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MONEY MATTERS New columnist Craig Poulter offers mortgage advice

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PROJECT BRIGHTON Game Of Thrones street art

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LH CONTENTS 6 | PROJECT BRIGHTON Game Of Thrones street art


Mortgage advisor Craig Poulter’s tips for first­time buyers

7 | NOW & THEN Auction special




Auctioneers sell single property to 280 buyers!


Buy­to­let market to offer ‘lucrative opportunities’ in coming years

10 | LANDLADY Commuter Love


Five beautifully designed and distinctive houses nestled in the soul of the South Downs National Park


Khalil asks how secure your rental income is


HOT PROPERTY Ladies Mile Road Get the right balance between city access and village life with this modern two bed ground floor apartment. In a popular retirement village with communal gardens, residents’ parking and an emergency alarm system, it’s just over the road from shops, buses and all your mod cons. £217,000 01273 508955



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he NHS, the Department of Health and the World Health Organisation all regard exposure to excessive mould as a

threat to health. That’s why the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) has classified mould as a Category 1 health

Mould Solutions Professional Mould Removal & Prevention 01273 589 689 | 077 2929 6969

hazard. Living with mould can have a detrimental effect on one’s health which is why mould problems should be dealt with quickly and effectively. Paint isn’t your solution As tempting as it may be, heading for the mouldy wall with a bucket of paint and a brush at hand isn’t going to solve the problem. In actual fact, painting over existing mould won’t kill it. Painting over the mould is simply a waste of time and money, as mould will continue to grow, resulting in the continuous dispersion of mould spores. Even the thickest coats of paint won’t mask your mould trouble. Unless you

DID YOU KNOW? Mould is a Category 1 Health Hazard If left untreated MOULD can: • Trigger asthma attacks • Cause allergic reactions • Cause sinus infections • Make you more susceptible to colds and flu

If your home, let or business is affected by mould, don’t delay – call us today

invest in a proper and professional mould removal procedure, the mould will only just continue to grow! Out with the mould! MOULD SOLUTIONS specialise in mould removal, prevention and ventilation solutions. They can identify the cause, treat the mould and give you advice on how to keep you homes healthy and mould free. For more information call MOULD SOLUTIONS on 01273 589 689 or visit mould­





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BRIGHTON > Bringing Game of Thrones to Brighton, in street art form Left to right: Kays Larbi, Adel Larbi & Tony Low


righton­based businessman Jordan Tsar, Spanish artists Kays and Adel Larbi, and born and Bred Brightonian Tony Low, are bringing a touch of ‘Game of Thrones’ to Brighton with a bold street art interpretation of the show’s characters, painted on the side and rear elevation of an 1860s Victorian Terrace House located in the heart of Kemptown.

“ Brighton is nothing short of a public art lover’s dream ” Simply wander through North Laine and Trafalgar Street, and you’ll swiftly realise that street art has become a treasured part of this eclectic city by the sea – Brighton is nothing short of a public art lover’s dream. Buildings wrapped in bright colours and unique designs tell stories louder than the city itself and encapsulates art’s powerful ability to engage – it’s daring, inspiring and fearlessly unapologetic. It adds vibrancy and character to the urban landscape, and more importantly, it makes art accessible to all. Undoubtedly, street art is deeply rooted in a city’s identity and it’s this sentiment that has inspired Brighton & Hove resident, Jordan Tsar, in collaboration with local artists, to complete the first­ever Game of Thrones themed street art pieces in Brighton. The project will be non­ profit and the murals will compose of a portrait of the Night’s King and Daenerys’ dragon – Drogon. LATEST TV | VIRGIN MEDIA 159 | FREEVIEW CHANNEL 7

