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Are you home yet? 21 – 27 March 2017 ★ Issue 821

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NEW HOMES Outstanding development near the South Downs PROJECT BRIGHTON Say hello to Brighton Palace Pier

GRAND LIVING Massey offer apartment in prestigious Sussex Square Page 11

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LATEST BILL A visionary community

5 KERB APPEAL How to revolutionise your home’s kerb appeal in 24 hours

5 PSB AUCTIONS A view from the rostrum


6 LANDLADY Rentals to tourists are booming in Cuba

6 NOW & THEN WITH ANDY GARTH Treasured family photos


7 PROJECT BRIGHTON Brighton Palace Pier celebrates English Tourism Week

8 HOBBIT HOUSE Brighton’s ideal modern home revealed



Sensational new homes in Pyecombe

10 HISTORIC HOVE A stunning opportunity as 37 Brunswick Square comes to market


18 PROPERTY ROADSHOW Londoners looking to swap the City for the country at Hamptons International’s Roadshow

20 KHALIL PROPERTIES Khalil’s Reward Schemes – for tenants and landlords – come under the spotlight



Muslim, a Jew, a transgender woman and a Scot walked into a bar. And the punchline is... this is not a joke, this is Latest TV and the way it should be. We don't talk diversity here, we are diversity. We started an LGBT+ TV channel this year and last year Sophie Cook on Latest TV became the first transgender newscaster in Europe. I'm writing this having just watched Sophie on The Premier League Football Show with Gabby Logan and it's great to see at last the big institutions (the BBC and the Premier League) beginning to cover what we in Brighton have covered... and I'm tempted to put Sophie Cook, Head of Latest LGBT+ TV forever! And let's have a word of praise for the fans at Whitehawk who sing Homophobia We Say No at every game – and very tunefully too – and players like Brighton's Liam Rosenior and Whitehawk's Danny Mills who have spoken out on Latest TV about welcoming gay players to the dressing room. And of course there are out players in the Women's game. But I think it does need to be said that there are still no "out" players in the Premier League. I say we've been covering this forever because in the 1980s we had a gay weekly column in The Punter, the forerunner of The Latest and since the early 1990s in Brighton we've had Gscene, James Ledward's so readable magazine. I love it even though I'm “the only straight in the village”. I'd love arches at the bottom of St James’ Street welcoming you to our home like Chinatown in London. Can we have some money spent on our side of the Pier please as again it seems like we've been asking this for 50 years!

“ Let’s have a word of praise for the fans at

Whitehawk who sing Homophobia We Say No ”

Summer is coming, the clocks go forward now and so come on down. We've got a great new restaurant Mat Gillian's Pike and Pine at Redroaster, we've got the legendary Catalyst Club with the Gogglebox stars Andrew and Pascal and "teen idol" Louis Michael this week at Latest Musicbar. I love Marmalade cafe, the Hand in Hand: the pub for jazz and conversation and obviously Kemptown has the best gay clubs and bars in the UK. It's a great place to live! I live there! And Paul Bonnet can find you a flat or a house. And please catch As We Are, Deborah Espect's riveting story of our diverse communities, set in Kemptown, on Latest TV or on YouTube at I look forward to the big institutions catching up with visionary and free Kemptown! @latestbrighton @latestbill



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Managing Director Bill Smith Business Director Angi Mariani Creative Director Andrew Kay


Head of Sales Lesley Lawrence Editor Joe Fuller Entertainment Editor Victoria Nangle Design/Production Kyle Moon



CEO Bill Smith TV Scheduling Jason Weaver Channel Manager Erik Selby Sales Manager Tracey Davidson Head of News Jody Doherty­Cove

Ruth Ratner Stella Pitt Ali Cluney­Hickford



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A VIEW FROM THE PARSONS SON & BASLEY ROSTRUM > Bid whilst you have the chance to do so as otherwise trying to be too clever will cost you dearly in the long run!


rom an auctioneer’s point of view, it is extremely frustrating when despite the fact you know they are in the room, buyers do not bid for the property they have come to buy. However, from the buyers’ point of view, how frustrating must it be for them when they find out that post­auction they have actually paid significantly more for the property than they might have done had they bid for it during the auction itself!

