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30 March – 5 April 2010



Specs appeal

Have you seen our top ten homes for TOP sale and for rent? Find them now at


Statement shades & glam glasses to make you stand out in the crowd at Specs of Kensington Gardens page 13

amvonthely w Your

hy guide to hea6lt living p1

HAPPY BIRTHDAY REVERB! Brighton’s community radio station turns three

STEVE HARLEY The Cockney Rebel drops in to Space

CALLING ALL INVENTORS... Fly high with our fabulous science competition

The Elizabethan Cottage Tandoori

Great wine offer when served with a meal and on presentation of this advert (usual price £11.50)

(Established 1987)


130/136 Old London Road, Patcham, Brighton BN1 8YA – 01273 507075

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3:33 PM

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NOW WITH VIRTUAL STUDIO TOUR The studio incorporates a fantastic new ‘state of the art’ fresh oxygenated heating ventilation system.

Class duration: 90 minutes

Stuart offers a completely unique style of yoga. “My yoga is not just mechanical yoga, it is based on aligning your mind and spine with this magnificent universe.”

7 Video testimonals on the website.

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L7 CONTENTS 04 NEWS & COMMENT 4 Social Diary Wild Planet, Here and Artists Open Houses parties 5 City Speak Will talks rebounds, Tash tries this thing called ‘music’, and Ruby takes Mr T out of hibernation 6 News Sussex workers in BA strikes, crazy giant margarine sculpture; plus Mary Mears on Easter holiday activities 6 Latest Inbox Readers’ letters, emails and web comments 7 Bookings Theatre Royal season, Boyzone, Rufus Wainwright 7 Competitions Win a place worth £180 on Fitbitch boot camp 7 Latest Brighton Download Chart Who’s at number one this week? 8 Snap Shots Meet Brighton band The Sly Tones 9 Celebcity Suzi Perry, Preston, This Morning’s Brighton recruit 10 Bare Cheek & Astral Angi Fiveways on zombie watch; plus your Easter star signs

11 L7 INTERVIEW 78-year-old Singing In The Rain legend Debbie Reynolds on Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, daughter Carrie Fisher – and why she’s desperate to get her hands on Captain Sparrow’s kecks


L7 Don’t miss...

13 LIFESTYLE 13 Cover feature From contemporary designs to big bold retro looks, get the frame for you at Specs of Kensington Gardens 14 Hotlist Gourmet Indian, cosy French and credit crunch cocktails 15 Andrew Kay’s Food & Drink Negotiate the buggies and you’ll find a breakfast worth bragging about at Bill’s


16 wave Banish the cellulite, embrace the menopause and get dancing with Nia in our monthly guide to wellbeing

21 WHAT’S ON 21 Stage The story of Icarus gets a promenade treatment at NVT 22 Clubs D’n’B legends Fabio and Grooverider at Concorde 2 23 Music Brighton’s community station Radio Reverb turns three 24 Events Steve Harley comes up to see us at Space 24 Art Paul Klee, Jackson Pollock and Frank Auerbach feature in Modern Times at the De La Warr Pavilion 25 Film Clash Of The Titans hits the big screen in 3D 26 Comedy & Gay Brian Gittins at Funnier Farm’s second birthday; Brighton production duo The Freemasons at Revenge 27 Reviews Rory Bremner, The Editors, Autechre, Tiger Lillies 28 Sport Sussex Country Cricket: new season, new stars 28 TV Your bumper eight-page guide to Easter Bank Holiday viewing, including the all new Dr Who

The Willkommen Collective Saturday 3 April Corn Exchange, Brighton Dome One-off showcase for Brighton’s most sweet-spirited collective, who specialise in signing very lovely and very large woozy folk-pop bands – such as headliners The Leisure Society.

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“Well, everyone’s dying you know” chirped Debbie Reynolds halfway through what was possibly our favourite interview ever. A bona fide Hollywood legend who starred in Singing In The Rain when she was just 18 and served nearly two decades at MGM during the age of the musical, Reynolds is a fountain of gossip, grim wit and good cheer. She lost her first husband very publically to her old school friend Elizabeth Taylor, and spent a year and a half living in a car after her second spouse gambled away all their money. She watched numerous high profile friends succumb to drink and drugs, and now, at 78, finds herself one of the last living survivors of Hollywood’s golden era (although she still chats twice a week with Taylor). But Reynolds is first and foremost a movie fan, with the largest collection of memorabilia on the planet. And when she arrives in town next week on her first UK tour in 36 years, a large part of her variety show will be impressions of the likes of Betty Davis and Katharine Hepburn. As she joked, “I learnt from the best”. In other strong woman news, we’re giving away a £180 place on Fitbitch boot camp in Competitions; and this month’s Wave features nutritionist Jacquie Lane’s tips for surviving – and maybe even enjoying – the menopause. Apparently in many cultures it’s a cause to party. No doubt we’ll have a festival dedicated to it here in Brighton soon enough. Other extremely useful stuff this issue: a heads up on the Theatre Royal’s new season in Bookings, how to get the most out of your pumpkin seeds (see Food & Drink – condensed read: chew), and eight pages of Easter TV treats.

Bella Todd, Latest 7 Editor

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Latest diary Tim Richardson snaps the Wild Planet exhibition and Here restaurant launches

Something’s happening Here It used to have No Name but now it’s Here! The Here restaurant and bar on Brighton’s St James’s Street launched on 11 March, with some of the city’s best known faces turning out for champagne and samples of their breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, including veggie sushi and prawns to die for. Here’s winning promise? Lunch in 15 minutes or it’s free.

Ja TC En IM Ti Je IM Jo Ti IM Di Ja IM

Cllr Ken Norman, Madame Mayor Ann Norman, Scott Marshall (BHCC)

Ad Ju Sc

Andrew Kay (Latest Homes Magazine), Colin Finlay (Natural History Museum)

IM Pe An IM Am Ca Kim Protheroe (The Argus), Emily Lancaster (Sudent)


Rob Marks, Nick Mosley (Brighton Visitor Magazine)


Wild things


If you go down to the seafront today you’re sure of a big surprise. This summer the promenade between Brighton’s two piers is hosting Wild Planet, a free outdoor exhibition of wildlife photography in partnership with the Natural History Museum. Nearby bar OHSO Social was the location for the highly popular launch party on 16 March.

Je So M John Healy (Healys Solicitors), Tina May

Beulah Grant, Matthew Petrovic IM La Li IM Be Ma IM Ge Ni

Mike Levy (Castor and Pollux), Martin and Monica Lawrence (Lawrences Art Supplies), Elaine Wolf


Home time Brighton’s Artists Open Houses and sister festival HOUSE (which inverts the concept by bringing the ‘domestic’ into local small galleries and art spaces) kick-started the build up to their May programme earlier this month with an event for sponsors in the Muse Rooms of MyHotel.

Ca Ch An IM Carol Harrison, Chris Ellison, Anita Ellison

Li Pe IM Ja Jo IM Ch Be IM M

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Life begins at 70

Teen Spirit

Ruby Grimshaw gives her tortoises a wake-up call

Tasha Dhanraj starts to listen up

Grigio and gin bill I could go round t really is important for me that Brighton primary schools giving this long cold winter finishes interesting lectures on ‘All the Things soon. Last weekend I gave my You Need to Know about Tortoises’. three tortoises their wake-up call. Well, it was two days before They were expecting to open their Ernie, Brian or Mr T were interested little scaly eyes to some warm sun in my lovely dandy lion leaves, but and poke their scraggy necks and they were bonking each other within noses into pretty spring flowers and half an hour of waking up so I scamper off (well, maybe crawl fast) expect that counts as healthy into the fragrant grasses of my tiny enough. They are all males but that back garden. As it is they are sulking has never stopped them before. in my kitchen until the weather I did lose one tortoise coming improves, and it is not ideal. out of hibernation a few years ago Don’t ever be tricked into getting and it was extremely emotional for a tortoise for little Jemima because the whole it appears to be physiotherapy an easier option department at than a puppy or a “I did lose one the County kitten. Even a horse would be a tortoise coming out of Hospital where I worked. Daily better choice. You can cuddle a pony hibernation and it was reports were received from and take it for a walk and it won’t extremely emotional” the Intensive Care Unit at a spend its whole specialist time trying to veterinary clinic on Dillon’s escape. With a tortoise you have all progress. (I had a thing about The the trouble of hibernation – into and Magic Roundabout). When the life out of, both times fraught with the support was finally switched off I danger of their death if you don’t shed a few tears ( just imagine the keep to the rules of temperature, bill) and my human out-patient length of sleep, correct feeding etc. could take no more. “It’s only a Tortoises are not really endemic to tortoise, for goodness sake! Buy a this country. In warm countries new one!” such as Greece or Turkey, they I don’t think I can bear the would not need to hibernate. darlings in my kitchen any longer. I The central heating is on all day shall have to knit little waistcoats now to keep my tortoises happy so and chuck them outside. Or, I could that the glycogen in their liver can be patent a Tortoise Nappy which could utilised before they start eating also sub my pension. Please let properly. Isn’t that interesting? If my there be warm weather soon! pension ever fails to cover my Pinot

’ve started listening to modern music, or as my friends call it... music. I’ve avoided it ever since I bought a Kooks album on the same day as Razorlight’s album and realised that I couldn’t tell the difference between any of the songs on either CD. They all seemed to mould into a droning, indie blur. So I started listening to only retro music. I learnt that as long as it was more than 10 years old then it was definitely cool. Whilst it is unacceptable to listen to Busted, The Monkees are totally in. I used to know nothing about music. I thought Queens Of The Stone Age were a Rolling Stones tribute act and that Fleetwood Mac was something you bought at Thorpe Park when it was raining. When I first went to see the musical We Will Rock You, I had to ask my parents on the journey up who these ‘Queen’ people were and why everyone kept talking about someone called Freddie. Now, Queen are one of my favourite bands. I’ve seen We Will Rock You four times. In my purest hypocrisy I will now ridicule anyone who hasn’t listened to the Live In Frankfurt bootlegs – have you been living under a pile of your own melodic ignorance? My friends kept recommending bands to me that I’d never heard of, like the ‘Thing Things’. I wasn’t interested. One of the safe aspects to listening to retro music is that the musicians are either dead, happily married or post-rehab.



“I used to think Fleetwood Mac was something you bought at Thorpe Park when it was raining” There’s no nasty fear that my favourite singer will be found in a ditch, reeking of Corona and insisting that his clothes have been stolen. Eventually, one friend persuaded me to get Spotify and sent me a playlist of some of his favourite songs. I was forced to face the inevitable – musical talent didn’t die after Wham split up. Best of all, my friend is cool enough to have mainly sent me brilliant obscure music that nobody else has heard of, so I appear ridiculously cool and down with the kids. There is one reason why I will always be an oldie at heart. To be a true modern music fan requires going to gigs where you have to try to avoid the mosh pit and stand around as there is never enough room for chairs (so I’ve read). As utterly delightful as that sounds, and as much as I am enjoying listening to musicians that aren’t insured with Saga, I do like a nice sit down.

Fancy forming a tortoise owners’ support group? Got any essential listening for Tash? “He’s not autistic!” M shouts at my foot. “There’s a spectrum!” I shout back. “All I said was he might – might – be on the autistic spectrum. It’s not an insult. Autistic people are incredibly gifted, you know. He’s probably a jazz prodigy or does incredibly detailed drawings of cities from a helicopter or something.” Will Harris on rebounds and Rain Man “Please stop. I really like him.” M does not really like him, I think. M, still rebounding hard from his recent o I have a new bad habit. I’ll be up, is at that stage where you’re “M is at that stage where you’re willing break talking to a guy in a bar and, if he willing to overlook glaring has a really strong accent, say he’s to overlook glaring incompatibilities in incompatibilities in favour of having Irish or something, I’ll ask, ‘Are you from someone nice to go to restaurants with. favour of having someone nice to go to I understand the appeal; this guy’s Ireland?’, and he’ll say yes, and then I’ll stand there with this smug smile plastered straightforward, he says exactly what’s restaurants with” across my face, as if I’m expecting praise. I on his mind, his emails are so abrupt mean, this guy’s probably called Seamus they’re practically haiku (“Blossom on the McGinty or something, and I’m acting like I bay. Meet me outside Superdrug. In the decoded the riddle of the Sphinx.” April winds”). No surprise that, having so recently been My flatmate M peers at me over the top of his glasses. In through an emotional car-wreck himself, M has rebounded on his dressing gown, he looks like an Anne Robinson from a someone who shows no emotion at all. bygone age. “Do you mind,” he says. “I’m trying to watch this.” “Long term though,” I say. “Can you really see yourself with I stare at the TV screen, tapping my chin impatiently with him long term? I mean, last time you went for dinner, didn’t he one finger. He is not trying to watch this, I think. This is freak out because the cruets weren’t properly aligned?” Antiques Roadshow. He’s just annoyed because he asked my M doesn’t answer. Perhaps he’s imagining what it’s like to opinion of the guy he’s been dating and I told him I think he’s have to hide the cruet every time your husband comes autistic. I clear my throat. home from work. Or perhaps he’s genuinely engrossed in “She wanted more for it than that,” I say. Silence. Keeping my eyes on M’s Antiques Roadshow. Whatever. I pick up my coat and cross to the door. face, I rest a foot on one of the coffee table drawers and slowly slide it out, then Across town, I know, my own rebound is waiting for me. Worryingly, he slowly back in again. This, I know, irritates him more than practically anything. makes Rain Man look normal. follow me on twitter latestwill “Did you ever see that film Rain Man?”

William Tells


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L7 News


days of headlines with Phil Mills

Sussex workers in BA strikes, Brighton woman wins gold medal in fat carving, and Albion scheme acclaimed t never ceases to amaze me just how much talent there is in Brighton and Hove.Take Naoko Sukegawa, for instance. She has lived in the city for 14 years and and works as a pastry chef. Nothing particularly special you might say – until you see the Oriental dragon she created from pastry margarine for Hotelympia catering show, the UK catering industry’s biggest exhibition, held in London. Chefs from around the country competed and Naoko, a first-time entrant, collected a gold medal and best-in-category. She spent four months creating the 74cm-high sculpture in the hallway and garage of her home in Buckingham Road. Naoko, 31, a black belt kickboxer, started her catering career in a sandwich shop before taking a catering course. Not such happy news at Gatwick Airport, where the BA strike brought pickets for the first time in years. Many flight crews live in Sussex and one cabin worker contacted Latest 7 to apologise: “We didn’t want to take this action but we were being bullied by the management. There was no other way.” Talking of high-flyers, Brighton and Hove Albion have climbed out of the relegation zone with impressive wins at the same time as collecting the best community project title from the Football League. Its Making a Difference scheme was one of the first of its kind in the country to give disabled children and adults a chance to


play football. The board, staff and players can all take credit. It was a shame, then, to see an Albion fan banned from the new Falmer ground even before it is opened – the 21 year old has been ordered to stay away from the club for five years because of his bad behaviour. The bad behaviour of dog owners also made headlines with a new get-tough approach by the city council. Patrols by the council’s welfare officers have been stepped up to catch owners who fail to clean up after their pets. Fines of £80 have been dished out along the seafront and patrols are now focusing on the Queens

Brighton and Hove City Council leader Mary Mears on Easter holiday activities his week is the start of the Easter school holidays and I know that for many families this can mean frantically looking for things to keep their children occupied for two weeks! I hope that some of the following events and activities will give you some inspiration. In terms of the more traditional Brighton and Hove attractions, both Preston Manor and the Volks Railway will be opening again for the summer season and the Royal Pavilion is as stunning as ever. It’s amazing how many local residents I meet who have never experienced


Park, Hangleton Park, Palmeira Square and Knowle Estate areas. And there’s another crackdown in the city – trading standards and police are issuing warning stickers to residents to put on letter boxes to deter unwanted doorstep callers. Crime Reduction Officer Paul Knight said: “They will reinforce the message to rogue sales people that they are not welcome in Brighton and Hove, while at the same time showing support to those people who may find it difficult to persuade a persistent and overbearing caller to leave their property.” There was some welcome news on the business front: Brighton has won another big conference, expected to earn the local economy around £1million. The European Society of Gene and Cell Therapy will bring 600 delegates to the Brighton Centre in October 2011. It is the fifth major professionals’ conference the council has won this year – with others including events for accountants, psychiatrists and various branches of medicine. There’s an unusual conference in the city on Wednesday (March 31) aimed at people who work with children and want to get more of them singing. ‘Singing City’ at the Brighton Dome brings together a range of nationally recognised music leaders to run workshops with practical tips on making singing accessible and getting young people excited about it. And there was more positive news on the cultural and entertainment front when council planners approved the council’s plan to stage artistic and cultural events in the empty former wholesale fruit and veg’ market in Circus Street. Another venue to show off the city’s ever growing supply of talent.

Have you benefited from Albion’s disabled scheme? follow me on twitter

these wonderful attractions right on their doorsteps! If you are looking for a bit of an adrenaline rush over the holidays then Brighton 360 have put together some special offers for the Easter Holiday, including mountain biking group trails, mountain board introduction lessons and aqua and harness orbing (otherwise known as rolling down Devil’s Dyke in a giant sized hamster ball!). See There are also lots of physical activities: running on the beach at Yellowave with climbing for 6-9 and 10-15 year olds, and Easter Multi Sport (beach soccer, rugby and volleyball) for 6-15 year olds (see For those with creative young ones, free drop-in art and craft workshops for 2-5 year olds


latest inbox Dear Latest 7, preparations are underway for the annual Artwave Open House Festival, taking place across the Lewes District from Saturday 28 August until Sunday 12 September. We’re looking for individuals and groups willing to open a studio, living room, lobby, garage, garden, greenhouse and pretty much any other accessible space, within the Lewes District area and suitable for visitors to experience engaging pieces of art! The entry forms are now available (the closing date is 12 April) either on our website or by emailing. Thanks in anticipation, Serena Costello,, People are being misled by Mephedrone’s legal status. From what I’ve seen on the news, they’re saying it gives similar effects and is similar in chemical structure to cocaine and ecstasy. However, its chemical structure is more similar to the far more dangerous drug, crystal meth than any of these drugs. If people assume that what they are taking is going to be safer because it’s legal, this could mean that those who would never choose to experiment with these drugs would take Mephedrone because of its legality. Mephedrone has had users report of the urge to redose and take excessive amounts, some users report taking as much as five grams a day. It has been known to cause heart palpitations and chest pain, suggesting it could be more cardiotoxic than originally thought. One thing’s for sure, I’m never taking it again. James Michael Gunderson You can also write to: Letters, Latest Homes Ltd, Unit 1, Level 5 North, New England House, New England Street, Brighton BN1 4GH

will be taking place at the museums as part of this year’s Children’s Festival programme: There are also a variety of events taking place as part of the ‘Big Nature’ project, including Easter egg hunts, pond dipping and nature walks – for details see And on the subject of nature, the new Wild Planet exhibition on the seafront is well worth a look – there are some absolutely stunning and inspiring photos on display. As ever, the city’s great strength is its variety – it may be a cliché but there really is something for everyone. Whatever you do I hope you enjoy the break and have a safe and relaxing time.

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L7 Bookings On sale this week…

Theatre Royal Brighton, 17 December-16 January 2011, £15-£24 (family ticket £58), 08448 717 650, Yes, we know, the crocuses are only just coming up and already we have our first panto announcement. This year the Theatre Royal will be staging Cinderella in the form of a brand new musical.

BOYZONE Brighton Centre, 6 March 2011, £36.50, 0844 8471515, ITV1 may have screened Boyzone: A Tribute To Stephen Gately last week, but this is what the fans (now mostly long out of their teens) have been waiting for. Can Ronan and co convince as a four-piece? The Number One album (Brother) and massive wave of public sympathy should help.

THEATRE ROYAL SUMMER SEASON Theatre Royal Brighton, 08448 717 650, Highlights include Monty Python musical Spamalot (21–26 June, £20.50-£40.50), English Touring Theatre with magical new play Canary (29 June– 3 July, £15-£28 ), Tim West in bittersweet comedy Quartet (5–10 July, £13-£28), and Shakespeare: The Man From Stratford (13–17 July, £13-£28) with Simon Callow. One-nighters include singer Joe Longthorne and the Texas Tenors.


