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10 – 16 October 2017 ★ Issue 850

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PROJECT BRIGHTON Stars encouraged to Wear And Share for charity AWARD VICTORY Knight & Knoxley celebrate their win


On their 10th anniversary Christina Chatfield of the Dental Health Spa explains why you’re never fully dressed without one Page 4

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At Christina Chatfield’s Dental Health Spa the team are celebrating ten years of success with smiles all round


Announcements from businesses across the city


Grant Crossley reveals his cardinal rules for purchasing an older property

7 | NOW & THEN


Andy Garth looks at property auction results


Stars encouraged to Wear And Share for charity

10 | HOMES ACROSS BRIGHTON & HOVE A wide range of homes to rent or buy from page 10


Knight & Knoxley expand into Hastings and achieve the Coveted Excellence award in Best Agent Guide 2018

18 | IF LANDLORDS GET IT WRONG... Landlords in danger of falling foul with the law warn Khalil Properties


HOT PROPERTY Charming character Idyllic living looks like an eighteenth century four­bedroom family home, situated in its own mature walled garden. It’s more than a little bit of luxury. With both a garage and off road parking in Lancing, and a log burner in the sitting room to keep the chill at bay, there’s so much to fall in love with. £775,000 01903 750335 jacobs­



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Managing Director Bill Smith Business Director Angi Mariani Creative Director Andrew Kay



Head of Sales & Marketing Lesley Lawrence CEO Bill Smith Editor Victoria Nangle TV Scheduling Dan Roberts Design/Production Kyle Moon Sales Manager Tracey Davidson


LATEST MUSICBAR Ali Cluney­Hickford Jeff Hemmings Lesley Lawrence


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At Christina Chatfield’s Dental Health Spa the team are celebrating ten years of success with smiles all round


ental Health Spa was conceived in September 2007 by Clinical Director and award winning hygienist Christina Chatfield. “I had a vision to open a new hygiene­led oral health care clinic on the high­street, where oral health care could become both accessible and demystified. That vision is Dental Health Spa. At Dental Health Spa we strive to offer you, the consumer, the very best in contemporary dental care. Our highly qualified professional dental practitioners provide care and treatment regardless of your current or previous dental history and we pride ourselves in making your experience at Dental Health Spa as relaxing as possible”. The team have won many awards, including Brighton and Hove Business Award for Best Customer Service and Hygienist of the Year at the National Dental Hygiene & Therapy Awards. Their surgeries are furnished with state of the art equipment and maintained at the highest standards. They pride themselves on innovative technology and equipment and are fully computerised, have text and telephone reminders as well as the facility to book online. All of the dentists, hygienists, therapists and dental support staff are registered with the GDC and are therefore engaged in continued professional development.

What led you into the world of dental health? Like many of my dental and hygiene colleagues I came into the profession tangentially. I grew up wanting to be a vet, until I did a round with our local vet in Scotland and was violently car sick! I badgered my local dentist Jim Estill at the Kirriemuir Dental Practice. At the age of 17 after pestering him on a regular basis he agreed to take me on, he did not need a nurse but he would take me on under the Youth Training Scheme, I would have to do all the work to make it happen and I would earn £10 a week under this government scheme.

allowed other Dental Health Care Professionals, in addition to Dentists, to own and run Dental Practices. I became one of the first dental hygienists in the UK to do just that. My vision was, and is, to encourage an alternative route into dental care, especially for those who are not accessing it because they are apprehensive of treatment, or of cost. I was working for Pfizer at the time, working so hard for someone else and I thought I could put all this effort and determination in to a business of my own, with my business partner who was my manager at Oral B.

“ Consumers want brighter whiter teeth

and fresher breath, a healthier mouth, they do care about their teeth ”

How long did the formal training take? I qualified at Dundee Dental School in 1981 over 30 years ago and was one of four hygienists. My training in the 1980s took nine months but over the years I have had to take on additional training as my scope of practice increased. The course is now a 4 year BSc!