“ The price paid was significantly more ” This actually happened recently whereupon the lot I am referring to did not receive any bids during the auction itself however, immediately after the auction had finished, some half an hour later, not one but two buyers approached me advising they wished to make an offer on the property whereupon I had no alternative but to ask them both to write down their best and final bids. Naturally the higher offer won the ‘mini post­auction’ auction and the buyer exchanged contracts there and then. However, the price paid was significantly more than the property

could have been purchased for had the buyer raised their hand and made a bid during the auction itself, and by significant I really do mean significant! The under bidder who had unfortunately lost out also made a written bid for an amount much higher than the reserve had been set at whereupon had they instead made a bid during the auction, not only would they have purchased the property but they would have done so for a lower amount! After explaining this to the under bidder and asking why on earth they did not bid during the auction, I was informed that in the event the property did not sell they were of the opinion they would be able to ‘buy it cheaper’, whereupon instead they actually lost it for more than they could have bought it for! I have no doubt the successful bidder was also of the opinion that post­ auction they would have been able to buy the property for less. However again, such a theory seems to have backfired. My message to auction buyers is this, please, don’t try and be too clever and manipulate the system as simply put it usually backfires on you. When you have the opportunity to bid for a property then bid as if you don’t, you are likely to either lose out completely or pay much more than you needed to! If you have a question about buying or selling at auction do not hesitate to contact the Parsons Son & Basley auctions team on 01273 274010

KERB APPEAL > How to revolutionise your home’s kerb appeal in just 24 hours!


etting the best possible first impression is the key to selling a property – and there is nowhere better to start than by improving the kerb appeal of your home. Kevin Shaw, national sales director at property specialist Leaders, has revealed five quick and easy upgrades homeowners can make in less than 24 hours to ensure their house looks its very best as soon as prospective buyers set eyes on it. He says: “The best idea is to put yourself in the shoes of a buyer. Take a look at your home and give an honest assessment of what you see. You only have one chance to give buyers the right impression so it’s important to take it.” Kevin’s top five tips for enhancing kerb appeal are: 1) Symmetry: Simple and effective Symmetry at the front of a house is pleasing to the eye. Consider whether you could line up plants so there is an equal number on each side, while any outdoor lighting will typically look nicer in pairs. 2) Make a statement with your front door The front door is nearly always the focal point of any property, so making a statement with it is a wise move. There is no need to replace it; simply give it a fresh coat of paint in an attractive colour that complements the rest of the house. 3) Bring life to your garden If you don’t have a beautiful landscaped front garden, don’t fear. LATEST TV | VIRGIN MEDIA 159 | FREEVIEW CHANNEL 7

You can easily create your own by adding a few plants, hanging baskets or window boxes. Just drop by your local garden centre and breathe new life and colour into the front view of your home. 4) Make your home number one Checking, cleaning and possibly replacing small touches such as your house number, letter box and locks will create a feeling that your property has been well looked after. If you have a welcome mat, make sure it is appealing. They may be small details but they can make a big difference. 5) Lead them up the garden path The first steps a buyer takes on your property will be up the garden path, so ensure it is clean, clear and inviting. Remove any trip hazards. This is particularly important for evening viewers, who may be unsure of their footing in the dark. You could even choose to add solar lights to show the way. Kevin explains: “All of these ideas can be put into practice in just a day – and are sure to have a big impact on how people view your home. Paying attention to the small details is what helps set some properties apart, so homeowners keen to sell should give themselves the best chance by focusing on kerb appeal.” For more information on selling your property contact your local Leaders branch or visit


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RENT BOOK TALES NOW & THEN Andy Garth The Landlady > Take a rain check

> Photo albums


'm in Havana again and the property market has gone mad. Everyone we know seems to be talking about how much they could sell their house for, or if not, how much they're going to spend on a flat, and eventually, how much money they'll make renting out their newly painted rooms to tourists. For a place with dyed­in­the­wool communist roots, the apple has certainly fallen far from the tree. Although I have enough money in the bank here to buy something, I'm going to hang fire for now and wait to see what happens.