Brighton Centre, 7 February, 2011, £25, 0844 8471515, In under five years this comedian has gone from playing to eight people at the Old Courtroom to booking the Brighton Centre (via a gig at Komedia last month and one at the Dome Concert Hall this autumn). How? Pure Liverpudlian everyman charm; and a spot as the twins’ dad on Skins. Theatre Royal Brighton, 24-29 May, £17-£32, 08448 717 650, All singing, all wise-cracking tribute to the holy trinity of Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr and Dean Martin – 12-piece orchestra included. Paul Weller

4 Three Brians – We are Eng–er–land!

6 Tenek – Submission 7 The Last Cry – Rebekka

8 No Sharp Objects – Home 9 No Sharp Objects – The Wrong Kind Of Love 10 Panos Christofi – I’ll Never Know We have another new number one this week, as Cakeboy’s remix of Unique 3’s dance collaboration with Adele Collins takes the top spot. Taking the number two spot, along with number three to boot, is Latest 7 Columnist Idol contestant and pop singer-songwriter Jaybee with ‘Turn Me On’ and the oriental-themed ‘Wild Wild East’. Quirky would-be football dance anthem ‘We Are Eng-erland!’ takes number four with its catchy – if a little silly – take on the ‘D.I.S.C.O’ tune. Political rapper Mr Resonate completes the top five.

21 Panos Christofi If You Do What You Always Do... 22 Breakinbear Breeze

13 Rory Mulligan/the 23 Panos Christofi Imaginary Band Only The Night Paint Your Pictures



include old faves Amy Winehouse and HRH, as well as a barrel of new songs and sketches. Two pairs of tickets to be won. Q What’s the name of Katy’s TV show?


That funny gal who promotes big bums brings her live show to Theatre Royal Brighton on 18 April. Her sassy brand of impersonations will

3 Jaybee – The Wild Wild East

12 Panos Christofi In My Mind

Brighton Centre, 23-24 November, £35, 0844 8471515, The Modfather hits the road with his forthcoming album, Wake Up The Nation (due 19 April). Early indications are it probably won’t, but nice of him to choose Brighton to kick off his latest arena tour.


2 Jaybee – Turn Me On

11 Vortex Generator Regenerate


Q How many pounds are there in a stone?

1 Unique 3 (Remix) – Take This Love


Brighton Centre, 4 July, £27.50–£45, 0844 8471515, In the last couple of months Rufus has debuted his first opera, released a harrowing album of piano balladry (All Days Are Nights: Songs for Lulu) and lost his mother, the folk legend Kate McGarrigle, to cancer. The drama – musical and familial – continues.

Get in shape after this Easter’s egg-stravaganza. Win a place worth £180 in the women’s only Fitbitch Boot Camp, starting on 19 April. Through yoga, kettlebells and kickboxing, past graduates have lost up to three stone. Latest 7 readers can also take advantage of April’s special offer: book with a buddy and one will get a third off. Get set for a bikini summer! Visit

Brighton Download Chart TOP 10 8 Latest

5 Mr Resonate – The Road To 2012 Vol. 5

JOHN BISHOP Simon Callow

To listen to the chart and submit your track, go to

SKATE OR DIE ON DVD Two stoner friends find their lives in danger after witnessing a murder in Miguel Courtois’s thriller. Non-stop skateboarding peril! Q Skateboard pro: Tony who?


14 Chaos Borne The Moment

24 Satta Unknown

15 Harper Ash Tubes Of Red Pain

25 BreakinBear Rebel In Cheif

16 Harper Ash China Girl

26 Project Lumino Sun

17 Jaybee Cowboys Blues

27 Chaos Borne I Will

18 Jason Smart Jesus Of The Dinosaurs

28 Harper Ash Star

19 PORTSLADE Girls And Boys

29 Hollywood Assassins Switchblade

20 The Mojo Fins In The Script

30 sMs I have A Dream SUBM YOURIT MUSIC & videos

EMAIL: with the name of the Competition in the subject box and your answer to the question in the body of the email. Alternatively, write to us at the address at the front of the magazine. Don’t forget to leave your name, address and telephone number. Closing date is Monday 12 April.


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Snap Shots Photographer Diana Frangi captures the faces and places that define our city. This week: Brighton band The Sly Tones

We are the face of Brighton’s underbelly! We’ve always performed wearing scary clown facepaint – it represents our personalities, and the music is like the side-show. Our act tends to have the effect of terrifying the audience, so don’t turn up if you’re easily frightened!

Easily identified by their freaky black and white facepaint, The Sly Tones combine psych, garage rock and blues with any other genre you care to mention. Catch them playing Battle Of The Bands 2010 AD at the Providence on Friday 2 April, where they’ll be giving away new single ‘Pull Your Finger Out’.

the place for parties atmospheric, affordable, available friday & saturday nights – or any night you make the booking – we make it happen tell us what you want – we provide it all birthdays, weddings, civil partnerships, office parties, business events, hen & stag nights

call angi on 01273 687171 or email manchester street, brighton

tel. 01273 687171

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Celebcity with Jo Brooks Suzi Perry’s busy week, budding Brighton designer’s This Morning success, and Preston hits the decks


e had my old pal TV presenter Suzi Perry running around last week. Last Friday she presented an award at the BAFTA gaming awards in Park Lane, to the crème de la crème of the gaming world, and even Ant and Dec! Suzi presented the “Best Handheld” award – see our exclusive pic courtesy of those lovely fellows at BAFTA. Suzi barely had time to rub sleep out of her eyes before she made a special appearance at this year’s Ideal Home Show at London’s Earls Court. You probably will have seen all the posters plastered round Brighton for this year’s show, as new event organisers Media 10 have really upped the ante after taking over from previous owners the Daily Mail. A brand new line-up of faces are hosting this year’s show, including interior designer Linda Barker, BBC Gardener Monty Don, ex-GMTV presenter Fiona Philips, Masterchef judge Gregg Wallace, and of course our very own Suzi, who was the face of the Ideal Home Gadget House. But the highlight for Suzi (see our other exclusive pic) was supporting the troops as part of the Ideal Homes For Heroes Appeal, with 50p for every ticket sold being directly to the appeal. The show is on until 5 April – for more info visit



ED! Congrats to Brighton painter and decorator Ben Preston practicing Hillman, who’s been crowned ITV's ‘Next Big Thing’ his DJing skills at in interior design following a high-profile the Jazz Rooms, competition on This Morning. The owner of BH Brighton last Décor was selected from hundreds of entrants by Friday night. Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and Elle Decoration Magazine’s Michelle Ogundehin before being voted through to the final – where he had to create ‘a directional living space for a young family’ on a budget of £1000. The judges said they were looking for talent for interior design with personality to match, and Ben certainly has that – he tweeted that he’d celebrated on the train home with Quavers, Oreos and Fanta! You can watch his win at



Everyone’s favourite Swedish pop band Alphabeat have just announced they are being joined on stage by very special guest Eliza Doolittle at their Concorde 2 gig on 27 April. Eliza is fast becoming one of the UK’s hottest acts – I had the pleasure of meeting her at the Banksy premiere a few weeks ago and she had a whale of a time, later commenting she’d been “embarrased of my laugh it was so loud!” Tickets are on sale from Rounder Records.

Jamie Theakston at Brighton station running for his train – get some coffee Jamie, not some Heart!

MY TOP 5 TWEETS If you, like me, are now completely addicted to Twitter (although I did see my friend Dan Hill wearing a hilarious T-shirt the other night saying ‘Tw*tter – What the f*** are you talking about, which was quite funny) then why not follow my top five Sussex sites to keep up to date with goings on. Here goes: 1 @samuelpreston – our fave Brighton celeb tweets at least once a day, always letting us know about what his family are up to. 2 @ThisisDavina – based in the

Sussex countryside near Gatwick, Davina McCall’s official Twitter account is always bustling as she tweets to and from her celeb pals. 3 @heatherofficial – keep up to date with Latest 7 columnist, Hove vegan café owner and charity campaigner Heather Mills. 4 @ThisisBrighton – all you need to know about Brighton from what’s on gig wise to traffic cones 5 and finally @latestcelebcity – well it would be wrong not to wouldn’t it! Happy tweeting!

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Bare cheek Brian Mitchell & Joseph Nixon’s thoroughly scurrilous Brighton column

Who you gonna call? Local ghost hunter Richard Fraude reveals all or the last twenty years paranormal expert and ‘ghost hunter’ Richard Fraude has been investigating spooky goings on in Brighton and Hove. “I’ve been interested in the strange world of the uncanny since I was a young lad growing up in Rottingdean,” says Fraude, 44. “I vividly remember the first ghost I ever saw. I was eight years old and had come home from school early one day because the pipes had burst. “My father was away on business at the time, so I was very surprised when a man walked down the stairs, buttoning up his flies. The stranger reached the bottom looked


at me, blanched, and bolted out the front door. I ran upstairs and questioned my mother, who was in bed, but she swore no one had been in the house all day. I am convinced the figure I saw was an unhappy spirit – perhaps someone killed in the Second World War, or a knight who perished in the crusades – although the fact that he was wearing a pork pie hat would seem to make the latter theory unlikely. “Brighton is particularly rich pickings for a ghost hunter. Of all the places in Britain I’ve investigated, only Dronfield in Derbyshire has more spectres per square mile.”



ST. NICHOLAS’ CHURCH This Dyke Road church is haunted by the spirit of Sir Oliver Delagardie, a nobleman who conspired to depose King Edward II, and was beheaded in 1362. He can be seen wandering through the vestry, eternally looking for his keys.

• Supreme Being: “Pimp my ride!”

KOMEDIA THEATRE Haunted by Chris Hipgrave, a comedian who committed suicide in his dressing room in 1998 after a particularly unsatisfying gig. On nights when there’s a full moon, he performs, again and again, the set that led to his untimely death. Unfortunately, they’ve changed the position of the stage since then, so all you can see is his arse and part of his back protruding from the wall. CO-OP STORE, LONDON ROAD Haunted by Ian Pilbrow, another ghost hunter, who I actually knew quite well, and worked with on a number of occasions. He had a heart attack at the super store (which has since closed down) in 1989 while investigating the possibility that it might be haunted by Winston Churchill. Oddly enough, though now a ghost himself, he still operates as a ghost hunter. THAT CORDONED-OFF SECTION ACROSS FROM THE WEST PIER THAT HAS A ROTTING OLD CARAVAN IN IT Haunted by the spectre of Aubrey Beardsley’s mum, doomed to forever walk a triangle between there, the ruins of the pier, and the nearby playground, wailing, weeping, and singing selections from Thoroughly Modern Millie. Spotting Mrs Beardsley tends to mean the spotter will shortly die, come into money, or be sexually humiliated by a Welsh person. SEA LIFE CENTRE Haunted by the ghost of actor F Murray Abraham who, oddly enough, is still alive. Weird eh?

Astral Angi

Eggs or bunnies? Astral decides

• Pothole millionaire blinds guitarist • Fiveways on zombie watch • Extinct horse problem skin riddle • Cholera sweeps ‘disease Oscars’ • Chester’s forgotten Betamax martyrs commemorated • Man literally hunted by police • Spot the odd one out: Chile, Moscow, Aldrington, Edmunds, Risotto, Aggression • Residents left without dreams following tragedy • Ring road named after murderer

What we used to say An occasional series in which we struggle to remember the original, simple, once common terms that have been abandoned in favour of ghastly, overblown, crass, managerial Americanisms. WHAT WE SAY NOW: “In the zone” A phrase deployed generously by Gok Wan and others of his ilk to denote the quality of being supremely capable of performing a singular task through concentration of the will, as in, “When you came down that catwalk, you were like so in the zone.” WHAT WE USED TO SAY: “Focused, intent, fixed, immersed...”



01273 681256

★ARIES {Mar 21–Apr 20}

★CANCER {June 22–July 22}

★LIBRA {Sep 23–Oct 22}

★CAPRICORN {Dec 21–Jan 19}

★TAURUS {Apr 21–May 21}

★LEO {July 23–Aug 22}

★SCORPIO {Oct 23–Nov 21}

★AQUARIUS {Jan 20–Feb 19}

★GEMINI {May 22–June 21}

★VIRGO {Aug 23–Sep 22}

★SAGITTARIUS {Nov 22–Dec 20}

★PISCES {Feb 20–Mar 20}

Ariens – eggs or bunnies? Definitely eggs for Aries, hard shelled but with a soft interior. But beware, that soft interior can easily go off and cause a right old stink. Taureans – eggs or bunnies? Bunnies for Taurus but slightly aggressive ones with pronounced canines and a taste for flesh. In this case, chocolate simply will not do.

Geminis – eggs or bunnies? Oh, definitely eggs, shared ones, twins from one egg rather than two is the order of the day. Avoid bunnies at all costs, two together can cause havoc.

Cancerians – eggs or bunnies? Eggs all the way for our crabby little friends. Again, that brittle shell is the key but once inside things can be pretty tasty.

Leo – eggs or bunnies? Bunnies, simply for the fun of seeing big beastly Leo deal with fluffy ickle wabbitkins. Lord, where did that come form, I must be going soft. Virgos – eggs or bunnies? Eggs of course, definitely chocolate and with no indication that they might be in any way connected to the reproductive process.

Librans – eggs or bunnies? Eggs and bunnies here in equal measure. Librans are capable of taking both in their stride so be confident, go mad, perhaps a bunny astride an egg? Scorpio – eggs or bunnies? Eggs without any shadow of a doubt. Scorpio is likely to toy cruelly with a bunny and that is not a pretty sight or one to be encouraged. Sagis – eggs or bunnies? Eggs for sure, but for safety’s sake pasteurised or powderered. If you must do bunnies then do them as a hot water bottle cover.

Capricorn – eggs or bunnies? Take no risk with dangerous Capricorns and give neither eggs nor bunnies. Send a message instead that you have sent chickens to a poor third world village.

Aquarians – eggs or bunnies? Give ’em bunnies and they will try to breed them, give them eggs and they will try to hatch them. It’s a lose lose situation with loved up Aquarius. Pisces – eggs or bunnies? Well the easy answer is soft roes, herrings are best right now and Bardsley’s as yet do not serve Sevruga or Beluga caviar. They do serve champagne though.

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“DEBBIE REYNOLDS: IS SHE STILL HERE?!” As she returns to the UK after 36 years, Hollywood legend Debbie Reynolds chats to Bella Todd

You seem as exuberant at 78 as you were at 18 I think energy is really a part of your personality, you have it or you don’t have it. I was just reading a book... now where is it, I wrote it on the back of a Kleenex box. Here: ‘Energy and electricity: to be a star you have to have it’. That’s Katharine Hepburn. People say, ‘Debbie Reynolds: is she still here?!’ They say, ‘look at Debbie, she’s so lifelike!’ I’m like George Burns, I’m never going to retire until I drop dead. And then I’m going to have myself stuffed like Trigger. Roy Rogers was the biggest Western star in America, and Trigger was his horse. They had him stuffed when he died and kept him in the house for years. You’re right dear, I’m 5ft one – I wouldn’t take a lot of stuffing! Was Singing In The Rain as much fun to make as it still is to watch? Oh no, it was exhausting and I was a wreck! I was only 18 and to keep up with Gene [Kelly] and Donald [O’Connor] I had to be whipped into shape. The routines were beaten into me! Years later Gene came to see me on Broadway and said, ‘Well Debbie, you’re really great, you’ve got it!’ 25 years later he thought I’d got it right! He was a task master. My feet would bleed and he’d just say to keep shooting, from six in the morning ‘til 11 at night. It taught me a very strong work ethic. All I know is to work very hard. It’s frightening the control the studios had over you in those days: MGM changed your name from Mary to Debbie and even arranged your dates... Oh yes, they always changed your name if it was un-commercial or unmemorable. Streisand would be changed today, and Renee Schwarzenegger. [Zellweger?] Yes! Renee Zellweger! The dates were set up for publicity. But we got to meet a lot of attractive boys that way. And we always had chaperones and they’d send a car for us. So I didn’t mind it at all. For someone to pay you a salary and to take care of you was a very wonderful arrangement I thought. It was a burden on Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland though. They put them in every movie and really overworked them. MGM had two doctors, Dr Jones and the one we called Dr Needles. I never took the injections. They called them vitamin shots, to keep the actors going because everyone was working so hard, but I think they were speed. Your reputation was always terribly wholesome I am that and I was that. I was a party girl, I loved to go to parties and I still do, and when I discovered wine I liked it very much, but I was never a drunk and I was lucky not to fall into an addiction. I was so busy learning, like an athlete, and you can’t party too much and be a really good dancer, you can’t fall apart. You have the world’s biggest Hollywood memorabilia collection – what’s your latest acquisition? I bought recently the black and white Audrey Hepburn Ascot dress from My Fair Lady, when she says ‘move your blooming arse!’ And I had the Rex Harrison suit. And I’m trying to buy Johnny Depp’s pirate outfit. It’s hard to get hold of the different pieces of that one. It all started because MGM was having an auction, and I just thought it should all be saved and kept as a collection. I have the ruby red slippers from The Wizard Of Oz and Marilyn Monroe’s subway dress... I’m still trying to find a museum for it and I will keep trying. I’m a movie buff!

A question for the fan in you, then – who’s the starriest star you’ve known? I was star struck with everybody! I was great friends with Judy Garland. I remember her sitting in her home, singing to her records; we would visit for hours and hours and hours, just sing and dance around the room and act silly! Frank Sinatra I would visit in Las Vegas, and we would tell stories and horse around on the stage. It was really joyful. That’s the fun thing about show people – most of them were a little crazy. Marilyn [Monroe] was a very dear girl, very sweet, very vulnerable. She fell in love with two famous brothers, and then she threatened to reveal these affairs, and that ended her life. Oh yeah, she was murdered. I don’t think the men fell in love with Marilyn, they just wanted to go to bed with her, use her. I think Joe DiMaggio loved her but when they were married he used her as a maid. How often do you get to sit round the kitchen table with your daughter, Carrie Fisher? I just went up on Sunday – I live right below my

“Singing In The Rain was exhausting! My feet would bleed and Gene Kelly would just say to keep shooting”

daughter – and I got to hug my granddaughter. She’s 17. She looks more like me than Carrie, and ‘cos I’m in show business I must say she has a lot of genetic talent. Carrie always writes about me – I’m her source of material! My mother was very strong and bossy and powerful, but loving, and so am I. But daughters don’t want to hear it! They have to learn it for themselves, I guess; but it seems like such a waste of time. Carrie wrote These Old Broads for, and about, you and Elizabeth Taylor. There’s quite a history there... Oh, well we went to school together on the MGM lot. She was a big star but still young – everybody had to go to school three hours a day, it didn’t matter if you were a star or not. And then when I married Eddie Fisher her husband was Mike Todd, and the four of us became friends – and came to London as a matter of fact, to Ascott. You could wear fur then, there was no problem about furs. We looked both of us pretty nifty! The way I found out about the affair, I called Eddie and heard Elizabeth in the background: ‘Who is that darling?’ So I said, ‘Eddie, roll over, I want to talk to Elizabeth’. And then he came home and told me he loved Elizabeth and he didn’t love me anymore and he wants out. I say, ‘Well there’s the door – but I’m not giving you a divorce’. But then the press were pressuring me: ‘Let them be together, this wonderful couple’; never mind my children. Finally I caved in after two years. I said go ahead. I said, ‘She’ll throw you out in a year and a half’. And she did. She met Richard Burton. They both got their just-dos, and I didn’t do anything bad back. But that’s long ago and far away. We talk once or twice a week now. We don’t visit daily because she’s not really well and I don’t really... we’re not lunch girls. But we talk. Carrie has been tweeting about your ex-husband Eddie Fisher’s mental health today [‘Eddie Fisher thinks he is locked in a bakery and needs to attend a charity fundraiser that he has organised with President Barack Obama and a famous baseball player’]. How is he? Carrie calls it mental health, I call it old age. He’s entering into the last phases of his life. Well, everyone’s dying you know. We’ve just lost Katherine Grayson and Jean Simmons. But that is inevitable. That is the way the world goes round. And that will happen to me too. But Eddie led a very sedentary life. He didn’t keep working. You have to keep working and keep interested, keep your mind busy in order to not fall apart. I’m on the road 42 weeks a year, and I’ve raised five children, three step children and Carrie and Todd. When musicals went out, Gene Kelly got very unhappy and had a stroke. People who stay busy seem to live longer. What films do you most enjoy watching now? I love Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers and all the dancing. And I enjoy very much the love stories. But you’ve sworn off real life romance? Oh, well because I marry such awful men! So I just decided I shouldn’t do that anymore. I make too many mistakes and I haven’t got time to make another one. My second husband lost all of his money and all of my money, which was over $50 million. So I slept in my cheap old car a year and a half, ‘til I could save up enough money for a little house. I had too much pride to ask my friends to help. They never knew, until later when I wrote a book. It took me ten years to dig out. My career doesn’t steal all my money and leave me sleeping in the car with my children to support! My career is not fickle. I’m alone but I’m not lonely. I’m quite content. Good, because you really deserve to be happy! Thank you. I think you’re right! Debbie Reynolds: Alive And Fabulous is at Theatre Royal Brighton on Sunday 11 April, 08448 717650,