At what point did you decide to create your own business here in Brighton? Dental Health Spa came about in 2007 when a change in the law


What makes you different from other dental practices? It was one of the first in the UK set up and managed by a hygienist. It is set up to demystify people’s past experiences and views on dentistry. People can book to see the hygienist without seeing the dentist, and although the law permits this since 2013, not all practices allow it, and some hygienists do not want or are confident to work that way. We are not NHS, people know that when they walk in. It is a misconception to think people do not care about their teeth. Some just need some help getting there.







Patients love him, some

Tech wizz, always around to

Bubbliest hygienist on the

Nothing too much trouble,

Our ninja nurse takes multi

Puts the caring into nursing

even come out of the

help out, nothing too much

planet, always laughing

never without a smile

tasking to the next level

surgery laughing



advertising feature


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Do you see more and more people moving away from an NHS dental service and why do you think this is? Yes because they are fed up not being given the time, service or information, care and attention. Consumers want brighter whiter teeth and fresher breath, a healthier mouth, they do care about their teeth. I see many patients who have their NHS dentist but still come to us, and some that cannot find a good NHS dentist. I hear it all the time.

The Dental Health Spa is very different in atmosphere from a more traditional dental practice, how important is this to the way you work? We have just celebrated our 10th year anniversary and want to focus on the senses to complete the experience of feeling more relaxed and comfortable, before, after and during treatment. It is important for us all, including the team. The environment we live in and work in has such a positive effect of mood. Sussex Signs have just installed a mural of the West Pier on the main wall, it’s completely enhanced the atmosphere. We need to work on that with light, sound and smell. People do not feel enclosed in the chair. We have had to evolve in terms of access, the look and feel in the same way the optical market did.

Do you offer a comprehensive dental service to your clients? We offer the full range of dental treatments and we brought air flow to Brighton market, a great way to remove stain and detox the mouth, to give people the brighter fresher whiter smiles that they are searching for. We also offer complex extractions and sedation with Jenny Smith, our dentist Annie’s sister, Staff Grade in Oral Surgery, who also works at Eastbourne hospital.

As a private practice how important is it for you to be competitive? It depends on what you mean by competitive. If a local practice was to cut their prices to compete with us, I will not get into a war on price. We are very fairly priced for what we offer, our growing database is testament to that. We get on average 80 new patients a month, over half of them coming from recommendations from our existing clients. We offer Saturdays and late evening, right on the High Street that meets the work and lifestyle needs of our patients/clients. And we invest in the practice, the latest equipment. We have just opened an additional surgery and after 10 years replaced our digital X­ray equipment.

Do you think that the public at large are aware of how few of the things that you offer simply are not available of the NHS? No I do not think they are. I had a patient tell me today he could have a large amalgam for £200 or a white filling for £300 at his NHS dentist. None of those are NHS prices. It is very difficult to get a root treatment under the NHS, there are no white fillings and no white crowns on your molars. Getting good periodontal

treatment (gum) under the NHS is virtually impossible and things like stain removals are cosmetic, so not available either.

What advice would you give to people seeking dental care? Do some homework, go on recommendation – places like Google reviews and Trip Advisor. The biggest thing people want is to trust the person that is treating them. That is true of anything. If in doubt trust your instinct and get a second opinion. Our door is always open for people who just want to ask a question.

So many people have a terrible fear of visiting a dentist, how do you take away that fear? Yes, 20% of the adult population have a fear (according to the Adult Health Survey) which at the last census was 65.6 million in the UK. The National Dental Survey 2011 found that out of a population of 1.4 million in Sussex, more than 350,000 hadn’t accessed dental care in the previous 2 years (i.e. more than 25% of the population). Of that number 25% identified anxiety as the reason, and 50% cost.

You have actively been involved in a lot of charity events, how important is this to you, and of course to your team? Being involved in Mouth Cancer and HPV charity is very close to what we do every day, to be able to raise awareness and the profile for something that is within your profession keeps the enthusiasm and passion alive. There is a real team camaraderie and pride that links us and the campaign together. Getting involved with local community works is so rewarding. I now sit voluntarily on the board for Brighton and Hove council for Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults.