“ The main streets and plazas of Havana Vieja resound with the newly present voices of extremely loud people ”

I am sure that, even if everyone does up their house and rents rooms to tourists, there will still not be enough rooms to mop up the ever­increasing tide of people who are visiting Cuba. Already, the main streets and plazas of Havana Vieja resound with the newly present voices of extremely loud people from the United States, causing my English friend N, who's lived in Havana for many years, to become apoplectic with rage as soon a selfie­stick­ wielding herd of Yankees hove into view. It's all very well and I'm glad my Cuban friends finally have the opportunity to make some money, but the dramatic increase in tourism has put a great deal of pressure on an already fragile system. “There's no food in any of the shops”, was one of the first things that my friend Yusi said to us when I arrived. “That's because all those effing tourists have eaten it all', fumed my angry friend N... an observation that is pretty accurate, I should imagine. In an attempt to escape the incoming tide of Americans, myself, The Cuban Boyfriend, N and my friend M, who is holidaying with us, escaped to a tiny seaside village in the East of Cuba. In two cars, we traversed a heady mountain range and as we came down the other side, The Cuban Boyfriend's brakes failed and my friend N's brakes caught fire, leaving us all a little shaky but intact at the end of it all. 6 | LATEST HOMES

can guarantee that there are many of you out there that visit their mums or older relatives. And if you haven't seen them for a while the "when you were little" photo album comes out, either from the bookcase or the bottom of the sideboard (not sure what the modern word for this classic drawing room piece of furniture is, but the "Swedish ones’" word will be unpronounceable and the major reason for sometimes buying the wrong item!). This week I have taken some photos of photo albums I bought with some other bits at an auction. I felt a bit sad when looking through them as they are great pieces of someone's personal family life that no one wants to keep, look after or feel some sort of attachment too.

“ Felt a bit sad when looking through

them as they are great pieces of someone's personal family life that no one wants to keep ”

The photos in these albums range from the 1920s to the late 1930s with glimpses into people's lives, including beach visits, relative visits and other social and pleasure activities. They make the photos tell a story of how simple and easy life seemed to be before the war. So, if your gran or mum or anybody you know keeps their photos close for regular viewing, please please don't let them disappear. Copy them or scan them – don't bin them. I will return in a lighter vein next week. We are still amazed of the amount "stuff" that people have or find and put into our sales, so if you have anything you think might be of interest email me or pop into the shop at 28 Western Road, Hove, BN3 1AF


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> Say hello to Brighton Palace Pier as it celebrates English Tourism Week


he Pier has been a focal attraction on the south coast for over 117 years with visitors coming far and wide to walk along the Victorian boardwalk and enjoy the views of the seaside. Which probably explains why it is still hugely popular even today. Although many changes and additions have been made to the Pier it would seem so very strange without it, whether it’s for the free deckchairs to relax in the sun or the lure of the fish and chips, the pier seems to appeal to so many different people, from locals and students to the day trippers or weekend visitors.

“ The Pier has managed to retain its

quintessential British heritage while appealing to the modern day person ”

Like so many things that must change and adapt to continue to survive, the Pier has managed to retain its quintessential British heritage while appealing to the modern day person on the street (or beach). However one change that was made back in 2000 was not so welcome and caused quite a stir at the time! The owners at the time ‘the Noble organisation’ decided to change the name from Palace Pier to Brighton Pier. This was a move that angered many local residents and historians at the time with some refusing to recognise the new name and continue to refer to it as the Palace Pier. However the decision to change the name at the time did bring more attention to the name of where it was from: Brighton, this of course brought even more popularity and attention from overseas visitors and the name Brighton Pier is now more famous than ever before and has become a brand in its own right. However in April 2016 the Pier was sold to new buyers headed up by Luke Johnson. One of the first thing the new owners did was to listen to the local audience and to its management team. This began a series of new developments and the decision was made to bring back the beloved Palace to the Pier. In September 2016 a competition ran which asked anyone and LATEST TV | VIRGIN MEDIA 159 | FREEVIEW CHANNEL 7