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eeky good girl or brazen hussy, bookish college boy or wreckless lad from the wrong side of the tracks? Whatever image you want to project there’s a frame for you at Specs. The trend right now may be preppy, but that may not be you, and there are plenty of big, bold, retro looks that can buck that trend as well as a massive range of contemporary designs. The truth is that wearing glasses has never been more stylish. Now is the time of the statement frame: big, bold and confident. Whether it be a classic Ray-Ban optical frame; this year’s must have Wayfarer; the Ray-Ban Rare Prints 2010 collection sunglasses, or a high-tech-spec like a Tag Heur in vibrant red, your mates with perfect 20-20 vision will be green, red, blue and all the colours of the rainbow with envy. Specs offer a full service, from eye tests, contact lenses and frames to the coolest shades in readiness for the summer sun. You can also take along your prescription from any other optician, and some of the frames offered can be made and ready in a day. If you need a little extra help with your vision at both ends of the scale, then brilliant Varilux lenses will change your life without making you look like someone’s granny. The seamless transistion from close to long distance gives an exceptionally natural vision experience. Specs are specialists in Varilux lenses. There are frames that are bang on trend in every price bracket, so if you want that big black Tom Ford look, you can still achieve it with a more affordable frame. If, however, you like your labels then Specs stock the most stylish and desirable names around. Specs 22 Kensington Gardens, Brighton, BN1 4AL, 01273 676796


SPECS & THE CITY Racy Ray-Bans and funky Tom Ford put the sex in specs and the chic in geek

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L7 Hotlist Eateries and bars catering for all tastes. For more dining options visit Restaurants

British & modern European Bardsley’s Probably Brighton’s most popular fish and chip shop and restaurant with a large loyal clientele. Traditional and family-run with favourites and excellent daily fish specials. Open for lunch and dinner Tuesday to Saturday, it’s also a great party venue. There are massive fish platters and seasonal seafood, plus vegetarian choices. 22–23a Baker Street, Brighton, BN1 4JN, 01273 681256 ls ell


The Gallery The Gallery restaurant is an independent British restaurant located in the heart of Brighton’s Lanes. The Gallery prides itself in serving the very best fresh, locally sourced and seasonal menu created by their head chef Mosa Jobi. Mosa joined the team in 2007 from the Dorchester Mayfair Hotel in London and has taken the restaurant from strength to strength. The Gallery restaurant offers a warm, personable environment to celebrate any occasion. The Gallery Restaurant, 28 East Street, Brighton, BN11HL, 01273 773327

Koba Bar and Venue Koba hosts a Credit Crunch Menu in the cocktail bar Sunday to Friday with cocktails from £2.95 and wine from £7.95 a bottle all night long. With three bars over three floors and a dedicated team of mixologists, this venue stands as a flagship of quality and

has received many awards, including one of the ‘top 50 bars in the UK’. Koba, 135 Western Road, Brighton, BN3 4FF, 01273 720059

The Restaurant At Drakes Nestled inside Brighton’s finest designer hotel – the perfect setting for intimate dinners or private parties. Winner of two coveted AA Rosettes, Drakes offers exquisite cuisine with the highest quality seasonal ingredients. Twocourse menu for £28 or thee courses for £36. Five course chef’s menu £50. Private dining room available for parties of up to 12 people. The Restaurant At Drakes, 43–44 Marine Parade, Brighton, BN2 1PE, 01273 696934,

Chinese Gars Restaurant This old Brighton favourite offers an exciting menu with some great new ideas and a wholly different experience in terms of style and presentation. Smart service, beautiful interiors and a truly chic atmosphere make this one of the city’s top places to be seen. Start downstairs at the bar before rising to the upper dining room. Eat from £10. 19 Prince Albert Street, Brighton 01273 321321,

French Cocoa Patisserie Cocoa is an authentic French patisserie near Brighton Station. Everything is homemade on the premises each morning with the finest

ingredients. They offer a wide selection of pastries, cakes, tarts, biscuits, jams, ice creams, sandwiches, quiches, toasties and salads to eat in or take away. Beautiful cakes made to order. 48 Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3XB, 01273 777412

street food plus a good selection of thalis and the ever-popular Masala Dosa. Sumptuous feasts at dinner include the national awardwinning Oxtail Madras. Belgian beers, luxury loose teas and a wine list also feature. 42 Meeting House Lane, Brighton, 01273 323824,

New Steine Bistro

Elizabethan Cottage Tandoori

This cosy French bistro with regular art exhibitions is the perfect setting to enjoy homemade French food using local produce as much as possible. Their reasonably priced menu starts at £12.50 for two courses, £14.50 for three , Sunday to Thursday, and £16.50 for two courses, £18.50 for three on Friday and Saturday. A la carte menu available. Open 6pm. 10 /11 New Steine, Brighton, BN2 1PB, 01273 681546/695415

Established in 1987 and set in a 16th century building, Elizabethan Cottage Tandoori carefully blends Bangladeshi & Indian influences, creating great food and an atmosphere with a difference. It’s not just a meal, but an experience. Why not come down and see for yourself? Elizabethan Cottage Tandoori, 130–136 Old London Road, Patcham, Brighton, BN1 8YA, 01273 507075

L’Église Traditional French restaurant offering classic cuisine for contemporary tastes. A la carte menu Tuesday to Sunday with daily specials. Locally sourced produce including freshly caught fish, and an Anglo-French cheeseboard. Enjoy the south-facing terrace with the twocourse lunch menu, Tuesday–Saturday, 12–6pm at £9.95 or relax on a Sunday with a delicious French roast. 196 Church Road, Hove, 01273 220868,


Thai Sabai Thai Gastrobar Sabai transports you to the beach bars of Samui or the contemporary restaurants of Bangkok. With its cosy Thai cushions nestled up on a raised platform, enjoy a 2-for-1 cocktail or dishes in the afternoon from just £4.95. Sabai’s great atmosphere is made complete with an acoustic guitarist on Wednesdays and Sundays. 165–169 Princes House, Princes Place, North St, Brighton, 01273 773030,,

Chaula’s Chaula’s is renowned for its signature dishes, distinctive décor and friendly staff. All meals are made fresh to order and every curry has its own distinctively flavoured sauce. Also a wide variety of vegetarian, vegan and gluten and wheat-free dishes. Buffet available 11am–3pm Mon–Sat. Eastgate House, 6 Eastgate Street, Lewes, BN7 2LP, 01273 476707,

The Chilli Pickle The Chilli Pickle is an Indian Bistro in the heart of The Lanes. Lunch is packed full of Indian

Coffee shops Spinelli Coffee Spinelli Coffee combines the best of modern Italian café culture with great-tasting, highquality specialty coffee and mouth-watering pastries and savouries, the ultimate ‘coffee experience.’ Beautiful oak sliding doors look onto a heated outdoor seating area with sea views, with free Wi-Fi.Spinelli Coffee, 24 Garnet House, College Road, Brighton, 01273 818819

To add your restaurant, bar or cafe to our latest Hotlist call Advertising today on 01273 818150

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Food & Drink Andrew Kay pretends to get healthy with a breakfast at old favourite, Bill’s

Bill’s thrills ill’s is an institution; a place of pilgrimage and a huge business success. The word is that it is about to go global – well, national at least – and good luck to them. I popped in for breakfast, my favourite time to visit, and the lovely waiter happily informed me that sites have already been secured in Horsham – which will open in a few months time – and also in Reading. Who would have thought that such success could be sparked by that terrible Lewes flood? Bill’s in Lewes has to be my favourite. It was the first and attracts a fantastic crowd of very mixed clients. If ever I I am over there I invent a reason to pop in, even if it is just to do a spot of light shopping. Of course, by light I mean luxurious, as I can seldom resist the goods on offer. I had a job as a teenager in the local greengrocers and, as good as it was back then, it was never like this: such variety, so many delicious choices and great old fashioned deli goods, bottled fruits, exquisite conserves. It comes pretty close as a shopping experience to my favourite, which is the food hall at Fortnum & Mason in London’s Piccadilly.


I ask the waiter if she can make sure that there is no devil food, by which I mean pineapple, and she assures me that this is no problem. Pretty soon I have a massive soup plate of freshly made fruit salad with no trace of pineapple being there or having ever been there. How good of them to accommodate my faddy request. Lesser joints might simply have attempted to pick it out, but this tasted for all the world like it had been made to order. The yoghurt, too, was good, thick and creamy in the Greek style and, in hindsight, perhaps not as healthy as I would have liked it to be, but what the heck. As for pumpkin seeds, I love them, but you do need to chew. I recently read that no amount of seeds of any kind will have any healthy benefits unless you give them a good chew, and chewing we are not doing. I chewed away in the hope that the efficacy would be increased. I did, however, spoil the healthiness of the whole by downing two piping hot lattes, both of which came with a small temptation in the form of a cube of chocolate brownie. Delicious but very naughty – you need to be so careful or you can find yourself taking away cakes simply by suggestion. Friends may tell you that I complain about Bill’s. I do. But it’s not the place I dislike, but the fact that it is so successful that at lunchtime it has become hard to find a seat and to negotiate the number of buggies that are there. The food, however, is always good, always fresh and always tasty. It’s a real temptation, one that I can confirm as I see a chef placing two glorious looking cakes in the cabinet, one decorated with strawberries and bay leaves, and the other with daffodils and sprigs of rosemary. All is left for me is to pay the bill: £8.60 for a huge fruit salad and two excellent coffees. Bill’s, 56 Cliffe High Street, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 2AN, 01273 476918 Bill’s, The Depot, 100 North Road, Brighton, BN1 1YE, 01273 692894

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“Bill’s comes pretty close as a shopping experience to my favourite, which is the food hall at Fortnum & Mason” Not long ago I was in Lewes and felt the draw. Before I knew it I was tucking into a rarebit of quality, properly made and packing a hefty punch, and all grilled on really good bread. Rarebit is a fabulous dish, but too often is badly represented by lazy establishments who think that to toast a slice of cheese is enough. It is not. Mr R, with me on that occasion, had the appetite for a full English. It’s a monster of a meal at Bill’s and built of extremely high quality parts. Too much for my delicate constitution that day, but I have been known to do more than justice to its magnificence. My second favourite meal at Bill’s is the steak sandwich, a very good lunch for those of us with a hearty appetite and, given the quality of the ingredients, not overly expensive. It’s not always on the menu; I know that because as I type this in I’m in the Brighton branch and can see that it is missing. There are plenty of other tempting choices though: risottos, quiches and the like. Oh I know, quiche can be so wet, but I can vouch for Bill’s quiches, as I also can for the well-made cakes that are so terribly tempting. I am, however, having the most healthy of breakfasts today; well, fairly healthy. I have chosen a bowl of fruit salad with yoghurt and pumpkin seeds.


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16 wave

Got to dance

Dance your way to greater health and fitness with the Nia Holistic Fitness Programme

elen Terry, International Nia Black Belt Master Trainer, leads the first ever Nia Fiesta and Dance Party on Saturday 10 April at Hove Town Hall. Featuring a set from DJ Hami, legendary founder of Transglobal Underground, the night is rooted in the sensations of pleasure, fun and individuality. Nia is a holistic fitness programme designed to move the body towards greater health and wellbeing in natural and organic ways. It has taken off amongst a whole group of clubbers and ex-clubbers – people who love to dance and choose to do so for better health. If you love to dance and love your body then this night is for you. A free Nia class takes place at 5pm before


the rest of the evening’s festivities. This will be a Barefoot Dance Party, with a licensed bar and buffet available. There will be exotic and decorative face-painting and hair accessories available to play with, and wonderful belly-dance wear, jingling dance belts and accessories. Dress up and have fun. Every level of experience, fitness, age, shape and size is invited along. Come and taste it: Nia is likened to chocolate – an indulgent experience unlike any other; you can’t describe it, you just have to taste it. The highlight of the Nia Fiesta is the Blue Electric Storm dance party (7pm–midnight), a club night of great music, movement and magic, with dancing led by Helen Terry and guests. DJ Hami will be playing world/global/dance/Bollywood/belly dance and Arabic house. It’s inspiring, collective and unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Free Nia class: the Barefoot Dance Party, 5.30pm; followed by the Nia Festival, 7pm–12am, Saturday 10 April, Hove Town Hall, £10. For further information contact Jo Davidson on 07977 901 383,

10th April

Hove Town Hall

Dance Party •‘Blue Electric Storm’

1ST EVER UK Nia DANCE Party ...experience the magic, the mystery,move your body, mind, spirit & emotions...come & journey in ‘Blue Electric Storm’... Led by Helen Terry World Class Nia Dancer

•DJ Hami legendary founder of Transglobal Underground takes over with fusion world music deep in to the night!

Tickets £10 Licensed Bar Bookings & Jo Davidson Enquiries 07977 901383 Nia Fiesta is a full day of Nia Dance workshops. Taste the pleasure of moving your body the way it is designed to move...

Come try Nia for a FREE class @ 5.30pm

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wave 17

WAVE WORLD Beauty news and reviews

DRINK UP The bottles of water that just didn’t cut it during those cold winter months(a hot chocolate was the only way to go) are now easier to handle. The weather’s – a touch – milder, the evening’s lighter, meaning we feel happier, have more energy, and find the clear stuff easier to guzzle down. But what about other natural drinks out, providing energy as well as great taste? The month of March has seen Clipper Teas and Firefly Natural Tonics become firm favourites here at Latest Towers. The recently re-branded range of Firefly Natural Tonics are natural energy drinks, started up by two school friends in 2003. The bottles are bright and eyecatching; the drinks are refreshing and delicious. What’s more, you can choose the one to suit your mood such as ‘Wake Up’ (green tea and peach), De-tox (lemon, lime and ginger)

and Sharpen Up (grapefruit and passion fruit). Firefly drinks are served up in a stylish glass bottle that adds a touch of glam to your beverage break and is easily recycled too. For your tea break, the organic and Fairtrade Clipper hot drinks are a firm favourite since first hitting the market 25 years ago. Indulge in refreshing pure green tea – the first green tea to hit supermarket shelves here in the UK was Clippers’; or try something different with the orange and coconut from their infusion range. Also, check out their new ‘Alice’ blend, inspired by Lewis Carroll’s popular story. Tea suddenly got a lot more interesting than “milk and sugar?” Firefly Natural Tonics are available from leading supermarkets and Firefly Natural Tonics are available from Holland & Barrett and Waitrose.

BY GUM Chewing gum just got better – both for you and the environment – at Planet Organic. The Peppersmith English Natural Chewing Gum (£1.49) contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. It’s made with peppermint from a small farm in Hampshire, and sustainable sourced natural chicle from South America.

Refreshing and full of flavour, Peppersmith’s is also accredited by the Dental Health Foundation as it helps prevent cavities too. Planet Organic also stock the GoGo Guaranza Buzz Gum (£1.19), a natural energiser that improves concentration and energy levels; and Chicza Organic Mayan Rainforest Chewing Gum (£1.49), the first rainforest-produced, 100 per cent biodegradable gum. Chew with pride. Available from Planet Organic stores and

MUSICAL INSPIRATION Already Here is the newly released debut album by Anna Taylor and US music producer Robert Berry. The album, whose sound has been likened to Sarah McLachlan, has a wonderful back story of production. Anna, who has Cerebral Palsy, had ongoing health issues during her teens, which made it difficult for her to sing. It was when she was introduced to sound and song therapy that her love for singing was rediscovered. Anna sees music as a universal language, and knows firsthand the incredible healing effects it can have, on the mind, body and spirit. To raise money to record her album, Anna created a ‘Wall of Love’ – 111 hearts that were each sponsored for $111 each. These hearts, filled with the initials of her supporters, feature on her website and CD booklet. Already Here came to life, being deeply personal, reflective and full of hope.


Unwanted cellulite? Latest 7 puts the best lotions for shifting orange peel to the test

ESTEE LAUDER BODY PERFORMANCE SLIM SHAPE ADVANCED VISIBLE CONTOURING SYSTEM £30.50 available from Boots, Debenhams and wave This is easily applied without the need to massage into the skin, drying quickly and leaving no greasy or sticky residue. It has a minty smell,which goes as soon as it’s dry, leaving the skin with a cool, tingling sensation. My skin feels smoother and I can see an improvement in its appearance. The only downside is you can't see how much product is left in the bottle.

ELEMIS CELLUTOX ACTIVE BODY CONCENTRATE £30 available from I have only ever tried the wave Elemes facial products before this. I love their fragrance and texture,and this is very similar. It feels quite greasy but does absorb evenly. I don't feel there has been a reduction on the cellulite areas, but my skin feels a lot smoother and radiant. I would recommend this product as more of a massage oil; you only need a small amount, so it’s good value for money, and comes in an elegant bottle.

DOVE SPA DE-DIMPLE INTENSIVE CELLULITE MINIMISER £49 available from A two-week treatment, perfect for pre-holiday. You don’t need to worry if you’re using too little or too much as there are 14 small bottles. This also means you won’t skip a day with being ‘too tired’ as an excuse. Teamed with the effort of drinking more water, skin definitely had a healthier glow and smoothness both to look at and to the touch.

PAUL PENDERS BODY FIRMING CELLULITE SERUM £32.25 available from www.thenaturalskincare A gorgeous rich lotion from the Malaysian rainforest, with herb and cocoa bean shell extract. This had a lovely scent – light and herbal with a hint of sweetness.The pleasant green lotion felt lovely and smooth when massaged onto the skin, leaving it immediately softer and smooth.

The whole area felt toned and I have high hopes of good longterm results. LAIDBARE NATUROCEUTICALS ‘BUTTER ME UP’ ORGANIC SHEA BODY BUTTER £15, available from With no complicated instructions it was just left to me to slather this waxy luxury on. Feeling substantial to grab, it didn't run and needed working in a bit. The benefits of the shea butter combined with the

massage left my skin feeling soft, smoother, and smelling lush. Shift the orange peel:anti-cellulite products are just the start in treating/preventing cellulite. Along with daily product use: • Drink plenty of water • Eat a low-sugar diet • Cut down on alcohol and cigarettes • Exercise regularly • Use a body brush and exfoliate follow me on twitter


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18 ARE YOU SPIRITUAL BUT NOT RELIGIOUS? Tailor-made wedding ceremonies, personal funerals, blessings for babies and spiritual mentoring. Annie Blampied is an experienced Interfaith Minister and spiritual teacher. Her passion is sharing joy and freedom by moving through and beyond forgiveness. Tel. 01342 825511

ANNIE LIGHTLY MEDIUM & HEALER Private sittings and Tarot readings at Invigorate, 16 East Street, Shoreham-by-Sea and RT 2 Therapy Suite, Ship Street, Brighton. For information on events, mediumship demonstrations and bookings, please call:

01273 206351

Advertise here and reach over 100,000 health-conscious readers Call advertising on

01273 818150

Josephine Percival RN MSc MCPH DSEH Integrative Health Specialist

Experienced practitioner treating a wide variety of conditions in adults & children Teaching methods & techniques for self-care & self-healing

T: 07952 003043 E:

Consultations available in Hove or by telephone Home visits by arrangement Some techniques used include: Energy Healing • Interactive Guided Imagerysm • Breathwork • Stress Management Healing offered for animals Free 15 minute telephone consultation

NLP Coach and Hypnotherapist

Can help with: Smoking cessation Public Speaking Panic attacks Exam nerves Self esteem Phobias Weight management Self hypnosis FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION London, Brighton, Hove & Forest Row Practices

Jonathan Conway Bsc Dip EHPNLP NCH (acc)

01273 540425 07956 855027

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wave 19

Dear Jacquie Your health queries answered with Jacquie Lane from the College of Naturopathic Medicine “I’m 50 years old and facing the dreaded menopause. Is HRT the only solution to the problems that may follow?” SB, Brighton Marina Please see the start of the menopause as the beginning of freedom! This is how it is viewed in many other countries. Natural therapies such as acupuncture, herbal medicine and homeopathy

can be enormously helpful in treating menopausal problems. However, since dietary and lifestyle changes can have such a huge impact on the classic menopause symptoms of hot flashes, night sweats and low moods, I suggest that you start by making some everyday changes to help yourself. An area to pay particular attention to is your bone health to help prevent osteoporosis. Oestrogen is very protective of bone health and declining levels during and after the menopause can cause the classic symptoms mentioned above. You can help protect your bones by having a good selection of naturally occurring calcium and vitamin D foods. Good levels of calcium are found in broccoli and green leafy vegetables, sesame seeds, almonds, dairy foods, and tinned salmon with the bones mashed in. Vitamin D is plentiful in oily fish, eggs and dairy products. And don’t forget to get natural daylight every day, even when the sun is absent

from Brighton! Vitamin K, boron, zinc, and magnesium are also essential for keeping bones strong. Reducing fizzy drinks, saturated fats, alcohol, caffeine, sugar and salt would be helpful for bone health, heart health, and to prevent or reduce hot flashes. A group of foods called phytoestrogens are useful for helping the body replace some of its naturally lost oestrogen levels. Foods containing these include soya, flax seeds, oats, chick peas, lentils, sage and red clover. Weight-bearing exercise is also very protective of bones. Combine this with some regular walking/cardiovascular exercise for heart health. Adequate soluble fibre, found in fruit and vegetables, and clear fluids are required for good bowel health, and essential fatty acids found in flax seeds and oily fish are good for joints and heart health. Our moods can also fall at this time and many women find relief with St. John’s Wort. However, as with all medicinal herbs, a health history case-taking consultation would be required to ensure that the herb would be safe and useful for you. If you have a general health query that you would like to raise here you can email Jacquie at Please note that Jacquie cannot enter into individual correspondence unless your query is chosen for publication.