And your team is a very close knit community of professionals, many of whom have been with you for many years. What is it that has created that sense of belonging? I believe it is an open style of management, I fell into the management, so my style is one that evolves, trial and error. I believe in giving people a chance, in the same way that I was.

The business has grown and changed over the ten years since you started it, what are your future plans and ambitions? I am 53, I would like to cut my clinical hours, I have five mountains in the UK I want to walk next year, as part of the charity side. With the team as we go into our next decade I would like to see a fifth surgery within the original Dental Health Spa go in as we grow. I would love to see Dental Health Spa stay an independent. So I hope the team I have might think that a staff buy­out might be an option for the future. I would be happy to still be involved if the younger team want to open up a second or third! Who knows what the future holds but we certainly have a brighter future. Dental Health Spa, 14 ­ 15 Queens Road, Brighton BN1 3WA 01273 710831







Hygienist of the year and

Always welcomes you with

Keeps the Spa smiling from

Loves her job and loves her

Loves working at the Spa so

Enthusiastic new team


a smile

behind the scenes


much she commutes from

member, raring to share


his ideas


advertising feature


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Mould Solutions Professional Mould Removal & Prevention 01273 589 689 | 077 2929 6969

DID YOU KNOW? Mould is a Category 1 Health Hazard If left untreated MOULD can: • Trigger asthma attacks • Cause allergic reactions • Cause sinus infections • Make you more susceptible to colds and flu

If your home, let or business is affected by mould, don’t delay – call us today



PUBLIC NOTICE THE LICENSING ACT 2003 (PREMISES LICENCES AND CLUB PREMISES CERTIFICATES) REGULATIONS 2005 Regulation 25 Advertisement TO: WHOM IT MAY CONCERN I, Ronak Patel, do hereby give notice that I have applied to Brighton & Hove City Council in the county of East Sussex for the variation of a premises licence to use or permit the use of premises known as Marvans News, 84 Beaconsfield Road, Brighton, BN1 6DD, for the proposed variation which it is proposed will be carried on, or from the premises: Vary sale of alcohol for consumption off the premises to Monday to Sunday 06:00hours to 23:00hours .Vary lay-out of premises as per plan submitted with application. Removal of condition 11 as per application. Any person who desires to make a representation to the variation, should send to Head of Planning and Public Protection, Health & Safety and Licensing, Bartholomew House, Bartholomew Square, Brighton, BN1 1JP no later than 24th October 2017 a brief written statement of the grounds of his/her objection. The register and records of applications may be viewed at the above council office during normal office hours; summaries are available via It is an offence knowingly or recklessly to make a false statement in connection with an application and the maximum fine for which a person is liable on summary conviction for the offence is unlimited Dated this: 26th September 2017 Signed: PR Retail Consultants PP Applicant 6 | LATEST HOMES

PUBLIC NOTICE THE LICENSING ACT 2003 (PREMISES LICENCES AND CLUB PREMISES CERTIFICATES) REGULATIONS 2005 Regulation 25 Advertisement TO: WHOM IT MAY CONCERN We, Brighton & Hove Cricket Club, do hereby give notice that it is our intention to apply to Brighton & Hove City Council in the county of East Sussex for the grant /provisional statement/ variation of a premises licence or club premises certificate to use or permit the use of premises known as The Nevill for the following licensable activities/ proposed variation which it is proposed will be carried on, on or from the premises: Saturday 4th November: Alcohol Sales: Firework Display. Any person who desires to make a representation to the grant/ provisional statement/ variation, should send to Head of Planning and Public Protection, Health & Safety and Licensing, Bartholomew House, Bartholomew Square, Brighton, BN1 1JP no later than 31st October 2017 a brief written statement of the grounds of his/her objection. The register and records of applications may be viewed at the above council office during normal office hours; summaries are available via It is an offence knowingly or recklessly to make a false statement in connection with an application and the maximum fine for which a person is liable on summary conviction for the offence is currently £5000 [level 5]. Dated this: 3rd day of October 2017 LATEST TV | VIRGIN MEDIA 159 | FREEVIEW CHANNEL 7

