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Working alongside the British Airways i360, Shaun produced a short video for Brighton's seafront attraction...a video that would also be the prototype for Going Solo. But, with transportation & accommodation and general travel advice being integral to The Travel Tab brand, he also wanted to make sure these principles were carried into the creation of Travel Tab TV, and ultimately, Going Solo. “The last thing I wanted to do was create something that was all about ME”... Which is why interviewing locals abroad


OING SOLO is a six-part series following Brighton-born film-maker Shaun Troke sharing the highs & lows of solo travel while visiting Greece, Switzerland, Austria, Romania, and Germany. For Shaun - whose credits include an award-winning feature-film ('untitled', 2011) & hosting the chat show 'Shaun's People' (broadcast on Latest TV in 2016) – his new project has been a two-year journey... An idea born in Summer 2017, and launched online in February 2018, THE TRAVEL TAB was Shaun's new project: A website featuring written content by himself & Guest Writers. But, in the background, video ideas were on the cards. And, in August 2018, GOING SOLO began development.

“Solo travel is a niche subject, which meant having to make the series entertaining to those with no interest in solo travel ” “In the beginning, I had a title and a theme. I also knew that to make this series, I still needed to travel light, yet make sure I had the tools to make the series”. The tools - including cameras and microphones and other filming equipment - would be squeezed into a little carry-bag, meaning experimentation with new methods of filming... And, where better to test these methods?

would be essential. Not only would this help give insights into budgeting/sightseeing/eating, it would also help give Going Solo a nudge towards being a standard travel show... “Solo travel is a niche subject, which meant having to make the series entertaining to those with no interest in solo travel”. Filmed over a period of five weeks, the production – like solo travel itself – had its ups & downs. But, like any documentary, it all came together in the edit. “Officially, Going Solo has been two years in the making. Unofficially, it's taken twenty! I was 21 the first time I travelled solo, which was also when I decided to pursue my childhood ambition to make films. So, everything I've done & experienced since then has somehow funnelled its way into what Going Solo has become”.



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