Jacquie Lane is a lecturer at the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) and the Director of Studies at CNM in Brighton. Jacquie also runs her own nutrition clinic in Brighton and manages a biological testing lab specialising in digestive issues.

CNM open evening If you want to find out more about naturopathic nutrition or you would like to train to become a nutritional therapist, please book to attend CNM’s open evening at Brighton University, 6.30pm on Wednesday 21 April. 01342 410 505

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Don't miss Latest 7 for comprehensive coverage of the Brighton Festival and Fringe. Throughout May we'll be chatting to the big names, reporting on over 150 shows, and celebrating the best of the lot at the famous Latest Awards. You'll also be able to follow our critics on Twitter, hear our post-show verdicts on Brighton Festival Radio, and read all our reviews the following morning at For the first time you'll also find Latest 7 reviews on official Fringe application iFringe, which you can download for free at

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> send your stage listings to



> Tuesday 30 March to 5 April > But Icarus gets carried away and flies too close to the sun, which melts the wax. Falling from the sky into the sea, he drowns. Using individual stories relating to Icarus’ parable, the company are promising an emotional journey using strong visual and physical imagery. In the intimate space of of the studio, audiences will be invited to make their own path and explore these different stories and perspectives, eventually becoming a part of the journey. Saskia Ulrike Schilling says: “In this brief story I not only see my life reflected, but I want to look at the emotional voyage of Icarus and give him a voice.




“I was born in the communist and socialist East Germany, then lived in the re-united capitalist Germany before moving to England; a journey exploring a freedom my parents did not experience and hence living their hopes and dreams combined with my own.” This promenade performance is unseated and the production contains some darkness and strobe lighting. Icarus, New Venture Theatre 30 April-8 May, £9, 01273 746118,

At it like rabbits Bad boys Hutchins and Haase are at it again with Night Of The Pooka

New Venture Theatre are taking Ovid’s Icarus on a new journey, writes Andrew Kay ith a Brighton Festival programme boasting perhaps the best showing of theatre for many years, it is heartening to see that Brighton’s strong independent theatre scene will be putting on an equally strong programme. The excellent New Venture Theatre this year presents its production of Icarus. Devised and directed by Saskia Ulrike Schilling, the perfomance has been inspired by


Ovid’s poem but also draws on personal experience. The myth of Icarus, his flight and his subsequent fall, is explored by three performers within a promenade setting. Imprisoned in the labyrinth of the Minotaur with his son, the inventor Daedalus crafts wings from feathers and wax in order to escape. Daedalus warns Icarus, his son, to follow his route and not get too close to the sea or the sun.

Stagelistings > Tuesday 30 to Monday 12 April > THE BASEMENT, BRIGHTON 01273 699733 Double Bill. Thick Description by Emma Bennett – a performance of surreal digressions and looping logic, and Ten Ways To Die On Stage by Edward Rapley – one man’s life, full of hopes and failures, in bewildering detail. > 30 Mar, 7.30pm, £8 BRIGHTON LITTLE THEATRE In Flame Play by Charlotte Jones juxtaposing the present day with 1908 Yorkshire. > 13-17 Apr, 7.15pm, £7.50 CRAWLEY: THE HAWTH 01293 553636

Joseph And His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat Lloyd Webber musical stars Any Dream Will Do’s Craig Chalmers. > Until 3 April, times and prices vary, see website for details. EASTBOURNE: DEVONSHIRE PARK THEATRE, 01323 412000 The Pajama Game Richard Adler and Jerry Ross musical set in a pyjama factory in 1954. > 7–10 April, 7.30pm, matinee Thur 5pm, Wed & Sat, 2.30pm, £14 NEW VENTURE THEATRE, BRIGHTON 01273 702563 Breaking The Code Hugh Whitemore’s story of Alan Turing: mathematician,

Roy Hutchins and Tony Haase have created their very own strand of comedy theatre – so much their own that we asked them to describe their new show. “When Roy and I arrive at Pompkington Hall to host the Great Egg Rolling Event, we are soon caught up with the dysfunctional Pompkington clan. Lady Gertrude wishes her recently bereaved daughter-inlaw, Lady Georgina, dead; ecobutler James is fed up with being a skivvy-come-toy-boy and the legendary Pooka is threatening

‘father’ of computer science and a gay man in an intolerant era. > Until 3 Apr, 7.45pm,Tue–Sat, 2.30pm matinee Sun, £8–£9 THEATRE ROYAL BRIGHTON 08448 717650 The History Boys Alan Bennett’s play about Oxbridge-headed sixth formers. > Until 3 Apr, 7.45pm, 2.30pm matinee Thu & Sat, £13–£28 The Pirates Of Penzance Paul Nicholas stars in Gilbert & Sullivan’s comic opera. > 6-10 April, 7.45pm, 2.30pm matinee Thu & Sat, £13–£28 Oklahoma! Brand new revival of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s classic musical >13–17 April, 7.45pm, 2.30pm matinee Thu & Sat, £13–£28 UPSTAIRS AT THREE AND TEN, BRIGHTON 07800 983 290

to turn all the children in the village into buck-toothed rabbits. Meanwhile the twins, Cedric and Hedric, intent on murder and mayhem, are raiding Granddad’s ballistic armaments collection. Can we help this family to survive their Easter weekend? Or are we, in the process, going to be blown to pieces on top of the Ancient Mound?” Any clearer? No? Probably best to catch them live at one of their inimitable and unmissable performances. Night Of The Pooka, 1 April, The Old Needlemaker’s Café, West Street, Lewes, 01273 486258 5 April, The Greys, 105 Southover Street, Brighton, 01273 680734 21 April, The Brunswick, 1 Holland Road, Hove, 01273 733984

Katy And Rach Make Stuff Up Sponteneous, improvised theatre. > 31 Mar, 8pm, £7 WORTHING: ASSEMBLY HALL, 01903 206206 Verdi's Requiem Worthing Choral Society and Worthing Philharmonic Choir with Sinfonia of Arun. Conductor: Donovan Brown. >2 April, 7.30pm, £12–£15 WORTHING: CONNAUGHT THEATRE, 01903 206206 Lord Arthur Savile's Crime Lee Mead and Gary Wilmot star in this adaptation of the Oscar Wilde novel. >13–17 April, 730pm, 2pm matinee Wed, 2.30pm Sat, £14.50–£23.50

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> Tuesday 30 March to Monday 5 April > > send your club listings to DIGITAL Stonelove. > 11pm–3am, £4 JAM Don’t Stop Believing. Pop and indie >highlight guilty pleasures. > 11pm–3am, free SPIRITUAL KOMEDIA Mod For It. ’40s and ’50s R’n’B, ELEMENT 8TH rockabilly, Northern soul & ska. > 9pm, £4 LIFE Big Fish Little Fish Cardboard Box. Fidget, BIRTHDAY After the ’80s-inspired bass and firing electro. > 11pm–3am, £6/4 miscreant, John B blocked

> Tuesday 30 March to Monday 5 April > > send your music listings to TUESDAY 30 > Freebutt, 7pm, £5

Madeira drive with his neon explosion, Spiritual Element are back tearing up the bassbin with D’n’B scene ambassadors, Fabio and Grooverider! Liquid funk master, Fabio, first hooked up with Urban scene Doc, Grooverider, back in ’87. They’ve been vital in establishing the house, techno and early breakbeat scenes, spun Detroit house and early rave at the major free parties, and laid golden beats at all the seminal clubs. And they still have time for you lot? Plus Old Skool maestros, The Ratpack and massive special guest J. Majik spinning some warm D’n’B rollers. Thursday 1 April, Concorde 2






AUDIO Summer Of Love. 11pm–4am, free BRIGHTON COALITION Black Rabbit. Thumping techno, electro and house with D. Ramirez, Guy Williams, Bones, Justin Ballard. 11pm, £8/5 CONCORDE 2 Playgroup – Festival Launch Party. Jaw-dropping live turntabalism with deck wizard JFB, 30-piece Brazillian orchestra and ska lot Shofar Allstars! 11pm–4am, free DIGITAL The Pussycat Club – Rio Carnival. Hedonistic bash of costumes, funky electro and Dirty House. 11pm–4am, £15/12 HONEY CLUB Sevensins. Electro, trance and house with guests. 10.30pm–5am, £10/8 JAM The Stash. R’n’B, garage rock, psych, soul, funk and ska mayhem. 11pm,£2 KOMEDIA Guilty Pleasures. Unashamedly glorious, top pop revelry. 11pm, £10 LIFE Hold Up. Indie night. 11pm–4am, £5 MICRO@DIGITAL Schizotheque. Bass-junk-ravepunk-tech-crunk-gutter-funk mash-up, come! 11pm–3am, £5/3 VOLKS Strictly Guestlist. Stomping breaks, techno, hard house and old skool! 11pm, £6





HONEY CLUB Indie Rocks. 11pm–3am, £2/1 JAM Pot Kettle Black. Spanking new indie bash playing retro to now. 10pm–2am, £2/1 LIFE The Vice Social. Dirty mash-ups and filthy beats. 10pm–2.30am, free b4 11, £3/2 after PAVILION TAVERN Guerilla Rocks. Indie, rock and metal. 10.30pm–3am, free/£3


> >

WEDNESDAY 31 AUDIO Supercharged. Cinematic, sluggish beats and gut-wrenching bass with fast-riser Emalkay, plus N-Type 11pm–2.30am, £6/4 BRIGHTON COALITION Remedy. Midweek genre mash up! 10.30pm, £3/free LIFE Broke. Wonky glitch-hop, cutting edge dubstep, jungle, breaks and splatterings of liquid D’n’B. 10.30pm–2.30am, £4/1




THE BLACK LION Don’t Stop Me Now. Classic rock with some air guitar anthems thrown in. 9pm–1am, free CONCORDE 2 Spiritual Element 8th Birthday. See highlight. 11pm–4am, £8 DIGITAL Thursday Club with Blah Blah Blah. Late-night evolution of house and UK garage, with with Doc, Joy Orbison. 11pm, £6.50 JAM Thursday Night Fish Fry. ’50s R’n’B and original Jamaican ska. 10pm, £3



> >

FRIDAY 2 BRIGHTON COALITION Freak Bazaar. Underground Trance, Progressive, electronica and smooth beats. 10.30pm, £10/8 CONCORDE 2 Silent Disco – Easter Special. Get plugged into the nation’s favourite night of muted madness with ‘NO DJ’ and ‘DJ OD’. 10.30pm–4am, £8


> >

> > >



SUNDAY 4 AUDIO Bank Holiday Sunday. Sweat off the choc binge with a soundtrack of James D’Ley and Holly Cooper. 11pm, free DIGITAL Hospitality. Logistics B2B Nu:Tone, Netsky and Brookes Brothers laying full-fat golden D’n’B eggs! 10pm, £12.50 LIFE Easter Bank Holiday Special. Big Fish residents playing Fidget, Bassline, Electro and more... 8pm, £2/free




THE HANBURY CLUB Mojo To Go Go. ‘60s vinyl playing, garage, mod, R’n’B, ska, psyche and motown. 7pm–2am, £8/5 THE LOFT Malicious. Alternative sleaze and cheese with Pete Von Sleaze! 10pm, £5/free VOLKS Fragment – Easter All Nighter. Ninja warriors unite to fight a common enemy of Noise! 11pm–7am, £5/free



MONDAY 5 AUDIO Glue. Sticking hip-hop to dancehall. 11pm–3am, £3/2 BRIGHTON COALITION Trash Mondays. 10.30pm–3am, £3/free LIFE AKA AKA ROAR. Sounds from the full dub-step spectrum, past and future. 10pm–2.30am, £2 b4 12 Jaime Pettit

> > >

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Brighton Calling Acoustic Sessions: Will Kevans + Samsara + Elsa Hewitt Featuring acoustic indie-popster Will Kevans and the reggae/ska of Samsara. Audio, 8pm, free Sounds From The City Local bands and solo acts showcase. Pavilion Theatre, Brighton Dome, 7.30pm, £4.75/3.75 The Computers + Outcry Collective + Holy State Punk ’n’ Roll and hardcore. Engine Rooms, 7.30pm, £7.50 The Moulettes + The Muel + Fred Kinbom Trio Foot-stomping, swinging folk. Latest Musicbar, 8pm, £5

> > > >

WEDNESDAY 31 Call Me Jolene + Das Fenster Dark lo-fi, likened to Portishead, supported by the quality folk of Das Fenster. Latest Musicbar, 7.30pm, £4 Leigh Mary Stokes Female pop singersongwriter hailing from Portsmouth. Freebutt, 7.30pm, £tbc Son Of Dave The new blues project from Benjamin Darvill, former drummer of ‘90s smug-rockers Crash Test Dummies. Hector’s House, 7pm, £9

> > >

Gin Panic + Rooftops + Caution Horses + Apologies, I Have None + The Dead Beat Post-rock, punk and hardcore line-up. The Cowley Club, 7.30pm, £4 suggested donation Ice Black Birds + The Perils + Pablo and The Paint Set Line-up featuring indie rockers The Perils. The Hope, 8pm, free Numusic Live And Unsigned: Lovepark + The Morning Orchestra + King And I + Prince Harry + Groucho Unsigned acts showcase. Concorde 2, 7pm, £5 The Funky Buddha Band Funk and soul covers ranging from James Brown all the way to contemporary artists such as Mark Ronson. Latest Musicbar, 8pm, £5

> > > >

FRIDAY 2 Boot Led Zeppelin present Earls Court ’75 Revisited The Led Zeppelin covers band pay tribute to a legendary performance. Komedia, 7.30pm, £12 Glamour Of The Kill Acclaimed York-based metalcore types. Engine Rooms, 7pm, £6.50 Linten Splinters Acoustic rock. Latest Musicbar, 7pm, £5/3

> > >

SATURDAY 3 Spectrum 7 + Hold Your Horse Is + Crooked Mountain Crooked Sea Laptop-wielding electro rockers.

3A The Waterfront, Brighton Marina Village, Brighton BN2 5WA 01273 698989

Dine for


2 courses & a glass of wine OR

25% off total food bill from A La Carte Menu

Call Ruth or Angi 01273 687171

> >

SUNDAY 4 Brighton Blues Jam Musicians are invited to join in at this blues jam session. Latest Musicbar, 8.30pm, free Death Angel Pretty generic San Franciscan thrash metallers. Engine Rooms, 7.30pm, £12 Finley Quaye + Tin Roots Maverick reggae performer who has dabbled in country, pop, roots and R’n’B. Concorde 2, 7.30pm, £10 Joni Keen and the Euan Stevenson Trio A tribute to Ella Fitzgerald. Latest Musicbar, 8pm, £tbc Mugstar Liverpool based psych rockers who have toured with such greats as Oneida, F**ked Up and Mogwai. Greenhouse Effect (basement), 8pm, £3 Ninja Gun Decent Georgia (US) pop-rockers with a highly infectious energy. Prince Albert, 7.30pm, £tbc

> > > > > >



Book yours now at Latest Musicbar. Every Saturday in April now booked but dates in May onwards available.

UK Guns N’ Roses A tribute to US heavy rockers Guns N’ Roses. Concorde 2, 7pm, £12.50 Willkommen Collective: The Leisure Society + Sons of Noel and Adrian The Brightonian bands collective turned record label holds a showcase of two of its members. Concert Hall, Brighton Dome, 8pm, £12.50

Terms and conditions: Excludes Saturdays and Bank Holidays. 1 voucher for up to 6 people. BRING THIS VOUCHER. Please book in advance.

MONDAY 5 Ice Sea Dead People Post-hardcore, artsy punk rockers. Freebutt, 7.30pm, £3


Nick Aldwinckle

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> send your music listings to Musichighlights


> Tuesday 30 March to Monday 5 April >



With Jeff Hemmings

The long-running femme pop’n’soul Da Doo Ron Ron club night are launching a live music night, kicking off with new wave pop combo The Trudy. Maximising guitar crunch with melodies, they feature ex-Cardiacs Richard Targett. Meanwhile, Basingstoke’s Pussycat & The Dirty Johnsons are a scuzzy ’n’ fuzzy punk, rockabilly and blues explosion, fronted by the somewhat extroverted and leather catsuit-clad Pussycat. Ooh-err. Saturday 3 April, Hope

SON OF DAVE Canada’s SOD is one Benjamin Darvill, a oneman band who has become something of a cult figure here in the UK. Blowing a hot electric harp whilst keeping time with a digital looping delay unit, the legendary Steve Albini recorded and mixed his latest album Shake A Bone. A musical chameleon with plenty of meaty hooks to get your teeth into. Wednesday 31 March, Hector’s House

THE APRIL ALTERNATIVE Second year for the April Alternative, organised by the tiny Fairtrade Gallery in Kemptown. Once again they’ve organised a stunning bill of top quality acts willing to perform in a Mary Hampton much smaller space than normal. Brakes/Electric Soft Parade man Thomas White kicks things off on 2 April, followed by Chris Difford (Squeeze) on 4 April, The Bobby McGees (7 April) and Mary Hampton (9 April). Much more will be taking place throughout April. Check for details.

FINLEY QUAYE Former Brit winner (best Solo Act 1998) and producer of the reggae pop masterpiece Maverick A Strike, Quaye has since been following his own course, often at the expense of commercial success. This year alone he is planning three new releases encompassing country, R ’n’ B and roots music. Expect the unexpected. Sunday 4 April, Concorde 2


Celebrating its third birthday this week, Brighton’s Radio Reverb is an outlet for all that is exciting and new

nce upon a time there was just airplay, as well as their first the BBC. That was all there was experience of being interviewed on air on the airwaves, a strictly and even enjoying their first live government controlled medium that session. It’s something they seem has only been gradually loosened up particularly good at despite the very in the last few years, starting with limited resources at their disposal. And Mumford & Sons the advent of commercial radio, and with the threat hanging over BBC 6, the now community radio; small-scale, role of local stations such as Reverb in not-for-profit stations operated for the good playing new and alternative music may of members of the public, or of particular become even more important in the near future. communities, and in order to deliver social gain. Not only that but visiting acts of any stature Radio Reverb was one of the first tranche of are featured on the station. Recently, Mumford & licenses granted in 2007, and on 26 March the Sons agreed to perform an exclusive live track station officially celebrated its third birthday as a while in Brighton, and many other touring acts are full-time station operating with an FM licence. One only too pleased to be able to come onto the of the station’s directors, Andrew Mailing, says, station. Established acts such as Turin Brakes, Lou “It’s there for everybody and an asset to the Rhodes and The Maccabees are just some of those community. We don’t carry advertising and you’ll to have graced the studios recently. hear great and interesting things that you might The station will be celebrating with a party at not hear anywhere else.” Latest Musicbar on 2 April, featuring a number of From its very beginning there have been two Brighton-based acts including Sparrow, The Bobby dominant content strands; spoken word and music. McGees and Wide Eyed Order. Plus there will be Not suprisingly, being based in one of the most DJs from the station playing, well, anything that creative places on Earth, Radio Reverb has been a takes their fancy! bastion for alternative music, covering all bases If you want to get inolved, whether as a presenter from nu-folk to jazz, with many shows fronted by or as someone who would like to contribute to the deeply knowledgable presenters such as the folkcontinuing success of Radio Reverb, then visit based Simple Folk, the alt-country Songs From The for more information. Ark, soul music via Digging Deeper, and the Radio Reverb 3rd Birthday Party, Friday 2 April, experimental ambience of Chillibeat Science. Latest Musicbar As an important outlet for local music and breaking acts, Radio Reverb has been responsible follow me on twitter latestjeff for hundreds of acts getting their first taste of


FLYING HARMS THE PLANET! WIN £25,000 IN OUR NEW SCIENCE COMPETITION Could you be the next Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking or Richard Branson? Send us your idea for a means of travelling from Brighton to Barcelona as quickly as flying but without the adverse planetary effects. All entries must be emailed to on this coming Thursday 01/04/10 between 9am and 12 noon

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> Tuesday 30 March to Monday 5 April > > send your events listings to