George R.R Martin, the author behind the HBO hit, has not only successfully told the story of a mystical world blended within power struggles, war, love, loyalty and family dynamic but has managed to inspire a new world of creative thinking and endless imagination. Game of Thrones teaches us about the unpredictable nature of life – it’s full of twists and turns and for the most part, things may not turn out how you expected. The intriguing, complex characters of this show embody this as they navigate their way through struggle and learn to gain confidence and strength in the face of great adversity. It’s simple: do what you love, spend time with the people that matter the most to you and be grateful, because, as Martin’s thrilling story relentlessly shows, any moment could be your last. A crowd­funding campaign has been launched to bring this project to life and to fundraise for registered­charity, St John’s School and College. A special educational needs school and college based in Seaford and Brighton, St John’s supports, educates and cares for young people from all walks of life, aged 7­25, who have complex learning disabilities and special needs. They currently have over 100 learners with autistic spectrum conditions, Downs Syndrome, Asperger’s Syndrome, severe communication difficulties and rarer diagnoses. As one parent said: “This school changes children’s lives forever. Dreams not only come true, but are made bigger and better”. Game of Thrones Brighton is a big dream about to come true for many of the show’s fans!,


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MONEY MATTERS Craig Poulter offers mortgage advice


o, reading about all things mortgage, what could possibly be more exciting and transfixing for the population of Brighton? Well hopefully a few things, nonetheless it’s my job to educate and navigate you through the mortgage minefield unscathed. I’m Craig Poulter the director of Seaford based Venture Mortgage Management. Every three weeks I’m going to be offering

you tips, ‘how to’s’ and general info of the ever­changing mortgage market. Many argue (and it’s hard to disagree) that first time buyers have never had it harder than it is today to get a foot on the first rung of the property ladder. Sky high prices, wage increases not keeping up with inflation and stamp duty to name just a few obstacles are slowing first time buyers down. In my experience as a mortgage broker there are two main factors that decide the fate of a first time buyer: deposit and income. The income side of things is relatively straightforward, you earn what you earn. But did you know that lenders have different ways of assessing income? The difference is mainly found in additional income such as overtime, bonus and commission. Some lenders will take 50%, some 65% but a couple will take all 100%. That could be as much as an extra £16,000 based on £10,000 of additional income from one lender to the next.

NOW & THEN Auction special from Andy Garth


s promised last week, here is a taste of what is coming up at the next auction held by me and Robert (Postcard Man) Jeeves to be held on Tuesday 25 July at The Aldrington Church Hall Glebe Villas Hove (off New Church Road) with viewing time from 6.30pm, and the sale starting at 8pm. All the 242 lots can also be viewed at Robert’s shop, Step Back In Time (36

Queens Road, Brighton) in the two week lead up to the sale. We are still amazed that each month we have a huge variety of items relating to Brighton, Hove and Sussex still finding their way to our doors – and this month is no exception. The first picture is a superb For Sale sign from the 1950/60s, hand painted enamel and part of a small urban myth that was

As for your deposit, 95% mortgages are still available and the rates are bareable... just. There is a significant difference if you can get a 10% deposit, which is easier said than done. But did you know you can use a personal loan to form some/all of you deposit? It’s not right for all but certainly some. How about family? Not all families have cash lying around to help out however many have equity in homes that can be accessed and you may be surprised to find out who is happy to help.

“ There are two main

factors that decide the fate of a first time buyer ”

The moral of the story is to speak to a broker, options and variety can make all the difference. The good brokers think outside of the box. We have written a First Time Buyer guide free to all Latest homes readers just visit­time­buyers/ to download your copy. Craig Poulter Certs CII (MP &ER) 01323 894532 Get in touch to let us know your thoughts and feel free to fire any questions to us at

bandied about several years ago, that the Cowell name on the board was the father of Simon Cowell. Which, although he was involved in the property world, this company was not his. Nevertheless, a great looking piece and popular at the moment with collectors from all over the place not just locally.

“ A superb For Sale sign from the 1950/60s ” The second lot is a fabulous historic piece of football memorabilia as we have for sale (in separate lots) a selection of Albion season tickets from the 1930s, 40s and 50s. Two of them are extra special as one is the 1939/40 season, which of course was rudely interrupted by Mr Hitler, and only three official league games were played before the outbreak, leaving the rest to be deemed friendlies. The other unusual one is from the 1952/3 season and we believe it was one of the first years the Albion used plastic tickets, which was quite an innovative method some 65 years ago. I will show some more lots next week, but if in the meantime you have any questions, contact me at



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PEOPLE POWER > Auctioneers sell single property to 280 buyers!


ike the many that have proceeded it, Parsons Son & Basley’s June auction was nothing other than a rousing success with almost £2.5 million of property selling at a success rate of a shade under 75%, however, on this occasion there were 131 people in the room to witness it, an attendance record the auctioneers are rightly very proud of. Auctioneer Simon Caplin however was not so surprised at the turnout. “Over the past couple of years I have become very aware that our room is getting fuller and buzzier with each auction we hold, which is due in part to the high quality investment and development properties we are being asked to auction by our clients, backed up of course by the wonderfully high level of prices we have been achieving now on a very consistent basis.