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ALL HE SURVEYS Grant Crossley reveals his cardinal rules for purchasing an older property


on’t get too carried away with the thought of purchasing a listed building. Pause a moment, and think: “am I aware of my obligations”? Listed buildings are laden with restrictions. They are not like your typical run­of­the­mill home. Follow my simple, but fundamental rules, to protect you from any shortcomings and prevent you from despising the property you once admired. Accept the building’s character Adapt to the building, rather than change it to suit your personal needs. If you’re not prepared to accept its architectural merit or become sympathetic with its historic features, then a period property shouldn’t be an option. Establish the building’s listed status Listed buildings are determined by their age, architectural merit, rarity and construction type. Sometimes they are

linked to an historic event or a famous person. A chartered surveyor will be able to confirm whether the building in question holds listed status, classified under three grades, Grade I, II* and II; dependent upon its architectural interest.

“ Hire a chartered

surveyor with experience of older buildings ”

Have a full building survey undertaken Hire a chartered surveyor with experience of older buildings to inspect the property and prepare a full Building Survey. The report should comment upon the buildings condition and draw attention to any apparent defects prior to purchase.

Andy Garth looks at property auction results ticking to the theme of the section of the magazine you are at present perusing, it would be remiss of me to not include in my 'Auction Results, Property' article this week everything required to be a part of this weekly mag. So in our auction last week we had great success with all sorts of stuff from postcards to jigsaw puzzles.

Avoid conjectural restoration Respect the property’s character, traditional construction techniques and building materials. Avoid guesswork and attempting to imitate its original features. Steer clear of conjectural restoration; any new building work should fit well, but look and feel modern. Provide some TLC. Buildings, like us, grow old with age; therefore be prepared to offer some tender­loving­care and carry out frequent cyclical maintenance. Finally, don’t get too carried away with the excitement of purchasing a listed building, remember to look before you leap!



Call in the professionals Again, hire a chartered surveyor or an architect to assist in the preparation of architectural drawings and to make the necessary local authority applications. There is plenty of red tape surrounding listed buildings, particularly if you are intending to alter, extend or demolish – which would affect a listed building’s character in any way. Beware, it is an offence to proceed without consent, and the penalty could lead to imprisonment or an unlimited fine!

Now... as one of the auctioneers and a seller and a geek when it comes to Brighton and Hove Stuff, I do actually buy stuff from my own sales. And this sale was no exception. I had the good fortunate to buy two items that are sort of on my regular wish list. As the photos show, they are old and original sales brochures of blocks of flats and developments from


around our city. Both Park Court and Park Mansions are in Preston Park Avenue overlooking the park and date from the mid 1930s. They

“ I do actually buy stuff from my own sales. ” were originally for rent and all two bedroom units which ranged from £95­ £115... wait for it... A YEAR!!! I'm always on the lookout for more of these type so if you know of any email me at


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BRIGHTON Stars encouraged to Wear And Share for charity


elebrities, Linda Lusardi, Debbie McGee and Marcella Whittingdale have joined in with the ‘Wear And Share’ initiative in support of a leading local charity, Chailey Heritage Foundation, encouraging celebrities to take selfies of themselves wearing fashion t­shirts and share their photos on social media. The DRM Project ( was launched to raise money for Chailey Heritage Foundation that supports children and young people with complex needs, through the sale of fashion t­shirts and bags. The project was founded by two mums of children who attend Chailey Heritage School ­ William, aged 8 and Wilson, aged 6 ­ both of whom have quadriplegic cerebral palsy and visual impairment.

“ Large enough for children and young people with complex disabilities to participate in a mixture of arts ”

The initiative was started to support Chailey Heritage Foundation’s D.R.E.A.M. Centre fundraising appeal to raise £2.6m for this project. The D.R.E.A.M. (Dynamic, Real, Experiential, Amazing, Magical) Centre will be a modern, purpose­built space, large enough for children and young people with complex disabilities to participate in a mixture of arts, drama and physical activities. Presently they are using an old existing hall that can only accommodate a limited number of children and young people at one time and where wheelchair users can only access the stage via an outdoor side entrance with ramps. The campaign that started with a ‘Supermum’ t­shirt has grown in popularity and fame and soon Zoe and Laura decided to extend the range to include a ‘Yay”, “#Yougotthis” and “Blonde/Brunette/Redhead” designs for not only t­shirts but sweatshirts and bags as well. Now a year from its launch, The DRM LATEST TV | VIRGIN MEDIA 159 | FREEVIEW CHANNEL 7