> Tuesday 30 March to Monday 5 April > > send your art listings to

Platform X

THE SPACE The Space is Brighton’s unique monthly arts and media event, bringing together the creative community with special guest interviews. 1 April sees appearances from influential singersongwriter and original Cockney Rebel, Steve Harley, who will also give a special short acoustic performance. There will also be a chance to meet Ashley Pharoah, co-creator of the popular television dramas Ashes To Ashes and Life On Mars. Both will be in conversation with Lisa Holloway. Steve Harley is best known for the Top Ten hits he had in the ’70s with his band Cockney Rebel (including ‘Mr Soft’ and ‘Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)’), and was a key influence on British bands such as Blur and Suede. Ashley Pharoah has written for EastEnders, Casualty and Silent Witness, and is best know for co-creating Life On Mars and its spin-off, Ashes To Ashes. The Space, The Basement, Brighton, Thursday 1 April, 7.30pm, £6 /£5,

Platform X is a series of short residencies where an artist or group will be given the space to develop and present an exhibition, performance, event or other public ‘outcome’. The first residency is by painter Max Mosscrop, who experiments with forms and process to generate compositions. His vibrant geometric works are created through a playful use of rules and systems. Platform X: Max Mosscrop, Permanent Gallery, 20 Bedford Place, 01273 710389. 2-11 April

Compost Pictures Coming to prominence as a fashion photographer in the ’90s, Nigel Shafran’s attention has since shifted towards a more intimate relationship between the photographer and the photographed, as seen here. A Photoworks exhibition in partnership with Charleston. Nigel Shafran: Compost Pictures 2008-2009, The Charleston Trust, 01323 811265. 2 April-13 June Anna Johnston

Plant Portraits Plant Portraits is an exhibition of paintings by botanical artists that convey a plant’s technical form and structure as well as its beauty in ways that a photograph cannot. Flowers, fruits, vegetables and fungi are shown in such a way as to invite the viewer to appreciate the finer qualities of nature’s works of arts. Plant Portraits, Booth Museum of Natural History, 01273 292777. 2 April-24 Sept

Events highlights THURSDAY 1 APRIL


Songwriting Workshop With Julia and Simon, from indie band The Indelicates. No musical experience necessary. The workshop is as much about creative writing as it is about music. To guarantee a place, book in advance at the Booklover Store Jubilee Library or by phone 01273 294071. Jubilee Library (Young People’s Area), Brighton, 5.30pm, free

Don’t Feed The Poets Another monthly perfomance poetry night, this one featuring three poets. Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer performs pieces from the world of hip-hop, re-worked in true Chap-Hop fashion. Steve Tasane is the master of tongue twisting, alternative poetry enthused with punk spirit. Yvo Luna is a popular Brighton-based performer who offers fun and profundity in her pithy and cheeky comical poetics. The evening is compered by the original Don’t Feed The Poets host-on-the-coast, Justin Coe. Returning to the helm after extensive paternity leave, Justin will be prising a few new Dad-themed verses into proceedings. Upstairs At The Three And Ten, Brighton, 8pm, £7


THURSDAY 1 APRIL Hammer & Tongue This month’s performance poetry and open slam features sharp-witted and humorous Anna Freeman, vigorously theatrical stand-up poet Rob Gee and local poet Robin Lawley, plus the open slam. Hosted by Rosy Carrick and Mike Parker. Komedia, Brighton, 7.30pm, £5



Modern Times

Kurt Schwitters

Curated by Lutz Becker and featuring works by over 80 artists including Frank Auerbach, Joseph Bueys, Louise Bourgeois, Alberto Giacometti, Paul Klee and Jackson Pollock, Modern Times explores the recurring tension between figuration and abstraction throughout the 20th century, and the ways by which ideas and concepts evolve. Modern Times, De la Warr Pavilion, Bexhill-on-sea, 01424 229111. 3 April-13 June

tues 30 march

fri 2 april

sun 4 april

the moulettes + the muel + the fred kinbom trio a night of folk stomping music, not to be missed 8pm £5

upstairs: linten splinters acoustic rock with a few additives 8pm £5/£3 NUS

upstairs: bark like a dog blues jam musicians of all levels welcome to come and join in for an open blues jam 8pm free

wed 31 march call me jolene + das fenster featuring martin rossiter the lead singer from gene 8pm £5

thurs 1 april the funky buddha band original & contemporary funk and soul 8pm £5

manchester street, brighton tel.

downstairs: radio reverb’s birthday party celebrate brighton’s favourite radio station’s 3rd birthday with live bands & djs 8pm free

sat 3 april private party to book your private party, wedding or anniversary contact ruth or megan on 01273 687171 or email

01273 687171

downstairs: joni keen & the euan stevenson trio the music of ella and oscar tribute 8pm £7/£6 in advance

mon 5 april closed

025_LS468_film_021_LS466_film 26/03/2010 09:30 Page 1

Supported by

FILM Nanny McPhee & The Big Bang (U)


L7 Film


Dir: Susanna White

She’s ba-ack! Warts and all, as the less alluring Mary Poppins turns up to help out harangued young mother, Maggie Gyllenhaal, who’s struggling with her own kids and a pair of city cousin evacuees. Hubby’s at war and it’s all a tad too much on her own. Cue the magic and lessons learned, followed by a race to save the farm. Emma Thompson reprises the title role. Showing at Cineworld and Odeon

Showing this week Kick-Ass (15) Dir: Matthew Vaughn

Ever wondered why comic heroes don’t help in everyday life? If so, you’re in good company as teen nerd Dave (Aaron Johnson) – invisible to girls – straps on his homemade outfit and weapons and strikes out to help the helpless, inspiring all manner of vigilantes and do-gooders (including Nic Cage). The local crime boss is a tad put out, though. Showing at Cineworld, Odeon & Duke of York’s Picturehouse

How To Train Your Dragon 2D & 3D (PG) Dir: Dean DeBlois, Chris Sanders

Animated vikings eh? Marauding and fighting anything that’s big enough to hit. That’s what teenager Hiccup has to look forward to, until he befriends an injured dragon and turns expectations on their head. From the studio that brought us Shrek and Madagascar. Showing at Odeon, Cineworld and Worthing

The Blind Side (12A) Dir: John Lee Hancock The feel-good drama that earned

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (18) Dir: Niels Arden Oplev

Clash Of The Titans 3D & 2D (12A) Dir: Louis Leterrier

Putting aside the ridiculous tagline (Titans. Will Clash.), this is one of the most hotly anticipated tickets of the year, telling an epic story with phenomenal effects. Rather fitting, then, that our hero Perseus should be played by Sam Worthington, last seen as hi-tech whiz film Avatar’s leading man. Perseus is born a god but raised a man and, rather unfortunately for him, bears the wrath of Hades, god of the underworld himself (Ralph Fiennes). Facing this, he gathers a group of his best men around him and journeys forth into the forbidden worlds to battle with demons and all manner of beasts – a bit mean of him, what with them being mortal and him not. And there lies the crux of the difficulty. He’s got to embrace his birthright and face his destiny. Big story. Big film. Can’t wait. (Oh, and Nicholas Hoult from Skins is in it too!) Showing at Cineworld and Odeon from Friday 2 April.

Sandra Bullock her Best Actress Oscar sees her take a traumatised and withdrawn teenager under her wing in

this based-on-a-true story flick. Bring a box of Kleenex. Showing at Cineworld and Odeon

Journalist Mikael decides to get a bit of distance from his work when he’s done for defamation, but ends up employed by Swedish industrialist tycoon Vagner to investigate the disappearance and murder of his 16-year-old niece. His research picks up several skeletons, and a lady with a remarkable talent for discovering the undiscoverable. Showing at Duke of York’s

Lourdes (U) Dir: Jessica Hausner

Winner of numerous awards at the 2009 Venice Film Festival, Hausner's latest release tells of wheelchair-bound Christine’s journey to the holy station and her relationship with stern head nun Cécile when she gets there. With plenty of self-discovery and faith, Hausner has not baulked at provoking reaction. Showing at Duke of York’s

SHOWING THIS WEEK 01273 626261

0871 224 4007

0871 200 2000

01903 206206





Alice In Wonderland 3D (PG) 11.45, 12.45, 2.30, 3.30, 5.10, 6.15, 7.45 Avatar 3D (12A) 9.15 The Blind Side (12A) 12.00, 2.45, 5.45, 8.45 The Bounty Hunter (12A) 12.20, 3.00, 9.00 Green Zone (15) 12.15, 2.50, 5.20 I Love You Phillip Morris (15) 12.00, 2.45, 5.30, 8.15 Nanny McPhee & The Big Bang (U) 1.15, 4.00, 6.45, 9.30 A Serious Man (12A) 8.00 Shutter Island (15) 1.45, 5.15, 8.30

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (PG) 11.00am A Single Man (12A) 1.00, 6.30 The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (18) 3.30, 9.00

Alice In Wonderland 3D (PG) 12.15, 1.30, 2.45, 4.00, 6.30, 9.00 Avatar 3D (12A) 1.00, 4.30, 8.00 The Blind Side (12A) 11.40, 2.30, 5.30, 8.30 The Bounty Hunter (12A) 12.30, 3.30, 6.10, 8.40 I Love You Phillip Morris (15) 11.50, 6.20, 9.30 Nanny McPhee & The Big Bang (U) 12.50, 1.50, 3.20, 4.15, 5.50, 6.50, 8.20 Shutter Island (15) 3.00, 8.50

Alice In Wonderland (PG) 5.00 Shutter Island (15) 7.30 A Single Man (15) 8.00

WEDNESDAY 31 Alice In Wonderland 3D (PG) 11.45, 2.30, 5.10, 7.45, 10.15 The Blind Side (12A) 12.00, 2.45, 5.45, 8.45 How To Train Your Dragon 3D (PG) 11.30, 2.00, 4.30, 7.00, 9.20 How To Train Your Dragon 2D (PG) 1.00, 3.30, 6.10 I Love You Phillip Morris (15) 11.20, 8.15 Kick-Ass (15) 11.15, 12.15, 2.15, 3.15, 5.15, 6.15, 8.00, 9.00, 10.45 Nanny McPhee & The Big Bang (U) 1.15, 4.00, 6.45, 9.30 Shutter Island (15) 1.45, 5.15, 8.30

THURSDAY 1 Alice In Wonderland 3D (PG) 11.45, 2.30, 5.10, 7.45 The Blind Side (12A) 12.00, 2.45, 5.45, 8.45 How To Train Your Dragon 3D (PG) 11.30, 2.00, 4.30, 7.00, 9.20 How To Train Your Dragon 2D (PG) 10.30, 1.00, 3.30, 6.10 I Love You Phillip Morris (15) 11.20, 8.15 Kick-Ass (15) 11.15, 12.15, 2.15, 3.15, 5.15, 6.15, 8.00, 9.00 Nanny McPhee & The Big Bang (U) 1.15, 4.00, 6.45, 9.30 Sherlock Holmes (15) 10.30am Shutter Island (15) 1.45, 5.15, 8.30

Films showing Friday 2–Monday 5 Check with cinema to confirm film showings and times

WEDNESDAY 31 The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (18) 1.00 Kick-Ass (15) 3.45, 9.30 Les Flammes De Paris 7.00

THURSDAY 1 The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (18) 12.30, 6.00 Kick-Ass (15) 3.30, 9.00

FRIDAY 2 Lourdes (U) 6.30 Kick-Ass (15) 4.00, 9.00

SATURDAY 3 Lourdes (U) 6.30 Kick-Ass (15) 4.00, 9.00 Up 2D (U) 11.00 (Kids’ Club)

SUNDAY 4 Lourdes (U) 6.30 Kick-Ass (15) 4.00, 9.00 Food Inc (PG) 11.00

WEDNESDAY 31 Alice In Wonderland 3D (PG) 11.00, 1.30, 4.00, 5.15, 6.30, 7.45, 9.00 The Blind Side (12A) 11.40, 2.30, 5.30, 8.30 The Bounty Hunter (12A) 9.10 How To Train Your Dragon 3D (PG) 10.50, 11.20, 1.00, 1.40, 3.10, 3.50, 5.20, 6.00, 8.10 How To Train Your Dragon 2D (PG) 10.00, 12.10, 2.20, 4.30, 6.40 Kick-Ass (15) 11.30, 2.00, 4.40, 7.10, 8.00, 9.40 Nanny McPhee & The Big Bang (U) 10.20, 11.10, 12.50, 1.50, 3.20, 4.15, 5.50, 6.50, 8.20 Shutter Island (15) 8.50


MONDAY 5 Lourdes (U) 6.30 Kick-Ass (15) 4.00, 9.00

Nanny McPhee & The Big Bang

Alice In Wonderland 3D (PG) 11.00, 1.30, 4.00, 5.15, 6.30, 7.45, 9.00 The Blind Side (12A) 11.40, 2.30, 5.30, 8.30 The Bounty Hunter (12A) 9.10 How To Train Your Dragon 3D (PG) 10.50, 11.20, 1.00, 1.40, 3.10, 3.50, 5.20, 6.00, 8.10 How To Train Your Dragon 2D (PG) 10.00, 12.10, 2.20, 4.30, 6.40 Kick-Ass (15) 11.30, 2.00, 4.40, 7.10, 8.00, 9.40 Nanny McPhee & The Big Bang (U) 10.20, 11.10, 12.50, 1.50, 3.20, 4.15, 5.50, 6.50, 8.20 Shutter Island (15) 8.50

Alice In Wonderland

WEDNESDAY 31 Alice In Wonderland (PG) 2.00 How To Train Your Dragon (PG) 4.30, 7.00 Shutter Island (15) 5.00 A Single Man (15) 8.00

THURSDAY 1 Alice In Wonderland (PG) 2.00 How To Train Your Dragon (PG) 4.30, 7.00 Shutter Island (15) 5.00 A Single Man (15) 8.00

FRIDAY 2 Clash Of The Titans (12A) 2.00, 5.00, 8.00 How To Train Your Dragon (PG) 1.30, 4.30, 7.00

SATURDAY 3 Clash Of The Titans (12A) 2.00, 5.00, 8.00 How To Train Your Dragon (PG) 10.15, 1.30, 4.30, 7.00

SUNDAY 4 Clash Of The Titans (12A) 2.00, 5.00, 8.00 How To Train Your Dragon (PG) 1.30, 4.30, 7.00

Films showing Friday 2–Monday 5 Check with cinema to confirm film showings and times

MONDAY 5 Clash Of The Titans (12A) 2.00, 5.00, 8.00 How To Train Your Dragon (PG) 1.30, 4.30, 7.00

026_LS468_comedy-gay_026_LS468_comedy/gay 25/03/2010 15:28 Page 2





> Tuesday 30 March to Monday 5 April >

> Tuesday 30 March to Monday 1 April > > send your music listings to

> send your club listings to

TUESDAY 30 LEGENDS Wine On Tuesdays. Soak up work blues with BOGOHP on vino! > 11pm–5am, free MARLBOROUGH Bingo’s Not A Dirty Word. With Kath. Winner takes the pot, job done! > 8pm, £1 QUEEN’S ARMS Skint. Unlimited drinks for £10! Plus DJ and karaoke. > 12pm–3am, free R BAR Twisted Karaoke. > 12pm–2am, free REVENGE Sound As A Pound. Eclectic selections from electro, pop, dance and cheese. Plus a hefty raffle prize! > 10.30pm, £1 THE BASEMENT Scene Queen. DJ Li’l Alex spins the soundtrack. All welcome! > 11pm–4am, free

FUNNIER FARM: 2ND BIRTHDAY PARTY his brilliant club has had its obstacles – being unexpectedly pushed out of its previous venue being just one. But as happens with most things that are hard work but seem effortless, Funnier Farm landed on its feet. With a lovingly programmed night, initially each month and more recently, fortnightly, you can be sure of a bang-up show with top notch acts tipped for the top, as well as your above average headliner. Previous names who’ve finished off a raucous night at this club include Richard Herring, Tom Wrigglesworth, Angelos Epithemiou, Rob Heeney, Danielle Ward, Josie Long, Robin Ince and Mark Steele. In fact, with the Funnier Farm programmer’s eye for quality, quite a few who aren’t headlining are playing top clubs around the country and breaking through onto the main circuit. This is where the ones to watch go to get booked. So, to mark two years of fun and laughter and hilarious comedy, Funnier Farm is having a brilliant line-up of comics with added party atmosphere. Headlining is the fantastic character Brian Gittins, whose sold-out show in Edinburgh last year made quite a splash –


so much so that he ended up supporting Ricky Gervais for part of his 2009 tour. As a Pycombe roadside café owner who the regulars have called ‘quite funny’, Gittins has been a pioneer of the popular ‘anti-comedy’ genre. The supporting cast for the evening includes Krater regular Paul McCaffrey, who won the London Paper comic of the year in 2008, as well as Dan Mitchell (see him in mate Rhod Gilbert’s DVD amongst the special features), and some others who’ll more than surprise you. It’s so good of the folks at Funnier Farm to share this tasty birthday treat with us all. Wednesday 31 March, 8pm, Caroline of Brunswick, £5 follow me on twitter


Comedy listings WEDNESDAY 31 Funnier Farm: 2nd Birthday Special See highlight. Caroline of Brunswick, 8pm, £5

Krater Comedy Club Award-winning comedy. Featuring Mark Olver, Zoe Lyons and Paul Sinha! MC Stephen Grant. Komedia, 7.30pm, £14.50/10

THURSDAY 1 Zoe Lyons Krater Tag Comedy Revolutionising the concept of standup comedy, Krater Tag Comedy with Stephen Grant is the brightest, most inventive, fastpaced new format where anything can happen – and normally does! Featuring Mark Olver, Zoe Lyons, Lloyd Langford and Stephen Grant – all headliners from the Krater Comedy Club. Komedia, 8pm, £8.50/6.50

Screaming Blue Murder It’s a VERY Good Friday with this line-up – Steve Best, Sally-Anne Hayward and Lee Hurst off the telly. Lush. Winter Garden, Eastbourne, 9pm, £9

Walks Into A Bar Lovely local with a good curry and some free comedy, specially chosen to start your month with a laugh. London Unity, 9pm, free



> >

FRIDAY 2 Comedy Club 4 Kids A proper comedy club and a top-quality show for kids and anyone who likes their comedy without the naughty bits! Hosted by Tiernan Douieb. Komedia, 2pm, £8/6


Comedy Cooler Dave Streeter hosts this raucous fun night, with seven new acts and a special mystery headliner. Oooooh! Alibi, 8.30pm, £4/3


> >

SATURDAY 3 Krater Comedy Club See Friday.

> Komedia, 7pm, £17.50 & 10.30, £15 Laughing Down Babylon Gerry Bernstein comperes this friendly night. With stand-up from Dave Streeter, Suzie Woo, Craig West, Anna Freyberg, Chris Norton Walker and Joseph Kenny. Caroline of Brunswick, 8.30pm, £2


Laughing Horse Comedy Stand-up comedy hosted by Sajeela Kershi, with guest comedians. The Quadrant, 8.30pm, £6/5 SUNDAY 4 Bent Double An irreverent night of fun and frolics hosted by if.comedy Best Newcomer 2007 award nominee Zoe Lyons. Komedia, 7.30pm, £10/8


Krater Comedy Club See Friday.