@BrightonPier everyone to come up with a new design to include the words Brighton Palace Pier and in January this year the winner was announced. Lucy Williams, a local artist and designer of the Open Market sign beat many entries to the winning prize of £1,000 and the chance to make history. It was important that to bring back the past to the present both names were kept as Brighton Pier was now so famous to a new generation of locals and international visitors. And so in 2017 we welcome back an old friend and say hello to Brighton Palace Pier, long may she rule and continue to bring pleasure and fun for another 100 years. The newly refurbished Horatio’s bar has now been given a family friendly vibe to it, with additional seating and new menu including some tasty sharing platters. There will be live music and entertainment over the holidays and summer plus a host of activities and free fun days. A new improved ‘Dolphin Derby’ game has been installed with 18 seats to play the game and ‘roll the balls’ hoping to race their dolphin to the finish line. Second is the cheekily named I­220 kid’s ride, which holds 12 riders and takes them up 8 metres and spins them around too! It’s a great fun new addition and even mum and dad can join the kids on it. However the most anticipated and popular new attraction will surely be the PALACE PLAY, a fantastic indoor, 4 story, multi­ purpose soft play area. This will be will be a great reminder to all those locals that remember the ‘pirates deep’ play area which was hugely popular in Brighton in the 1990s. There will be a brand new café for parents and grown­ups to relax and have a coffee and a chat while the kids are having fun. The indoor Dome building will boast over 50 arcade and gaming machines including air hockey, dance mats and 4 player games. The programme of activities will include private hire for birthdays, school groups and parties plus after school groups, coffee mornings and pizza parties too! To celebrate the new name the Pier will be taking part and heavily supporting English Tourism week from the 25th of March until the 2nd April. Look out for the open top bus at the Pier along with competitions and giveaways online and on social media. For more information go to, like them on Facebook by searching for Brighton Palace Pier or follow them on Twitter at @BrightonPier


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HOBBIT HOUSE > Brighton’s ideal modern home revealed, and it’s not what you would expect


ith the likes of George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces and Kevin McCloud on Grand Designs showing the UK the possibilities of progressive and alternative housing solutions, Brits are feeling inspired. New research from online interiors retailer, has found that people in Brighton find the eclectic and traditional home most appealing, as opposed to modern minimalist living. In fact, the most coveted feature of a modern dream home is a swimming pool and spa facilities (45%), closely followed by a country kitchen (40%).

“ People are in favour of cosy homes with traditional features ” The most desirable unconventional property, according to respondents, is a sustainable property (47% would live there) followed by a traditional thatched cottage (37%) and a converted chapel or church (32%). Almost one quarter (24%) of respondents found the idea of a fantasy­inspired ‘Hobbit House’ exciting. Over 60% of moving decisions in Brighton are swayed by location, with respondents fantasising about a quiet rural setting. This came hand­in­hand with the second most important factor ­


a decent sized garden plot. Surprisingly, school catchment area, commuter transport links and local crime rates were only important to less than one quarter of the city’s respondents. Matteo Fabbi at, said: “Interiors magazines are adorned with minimalist, modern interiors full of clean lines, shiny surfaces and open spaces, but actually our research has found that people are more in favour of cosy homes with traditional features and period character.” The UK’s most desired unconventional homes include: 1. Traditional thatched cottage 2. Sustainable home 3. Converted period chapel 4. Eco­log cabin 5. Hobbit house 6. Glass house 7. Converted boat or canal barge 8. Urban micro­apartment 9. Floating house 10. Lighthouse Take a look inside the nation’s dream interiors at


009_LH821_agentspotlight _Layout 1 17/03/2017 15:18 Page 1

Maslen Estate Agents

Khalil Properties

Maslen Estate Agents are absolute experts in the Brighton and Hove housing market. Drawing on over 18 years’ experience as independent estate agents with offices around the city, Maslen offer honest, professional guidance and support, acting as your trusted partner at every stage of the sale process. As one of only three estate agents in Brighton and Hove that has achieved membership of the Buy with Confidence scheme, established by trading standards, Maslen are taking the property profession back to its roots of honesty and integrity. David Maslen,

Why do landlords and tenants in Brighton choose Khalil’s? Simply because we are Brighton’s leading rental agency. Renting houses and letting flats is what we do. We’ve been doing it for many years and we intend to stick to what we excel at. We don’t sell houses. We don’t lease commercial spaces. We’re not distracted by rental opportunities elsewhere. We’d much rather be a master of the Brighton letting trade than a jack­of­all. We let property in and around Brighton. We offer landlords and tenants plenty of choice. 124 Lewes Rd, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 3LG 01273 573960,

Westbeach Properties

Sure Property Solutions

H2O Homes

With many years’ experience I wanted to create an agency with a fresh approach to the property market, by combining all 3 services along with excellent customer care. So whether you are selling, letting or wanting to let your property as a holiday let, I can give you advice. Based along Hove seafront, we are honest, friendly and give a good service to all our customers. We also give back to the community by supporting two charities for the younger generation in our city. Please contact Kim White for a free valuation 01273 911213,