Project sells merchandise for women, children and dads too with all the profits going towards the charity. All made from high quality 100% cotton, the t­shirts come in a loose fit and the sweatshirts in boyfriend fit as well as a normal fit. The idea to invite well known mums to “wear and share” to raise awareness was a lightbulb moment when the mums realised how many celebrities were parents and how using their social media platforms to reach their thousands of followers could raise awareness of the campaign, encouraging people to buy the merchandise and raise money for the charity. Linda Lusardi was one of the first celebrities to get involved. She comments: “The ladies, Laura and Zoe are doing an amazing campaign with these t­shirts. They sent me one and I had a picture taken with it and I put it all over Twitter and other social media. I just want to do all that I can to help really.” Linda has since been ‘wearing and sharing’ her Supermum t­shirt and spent a day at Chailey Heritage meeting some of the children and young people. Laura, mother of William, comments: “We have experienced first­hand the amazing teachers and support staff at Chailey. We wanted to do something to help the charity and to aid them in building what will be a fantastic space for the children and young adults with complex physical and mental disabilities at Chailey.” Zoe, mother of Wilson continues, “We have always been big fashion fans as well as lovers of selfies so to combine the two by asking celebrities to take photos of themselves in The DRM Project t­shirts seemed to be the perfect way to raise awareness, and hopefully funds for the charity.” “When Zoe and Laura came to us with the idea of The DRM Project we thought what a fun, exciting way of raising awareness for the charity”, comments Sally­Anne Murray, Development Director for the Chailey Heritage Foundation. “We are totally dependent on fundraising activities such as The DRM Project to raise money for facilities such as The D.R.E.A.M. Centre, that offers the children and young people such opportunities to support their mobility, well­being and health.” To buy your one of the fashion t­shirts or bags from The DRM Project, please visit


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NEW price

Dudley Road

Downs Valley Road

Shanklin Road

£385,000 Freehold • 3 bedrooms • Popular residential area • Good decorative order throughout • West facing rear garden. EPC C69 Call Fiveways office 01273 566777

£345,000 Freehold • NO ONWARD CHAIN • Manageable Garden • 3 Bedrooms • Garage and Driveway. EPC E52 Call Woodingdean office 01273 278866

Offers over £290,000 Share of Freehold • Stylish ground floor p/b garden flat • 2 double bedrooms, private entrance • Period fireplaces, polished floorboards • Attractive walled rear garden. EPC E44 Call Lewes Road office 01273 677001

NEW price

Hythe Road £349,950 Share of Freehold • 2 double bedrooms • Spacious accommodation • Excellent decorative order throughout • EPC C71 Call Fiveways office 01273 566777

NEW in

Newhaven Street

Bexhill Road £325,000 Freehold • Directly opposite Nature Reserve • 3 Bedrooms • Off Road Parking • Modern Kitchen & Bathroom. EPC C73 Call Woodingdean office 01273 278866

Offers over £450,000 Freehold A CENTRALLY LOCATED 3 BEDROOM TOWNHOUSE in the popular and highly sought after HANOVER district of Brighton. With accommodation arranged over 3 floors this property has a MODERN FEEL throughout, SPACIOUS LOUNGE with double doors to the LANDSCAPED REAR GARDEN, stylish kitchen and bathroom & PARKING FOR 2 CARS AND LARGE GARAGE. Energy Rating: C72 EXCLUSIVE TO MASLEN ESTATE AGENTS Call Lewes Road office 01273 677001

011_LH850_Sure-FP-17_FP Ad 06/10/2017 10:00 Page 1 01273 243561

Ionian Heights, Saltdean For Sale

£350,000 Leasehold • Lift In Block • Underfloor Heating Secure • Underground Parking. Long Lease