> Komedia, 8pm, £11/6

WEDNESDAY 31 AMSTERDAM Total Request Karaoke. Pick a song to belt out, vid to watch, or tune for your audio pleasure! > 8pm, free LEGENDS Gabbi’s Games. Gabbi’s madcap party night from 9pm. > 11am–5am, free MARLBOROUGH Open Mic Night. > 8.30pm, free QUEEN’S ARMS The All New Q Factor. 12 finalists, four mentors/judges, one winner. Who’s got the Q factor?! > 9pm, free R-BAR Midweek Mash Up. DJ Beast playing her finest mash-ups from electro pop to darker shades of electric vibes! > 12pm–2am REVENGE Death To Disco. New midweek bash to meet your indie electro pop and alternative beats needs. > 10.30pm, £2 THE BASEMENT Gabbi’s Dirty Handbag. Dirty handbag and house tunes. > 11pm–4am, free

THURSDAY 1 APRIL CHARLES STREET BAR Mad Cow XXL: My Cow Is On Fire. > 8pm–3am, £1 (goes to charity) CHARLES STREET CLUB Get Some. A deck loaded with the scene’s hottest 3some; this night is set to cause more than just smoke! > 10pm, £1 LEGENDS Coreaoke with Tammy Twinkle. > 11am–5am, free QUEEN’S ARMS Skint. (see Tues) > 12pm–12am R-BAR Pre-Girls on Top Party. Dulcie Danger sets the mood from 9.30pm. > 12pm–2am, free REVENGE ER Presents Whelan & Di Scala. If pop isn't your remedy maybe Emergency Room is your cure! > 10.30pm, £4/free THE BASEMENT DLite. Regular guest DJs lay down commercial house tracks. > 11pm–4am, free

FRIDAY 2 BULLDOG DJ Marcia + Guy’s Karaoke. Spinning a non-stop club mix! > 10pm–2am, free CHARLES STREET BAR Candyfloss. > Bar open 11am, free CHARLES STREET CLUB Curiosity Lite. Trashy disco pop. > 10.30pm–3am, £5/3 DOCTOR BRIGHTONS Flauncy Friday. Dance and house. > 9.30pm–2am, free HEIST Brighter Days. Upfront and deep, soulful, funky and jackin’ house! > 9pm–2am, free LEGENDS Pre-Celebration. Pure pop. > 7pm, free MARLBOROUGH BAR & THEATRE Q&A. Indie, electro, soul, punk, and the classics. > 5pm, free QUEEN’S ARMS Camp Attack + Karaoke. Definitive handbag tunes . > 9pm, free R-BAR Tops & Bottoms. DJ Smiffy brings Girls on Top tunes to R-Bar. > 12pm–7am, free REVENGE Freemasons Friday: Easter Weekend. See Highlight. > 10pm–4am, £5/free THE BASEMENT Celebration with Dolly Rocket. Girly pop and handbag tracks. > 11pm–4am, free

SATURDAY 3 AMSTERDAM A-List. Boutique clubbing with some fabulous soulful house sessions. > 9pm, free

Victoria Nangle

>highlight FREEMASONS FRIDAY Better than the love child of Thorntons and Lindt this Easter, it’s Freemasons Friday! A thumping good mix of superstar DJ meets the Gleekiest night in town. Crowd rockin’, multi-grammy nominated deck dons The Freemasons need no intro. Having remixed divas such as Beyonce to Whitney plus many self-made hits, you’d have heard the sounds of their blends blaring on frequencies all over Europe! Plus the Gleeks take to the stage with live singing, dancing and costumes; it’s the full-fat slushie facial experience! Friday 2 April, Revenge

CHARLES STREET BAR Fierce. Tantalising cocktails, reasonable prices and the best funky house and commercial tunes! > 9pm–3am, free LEGENDS Pre-Ignition. Ignition DJ sounds from 7pm plus bar and terrace open all day. > 7pm, free MARLBOROUGH BAR AND THEATRE Cherry Pop. Cheesy upbeat classics! > 8pm, free QUEEN’S ARMS Cabaret: Lorna + Karaoke. > 12pm–12am, free R-BAR Kinky Classics. A pre-clubbing crowd get ready for Kinky Dangerous. > Bar open 12pm–7am, free REVENGE KD with The Sharp Boys + A Secret Act. Four DJs, two floors of funky house, electro and pop equals 6.5 hours of frolics. > 10.30pm, £7/3 THE BASEMENT Ignition. With the funky house and chart remix sounds of DJ Peter Castle. > 11pm–4am, free THE ZONE Lady James. > 9.30pm, free

SUNDAY 4 AMSTERDAM Sunday Lunch + Connie's Karaoke. > 12pm–1am, free HONEY CLUB Rebel Easter Bank Holiday. Get sexy, get down and get filthy at this underground tech house afterparty. > 3am, £tbc KOMEDIA Bent Double. An irreverent night of comedy and frolics with Mock The Week's, Zoe Lyons. > 7.30pm, £10/8 QUEEN’S ARMS Cabaret: Lola Lasagne + Betty’s Karaoke. > 12pm, free REVENGE Girls On Top Vs Vanilla. Brighton's popular and trashy lez night clashes with Manchester's sinful girl bash, covering all shades of house! > 10.30pm, £5/free TRU Wild Fruit – Fruit In Wonderland. Throw yourself headlong down the hedonistic rabbit hole. With guests The Hoxton Whores! > 10pm–3am, £12-5 THE BASEMENT Fever. Disco and pop remixes. > 11pm–4am, free

MONDAY 5 CHARLES STREET CLUB Studio 150. DJs Luke and Ali spin party tracks spanning four decades. 10pm–2am, £1.50 LEGENDS DWNN Monday Gangbang. A night filled with song, sketches and chat. 11am–5am, free QUEENS ARMS Tammy Twinkle's Cabaret Karaoke Show. 8pm–1am, free THE BASEMENT Chic. Decades of delicious disco anthems. 11pm–4am, free



> >

Jaime Pettit

027_LS468_reviews_000_LS466_reviews 25/03/2010 13:04 Page 1


L7 Under review Read more reviews of local shows online at THE EDITORS


The Editors entered the stage on fine form, blasting into the title track from new album In The Light Of The Evening. The deep, dark voice of frontman and songwriter Tom Smith took us back to the days when Cabaret Voltaire ruled the airwaves, and the stage looked like a musical battlefield, littered with strange looking noise-making machines: electronica meets the darkside in an industrial machine. Mid-set the band were fully entwined in a Throbbing Gristle/Joy Division heavyweight scrap. Then the calm, as the beautifully haunting ‘Weight Of The World’, a sit-down piano tune for the masses, brought an atmosphere of solice. The Editors know how to do it, and did it with ease. Dome Concert Hall, 20 March ✪✪✪✪✪ Andy Forward

This was a long, strenuous evening, night and early morning of lead-heavy, rib-fracturing beats, bleeps and industrial cacophony – an aural soundscape fashioned by Bosch. When Autechre finally appeared, letting in some welcome light and air, they demonstrated how effective a little imagination, thought and creativity can be when harnessed to musical technology, ridding it of the sterility present in much of what had gone before. The mixed crowd seemed pleased they’d braved the sudden chilly drizzle. They certainly got an awful lot of sounds for their pounds. Corn Exchange, 18 March ✪✪✪✪✪ Gary Mepsted




Saturday night at the movies: it’s possible that the late hour and bad weather may have kept some people away, but those who like popcorn with their pop were in for a rare treat. The surrounds of Brighton’s 100-year-old cinema provided the perfect setting for the launch of the ‘Fins latest single, ‘Meet Me At The Pictures’, while more familiar tracks also got an outing in re-jigged versions, which won over an appreciative crowd. Gorgeous support, too, from The Half Sisters, which attracted some geek-sexy dancing in the aisles. All in all: good looks, good sounds. Duke of York’s Picturehouse, 19 March ✪✪✪✪✪ Andrew Allen

The Old Market 23 March ✪✪✪✪✪

THE TIGER LILLIES The Tiger Lillies have built up a fantastic following over the years for their Brechtian punk cabaret, and the Komedia venue presented a truly atmospheric backdrop as the trio relived their Shockheaded Peter songs, and other ‘gory’ verses they've come up with over the last 20 years. Having always been intrigued by the claim that their music is not for the faint-hearted, I was rather disappointed at how light-hearted the whole show was. Martyn Jacques' shrill, Terry Jones-meets-Antony Hegarty voice lends itself well to the largely funereal pace of the songs, but the tragi-comic asides were rather weak and suprisingly clumsy. Komedia, 20 March ✪✪✪✪✪ Jeff Hemmings

SMARTY PARTY CABARET WIFE AFTER DEATH Tom Conti led a great company in what might have been rather an old fashioned farce but turned out be a ripping comedy filled with clever twists. Eric Chappell, best known for TV sitcoms, has written a play filled with great jokes and heart-felt sentiments that thundered along with never a dull moment. The form may be a little dated but when handled this well by writer, director and cast, you leave the theatre aching from laughter. Conti was, as always, excellent, although his northern accent did slip into Scots from time to time. But the star of the evening was Diane Fletcher, whose world-weary delivery and dead-pan panache made for comic perfection. Theatre Royal, 17 March ✪✪✪✪✪ Andrew Kay

Cabaret nights are always a mixed bag, but Smarty Pants Productions have a knack for mixing in some sublimely stupid comedy alongside the ridiculously awkward interludes. Highlights included neat sketches from Melons a Trois, the endearingly scatty wit of Victoria Nangle and the ribald audience-bashing of Louise Conran. But it was the dumb-ashell chav-rap of Milky T that stole the show. Unnervingly convincing in his white tracksuit and cap, this crotch-clenching B-Boy from Hove managed to keep the audience rapt. The night finished with an unexpected but hugely entertaining double-bass and ragdoll-style tap-dance. Hanbury Ballroom, 18 March ✪✪✪✪✪ Ben Bailey

Did you see Rory Bremner at the Old Market?

here is much to despise and condemn about those whom we elect to govern us. Evidence of corruption, incompetence, venality and self-interest are exposed on a daily basis. Perhaps we do have cause to be grateful to our politicians, though, for the rich and fertile seam of comic material they unwittingly provide. Few comedians have mined that seam so assiduously or successfully as Rory Bremner, whose Election Battlebus Tour 2010 kicked off in Hove. The sold-out show, divided into stand-up followed by a Question Time-style debate, displayed the full range of Rory’s talents as both peerless impersonator and lethal satirist. The hilarious and pitch-perfect take-offs of the Labour and Tory old guard (Tony Blair, David Blunkett, William Hague, John Major et al) drew huge laughs and applause from the mostly middle-aged and middleclass audience. Rory’s five-year absence from the touring circuit might have produced the odd wobble or bum note, but his routine was as slick and sharp as you could wish. He rocketed through his repertoire with a confidence and class that was breath-taking. Non-political figures such as Les Dawson, Louis Walsh and Graham Norton where tossed casually into the mix. Ironically, Rory’s creaky, non-PC Les jokes got some of the biggest guffaws of the night.


The show’s second half brought Caroline Lucas (Green Party, Brighton Pavilion); Charlotte Vere (Tory Party, Brighton Pavilion); cartoonist, Steve Bell and surprise guest, Geoff Atkinson (Rory’s long-standing producer) to the stage. During the (over-long) interval the audience had the opportunity to jot down any questions they’d like answered. This part of the evening was less engaging and more scrappy than the earlier gleaming, machine-tooled stand-up. Predictably, the pair of politicians offered platitudes rather than answers (although Ms Lucas acquitted herself well and was a hit with the crowd). Steve Bell and Geoff Atkinson provided the bulk of the humour, aided and abetted by Rory in his role of Paxman-lite. During the final minutes of the show an elderly member of the audience, Alfie, raised the issue of the closing of the Special Needs School in Ovingdean. He spoke haltingly but passionately, and praised Rory Bremner for his Godgiven talent, which momentarily left Mr Bremner speechless and blushing (or perhaps that was a trick of the light). So, a brilliant and highly enjoyable evening. If you weren’t there, do try and catch Rory Bremner at another Battlebus venue. The show should heat up nicely as the election draws closer. Gary Mepsted

>Latest 7 is expanding its live reviews team… ...and we are on the look out for volunteers. Do you have a way with words, a free evening or two and a passion for theatre, music, comedy or dance? Send two 100 word samples of your reviewing style to

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L7 Sport



Telly Talk

Beyond The Boundary Andy Winter surveys Sussex’s new squad

With Victoria Nangle

t seems as though it was just yesterday that we were slipping and sliding through the icy streets of Brighton but next week, with the arrival of spring, the cricket season begins. Supporters of Sussex County Cricket Club can look forward to another season of success in limited overs cricket. Last season saw Sussex established as the number one side in the country, retaining the Pr040 trophy, winning the Twenty20 Cup for the first time, and being finalists in the 50 over competition. The squad has been re-enforced, not least by the signing for the Twenty20 Cup of the Sri Lankan Tillakaratne Dilshan, of whom cricket website Cricinfo say, “with his relentless aggression, strong wrists and natural timing, Dilshan is one of the most exciting batsmen in the game today”.


Easter TV treats T

“Ed Joyce is likely to miss the first 10 weeks of the season through injury, but Sussex has quality in depth”

Are you looking forward to watching new signing Monty Panesar?

Pic: Clare Calder

Dilshan has pioneered a new cricket Ed Joyce stroke, the Dilscoop, a scoop shot over his head which is almost impossible to defend against without placing a fielder immediately behind the wicket keeper. The main disappointment last season was Sussex’s poor performance in the County Championship, which saw it relegated to the Second Division. But Sussex can expect to bounce back and an immediate return to the top flight is a reasonable expectation. The side is maturing well, a blend of youth and experience. After a relatively poor season last year, Murray Goodwin will once again be one of the leading run scorers in the Championship. Ed Joyce is likely to miss the first 10 weeks of the season through injury, but Sussex has quality in depth. Chris Nash will continue his development and should join team mates Matt Prior and Luke Wright in the plans of the England selectors. Certain to become an instant favourite with supporters is new signing Monty Panesar, the first Sikh to represent England. He is hoping that the change in counties will help to re-establish him in the national side, but Sussex supporters will hope that this will not happen before he has taken a huge haul of wickets at Hove. One area of concern is the retirement of Jason Lewry with no obvious successor emerging through the youth ranks. There are a number of young fast bowlers on the cusp of the first team, but the question of who will take the big step up remains uncertain. One possibility is new signing Craig Young, a 19-year-old Irishman recommended by Ed Joyce, who has the potential to make a big impact. So get down to the County Ground. Weather permitting, it should be a great season for Sussex and its supporters. And you can join in the new chant of “Monty Monty Monty Monty Pan-e-sar”.

he bonding force at Easter in our house was always television. After bounteous amounts of chocolate promises gave us a less than pure motive to do the rounds of the relatives, and I was trying to convince myself that the funny feeling in my tummy had nothing to do with the tasty feeling that had previously been in my mouth, my brother would hide away his goodies to taunt me with another day and we’d slam on the old tube. Viewing treats have always fallen into two camps, but generally there are so many treats on offer that remote control battles are kept to a minimum. Firstly, your one-off specials. Sometimes these cheat and split themselves in to two parts, but we know what they are. Obviously the cream of this lot is the much anticipated Doctor Who. New Doctor, new assistant, wrecked TARDIS, broken sonic screwdriver and 20 minutes to save... well, everyone! Classic Easter weekend family viewing, with much ‘shush!’ing of elders alternating with bounteous elevating of the volume. Pensioners want to know the finer details of alien infiltration too. Other gems from this catagory include the return of Jonathan Creek, ably assisted by Sheridan Smith (taking a break from being Legally Blonde in London’s West End), as well as the last (ever!) in the A Touch Of Frost series, Channel 4’s Comedy Gala... oh, and topically for Easter, a BBC1 show asking Are Christians Being Persecuted? Add to that the kick start of the new series of Ashes To Ashes on Friday and an entire evening of Extras on Monday and your original telly quota will have been met for the

month (and then some) in one fell Bank Holiday weekend. The second category of telly content that pops up over such extended periods of escape from work is movies. From Friday’s classic Sound Of Music to Saturday’s Pan’s Layrinth and Pearl Harbour, through to Sunday’s Eragon and Four Weddings And A Funeral and Monday’s The Greatest Story Ever Told, there’s one heck of a mixed bag. The new and the old, the classy and the trash. Some will be terrestrial premieres and others old favourites rolled out each year. Personally, I’m looking forward to a full tum and an afternoon of Howl’s Moving Castle on Saturday afternoon. Aside from being entertaining and underlining the indulgent slothfullness of the long weekend, these shows also provide a valuable function. Sometimes, when spending vast amounts of time with family, it’s best not to speak. Good to have periods of quiet comradeship. Just before my brother offers to trade me one of last year’s Easter eggs for the latest A-ha picture disc. Sometimes I’ve loved choclate too much. See TV listings for programme details follow me on twitter


DO YOU MAKE SUSSEX FEEL HEALTHY AND BEAUTIFUL? Promote yourself in our health and beauty features and reach over 100,000 people. To book your space please call advertising on 01273 818150

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tuesday 30 The Delicious Miss Dahl BBC2, 8.30pm Nigella Lawson has a lot to answer for. Cookery presenters on telly used to look like your mum and tell it to you straight. They wore pinnies and looked like they ate and loved the food they cooked. Tonight former model Sophie Dahl talks us through her perfect romantic dinner. Would she eat it all up?

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Five, 9pm Not topical at all this one. Nope. Pure coincidence. A former pro golfer’s head turns up on a golf course and the suspects include his angry ex-wife. No crystal ball in the mix here. There’s also a cross caddy and other suspects but we like to think inspiration came from the news a bit.

Caprica Sky 1, 9pm The prequel to cult remake Battlestar Galactica continues on apace, only a couple of days behind broadcast in its home planet of the US of A. The human/Cylon war hasn’t happened yet, but is this the story of the first Cylon? Maybe. Anyway, Daniel’s all ready to reset the Zoe-bot. Nooooooo!


¸ terrestrial BBC1



6.00 BBC News At Six 6.30 South East Today 7.00 The One Show 7.30 EastEnders Whitney gives Billie an ultimatum. 8.00 Holby City Jac is spooked when she sees a patient named Paula Burrows admitted to her ward. She turns out to be her long lost mother. Does this really happen? Or is Holby City ‘jumping the shark’? 9.00 Richard Hammond’s Invisible Worlds Richard Hammond explores the astonishing miniature universe all around us, revealing that small can be very powerful. Just ask Napoleon. Or the rings of Mordor. Precious. 10.00 BBC News At Ten 10.25 South East Today 10.35 The Man Who Cycled The Americas In the second part of his odyssey, Mark Beaumont crosses into northern Mexico, a region notorious for drugs-related killings and kidnappings. A must-see for any tourist. What?! 11.25 FILM: The Flying Scotsman (2006) Starring Jonny Miller, Laura Fraser, Billy Boyd. Drama based on the true story of Graeme Obree, an amateur Scottish cyclist who built his own unique bike. 1.00am Weatherview 1.05 Sign Zone: See Hear 1.35 Mastercrafts 2.35 Dinner With Portillo 3.05 Stag Weekends: The Dirty Secrets 4.05 BBC News

6.00 Eggheads Quiz. 6.30 Antiques Road Trip Experts James Braxton and Mark Stacey travel from Norfolk to West Sussex in a classic open-topped MG. They set off from Kings Lynn in search of antiques they can sell for a profit. 7.00 Wonders Of The Solar System Repeat of Sunday’s show. 8.00 Grow Your Own Drugs In the second episode of ethnobotanist James Wong’s series about plant based medicine, he challenges us to look at the medicinal and not just the nutritional value of some of the food we eat. A fascinating blend of gardening, cookery and science. 8.30 The Delicious Miss Dahl See highlights. 9.00 Blood And Oil Claire’s investigations into her husband’s activities lead her to a bar frequented by her husband and his friends, which she learns is actually a brothel. Here she learns that her husband was having an affair with local girl, Angel. 10.20 Coast Neil Oliver visits the scene of the Royal Charter’s sinking and the Iron Men of Mersey. 10.30 Newsnight 11.20 Mad Men Drama series set in the 1960s world of advertising. Sal suffers when he refuses the sexual advances of a vindictive client. 12.10am Total Recall: The Toyota Story 1.10 BBC News 4.00 GCSE Bitesize Revision: French 1

6.00 Meridian Tonight 6.30 ITV News; Weather 7.00 Emmerdale An edgy Ashley worries that Sally has returned. Sandy urges Laurel to talk to Ashley. 7.30 Children’s Hospital A documentary series set in the brand new Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. In this edition, one-year-old Charlie, who is profoundly deaf, undergoes a ground-breaking implant operation to restore his hearing. 8.00 Cops With Cameras Last in the documentary series taking viewers to the frontline of UK policing. 9.00 Law & Order: UK Drama series based on the acclaimed US show. When the bones of young Tommy Keegan are discovered in a basement, DS Ronnie Brooks, DS Matt Devlin and DI Natalie Chandler are faced with a 20-year-old cold case. 10.00 ITV News At Ten; Weather 10.35 Martina Cole’s Lady Killers Series in which crime writer Martina Cole explores the lives of six female serial killers. This edition focuses on Rosemary West. 11.35 River Monsters Extreme angler Jeremy Wade heads to Texas on the trail of a river monster. 12.30am Guinness Premiership Rugby 1.20 Loose Women 2.10 The Jeremy Kyle Show 3.05 ITV Nightscreen 5.30 ITV Morning News

6.00am Breakfast 9.15 Animal 24:7 10.00 Homes Under The Hammer 11.00 To Buy Or Not To Buy 11.45 Cash In The Attic 12.15pm Bargain Hunt 1.00 BBC News At One 1.30 South East Today 1.45 Doctors 2.15 Murder, She Wrote 3.00 BBC News 3.05 3rd And Bird 3.15 Dirtgirlworld 3.25 Dennis & Gnasher 3.45 Shaun The Sheep 3.50 Muddle Earth 4.05 Deadly 60 4.35 Blue Peter 5.00 Newsround 5.15 The Weakest Link

6.00 – 7.00am Children’s television 7.00 Green Balloon Scrapbook 7.25 Finley The Fire Engine 7.35 Kerwhizz 8.00 Dead Gorgeous 8.30 Copycats 9.00 Planet Ajay 9.30 The Slammer 10.00 Sorry, I’ve Got No Head 10.30 Prank Patrol 11.00 Horrible Histories 11.30 Castle In The Country 12.00pm The Daily Politics 12.30 Working Lunch 1.00 Open Gardens 1.30 Car Booty 2.15 Animal Park 3.00 Diagnosis Murder 3.45 Flog It! 4.30 Pointless 5.15 Escape To The Country