Established in 2008 Sure Property Solutions is an independent residential sales & letting agency founded by sellers, landlords, buyers & tenants seeking a different type of service. Frustrated with the lack of flexibility, transparency and value for money in the sales & lettings industry, our business model has been based on our own expectations. As a member of both NAEA, ARLA and The Property Ombudsman you know as a seller, landlord, buyer or tenant you are in safe hands. 31 Upper St James Street, BN2 1JN 01273 243561,

In 2016 Linda Davis and Mark Philpot, two industry professionals with 30 years of combined knowledge and experience in estate agency, got together and decided they wanted do things just a little bit differently! Our company has been founded through the realisation that our clients and customers were looking for a more bespoke style of agency, one that has a fresh and innovative approach backed by years of experience and knowledge of our unique waterside market. For more info please contact Mark/Linda on 01273 688448 or visit the branch at 34 Waterfront, Brighton Marina, BN2 5WA


Are you a charity? We are offering to replace your

lightbulbs FREE of CHARGE. Offer closes at the end of March.

T: 07779 169 262 W:



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MANSELL M C TAG G A RT > Sensational new homes in Pyecombe


east on new homes at Pyecombe, West Sussex. With prices starting from £650,000 the show house is now available to view at Forge Close, which is an outstanding development of just six newly built detached houses and with a choice of either four or five bedrooms. Internally these superb homes come with all the benefits associated with a brand new house, including a 10 year warranty and offer generous contemporary family accommodation meticulously designed for modern day living, complemented with good size gardens and double garages.

“ Meticulously designed for modern day living ” Enjoying an enviable position nestling at the foot of the South Downs close to the South Downs Way and enjoying the best of both worlds with a lovely rural village feel yet just a few minutes drive from the vibrant city of Brighton & Hove. There is easy road access to the A23 for links to the motorway network (including Gatwick or Heathrow), or into Brighton for the station for London, or the nearby A273 for journeys to Hassocks for shops and station. Please ring Mansell McTaggart on 01273 508955 for further information and to arrange a viewing of the show home.

HISTORIC HOVE BUILDING > 37 Brunswick Square – A House of Doors


ny developer or investor looking for an important piece of Hove history should be on alert. The mouth­watering prospect of an entire house in historic Brunswick Square has come to the market with Mishon Mackay Land & Development, a magnificent building complete with a wealth of ornate and beautiful architectural features and grand internal doors to die for. Matthew Hollywood, a director of Mishon Mackay explains: “It is a highly unusual opportunity, and very rare to find so many architectural gems intact. We are delighted to be entrusted with the sale of such an important and historic Hove building.”

“ A building which truly fires the imagination ” Currently arranged as eighteen letting units, 37 Brunswick Square offers tremendous scope for an investor. “Not only is this an interrupted freehold with vacant possession, with its coach house included”, continues Matthew, “but there is also the tempting option of redeveloping the units as contemporary apartments, retaining and embellishing the charm and character of the original building.” 10 | LATEST HOMES

For anyone who has dreamed of the ultimate city home, there is even the possibility of restoring this magnificent building back to a single residence. “To be honest, this is a less likely option,” says Matthew, “but you never know. This is a building which truly fires the imagination.” Price: £3.5 Million. For further details contact Mishon Mackay Land & Development on 01273 829300 or email


011_LH821_Massey-FP_FP Ad 17/03/2017 13:58 Page 1

6 MONTHS FREE MANAGEMENT How are we able to offer this deal? Give us a call to find out. 01273 727278 APARTMENT IN PRESTIGIOUS SUSSEX SQUARE £1,400PCM Courtyard leading to own entrance, large lobby area, ideal for dining or office area. Large tiled hallway, striking front room with 2 large sash windows. 2 double bedrooms, spacious kitchen and bathroom.

OUR AREAS OF EXPERTISE • Exceptional Communication • Excellent Legal Knowledge • All staff hold a Property Management Qualification • Taking over problem tenancies from Private Landlords

012_013_LH821_Maslen_DPS_Layout 1 17/03/2017 13:20 Page 1

Balsdean Road £490,000 Freehold • 4 Bedroom family home • Fantastic views over Woodingdean to the sea • Garden great for entertaining • EPC D66 Call Woodingdean office 01273 278866

NEW home

Brangwyn Drive £750,000 Freehold A SIMPLY STUNNING FOUR BEDROOM DETACHED FAMILY HOME SITUATED IN THIS EXTREMELY POPULAR RESIDENTIAL AREA. The house offers many features with spacious accommodation arranged over three floors. Energy rating D62. Call Fiveways office 01273 566777