• Modern Kitchen • Dual Aspect Sitting Room • Raised Ground Floor

• Large Terrace With Sea Views • Two Bedrooms • Two Bathrooms (Master En-suite)


Ellen House

Bedford Place



Stanford Road

Ditchling Road

To Let £1,000 pcm

To Let £1,250 pcm

To Let £1,300 pcm

To Let £1,050 pcm

• 2 Bed Flat • 9th Floor • Available 21st Oct

• 2 Double Bedrooms • Large Lounge. GFCH • Parking Zone Z

• First & 2nd Floor Maisonette • GCH. Unfurnished • Flexible Move In Date

• 2 Bedrooms • Very Well Presented • Small Patio. GCH










FREE professional photos and floor

plans for all sales and lettings properties

31 Upper St James Street Brighton BN2 1JN 01273 243561




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Knight & Knoxley have confirmed expansion of its London & Brighton network into Hastings


night & Knoxley has acquired a landmark Grade II­listed Georgian building in the heart of historic Old Town Hastings, thereby adding further investment to the regeneration and resurgence of Hastings and St Leonards. Now open in the Old Town, Knight & Knoxley’s exciting new branch brings their unique combination of next­generation technology and traditional knowledge and know­how to Hastings. Nat Ryder, director of Knight & Knoxley, said: “I’ve long had a love affair with Hastings, the place to be in the 1960s and 70s for the likes of the Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix performing on the old pier and now the seaside jewel in the East Sussex crown, which is increasingly a home­buyer’s alternative to London and Brighton. Opening our next branch here represents an exciting chapter for Knight & Knoxley, allowing us to use our well­established knowledge and know­how to help match a new legion of would­be purchasers to the finest properties in the area.”

“ Unique combination of next­ generation technology ” Clients at the Knight & Knoxley Hastings branch will benefit from a unique combination of next­generation technology and traditional know­how to help clients buy, sell, let, rent and manage their homes and investments. Their reputation for professionalism and service with a human element is one of the reasons that they have remained at the leading edge of the property business, consistently topping the industry league tables as one of the number­one­selling agents and one of the most viewed online agencies, due to unrivalled marketing. Their experience and expertise

encompasses the residential and commercial markets covering London and the South Coast. Being at the forefront of emerging markets, they have played a pivotal role in the repopulation of these areas and know their business like no one else. They have an integral understanding of local values, an unparalleled knowledge of their market areas and a business that is built on professionalism, innovation and a commitment to remaining at the heart of their communities. As Knight & Knoxley clients you will enjoy all these benefits: • The USP of properties being displayed in all three office locations • Superior, cutting­edge virtual­reality marketing tools, providing an unrivalled viewing experience, on desktop, laptop, mobile devices or virtual­reality headsets • Top­class photography and floor plans as standard • Unique touch screen TV allowing buyers to view all properties 24/7 • First­rate technologies, including touch­screen televisions, LED window displays and full­screen website capacity • Exceptional customer service and highly efficient administrative capabilities Through an established network of city centre offices at Curzon Street, London W1 and Preston Circus Brighton & Hove, Knight & Knoxley have fast built a reputation amongst discerning clients for superior marketing and excellent customer services, and for achieving the very best results. For more information contact Knight & Knoxley at: Clyde Corner Preston Circus Brighton BN1 4NP 01273 286666 5 George Street Old Town Hastings TN34 3EG 01424 310000 32 Curzon Street Mayfair London W1J 7WS 0207 769 6813

advertising feature

012_013_LH850_knightandknox-editorial_Layout 1 06/10/2017 11:26 Page 2

FLYING HIGH Knight & Knoxley achieve Coveted Excellence award in Best Agent Guide 2018


t the Intercontinental London O2 Hotel, the Property Academy announced the ‘Best Estate Agent Guide’ at its new event, ‘The EA Masters’. Organiser of the initiative, Peter Knight, who recently drew curtains on The Sunday Times Estate and Lettings Agency of the Year Awards, said: “We could have continued to make incremental improvements to our established awards format, but felt it was time for an ambitious step­change towards something totally new and far more inclusive. We have undertaken the first ever, independent appraisal of all estate agents in the UK. We identify and shine a light on the very best agencies out of a comprehensive survey of 30,000 estate agents. Having carried out data analysis, analysing hundreds of thousands of data points, with the largest mystery shopping exercise ever undertaken, together with our principal partner Rightmove, The Best Estate Agent Guide highlights the best top 20 per cent of estate agent branches as assessed by the Property Academy who based their findings on a combination of agents’ performance and customer service.” Knight & Knoxley’s award winning and best performing LATEST TV | VIRGIN MEDIA 159 | FREEVIEW CHANNEL 7