“ After the auction had finished I

congratulated the residents on their purchase ” However the star of this particular show had to be lot 20, a mixed residential commercial and residential property comprising of a former post office and upper maisonette that was sold to 280 LATEST TV | VIRGIN MEDIA 159 | FREEVIEW CHANNEL 7

people! “Via Findon Parish Council, a consortium of 280 village residents all got together and set up a company expressly designed to purchase the property”, Simon explains. However what no one realised was how important securing the post office was as the moment the hammer was brought down, a section of the audience simply erupted into scenes of utter joy and cheering followed by a rather loud round of applause with those representing the consortium clearly absolutely delighted with what they had managed to achieve. “After the auction had finished I congratulated the residents on their purchase whereupon they further explained it is their intention to run the post office themselves in order to be able to secure its long term future and enable it to remain an asset of the community. Often consortiums are attempted to be set up in order to purchase ‘important’ buildings, however rarely do they ever manage to succeed so for the residents to have been able to put all of this in place within two weeks and pull it off really was an incredible effort” says Simon. Some of the other highlights from the day was a single garage in Bognor Regis that sold for almost 40% more than the higher end of its guide price, just under an acre of land in Hailsham with a large pond that sold for 25% above the guide, a 3 bedroom house in Felpham in need of modernisation that sold comfortably above the lower end of its guide and a detached bungalow in Peacehaven that was occupied by a Statutory Protected Tenant which sold comfortably in excess of its reserve price. If you have a property you are thinking of selling and would like a free, no obligation valuation please contact the Parsons Son & Basley auctions team on 01273 274014 or visit


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FUTURE’S BRIGHT Buy­to­let market to offer ‘lucrative opportunities’ in coming years


he coming years will provide investors with a great opportunity to succeed in the buy­to­let market, although the industry will also face some challenges over the same period. That is the verdict of the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), which says rents will rise and house price growth will remain robust. And while recent tax changes have had an impact on the market, the body believes buy­to­let remains a viable and profitable option for both lenders and investors.

“ Balancing risk and

reward has always been the key ”

However, with house prices due to increase faster than rents, landlords could face a reduction in overall yields, which are

predicted to be 3.5 per cent on average in 2027. Allison Thompson, managing director at property specialist Leaders, says: “Balancing risk and reward has always been the key to a successful investment – and we believe the rewards of investing in property will continue to significantly outweigh the risks. “In recent years, property has outperformed a host of other major investment types – including stocks and shares, gold and savings – and there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic that this will continue over the next decade. “Should yields decrease as the study suggests, we remain confident this gap will be bridged by rising house prices, which allow landlords to benefit from significant capital growth when the time comes to sell.” The CEBR research, carried out on behalf of Shawbrook Bank, went on to suggest that demand for rental properties is expected to remain strong and that the proportion of UK homes in the private rented sector will surge from 21 per cent in 2016 to 28 per cent in 2027. It also explains that while higher costs are encouraging some landlords to adapt

their strategies, they are still buying. Allison adds: “Buy­to­let has provided a high return on investment for thousands of landlords in recent years and, providing new challenges are suitably negotiated, fundamentally remains an extremely strong and attractive proposition. “The combination of high tenant demand and rising rental prices ensures it will continue to deliver the results ambitious investors expect.” For more information or advice on investing in property or making more of an existing home contact your local Leaders branch or visit Alternatively, take a look at our range of dedicated investment properties for sale at Property Investment Hub.