Balsdean Road Price guide £415,000 Freehold • New Build Semi Detached House • 4 Spacious Bedrooms • Sought after location • Contemporary Style Throughout Call Woodingdean office 01273 278866

Herbert Road

Shaftesbury Place

South Coast Road

£550,000 Freehold • Popular residential area • Good size accommodation • Attractive mid terraced house • South facing garden. EPC D56 Call Fiveways office 01273 566777

Offers over £325,000 Share of Freehold • No onward chain • Close to London Road station • 2 double bedrooms • Kitchen/breakfast room. EPC E51 Call Fiveways office 01273 566777

Offers in excess of £180,000 Leasehold • NO ONWARD CHAIN • Southerly facing balcony with views to sea • Contemporary Style Throughout • Parking space. EPC C69 Call Woodingdean office 01273 278866

012_013_LH821_Maslen_DPS_Layout 1 17/03/2017 13:21 Page 2

NEW to the market

NEW to the market

Pankhurst Avenue

Belfast Street

St. Michaels Place

Price guide £265,000 Leasehold • Stunning 3rd floor 1 bedroom apartment • Impressive private balcony. Great views • Smart communal areas inc large roof terr • Allocated parking space. Lift. EPC C84 Call Lewes Road office 01273 670001

Offers in excess of £450,000 Freehold • Two double bedroom house • Central Hove location • In excellent condition throughout • West facing garden. EPC E50 Call Fiveways office 01273 566777

£400,000 Leasehold • 2 double bedrooms • Private courtyard • Spacious accommodation • Close to Brighton station. EPC C69 Call Fiveways office 01273 566777

‘The Woodingdean office helped make a tricky process a much more pleasurable one.’ Mrs Goldstone, Crescent Drive North

NEW to the market

Hanover Terrace Offers over £442,000 Freehold • Hanover without the hill • Lovely 3 bedroom 3 storey house • Period features throughout • Patio garden & roof terrace. EPC C69 Call Lewes Road office 01273 677001

Park Crescent

St. Leonards Avenue £475,000 Freehold • Immaculate condition throughout • Period features including open fire • Boarded loft with fixed staircase • Iconic Yellow Brick construction. EPC D62 Call Fiveways office on 01273 566777

£350,000 Share of Freehold THIS TOP FLOOR 2 DOUBLE BEDROOM FLAT IS IN PRESTIGIOUS PARK CRESCENT; a sought-after terrace of 48 houses which has been Grade II* listed by English Heritage for its architectural & historical importance. 16'3 lounge with views over the communal gardens for residents’ use only. Sash windows, smart modern kitchen and an ideal location close to shops, pubs and restaurants, within walking distance to Brighton station. Energy Rating: D67 Call Lewes Road office 01273 677001

014_015_LH821_FS_DPS_FP Ad 17/03/2017 11:56 Page 1

9 Offices Covering Brighton & Hove 26 Offices in Sussex 38 Offices in London

Springfield Road, £825,000-£850,000

01273 508761

Redhill Drive, £675,000

01273 508761

One of the finest, red-brick, Victorian semi-detached houses currently available. Extensively restored, this family home boasts a wealth of period features; the property offers substantial living & entertaining space with a through reception room and 22' kitchen which leads outside to a rear garden. Arranged across 3 storeys offering a substantial 181 sq.m of accommodation.

A 3 bedroom 1950’s style detached residence with garage & extensive grounds is on the Withdean and Westdene borders with a commanding, elevated outlook and a view across Brighton. This area (between Dyke Road Avenue and London Road) offers some of Brightons' most expensive homes and is highly sought after for excellent local schools (Westdene Primary).

Freshfield Road, £900,000

Elm Grove, £450,000

01273 688148

Fox and Sons are delighted to offer this gorgeous four storey, four bedroom family home with two reception rooms and a West facing rear garden. Located in the ever popular Queens Park area of Brighton. Throughout their stunning period features, and it is just a few minutes from popular local schools.

01273 677544

This beautiful 3 BEDROOM extended house is well presented throughout & close to public transport links offering easy access into Brighton's vibrant City Centre. The property comprises Lounge, MODERN KITCHEN/BREAKFAST ROOM, SPACIOUS UTILITY ROOM, dining room, modern bathroom suite & FRONT & REAR GARDENS.