Brighton sales office are pleased to announce that they have received the coveted Excellence award from the Best Agent Guide 2018 putting them in the top 20 per cent of estate agencies in the UK, noted for excellent sales and customer service. Knight & Knoxley are one of only a select few Brighton & Hove agencies who feature in the newly created Best Agent Guide 2018.

“ This is an excellent achievement for all the team at Knight & Knoxley ” Alexander Fielden, director at Knight & Knoxley collected this prestigious award and said: “This is an excellent achievement for all the team at Knight & Knoxley and confirms our status as the market­leading agency in Brighton. The award, along with our continual 5­star feedback from our online Google customer reviews, confirms our passion for property and giving customers an exceptional service.” advertising feature


014_015_LH850_KnightKnoxley-ad-DPS_FP Ad 06/10/2017 09:58 Page 1

Tillington Terrace Hastings TN34 £685,000 Freehold

Tackleway Old Town Hastings TN34 £595,000 Freehold

Set in private gardens, beautiful five bed semi-detached home with far reaching sea views.

Grade II listed 5 bed home with far reaching sea views and views over East Hill.

Norman Road St Leonards On Sea £785,000 Freehold

Stone Haven Court TN40 £270,000 Share of Freehold

Exceptional five bedroom 3,500 sqft home with direct sea views. Highly sought after location.

Front line first floor seafront apartment with 25ft roof terrace with direct sea views. Exceptional throughout.

Belle House Bexhill Old Town TN40 £795,000 Freehold

Granville Lodge Bexhill Old Town TN40 £625,000 Freehold

Stunning Grade II Listed country style property built in 1794. Six bedrooms, three bathrooms period features throughout.

Double fronted period house built in 1742, 2,000 sqft, six bedrooms, two bathrooms and two living rooms with open fires.



014_015_LH850_KnightKnoxley-ad-DPS_FP Ad 06/10/2017 09:58 Page 2

Roseberry House, Preston Park, Brighton BN1 £1,500,000 Freehold

Park Crescent, Brighton, BN2 £1,750,000 Freehold

Stunning double fronted detached seven bedroom home. 100ft South west facing gardens. Exceptional throughout.

Grade II * listed Regency house set within 3.5 acre private gardens, six beds, swimming pool and beautiful garden.

Stanford Ave, Blakers Park, Brighton BN1 £850,000 Freehold

Beaconsfield Villas, Preston Park, Brighton BN1 £950,000 Freehold

Attractive semi-detached four bedroom period home in highly sought after area. Period features throughout.

Immaculate semi-detached period home, four bedrooms, three bathrooms, period features throughout.


Surrenden Road, Brighton BN1 £935,000 Freehold

Gerard Street Preston Circus Brighton BN1 £535,000 Freehold

Unique Arts & Crafts detached four bedroom home. 150ft West facing gardens with separate double garage.

Attractive three bedroom period three storey house close to City centre.