LANDLADY Commuter Love


hen I first began writing this column a mere 16 years ago, it was actually called The Commuting Landlady. This is because I commuted to London for the first seven years of living in Brighton. Far from the arduous slog – punctuated with strikes and slow­running trains – that it seems to be today, I'm afraid to say that I actually enjoyed it. 20 years ago, I was of course considerably younger than I am now and therefore well equipped for smoking at least 10 cigarettes and drinking my own bodyweight in Stella on the way home.

“ Many a friendship was

forged through the fug of the buffet car ”

I still remember the feeling of panic when I'd finished my first can of beer before we got to East Croydon, meaning that my second would be done well before Haywards Heath. It was a jolly affair, the old buffet car, and some nights was akin to travelling home in a perambulating public house. We 10 | LATEST HOMES

continued to smoke – probably ill­ advisably – long after the smoking ban was introduced, meaning occasional, very exciting police raids mid­commute, during which someone always got arrested and cautioned. A friend of mine who didn't smoke was once cautioned for holding my lit cigarette while I went for a wee. Ah... the good old days... Many a lasting friendship was forged through the impenetrable fug of the buffet car. Most of the closest friends I have today were first encountered in this iniquitous hell­hole. I'm not a morning person, so it was appropriate that none of my commuting friends were either, possibly because of the return journey of the day before, and not even the worst offender would consider cracking open a can or speaking before 9am. There was however a very red­faced man who boarded at Haywards Heath and

would cheerlessly consume a quarter bottle of Chianti with his Times. I sometimes wonder if he's still doing it. Nowadays, commuting seems to be a way more sedate affair, as the old guard has either retired, or works here in Brighton. The 6.15 from Victoria is morgue­like vessel full of plugged­in travellers. How lucky then, that twice a year, a selection of the old school have a reunion. It is organised by a gentleman nicknamed King Bee, who happens to be a member of a very swanky London club and around mid­summer and just before Christmas, a group of us meet, eat and swank about with glorious views of the Thames. We then descend on 6.15 from Victoria in a wobbling mass, much to the annoyance of the unfortunates who happen to be in our carriage. It's this Friday... just saying....


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CYCLE HOME > Around The World Cycle Challenge in aid of BHT’s First Base Day Centre


aving recovered from their epic Brighton2Paris Charity Cycle ride last month, the Brighton & Hove Property Consortium were back in the saddle on Sunday 25th June to take part in the ‘Around The World Cycle Challenge’ in aid of BHT’s First Base Day Centre. The team cycled for a dizzying nonstop two hours around the Brighton Velodrome, with each member completing 90 laps and covering 32 miles. Representing the consortium was Luke Carter from Lewis & Co

“ Our members are pleased to be able to support all those who need our help ” Planning, Sam Murphy from Mortgage Medics, Becky Cheney from Robinson Low Francis, Andrew Howell from Pilbeam Construction, and David Kemp from DK Architects. Becky Cheney from Robinson Low Francis was keen to encourage the consortium’s cycle team to take part in raising awareness and providing support to the BHT. Speaking from Lewis & Co Planning, Luke Carter commented, “As planning consultants we are very aware of the shortage of homes in the city and the ongoing failure to build the number of homes that we need, this has led to a huge number of homeless


and “hidden­homeless” people in this city. We always try to support local charities and the Brighton Housing Trust is a great charity which does incredible work in the city to combat homelessness. It was a pleasure to give some time on a Sunday afternoon to help their fundraising efforts.” Colin Brace of the Brighton & Hove Property Consortium: “The property community already contributes so much to the city’s economy by way of employment opportunities, apprenticeships and our annual Mayor’s Charity Cycle Ride. Our members are pleased to be able to support all those who need our help and we are grateful that our team dedicated their Sunday evening to the cycle event in aid of the Brighton Housing Trust. Sam Murphy of Mortgage Medics commented: “The housing and homeless situation for many in Brighton and the surrounding area is desperate. Nobody should have to live without a roof over their head or in poverty, yet we still see so many people suffering. BHT does great work to combat homelessness and supporting this cause was a no­brainer." Andrew Howell from Pilbeam Construction: “Knowing that a little bit of physical effort on my part will provide financial help for a praiseworthy cause with the benefit gained locally is the main reason why I participated in this ride. Being homeless is seen by most of society as being a lifestyle choice, but in most cases it isn’t. The BHT charity ride provided the opportunity for cyclists to raise some money for a worthwhile charity whilst enjoying the health benefits of cycling in a safe and vehicle free environment.” David Kemp of DK Architects: “The Brighton Housing Trust is one of those long­standing organisations that goes about its work quietly sorting out people’s lives who need a bit of help to get back on track. Everyone has a story and the BHT helps to make stories with happy endings.” Brighton & Hove Property Consortium are organisers of the Brighton2Paris Charity Cycle Ride,