014_015_LH821_FS_DPS_FP Ad 17/03/2017 11:56 Page 2

Jesmond Road, £635,000

01273 820280

Old Shoreham Road, £900,000

01273 777000

A fantastic four bedroom semi-detached family home with a large west facing rear garden and within 690 metres of a school with an 'outstanding' Ofsted report.

Semi-detached period property. Lounge with open fireplace, five large double bedrooms - one boasting a walk in wardrobe & en-suite and another a private balcony, modern family bathroom, large open plan kitchen/diner with French doors, southerly aspect garden, walled front garden and extensive loft space. Situated in a fantastic location close to Seven Dials and Brighton station.

Pembroke Court, £275,000

Varndean Road, £285,000

01273 820280

A large second floor apartment in a very well maintained purpose-built block with lift access, a large balcony, a double bedroom and a big living/dining room.

01273 508761

Grosvenor Court is a purpose built 'Art Deco' building, which is on the south side of this popular tree lined residential road near to Preston Park village. This second floor apartment is in a modern style & benefits from two double bedrooms, modern kitchen & bathroom, lounge which leads out to a South facing private balcony, gas central heating & double glazing.

016_LH821_MansellMcT_SP_Mansell McTaggart 17/03/2017 11:57 Page 1

FORGE CLOSE, PYECOMBE. Prices from £650,000 A small select development of just six newly built 4 and 5 bedroom detached houses with generous gardens, double garages and views over the South Downs National Park. In a lovely location with a rural village feel yet just a few minutes’ drive to the vibrant city of Brighton & Hove. Please call to view the show home.


01273 508955 email

17 offices across Sussex and also Park Lane, London

017_LH821_Sure-FP-17_FP Ad 17/03/2017 11:58 Page 1 01273 243561

Upper Rock Gardens

£209,950 For Sale £219,950 • 1 Bedroom Flat • Central Location • Long Lease • Chain Free

Wiston Road

Montpelier Street

For Sale OIEO £265,000

For Sale

• 2 Bedroom • Semi Detached • Large Garden • Recently Renovated


• 1 Bedroom • Courtyard Garden • Excellent Condition • Long Lease • Central Location



Cobden Road

£465,000 For Sale £475,000 • 4 Bedroom Family Home • Vacant • Flexible Accomodation • Stunning Views


Buckingham Road

Hove Park Villas

For Sale

For Sale


• 3 Bedrooms • Split Level Apartment • Roof Terrace • Walking Distance To Station • Immaculate Condition




inc VAT (0.75%+VAT)





• 4 Bedrooms • Split Level Apartment • Stunning Condition • Fantastic Location


floorplans & professional photos

31 Upper St James Street Brighton BN2 1JN 01273 243561




Sell your home for



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PROPERTY ROADSHOW > Londoners looking to swap the City for the country at Hamptons International’s Roadshow


esearch from leading estate agent, Hamptons International, shows that last year the number of Londoners buying a home outside the capital reached its highest level since 2007. In 2016, 74,000 Londoners bought homes outside the capital, a figure up 11,000 more than the previous year. To support this demand Hamptons International recently hosted their annual ‘Country Roadshow’. The Roadshow seeks to provide a selection of the finest countryside homes within the commuter belt and countryside locations to Londoners seriously considering leaving the capital.

“ A more personal view into the best area for commuter times ” The event took place across five key London locations in the company’s Blackheath, Battersea, Teddington, Kensington and Muswell Hill branches. Those in attendance were given the opportunity to take a first glimpse at beautiful country homes available to buy and rent in the countryside. Agents from key commuter belt and countryside locations provided useful information to those wishing to make the move out of London.



This year the Roadshow witnessed more first time buyers in attendance than ever before. 39% of all first time buyers chose to leave London and lay down roots outside of the city last year, which is the highest number since 2007. This shows that the squeeze on first time buyers over the last few years has steadily changed where first time buyers want to buy. Mary Beeton, Head of Sales for Hamptons International says: “We’re delighted to have once again hosted a weekend where time­poor Londoners have met with our country agents, without having to leave the City. At Hamptons we understand the decision to take the plunge and move from the city to the country requires not only expert advice, but a more personal view into the best area for performing schools and commuter times. “We’d like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who came to experience the Country Roadshow first hand. It was great to see the countryside come to the capital and with expert advice on hand, this event has become an absolute must for anyone considering making the move out of London.”

