400,000 Freehold • Spacious 3 bedroom EOT house • Requires some modernisation • 2 reception rooms. Chain free • Paved rear garden. EPC E48 Call Lewes Road office 01273 677001

Cromwell Road

Shanklin Road £300,000 Share of Freehold • Smart Edwardian FF (top) flat • 2 double bedrooms. SOF • Private entrance, kitchen/diner • Attractive garden. EPC C69 Call Lewes Road office 01273 677001

£400,000 Leasehold Situated in a CENTRAL HOVE LOCATION, close to Hove Station and Cricket Ground. A wonderfully spacious two bedroom Georgian GARDEN FLAT. The property benefits the wealth of period features and has the added bonus of potential for annexe with the conversion of the under pavement storage rooms (subject to planning). Energy rating D67. Call Fiveways office 01273 566777

013_LH875_Robert_Luff-TP2018_LH601 12/04/2018 15:22 Page 1

Anscombe Close, Worthing

• OPEN HOUSE SAT 21ST APRIL 1PM - 2:30PM • Detached Home Yards from the Beach • Open Plan Refitted Kitchen /Family Room

Malthouse Way, Worthing

• Ground Floor Refitted Bathroom • Four / Five Bedrooms • Off Road Parking / Garage / Station Nearby

Brighton Road, Lancing

£445,000 • Det House built in 2016 • Four Double Beds • 125 sq m/1345 sq feet

• 26'7 Kit/Dining Room • En-suite & Bathroom • Driveway to Garage

Rugby Road, Worthing




OIEO • Detached Family Home • Modern Kitchen • 3 Reception Rooms

Inglenook, Old Salts Farm Road



Seaview Court, Rowlands Road, Worthing



• Six Beds over 3 Floors • Self-Contained Flat • Garden onto Lagoon

• Second Floor P/B Flat • Spacious Lounge / Diner • 2 Double Bedrooms

Riffe Court, Kilham Way, Ferring



• Allocated Parking • Central Location • Close to Town Centre

Ham Road, Worthing



• GF Converted Garden Flat in the POETS • Good Sized Private Rear Garden • Close to Station with Commuter Links

• Detached Chalet Residence • Four Double Bedrooms • NO ONWARD CHAIN

• OPEN DAY 21ST APRIL 1PM-2PM • Two parking spaces • Sought after Ferring

• S/D Victorian Family Home • Three Double Bedrooms • Close Town Centre, Beach & Station

Howard Road, Lancing

Goring Road, Goring

Rosebery Avenue, Goring

Carisbrooke Close, Lancing

£400,000 • Extended S/D Chalet Bungalow • Three Double Bedrooms • Direct Access to South Downs

£389,950 • Victorian House in South Goring • Half a mile to the beach and sea • Three Bedrooms

£625,000 • Semi-Detached Family Home • Six Bedrooms • Large West Facing Rear Garden

£330,000 • Semi-Detached Family Home • Three Generous Bedrooms • South Facing Garden

Worthing – 01903 331247 / Goring – 01903 331567 / Lancing – 01903 331737 /

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014_015_LH875_Harrington-DPS-APRW3-P1-2_FP Ad 12/04/2018 15:21 Page 2

Would you benefit from free expert lettings advice? Do you want to know if you can sell your property with your tenant in situ? Or maybe you are unsure on how to legally vacate your tenant? Are you looking at a potential eviction? Are you worried that a tenant won’t give you access to carry out necessary repairs? Have you complied with all legislation throughout the tenancy, including recent changes? The consequences can be huge, do you need the peace of mind knowing you are up to date? My tenant hasn’t paid the rent what do I do? Do I really need a guarantor?  I have complaints from neighbours regarding noise what can I do? Why not call Emma Gretton on (01273) 724000 for free impartial advice?

Latest Homes: No. 875  

Brighton & Hove Business Awards.

Latest Homes: No. 875  

Brighton & Hove Business Awards.