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WALKERS REST Five beautifully designed and distinctive houses nestled in the soul of the South Downs National Park


he village of Alfriston lies at the heart of some of the most exhilarating countryside in the South Downs National Park. Walkers Rest, a unique development of five stunning houses, traditionally crafted from brick, flint and slate, sits peacefully but distinctively behind Alfriston’s timbered mediaeval high street, among quaint lanes and quiet twittens.

Lewes & Tunbridge Wells, Walkers Rest combines exquisite architectural integrity with a truly magical location. Reid + Dean, Chartered Surveyors & Estate Agent, 01323 412550

“ 21st­century

functionality, sensitive aesthetics and supreme quality ” Built to superb standards, Walkers Rest offers calm and tranquility to discerning homeowners seeking 21st­century functionality, sensitive aesthetics and supreme quality. Located just four miles inland from Seaford, Cuckmere Haven and the iconic Seven Sisters chalk cliffs – within easy reach of Brighton, Eastbourne, Gatwick,



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Westfield Crescent

St. Michaels Place

Hartington Road

£485,000 Freehold • 4 bedrooms • Excellent decorative order • Modern fitted kitchen • Semi detached. EPC C69 Call Fiveways office 01273 566777

Offers in excess of £375,000 Leasehold • 2 double bedrooms • Private courtyard • Spacious accommodation • Close to Brighton station. EPC C69 Call Fiveways office 01273 566777

Price guide £650,000 Freehold • Fantastic 5/6 bedroom house • Lower end of sought-after Hartington Road • Impressive open plan kitchen/family room • Attractive sunny rear garden. EPC C69 Call Lewes Road office 01273 677001

Dudley Road £465,000 Freehold • 4 bedrooms. Popular location • Finished to a high standard • No onward chain • Good size rear garden. EPC C72 Call Fiveways office 01273 566777

Heath Hill Avenue

Holtview Road Offers over £450,000 Freehold • Flexible Accommodation Throughout • Sought After Location • NO CHAIN • 4 Double Bedrooms. EPC D57 Call Woodingdean office 01273 278866

Price guide £375,000 Freehold A fantastic, 3 bedroom self build semi detached bungalow located in one of the most sought after roads in a popular residential area. The property has beautifully presented, bright and spacious accommodation, a smart modern kitchen breakfast room and bathroom and a c100ft lawned level rear garden backing onto woodland. There is off street parking, a garage, gas heating and double glazed windows. Exclusive to Maslen Estate Agents. Energy Rating E54. Call Lewes Road office 01273 677001

014_LH837_PalmsPropertiesFP-9box_Palms 07/07/2017 10:47 Page 1


Victory Mews £950 pcm

St Vincent’s Court £1,125 pcm

Sovereign Court £1,200 pcm

An u/f one bedroom apartment on the ground floor with South facing enclosed terrace and allocated parking space. Available 22 August. Energy Rating C

A f/f two bedroom apartment on the top (3rd) floor with balcony, tranquil water views and allocated parking space. Available 08 August. Energy Rating C

Two bedroom f/f apartment on the top (3rd) floor with West facing balcony and allocated parking space. Available now. Energy Rating C

Collingwood Court £1,225 pcm

Britannia Court £1,300 pcm

Victory Mews £1,350 pcm

Two bedroom f/f apartment on the first floor with West facing balcony and undercover carport. Available now. Energy Rating C

A two bedroom f/f apartment on the top (3rd) floor with balcony, harbour views and allocated parking space. Available 26 July. Energy Rating C

A two bedroom u/f apartment on the ground floor with corner terrace, water views and allocated parking space. Available now. Energy Rating C

Sovereign Court £250,000 Leasehold

St Vincent’s Court £350,000 Leasehold

Holiday Lets Per Week

A modern one bedroom apartment on the ground floor with enclosed terrace and allocated parking space. Energy Rating C

A two bedroom apartment on the ground floor with South facing garden, tranquil water views and allocated parking space. Energy Rating C

A selection of studio – three bedroom quality apartments available for weekly or short term lettings. Ideal for in–between house moves. Call for details.