Mould Solutions

he NHS, the Department of Health and the World Health

Professional Mould Removal & Prevention

Organisation all regard exposure to excessive mould as a

01273 589 689 | 077 2929 6969

threat to health. That’s why the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) has classified mould as a Category 1 health

hazard. Living with mould can have a detrimental effect on one’s health which is why mould problems should be dealt with quickly and effectively.


Paint isn’t your solution As tempting as it may be, heading for the mouldy wall with a bucket of paint and a brush at hand isn’t going to solve the problem. In actual fact, painting over existing mould won’t kill it. Painting over the mould is simply a waste of time and money, as mould will continue to grow, resulting in the continuous dispersion of mould spores. Even the

Mould is a Category 1 Health Hazard If left untreated MOULD can: • Trigger asthma attacks • Cause allergic reactions • Cause sinus infections • Make you more susceptible to colds and flu

If your home, let or business is affected by mould, don’t delay – call us today

thickest coats of paint won’t mask your mould trouble. Unless you invest in a proper and professional mould removal procedure, the mould will only just continue to grow! Out with the mould! MOULD SOLUTIONS specialise in mould removal, prevention and ventilation solutions. They can identify the cause, treat the mould and give you advice on how to keep you homes healthy and mould free. For more information call MOULD SOLUTIONS on



01273 589 689 or visit mould­ 18 | LATEST HOMES


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WEST BEACH PROPERTIES Sales, Lettings and Holiday Lets

Westbeach Properties is pleased to present this beautiful two bedroom mansion flat in Second Avenue, and the good news is that this is available over the EASTER and SUMMER holidays. Starting from ÂŁ100 a night gives you this whole apartment located in a popular area of Hove near shops and the seafront, and has the use of a lovely communal garden. Please enquire on 01273 911213 or email us on If you are thinking of renting your property out for a holiday/short term let we would be happy to come round to give you free advice and how to earn a good income over the holiday period.

01273 911213



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AGENT? Khalil’s Reward Schemes


t’s a fact: not all letting agents are the same. At Khalil’s we can make a very big difference to your experience of letting, whether you are a landlord or a tenant. Khalil’s Tenant Reward Scheme At Khalil’s we believe that good tenants deserve to be rewarded. They deserve extra services like cleaning and gardening, they should pay reduced letting fees and leave lower deposits, and, most importantly of all, they should benefit from a cash sum at the end of their tenancy if they pay their rent on time. And that is not a deal you are probably getting from your current letting agent. Go ahead, ask them why not! Khalil’s Rent Guarantee Scheme We also believe that landlords should get great returns on their investments, but their experience should be stress­free and void­ free. We will pay landlords rent every single month regardless of whether their property is occupied or not, and it’s totally our responsibility to maintain and fill their house or flat. And that’s not a deal you were offered by your current letting agent, is it? Maybe you too should ask them why not! Khalil’s is a letting agent that both landlords and tenants love We get such great properties to let because landlords know we will handle everything for them and pay them rent every single month of the year. And we get such good tenants to move in because we reward them, and we make finding, arranging and living in a rental property simple. Our Tenant Reward Scheme ensures rental properties are well cared for and that tenants are happy in them and encouraged to act responsibly. It costs each tenant £20 a month to join, and they must take out tenant liability insurance to signal their good intentions. We then include utility bills (including broadband) in their rent to make things easy, and offer a fortnightly cleaning and gardening service to ensure it is a pleasure to live in the property, and that it remains well looked after.


Are you getting the best deal? If you are a landlord and would like to chat about how we can guarantee your rent and take away the burden from letting your property, give us a call to find out about the difference that Khalil’s can make. If you are a tenant and would like to find out about our Tenant Reward Scheme, and benefit from cleaning services, reduced fees and a cash reward at the end of your tenancy, then speak to us (or ask us for some information you can show to your current landlord). After all, at Khalil’s we offer both landlords and tenants a very good deal. And that’s how we are different. For more information about Khalil’s Tenant Reward Scheme or Khalil’s Rent Guarantee Scheme call Ahmed Khalil on 01273 573960 / 07984 015669, visit Khalil Properties at 124 Lewes Road, Brighton, BN2 3LG or find us online at


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Latest Homes: No. 821  

Grand Living, Massey offer apartment in prestigious Sussex Square

Latest Homes: No. 821  

Grand Living, Massey offer apartment in prestigious Sussex Square