6.00am GMTV 9.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 10.30 This Morning 11.25 ITV News 11.30 This Morning 12.30pm Loose Women 1.30 ITV News & Weather 2.00 60 Minute Makeover 3.00 Daily Cooks Challenge 4.00 Rosemary And Thyme 5.00 The Alan Titchmarsh Show

Channel 4

6.00am The Treacle People 6.10 The Hoobs 6.35 The Hoobs 7.00 Freshly Squeezed 7.25 Everybody Loves Raymond 7.55 Everybody Loves Raymond 8.25 Frasier 8.55 Coach Trip 9.25 Hollyoaks Music Show 10.00 Friends 10.30 Friends 11.00 Beyonce: I Am Yours – An Intimate Performance From Wynn, Las Vegas 12.00pm Channel 4 News Summary 12.05 Location, Location, Location 1.05 FILM: How To Steal A Million (1966) 3.25 Countdown 4.10 Deal Or No Deal 5.00 Coach Trip 5.30 Come Dine With Me Extra Portions 6.00 The Simpsons 6.30 Hollyoaks Jake wants to reassure everyone at home that he is fine, but he is completely cut off after his phone disappears. Three little words: Back. It. Up. 7.00 Channel 4 News 8.00 Supersize Vs Superskinny Calorie counter Lucy Lee and buffet binger Leighton Davies are pushed to the limit by Dr Christian. What – made to eat properly? What torture. 9.00 One Born Every Minute Fly-on-the-wall documentary series filmed in a busy maternity ward. 10.00 Shameless Gritty comedy drama. Shane and Kelly react very differently to the prospect of a future without children. 11.05 8 Out Of 10 Cats The best bits of the latest series of the topical comedy panel show presented by Jimmy Carr. 11.40 Dom Joly And The Black Island Dom Joly fulfils a life-long dream by retracing the steps of iconic fictional Belgian reporter Tintin on his search for the Black Island Castle. 12.10am Betfair World Series Of Poker 1.15 Road To The 2010 FIFA World Cup 1.45 FIM Superbike World Championship 2.10 Mobil 1 The Grid 2.35 KOTV Boxing Weekly 3.00 World Sport 3.30 AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour 4.20 GT Academy 4.45 Freesports On 4 5.10 Year Dot 5.40 Lifeproof TV


Sky Sports 1

6.00 – 8.25am Children’s television 8.25 Thomas & Friends 8.35 Funky Valley 8.40 Igam Ogam 8.50 Castle Farm 8.55 The WotWots 9.05 Bert And Ernie’s Great Adventures 9.10 Hana’s Helpline 9.20 Olivia 9.30 The Mr. Men Show 9.45 Build A New Life In The Country 10.45 The Hotel Inspector 11.45 CSI: NY 12.40pm Five News 12.45 CSI: NY 1.45 Neighbours 2.15 Home And Away 2.50 I Own Britain’s Best Home: Flying Visit 3.05 FILM: Home Song (1996) 5.00 Five News With Natasha Kaplinsky 5.30 Neighbours 6.00 Home And Away Xavier moves in to the farm after falling out with Gina. Martha and Tony urge the feuding pair to reconcile, but Martha has problems of her own. 6.25 Live From Studio Five Magazine show hosted by Ian Wright and Kate Walsh. 7.30 Chinese Food In Minutes Chinese cookery show with chef Ching-He Huang. Ching introduces two surveyors to new flavour combinations and spices. 8.00 Ice Road Truckers Documentary series examining the dangerous job of driving trucks on Alaska’s Dalton Highway. Lisa must negotiate Atigun Pass without brakes. Surely that’s not a good idea. 9.00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation See highlights. 10.00 CSI: Miami Crime drama. The CSIs investigate the murder of an influential reverend in a crime-ridden area. With the neighbourhood about to be taken over by a violent street gang, can the team find the killer before it is too late? 11.00 CSI: NY Crime drama series. A hated boss is found dead in the grounds of her own hotel; and the CSIs try to find out how a body ended up on the roof of a school bus. 12.00am The FBI Files 1.00 SuperCasino 4.00 The FBI Files 4.55 County Secrets 5.10 Neighbours 5.35 Home And Away

6.00am Good Morning Sports Fans (x3) 9.00 Netbusters 9.30 Football League: Championship 11.00 Soccer AM: The Best Bits 12.00pm SPL Round-Up 12.30 Football League: Championship 2.00 Netbusters 2.30 Soccer AM: The Best Bits 3.30 UEFA Champions League Weekly 4.00 Football League: Championship 5.30 Netbusters 6.00 Football Asia 6.30 Revista De La Liga 7.30 Gillette Soccer Special 10.00 School Of Hard Knocks 10.30 Revista De La Liga 11.30 School Of Hard Knocks 12.00am Football Asia 12.30 Football: UEFA Champions League 1.00 Revista De La Liga 2.00 Football: UEFA Champions League 2.30 Football Asia 3.00 Revista De La Liga

Sky Sports 2 6.00am Aerobics: Oz Style 6.30 Snow Ride 7.00 WWE Afterburn 8.00 Soccer AM: The Best Bits 9.00 European Tour Golf 10.00 PGA Tour Golf 11.00 Shell’s Wonderful World Of Golf 12.30pm PGA Tour Classic 1.30 Boots ‘n’ All – The Tries 2.30 SPL Round-Up 3.00 Elite League Speedway 5.00 World Cup Of Pool 6.00 Boots ‘n’ All – The Tries 7.00 LIVE Football: UEFA Champions League 10.00 Football: UEFA Champions League 10.30 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure 11.30 British Rally Championship 12.30am Sports Unlimited 1.30 World Cup Of Pool 2.30 Close

Sky Sports 3 6.00am NASCAR 7.00 British Rally Championship 8.00 Boots ‘n’ All – The Tries 9.00 Elite League Speedway 11.00 Aerobics: Oz Style 11.30 Racing News 12.00pm Max Power 1.00 NASCAR 2.00 British Rally Championship 3.00 Poker 5.00 WWE Smackdown 7.00 Snowboard Diaries 7.30 LIVE Football: UEFA Champions League 10.00 Sports Unlimited 11.00 World Cup Of Pool 12.00am IRB Sevens Victoria Nangle

kextraterrestrial Sky1








12.30pm Oops TV 1.00 Cold Case 2.00 A Town Called Eureka (x2) 4.00 Brainiac: Science Abuse 5.00 Malcolm In The Middle 5.30 Futurama 6.00 Oops TV 7.00 The Simpsons (x2) 8.00 UK Border Force 9.00 Caprica. See highlights. 10.00 Fringe 11.00 Lost 12.00am Caprica 1.00 Road Wars

7.00pm Top Gear 8.00 The World’s Toughest Driving Tests 9.00 The World’s Most Dangerous Place For Women 10.00 EastEnders 10.30 The Gemma Factor 11.00 Family Guy (x2) 11.45 The World’s Most Dangerous Place For Women 12.45am The World’s Toughest Driving Tests 1.40 Eddie Izzard: Marathon Man (x3)

7.00pm World News Today 7.30 It’s Only A Theory 8.00 Henry VIII: Patron Or Plunderer? 9.00 The Genius Of Omar Khayyam 10.00 Barbados At The Races: Storyville 10.30 The Antiques Rogue Show 11.30 My Kid Could Paint That 12.50am BBC Proms 2009: Beethoven’s 9th Symphony 2.50 It’s Only A Theory

1.00pm Emmerdale 1.30 The Jeremy Kyle Show (x2) 3.40 Loose Women 4.40 Judge Judy (x3) 6.00 American Idol: Results 7.00 Ant & Dec’s Push The Button 8.00 What Katie Did Next 9.00 The Vampire Diaries 10.00 FILM: You, Me And Dupree (2006) 12.15am FILM: Forget Paris (1995) 2.10 Emmerdale

12.45pm Heartbeat 1.45 Born And Bred 2.55 Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman 3.55 Dickinson’s Real Deal 5.00 Drama Trails 5.10 On The Buses 5.40 Heartbeat 6.45 Born And Bred 7.55 Agatha Christie’s Poirot 9.00 Wycliffe 10.05 Inspector Morse 12.20am Sherlock: Case Of Evil 2.00 On The Buses (x2)

12.10pm Wildfire 1.05 Scrubs (x2) 2.05 Friends 2.35 Hollyoaks 3.05 Gilmore Girls 4.00 Glee 5.00 Friends (x2) 6.00 Scrubs (x2) 7.00 Hollyoaks 7.30 How I Met Your Mother 8.00 Friends (x2) 9.00 90210 10.00 Jo Frost: Extreme Parental Guidance 11.00 Shameless 12.10am How I Met Your Mother

6.35pm Deal Or No Deal 7.25 Grand Designs 8.30 The Daily Show With Jon Stewart 9.00 Come Dine With Me Extra Portions 10.00 True Stories: A Long Weekend With The Son Of God 11.40 Come Dine With Me Extra Portions 12.45am True Stories: A Long Weekend With The Son Of God

1.00pm Canada’s Next Top Model 2.00 Passport Patrol (x2) 3.00 Ghost Whisperer 4.00 Charmed (x2) 6.00 America’s Next Top Model 7.00 Ghost Whisperer 8.00 Four Weddings 9.00 Cougar Town (x2) 10.00 Changing Faces: Cheryl Cole 11.00 Criminal Minds 12.00am CSI: Crime Scene Investigation


Comedy Central


Sci Fi

Sky Movies

Sky Movies



3.00pm World War II: The Complete History 4.00 Time Team 5.00 Extreme Engineering 6.00 Deadliest Catch: Lobstermen 7.00 Mythbusters 8.00 How Do They Do It? 8.30 How It’s Made 9.00 Swords: Life On The Line 10.00 Destroyed In Seconds (x2) 11.00 Born Survivor: Bear Grylls 12.00am The FBI Files (x2)

1.00pm FILM: Killer Flood (2003) 3.00 FILM: Bone Eater (2007) 5.00 Buffy The Vampire Slayer (x3) 8.00 Eastwick (x2) 10.00 FILM: Unstoppable (2004) 12.00am FILM: Universal Soldier III: Unfinished Business (1998) 1.50 Buffy The Vampire Slayer 3.00 Sea Of Souls 4.00 FILM: Nuclear Hurricane (2007)

2.00pm Seven Days In May (1964) 4.00 Hellfighters (1969) 6.10 Abbott And Costello Meet The Killer Boris Karloff (1949) 7.35 Abbott And Costello Meet The Mummy (1955) 9.00 How The West Was Won (1962) 11.35 The Sand Pebbles (1966) 2.35am The Front Page (1974)

12.45pm The Top Ten Show 1.00 Tube Tales (1999) 2.30 Mo’ Better Blues (1990) 4.45 Once (2006) 6.25 Three And Out (2008) 8.15 What Just Happened (2008) 10.00 The Big Lebowski (1998) 12.00am Mo’ Better Blues (1990) 2.15 Rumble Fish (1983) 4.00 Once (2006)

11.00am Chain Gang (1950) 12.20pm The Million Pound Note (1954) 2.05 The Cassandra Crossing (1977) 4.35 Journey To The Center Of The Earth (1959) 7.10 Crocodile Dundee (1986) 9.00 The Full Monty (1997) 10.45 Donkey Punch (2008) 12.40am Tony Manero (2008) 2.30 Matthew Vaughn On Kick-Ass

12.15pm The Screening Room 1.00 Support Your Local Gunfighter (1971) 3.00 Gentlemen Marry Brunettes (1955) 5.00 The Screening Room 5.30 New York, New York (1977) 9.00 Band Of Brothers (x2) 11.20 The Terminal Man (1974) 1.20am Band Of Brothers (x2) 3.00 Teleshopping 5.00 Support Your Local Gunfighter (1971)

3.35pm My Family 4.15 As Time Goes By 4.55 Only Fools And Horses 6.00 Last Of The Summer Wine (x2) 7.20 Steptoe And Son 8.00 One Foot In The Grave 8.40 Dinnerladies 9.20 Blackadder The Third 10.00 Only Fools And Horses 11.05 The Smell Of Reeves And Mortimer 11.40 Hippies 12.20am Blackadder The Third

4.00pm Scrubs (x2) 5.00 Everybody Loves Raymond (x2) 6.00 Two And A Half Men (x2) 7.00 The King Of Queens (x2) 8.00 Scrubs (x2) 9.00 Two And A Half Men (x2) 10.00 Scrubs 10.30 Sex And The City (x2) 11.40 Two And A Half Men (x2) 12.40am Dirty, Sexy, Funny: Olivia Lee



030_LS468_TV_Wed_Latest7Wed31March.qxd 25/03/2010 12:56 Page 1

wednesday 31 The Business Inspector Five, 8pm Buck up! If people said that more often then these shows would have far less advice to dole out. Self-made millionaire Hilary Devey adds authority to the words when she tackles the businesses of a pole-dancing fitness instructor and a dog lover. Other pearls may be: “It’s a business”, and “how much?!”

Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience BBC2, 10pm In which the comedian dosses the cap of a celebrity to the people who do some of the hardest jobs in the country. He’s already had a shot at bin men and mothers, now it’s the turn of the squaddie as Rhod joins the British Army on training exercises in the Brecon Beacons.

Gossip Girl ITV2, 9pm XO XO. So says Gossip Girl, and no one seems too bothered about who Gossip Girl is anymore. There are much more important things afoot. Like Eleanor’s fashion show that Blair’s been asked to ensure runs smoothly. Or Rufus’ further attempts at saving the brat from hell that is Jenny. Or Chuck’s eyebrows. Yup.


¸ terrestrial BBC1



Channel 4


Sky Sports 1

6.00 – 8.40am Children’s television 8.40 Igam Ogam 8.50 Castle Farm 8.55 The WotWots 9.05 Bert And Ernie’s Great Adventures 9.10 Hana’s Helpline 9.20 Olivia 9.30 The Mr. Men Show 9.45 Build A New Life In The Country 10.45 The Hotel Inspector 11.45 CSI: NY 12.40pm Five News 12.45 CSI: NY 1.45 Neighbours 2.15 Home And Away 2.50 I Own Britain’s Best Home: Flying Visit 3.05 FILM: A Nightmare Come True (1997) 5.00 Five News With Natasha Kaplinsky 5.30 Neighbours

6.00am Good Morning Sports Fans (x3) 9.00 Football: UEFA Champions League 9.30 Football Asia 10.00 Revista De La Liga 11.00 World Cup Of Pool 12.00pm Football: UEFA Champions League 12.30 Football Asia 1.00 Revista De La Liga 2.00 Football: UEFA Champions League 2.30 IRB Sevens 5.30 Haye V Ruiz Countdown 6.00 Tennis: ATP Masters 8.00 LIVE Tennis: ATP Masters 10.00 Haye V Ruiz Countdown 10.30 Boots ‘n’ All 11.30 FIFA Futbol Mundial 12.00am Total Rugby 12.30 Football: UEFA Champions League

6.00 BBC News At Six 6.30 South East Today 7.00 The One Show 7.30 Life Of Riley Sitcom based around a newlywed couple and their dysfunctional extended family circle. Maddy decides the time has come to get back into paid employment. 8.00 MasterChef Top chef and restaurateur John Torode, and food writer and ingredients expert Gregg Wallace, continue their search for the country’s best amateur cook. There are six exceptional contestants left. 9.00 New Tricks Crime drama series. The team reinvestigate the disappearance of two young political activists who had waged a very public campaign against racist comedian Ray Harris. Check out the gags the writers came up with. Noo! 10.00 BBC News At Ten 10.25 South East Today 10.35 The National Lottery Draws The National Lottery draws including Thunderball and Lotto, with presenter Jodie Prenger. Didn’t she sing? 10.45 Damages Acclaimed American legal drama. 11.25 FILM: Two For The Money (2005) Starring Al Pacino, Matthew McConaughey, Rene Russo. Thriller. 1.20am Weatherview 1.25 Sign Zone: Country Tracks 2.20 Empire Of The Seas: How The Navy Forged The Modern World 3.20 MasterChef 4.20 BBC News

6.00 Eggheads Quiz. 6.30 Antiques Road Trip James Braxton and Mark Stacey set off from Diss in search of adventure and antiques they can sell for a profit. 7.00 Simon King’s Shetland Diaries Simon King, wildlife cameraman and Springwatch presenter, sets off on an adventure to the Shetland Isles to live there with his family through the changing seasons. People have done it before. 8.00 Coast Geographer Nicholas Crane presents a 13-part journey around the coast of the United Kingdom. 9.00 Who Needs Fathers? A major series to mark 20 years since the passing of the Children Act, investigates whether its key principle is being adhered to – that in family breakdown and divorce, the welfare of the child is paramount. One in three British children have parents who are separated, and it’s their relationship with the absent parent that’s the key factor in their long-term wellbeing. 10.00 Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience See highlights. 10.30 Newsnight 11.20 The Bubble Repeat of last Friday’s show. 11.50 The British Family: Our History 12.50am BBC News 4.00 GCSE Bitesize Revision: French 2

6.00 Meridian Tonight 6.30 ITV News; Weather 7.00 Emmerdale Devastated that Laurel blames herself for his mood swings, Ashley confesses everything about Sally’s attack. 7.30 UEFA Champions League: Arsenal V Barcelona Champions League favourites Barcelona are in London for what promises to be a highly attractive quarter-final tie against Arsenal. In a rematch of the 2006 final, which saw Barcelona come from behind to win the trophy, Thierry Henry has since switched sides from the Gunners to the Catalans. All eyes will be on Lionel Messi after he brilliantly dispatched Stuttgart from the competition last time round. Will Arsene Wenger’s talented young team be able to recapture the form which saw them demolish Porto 5-0 in their last European tie? Steve Rider presents from the Emirates. 10.00 ITV News At Ten; Weather 10.35 UEFA Champions League Extra Time Jim Rosenthal presents Champions League quarter-final action, as Arsenal take on champions Barcelona. But you knew that. It just took up all your evening anyway. 11.35 Cops With Cameras 12.25am Nightwatch With Steve Scott 1.20 Loose Women 2.10 The Jeremy Kyle Show 3.05 ITV Nightscreen 5.30 ITV Morning News

6.00 The Simpsons 6.30 Hollyoaks Mercedes tells Sasha that Calvin left Warren to die in The Loft. Amy and Olly arrange their first date, but she is still worried about being out of his league. 7.00 Channel 4 News 8.00 Relocation, Relocation Phil and Kirstie revisit Carol and Tom Crosner, one of the first couples they ever helped back in 2002. The pair wanted a small flat in Bath and a family-ready home in Dorset, but their search proved to be difficult. 9.00 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA Gordon tries to relaunch the Lido Di Manhattan in California. Business school graduate Lisa bought the Lido when she was 23, but after five years she now doubts whether she made the right decision. Can Gordon help freshen up the menu and prepare Lisa for the biggest night in her career? 23?! Blimmin’ own-buisness overachiever. 10.00 Desperate Housewives Comedy drama series. A plane crashes on Wisteria Lane. Really. 11.00 Shameless Repeat. 12.00am 4 Music: Faithless: Video Exclusive 12.05 4 Music: The Album Chart Show 12.20 Barclaycard Mercury Prize Sessions: Mr Hudson 12.40 This Week’s 4Music Top 20 2.40 Runaway (x2) 4.05 The War At Home 4.30 Year Dot 5.00 Lifeproof TV 5.25 Countdown

6.00 Home And Away Nicole’s fashion internship goes from bad to worse when her boss steals her swimwear designs. Didn’t we cover bad fashion bosses in Neighbours? 6.25 Live From Studio Five Magazine show. 7.30 Heads Or Tails Gameshow presented by Justin Lee Collins in which contestants stand to win one million pounds on the toss of a coin. Add your own Dr Evil laugh here. 8.00 The Business Inspector See highlights. 9.00 NCIS US drama based on the navy’s dedicated federal agency. McGee becomes a hostage inside a women’s prison when a riot erupts following the murder of a guard. 10.00 Law And Order: Criminal Intent Crime drama series following New York’s Major Case Squad. Detectives Logan and Barek probe the deaths of two sisters who suffocated after being paralysed and wrapped in plastic. Their investigation leads to a nurse-turned-voodoo healer who may have placed a curse on Logan. Sure. 11.00 Numb3rs Detective drama The FBI searches for a batch of missing guns with a dangerous design fault that makes them more deadly than normal. Now, this is plain silly. 11.55 PartyPoker: The Classics 1.00am SuperCasino 4.05 Wildlife SOS (x2) 4.55 County Secrets 5.10 Neighbours 5.35 Home And Away

Sky Sports 2

6.00am Breakfast 9.15 Animal 24:7 10.00 Homes Under The Hammer 11.00 To Buy Or Not To Buy 11.45 Cash In The Attic 12.15pm Bargain Hunt 1.00 BBC News At One 1.30 South East Today 1.45 Doctors 2.15 Murder, She Wrote 3.00 BBC News 3.05 3rd And Bird 3.15 Dirtgirlworld 3.25 Dennis & Gnasher 3.45 Shaun The Sheep 3.50 Muddle Earth 4.05 SMart 4.35 Blue Peter 5.00 Newsround 5.15 The Weakest Link