14 Waterfront, Palm Drive, Brighton Marina, BN2 5WA 01273 626000 | |

015_LH837_Sure-FP-17_FP Ad 07/07/2017 11:33 Page 1


IN N ST E RU W CT IO N 01273 243561

Rutland Gardens

For Sale

Bloomsbury Street

£314,950 Leasehold

For Sale

• Two bedrooms • Second floor split level • Bright and airy throughout • To be sold with new lease • Close to seafront and shops
















£440,000 Freehold

• Terraced cottage • Two bedrooms • Wood burning stove • Large sitting/dining room • Popular Kemp Town location

Stafford Road

Church Road

To Let

£1,600 pcm

To Let

• Exceptionally large apartment • Two double bedrooms • Fully equipped kitchen • Patio area • Modern and contemporary • Must be viewed U/F



£825 pcm

• Very well presented first floor flat • Bay fronted sitting room • Modern kitchen with appliances • Gas central heating • Minutes of the Seven Dials • Avail mid July U/F EPC: C


professional photos and a floor plan.

31 Upper St James Street Brighton BN2 1JN 01273 243561




016_017_LH837_Harrington-FP17_FP Ad 07/07/2017 10:46 Page 1

Eastbourne Road, 8 Bed House, Brighton

Isfield Road, 7 Bed House, Brighton

Osborne Road, 7 Bed House, Brighton

Bevendean Crescent, 7 Bed House, Brighton

• Lewes Road Area • Double Bedrooms • Separate Lounge • Two Bathrooms • Available late August

• Hollingdean • Available August • Open Plan Living Area • Close to Transport Links • Good Size Bedrooms

• Large Kitchen • Separate Dining & Living Area • Three Floors • Available September • Fiveways Area

• Detached Property • Large Open Plan Living Area • Close to Moulescoomb Campus • Available September • Close to Transport Links

Roedale Road, 7 Bed House, Brighton

Rushlake Close, 6 Bed House, Brighton

Bevendean Crescent, 6 Bed House, Brighton

Wolverstone Drive, 5 Bed Maisonette, B’ton

• Hollingdean • Available September • Close to Lewes Road • Open Plan Living Area • Patio Garden

• Coldean • Open Plan Living Area • Double Bedrooms • Good Size Garden • Driveway

• Moulescoomb • Open Plan Living Area • Double Bedrooms • Available September • Dual Level Garden

• Hollingdean • Double Bedrooms • Large Kitchen • Separate WC • Available September

Staplefield Drive, 5 Bed House, Brighton

Inghame Drive, 4 Bed House, Brighton

Ewhurst Road, 4 Bed House, Brighton

70 The Avenue, 7 Bed House, Brighton

• Moulescoomb • Open Plan Living Area • Close to Transport Links • Available September • Good Size Garden

• Coldean • Large Lounge • Double Bedrooms • Available September • Separate WC

• Close to Lewes Road • Separate Lounge • Good Size Kitchen • Available September • Well Presented

• Close to Moulsecoomb Campus • Driveway • Double Bedrooms • Open Plan Living Area • Available September


109 Western Road, Brighton, BN3 1FA 01273 724000

016_017_LH837_Harrington-FP17_FP Ad 07/07/2017 10:46 Page 2

Hollingbury Park Ave, 4 Bed House, Brighton

Ladies Mile Road, 5 Bed House, Patcham

Linton Road, 3 Bed House, Hove

Waterloo Street, 1 Bed Flat, Brighton

• Large Lounge • Kitchen with Dining Area • Fiveways Area • Three Floors • Available August 2017

• Two Reception Rooms • Two Shower Rooms & One Bath • Spacious Throughout • Minutes To Local Schools • Available September 2017

• Modern Throughout • Close to Train Station • Appliances Included • Spacious Living Area • Available August 2017