016_LH850_PSBAuctions_FP Ad 06/10/2017 09:59 Page 1

017_LH850_PS&B_FP_PS&B 06/10/2017 10:48 Page 1

Tel: 32 Queen’s Road, Brighton BN1 3YE

01273 274040

Email: 01273 274040 Website: 32 Road Brighton BN1 3YE




LONDON ROAD £175,000


• First floor apartment

• Distant sea views

• Cash buyers only

• Private parking space

• Purpose built apartment

• Allocated parking

• Studio room

• Close to Hove station

• P/B fifth floor flat

• Opposite Withdean Park

• Two double bedrooms

• Close shops & cafes

• Separate fitted kitchen

• Great investment

• Two double beds

• Short lease

• Kitchen/living room

• Close to seafront

• Shower room

• EPC rating: F

• Needs refurbishment

• EPC rating: D

• Juliette balcony

• EPC rating: B






• Terr house, corner plot

• Basement storage

• Det seafront house

• Living & dining room

• Semi-detached house

• Family bathroom

• Two bed, two reception

• Roof terrace & patio

• 4 beds, 1 with en-suite

• Garden w/ summerhouse

• Three bedrooms

• Needs modernisation

• Needs modernisation

• Close shops & cafes

• Additional dressing room

• Seafront location

• Living/Dining room

• Close Aldrington Station

• Bath & shower room

• EPC rating: F

• Balcony with sea views

• EPC rating: E

• Separate kitchen

• EPC rating: E





• S/D extended house

• Garden with patio

• Semi-detached house

• Drive

• Detached F/H property

• Two storey annexe

• Three double bedrooms

• Private drive

• Three double bedrooms

• Scope for extension

• Three double bedrooms

• Rear garden & patio

• Newly fitted kitchen

• Desirable location

• Sitting/dining room

• Desirable location

• Kitchen/dining room

• Private drive

• Spacious living room

• EPC rating: D

• 100ft Rear garden

• EPC rating: D

• Basement reception room

• EPC rating: B

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THE LAW Landlords: There’s now a heavy price to pay if you get things wrong


large proportion of the laws concerning letting that have come into effect since 2006 address the suitability of the property for rent. Landlords now have a high degree of responsibility for the health and safety of their tenants – and there’s a high price to pay if they get things wrong. The legislation covers removing potential hazards, installing fire safety measures and ensuring that the fabric of the property itself is well maintained. But, what’s really different is the clout that accompanies the legislation. These new laws have teeth! It’s not that legislation left these areas previously unaddressed. It’s just that it was far from easy to enforce. But, these new laws have teeth. In April this year, new legislation came into force that allows local councils to apply fines of up to £30,000 if they find a property isn’t being let safely and legally to tenants. It also allows them to ban landlords from letting for twelve months, and to blacklist them on a database that is shared with other councils across the country. And, here’s where those teeth get even sharper. The income raised from these penalties can be used to fund better and more effective enforcement activity. And landlords are being bitten! Some councils have introduced a licence fee on all landlords to fund tighter enforcement. One such is Newham, which has prosecuted 1,000 landlords and banned 28 from letting property in the past four years. Over in Oxford, three landlords were fined a total of £11,000 last year for failing to licence HMOs, fire safety failings and poor property maintenance. It’s not just fines that are being dished out, either. Earlier this year, in Bolton, a landlord was jailed for 45 months for fabricating tenancy agreements and holding deposits unfairly. He was also ordered to pay back £100,000, pay court costs of £125,000 and he was disqualified from being a company director for 10 years. 18 | LATEST HOMES

How landlords can fall foul of the law Here are just a few things that will, at best, result in being issued a warning. At worst they will result in a hefty fine of up to £30,000, or in a jail sentence of up to five years. • Failure to comply with an improvement notice. • Not licensing an HMO. • Lack of adequate action after an overcrowding notice has been issued. • Letting to someone that does not have the legal right to be in the UK. • Failure to protect a tenant’s deposit. • Health and safety violations that result in injury. How landlords can protect themselves and their investment There are more and more laws that landlords must comply with – and the consequences of not doing so are becoming more and more severe. Khalil Properties offers landlords a Rent Guarantee Scheme that is designed to remove the risk from being a landlord. We lease your property and guarantee you rent every single month. It doesn’t matter if your property is occupied or not: we guarantee your rent. We also take responsibility for its maintenance and upkeep – and for the health and safety of its tenants. • The risk of void periods is gone. • The risk of responsibility for meeting legal requirements is gone. • The day to day hassle of letting is gone. All that is left is that rent cheque every month. And a big, relieved smile on your face. Phone: 01273 573960 Mobile: 07984 015669 Email: Address: 124 Lewes Road, Brighton, BN2 3LG


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