• Walking Distance to Seafront • Garden Flat • Separate Kitchen • Available September 2017 • Appliances Included

Wilbury Road, 2 Bed Flat, Hove

Adelaide Crescent, 2 Bed Flat, Hove

Brunswick Place, 1 Bed Flat, Hove

Goldsmid Road, 1 Bed Flat, Hove

• Raised Ground Floor • Private Entrance • En suite Shower Room • Large Lounge • Separate Kitchen

• Sought After Location • Two Double Bedrooms • Rear Patio Area • Part Furnished • Available Now

• Furnished Property • Secure Building • Available August 2017 • Large Double Bedroom • Students Accepted

• Two Double Bedrooms • Close to Brighton Station • To Be Redecorated • Separate Kitchen • Available July 2017

Queens Road, 1 Bed Flat, Brighton

Seafield Road, 3 Bed Flat, Hove

Meeting House Lane, 2 Bed Flat, Brighton

Montpelier Road, 3 Bed Flat, Brighton

• Furnished Flat • Central Location • Modern Throughout • Students Accepted • Available September 2017

• Popular Location • Separate Kitchen • Well Presented • Available September 2017 • Sharers Considered

• Central Location • Furnished Property • Students Accepted • Modern Finish • Available September 2017

• Two Floors • Sought After Area • Large Lounge • Sharers Accepted • Available September 2017


109 Western Road, Brighton, BN3 1FA 01273 724000

018_019_LH837_Khalil_Layout 1 07/07/2017 10:58 Page 1



R E N TA L INCOME? Safe as houses


e are all very careful about the checks we make on new tenants. After all, rent arrears can be a pain to deal with and a serious clog in your capital flow. When letting to a new tenant these series’ of checks usually cover their work status and income. They offer some peace of mind that you will receive your monthly rent. Yet how secure are these checks? New research suggests that many tenants have no financial resources should they lose their jobs, or be unable to work as a result of accident, illness or personal crisis. In a nationwide poll Scottish Widows discovered that nearly a third of private renters would not be financially secure if their household lost its main income. What’s more only 16% had life cover in place and just 3% had critical illness protection. This is a worrying situation that is very unlikely to change. Tenants were also asked about their priorities and arranging financial protection appears very far down their list. Four­fifths view a mobile phone as essential, but only one­fifth feel that providing security for their family in case of illness is a necessity. What does this mean for landlords? From a landlord’s perspective it is important to realise that rent arrears are not something you can ever confidently protect yourself against. Many tenants could easily go into rent arrears should life throw them a curve­ball. And, sadly, it so often does. With little financial back­up, and no financial protection, tenants’ ability to pay the rent could become very quickly vulnerable to failure. How can you guarantee your rent? It’s factors such as this that makes Khalil’s Rent Guaranteed Scheme such a popular option with Brighton landlords. This scheme completely removes all the worry and financial risk of rent not being paid. It guarantees your rent every single month, even where there are rent arrears on your property or it is not occupied. It’s not just risk the Scheme removes: it also takes away the hassle. We deal with the tenants, we handle everyday maintenance and we make sure your property complies with the latest letting legislation. The scheme is simple. 18 | LATEST HOMES

• You lease your property to us for five years. • We guarantee you rent every single month. • We return your property to you in the same condition that we received it. • (Or you ask us to carry on because the landlord’s life has never been so easy!) If you are concerned about tenants’ ability to pay the rent, now or in the future, then the Rent Guarantee Scheme could be your quick route to complete peace of mind! Phone: 01273 573960 Mobile: 07984 015669 Email: Address: 124 Lewes Road, Brighton, BN2 3LG


018_019_LH837_Khalil_Layout 1 07/07/2017 10:58 Page 2



Not many things in life are guaranteed, but your rental income certainly can be

Comprehensive property management for peace of mind and maximum returns



FIND A TENANT All the help you need to get your property rented and your tenants settled


Advertise your rental property online for just £60.00 Inc VAT

Letting a property? Your questions answered here

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Student accommodation is in high demand: let us help you meet it

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Latest Homes: No. 837  

HOVE HAVEN – Delightful Rutland Gardens apartment from Sure Property Solutions

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