6.00am Brum 6.10 Pablo The Little Red Fox 6.20 Zigby 6.30 Wibbly Pig 6.40 Pinky Dinky Doo 7.00 Green Balloon Scrapbook 7.25 Finley The Fire Engine 7.35 Kerwhizz 8.00 Dead Gorgeous 8.30 Copycats 9.00 Planet Ajay 9.30 The Slammer 10.00 Sorry, I’ve Got No Head 10.30 Prank Patrol 11.00 FILM: Only Angels Have Wings (1939) 1.00pm See Hear 1.30 Working Lunch 2.00 Lifeline 2.10 Coast 2.15 Animal Park 3.00 Diagnosis Murder 3.45 Flog It! 4.30 Pointless 5.15 Escape To The Country

6.00am GMTV 9.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 10.30 This Morning 11.25 ITV News 11.30 This Morning 12.30pm Loose Women 1.30 ITV News & Weather 2.00 60 Minute Makeover 3.00 Daily Cooks Challenge 4.00 Rosemary And Thyme 5.00 The Alan Titchmarsh Show

6.10am The Hoobs 6.35 The Hoobs 7.00 Freshly Squeezed 7.25 Everybody Loves Raymond 7.50 Everybody Loves Raymond 8.20 Frasier 8.50 Coach Trip 9.25 Hollyoaks Music Show 9.55 Friends 10.25 Friends 10.55 Alexandra Burke: Under The Skin 12.00pm Channel 4 News Summary 12.05 Location, Location, Location 1.05 FILM: 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (1954) 3.25 Countdown 4.10 Deal Or No Deal 5.00 Coach Trip 5.30 Come Dine With Me Extra Portions

6.00am Aerobics: Oz Style 6.30 Snow Ride 7.00 WWE Vintage Collection 8.00 Revista De La Liga 9.00 Snow Ride 9.30 Sports Unlimited 10.30 Snowboard Diaries 11.00 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure 12.00pm Max Power 1.00 Snowboard Diaries 1.30 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure 2.30 Max Power 3.30 Football: UEFA Champions League 4.00 Revista De La Liga 5.00 Sorsa Project Snowboarding 5.30 Boots ‘n’ All 6.30 Haye V Ruiz Countdown 7.00 LIVE Football: UEFA Champions League 10.00 Football: UEFA Champions League 10.30 You’re On Sky Sports 12.00am Haye V Ruiz Countdown

Sky Sports 3 11.00am Aerobics: Oz Style 11.30 Racing News 12.00pm Sports Unlimited 1.00 World Cup Of Pool 2.00 Snow Ride 2.30 Football Asia 3.00 Sports Unlimited 4.00 WWE The Bottom Line 5.00 WWE Afterburn 6.00 Total Rugby 6.30 FIFA Futbol Mundial 7.00 Modern Pentathlon World Cup Series 8.00 Boots ‘n’ All 9.00 Watersports World 10.00 Cage Fighting: Ultimate Challenge MMA Adrenaline 11.30 European Tour Weekly 12.00am Inside The PGA Tour 12.30 Champions Tour Golf 1.30 Trans World Sport

Victoria Nangle

kextraterrestrial Sky1








1.00pm Cold Case 2.00 A Town Called Eureka (x2) 4.00 Brainiac: Science Abuse 5.00 Malcolm In The Middle 5.30 Futurama 6.00 Oops TV 7.00 The Simpsons (x2) 8.00 The World Wild Vet 9.00 The Real A & E 10.00 A League Of Their Own 10.30 FILM: Dude, Where’s My Car? (2000) 12.10am Ross Kemp: In Search Of Pirates

7.00pm Doctor Who 8.05 FILM: Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl (2003) 10.15 Family Guy (x2) 11.05 Laughtershock 11.35 Snog Marry Avoid? (x2) 12.35am Undercover Princesses 1.35 The Gemma Factor 2.05 Laughtershock 2.35 Snog Marry Avoid? (x2) 3.35 The Gemma Factor

7.00pm World News Today 7.30 Barbados At The Races: Storyville 8.00 Henry VIII: Patron Or Plunderer? 9.00 Canoe Man 10.00 Mad Men 10.45 Oliver Postgate: A Life In Small Films 11.45 Clement Freud: In His Own Words 12.45am Canoe Man 1.45 Barbados At The Races: Storyville

3.40pm Loose Women 4.40 The Ricki Lake Show 5.30 Judge Judy (x2) 6.30 The Prodigy: The Hot Desk 6.45 Beat The Star 8.00 American Idol: 10 Finalists 9.00 Gossip Girl. See highlights. 10.00 American Idol: 10 Finalists 11.00 FILM: Cliffhanger (1993) 1.10am Emmerdale

12.50pm Heartbeat 1.50 Born And Bred 2.55 Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman 3.55 Dickinson’s Real Deal 5.00 Drama Trails 5.10 On The Buses 5.40 Heartbeat 6.45 Born And Bred 8.00 Agatha Christie’s Marple 10.00 Canterbury Tales 11.00 Ladies Of Letters (x2) 12.10am Sherlock Holmes: The Eligible Bachelor

1.05pm Scrubs (x2) 2.05 Friends 2.35 Hollyoaks 3.05 Gilmore Girls 4.00 Veronica Mars 5.00 Friends (x2) 6.00 Scrubs (x2) 7.00 Hollyoaks 7.30 How I Met Your Mother 8.00 Friends (x2) 9.00 FILM: Without A Paddle (2004) 11.00 The Cleveland Show 11.30 King Of The Hill 12.00am How I Met Your Mother

3.25pm A Place In The Sun: Home Or Away 4.25 How Clean Is Your House? (x2) 5.30 Relocation, Relocation 6.35 Deal Or No Deal 7.25 Grand Designs 8.30 The Daily Show With Jon Stewart 9.00 Engineering Ancient Egypt 11.05 Time Team 12.10am The Good Wife 1.05 Engineering Ancient Egypt

1.00pm Canada’s Next Top Model 2.00 Passport Patrol (x2) 3.00 Ghost Whisperer 4.00 Charmed (x2) 6.00 America’s Next Top Model 7.00 Ghost Whisperer 8.00 Exposed: Jordan 9.00 Supernatural 10.00 Medium 11.00 Criminal Minds 12.00am CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 1.00 Canada’s Next Top Model


Comedy Central


Sci Fi

Sky Movies

Sky Movies



3.00pm World War II: The Complete History 4.00 Time Team 5.00 Extreme Engineering 6.00 Deadliest Catch: Lobstermen 7.00 Mythbusters 8.00 How Do They Do It? 8.30 How It’s Made 9.00 The Day The Earth Was Born 10.00 Human Sacrifice 11.00 Born Survivor: Bear Grylls 12.00am The FBI Files (x2)

1.00pm 3rd Rock From The Sun 1.30 FILM: Force Of Impact (2005) 3.10 FILM: Polar Storm (2009) 5.00 Buffy The Vampire Slayer (x3) 8.00 FILM: Alien V Hunter (2007) 9.00 Battlestar Galactica 10.00 FILM: Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995) 12.00am FILM: Unstoppable (2004) 2.00 Buffy The Vampire Slayer

11.00am Steptoe And Son Ride Again (1973) 12.40pm Road To Zanzibar (1941) 2.20 Road To Morocco (1942) 3.45 Road To Utopia (1945) 5.15 Steptoe And Son Ride Again (1973) 7.00 Ben-Hur (1959) 10.30 East Of Eden (1955) 12.30am Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines (1965)

11.00am I Think I Love My Wife (2007) 12.40pm Being John Malkovich (1999) 2.40 The Edge Of Heaven (2007) 4.40 I Think I Love My Wife (2007) 6.20 Being John Malkovich (1999) 8.20 The Castle (1998) 10.00 Magnolia (1999) 1.20am The Castle (1998) 3.00 Girl 6 (1996)

11.00am The Fighting Seabees (1944) 12.55pm Death Drums Along The River (1963) 2.35 Penny Serenade (1941) 4.55 Murder Most Foul (1964) 6.40 The Love Bug (1968) 8.50 Danny Boyle Special 9.00 Slumdog Millionaire (2008) 11.20 Better Things () 1.10am Cinema Extreme 1.30 The Cat’s Meow (2002)

12.55pm Rich In Love (1993) 3.05 Tom Jones (1963) 6.00 The Brink’s Job (1978) 8.30 The Screening Room 9.00 Band Of Brothers 10.10 Band Of Brothers 11.20 Stella (1989) 1.20am Band Of Brothers 2.15 Band Of Brothers 3.00 Teleshopping 5.00 Rich In Love (1993)

4.15pm As Time Goes By 4.55 Only Fools And Horses 6.00 Last Of The Summer Wine (x2) 7.20 The Black Adder 8.00 One Foot In The Grave 8.40 Dinnerladies 9.20 Blackadder Goes Forth 10.00 Gavin And Stacey 10.40 Absolutely Fabulous 11.20 French And Saunders 12.00am Heroes Of Comedy: Tony Hancock

4.00pm Scrubs (x2) 5.00 Everybody Loves Raymond (x2) 6.00 Two And A Half Men (x2) 7.00 The King Of Queens (x2) 8.00 Scrubs (x2) 9.00 Two And A Half Men (x2) 10.00 Grouchy Young Men 10.30 South Park 11.00 Sex And The City (x2) 12.10am Two And A Half Men (x2) 1.10 South Park



031_LS468_TV_thu_l7thu01apr.qxd 25/03/2010 12:48 Page 1

thursday 1 Museum Of Life BBC2, 8pm It’s that enthusiastic farmer Jimmy Doherty again. He’s done well from his friendship with Mr Jamie Oliver. Mr D is looking behind the scenes at the Natural History Museum to see work taking place on animals. From the construction of a life-sized whale to a true image of a dodo, and on to a nine foot sturgeon. Class.

Alan Carr: Chatty Man Channel 4, 10.30pm The toothy comic makes more friends on the friendliest of platonic sofas as Mighty Boosh star Noel Fielding, actor and writer Simon Pegg and singer, diva and lover of puppies Mariah Carey join him for the evening. Start placing your bets now as to who has the most sparkly outfit – Mariah or Noel.

Lindsay Lohan’s Indian Journey BBC3, 9pm We know! Certainly didn’t see this one coming. A serious side to la Lohan as she investigates the horrendous issue of child trafficking. As Delhi’s industry prospers, Lindsay is shocked to learn from the children that many were sent away with the traffickers by their own parents.


¸ terrestrial BBC1

6.00am Breakfast 9.15 Animal 24:7 10.00 Homes Under The Hammer 11.00 To Buy Or Not To Buy 11.45 Cash In The Attic 12.15pm Bargain Hunt 1.00 BBC News At One 1.30 South East Today 1.45 Doctors 2.15 Murder, She Wrote 3.00 BBC News 3.05 3rd And Bird 3.15 Dirtgirlworld 3.25 Dennis & Gnasher 3.45 Shaun The Sheep 3.50 League Of Super Evil 4.05 Horrible Histories 4.35 Relic: Guardians Of The Museum 5.00 Newsround 5.15 The Weakest Link 6.00 BBC News At Six 6.30 South East Today 7.00 The One Show 7.30 EastEnders Billie Jackson’s final attempt to turn his back on his past backfires, with horrific consequences. Zombies and vampires all over the place. Different kind of horror perhaps. 8.30 MasterChef Top chef and restaurateur John Torode, and food writer and ingredients expert Gregg Wallace continue their search for the country’s best amateur cook.The five most talented cooks in the country remain, and they are put through their paces as the competition gets tougher. It’s really unfair to put this on after frozen lasagne. 9.30 Have I Got News For You The popular news quiz returns on a new night, with team captains Paul Merton and Ian Hislop, a guest host and guest panellists. 10.00 BBC News At Ten 10.25 South East Today 10.35 Question Time Question Time comes from Stevenage. 11.35 FILM: Lord Of War (2005) Starring Nicolas Cage, Bridget Moynahan, Jared Leto. Satirical action thriller set in the world of black market arms dealing. 1.30am Skiing Weatherview 1.35 Sign Zone: Chocolate – The Bitter Truth 2.35 Panorama 3.05 Countryfile 4.00 BBC News


6.00am Brum 6.10 Pablo The Little Red Fox 6.20 Zigby 6.30 Wibbly Pig 6.40 Pinky Dinky Doo 7.00 Green Balloon Scrapbook 7.25 Finley The Fire Engine 7.35 Kerwhizz 8.00 Pinky And Perky 8.15 ChuckleVision 8.30 Copycats 9.00 Planet Ajay 9.30 The Slammer 10.00 Sorry, I’ve Got No Head 10.30 Prank Patrol 11.00 FILM: Doctor In The House (1954) 12.30pm Working Lunch 1.00 Open Gardens 1.30 Car Booty 2.15 Animal Park 3.00 Diagnosis Murder 3.45 Flog It! 4.30 Pointless 5.15 Escape To The Country 6.00 Eggheads Dermot Murnaghan hosts the quiz show. 6.30 Antiques Road Trip Experts James Braxton and Mark Stacey travel from Norfolk to West Sussex in a classic open-topped MG, trying to make a profit at the auction houses. 7.00 Simon King’s Shetland Diaries Spring arrives in Shetland, bringing with it an influx of wildlife from all over the world. Simon dives in the sea and discovers starfish, dead man’s fingers and moon jellyfish. Who made this stuff up? 8.00 Museum Of Life See highlights. 9.00 Gracie! Singer and comedienne from Rochdale, Gracie Fields was the nation’s darling. Beginning on the cusp of World War II and at the phenomenal peak of her career, this heart-breaking love story tells of Gracie’s relationship with Italian-born Hollywood director, Monty Banks and its staggering repercussions. 10.20 Coast Nicholas Crane explores Britain’s eastern coastline. He visits The Wash in Norfolk and wades through the vast salt marshes. 10.30 Newsnight In-depth investigation and analysis of the stories behind the day’s headlines. 11.20 Amazing Gracie: The Gracie Fields Story Documentary about singer and comic actress Gracie Fields. 12.20am BBC News 4.00 GCSE Bitesize Revision: German


6.00am GMTV 9.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 10.30 This Morning 11.25 ITV News 11.30 This Morning 12.30pm Loose Women 1.30 ITV News & Weather 2.00 60 Minute Makeover 3.00 Daily Cooks Challenge 4.00 Rosemary And Thyme 5.00 The Alan Titchmarsh Show

6.00 Meridian Tonight 6.30 ITV News; Weather 7.00 Emmerdale Aaron feels uncomfortable when he realises that Adam knows that he beat up Paddy. Well he shouldn’t’ve done it, then. 7.30 Supermarkets’ Super Profits: Tonight As Britons continue to spend £200 million extra every week in the major supermarkets, Jonathan Maitland reports on how these companies have thrived in the recession, while other businesses are going bust. 8.00 Emmerdale Laurel swears that Sally will pay for what she did to Ashley. £54.32p. 8.30 Coronation Street Becky is not well, but is something seriously wrong? Hope not, bless her. 9.00 The Bill The officers launch a murder investigation after a body is discovered following a crowd-control situation at a football match. Wasn’t very well controlled then, was it? 10.00 ITV News At Ten’ Weather 10.35 Car Crime UK Trevor McDonald looks at the work of specialist police car crime teams across the UK. Clever coppers. 11.35 Nightwatch With Steve Scott: Crime 12.30am In Plain Sight 1.15 Loose Women 2.05 The Jeremy Kyle Show 3.00 Supermarkets’ Super Profits: Tonight 3.25 ITV Nightscreen 5.30 News

Channel 4

6.10am The Hoobs 6.35 The Hoobs 7.00 Freshly Squeezed 7.25 Everybody Loves Raymond 7.50 Everybody Loves Raymond 8.20 Frasier 8.50 Coach Trip 9.20 Hollyoaks Music Show 9.50 Friends 10.25 Friends 10.55 Leona Lewis Special: Under The Skin 12.00pm Channel 4 News Summary 12.05 Location, Location, Location 1.05 British Made 1.20 FILM: Sunset Boulevard (1950) 3.25 Countdown 4.10 Deal Or No Deal: Easter Madness 5.00 Coach Trip 5.30 Come Dine With Me Extra Portions 6.00 The Simpsons 6.30 Hollyoaks Jake underestimates Caroline’s determination to keep him in her life. 7.00 Channel 4 News 8.00 Country House Rescue The Kellys live in Kelly House in Kelly village, which overlooks Bodmin Moor in Cornwall. The family have been on the site for nearly 1000 years, but their home is crumbling. Ruth Watson tries to get them some Kelly-filler and a bit of Kelly-finance. 9.00 Lost Abroad: The Parents’ Story Doc revealing the stories of two families whose children died abroad, and their quest to uncover the truth behind their deaths. Bill Hawker’s daughter Lindsay was found murdered in Tokyo. Erica Duggan’s son was killed by cars as he ran into the road in Germany. 10.30 Alan Carr: Chatty Man See highlights. 11.20 Hung US drama series about a cash-strapped teacher who turns to male prostitution. Ray asks Lenore to help with the business, inadvertently upsetting Tanya. 11.55 360 Sessions 12.30am 4 Music: 4Play: Faithless 12.45 Chris Moyles’ Quiz Night 1.30 I’m Running Sainsbury’s 2.25 FILM: Friday Night In (2003) 2.35 Ask The Chancellors 3.30 Unreported World 3.55 The War At Home 4.20 Year Dot 4.50 Lifeproof TV 5.20 Countdown


Sky Sports 1

6.00 – 8.40am Children’s television 8.40 Igam Ogam 8.50 Castle Farm 8.55 The WotWots 9.10 Hana’s Helpline 9.20 Olivia 9.35 The Mr. Men Show 9.45 Build A New Life In The Country 10.45 The Hotel Inspector 11.45 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 12.40pm Five News 12.45 CSI: NY 1.45 Neighbours 2.15 Home And Away 2.50 The Family Recipe 2.55 I Own Britain’s Best Home: Flying Visit 3.10 FILM: Murder 101: Locked Room Mystery (2008) 5.00 Five News With Natasha Kaplinsky 5.30 Neighbours 6.00 Home And Away Annie is left devastated when Romeo’s nerves get the better of him and he quits the play. Still troubled by the secret he is keeping from Leah, Elijah considers leaving Summer Bay for good. An increasingly paranoid Angelo befriends Michael and tries to pump him for information about Charlie. 6.25 Live From Studio Five Magazine show hosted by Ian Wright and Kate Walsh. The programme features a look at the day’s news alongside location reports, celebrity interviews and gossip. 7.30 Europa League Football Live Europa League football action. 10.15 FILM: The Order (2001) Starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Charlton Heston, Sofia Milos and Ben Cross. High-kicking adventure in which a playboy finds himself in a dangerous world of martial arts and ancient evil when he travels to Jerusalem to investigate the disappearance of his archaeologist father. In order to complete the rescue, he must find an ancient scroll that contains secret information. How old do you have to be to stop being a ‘playboy’? When do ‘playmen’ get into their stride? 11.55 FlashForward Sci-fi drama. Another chance to catch up. 12.55am SuperCasino 4.05 Wildlife SOS (x2) 4.55 County Secrets 5.10 Neighbours 5.35 Home And Away

6.00am Good Morning Sports Fans 9.00 Haye v Ruiz Countdown 9.30 Boots ‘n’ All 10.30 Haye v Ruiz Countdown 11.00 European Tour Weekly 12.00pm Haye v Ruiz Countdown 12.30 Boots ‘n’ All 1.30 Net Crackers 2.00 Haye v Ruiz Countdown 2.30 FIFA Futbol Mundial 3.00 Trans World Sport 4.00 Boots ‘n’ All 5.00 Premier League World 5.30 Haye v Ruiz Countdown 6.00 LIVE: Championship Rugby League 7.55 LIVE Super League 10.00 Haye v Ruiz Countdown 10.30 Football League Weekend 11.30 Barclays Premier League World 12.00am Haye v Ruiz Countdown 12.30 Darts 4.00 Haye v Ruiz Countdown 4.30 The Rugby Club 5.30 Haye v Ruiz Countdown

Sky Sports 2 6.00am Aerobics 6.30 Snow Ride 7.00 WWE 8.00 Trans World Sport 9.00 Sorsa Project Snowboarding 9.30 Inside The PGA Tour 10.00 Champions Tour Golf 11.00 Snow Ride 11.30 Snowboarding 12.00pm Modern Pentathlon 1.00 Champions Tour Golf 2.00 Total Rugby 2.30 Modern Pentathlon 3.30 Champions Tour Golf 4.30 Race World 5.30 The Rugby Club 6.30 Haye v Ruiz Countdown 7.00 LIVE Darts: Premier League 10.30 Haye v Ruiz Countdown 11.00 WWE Raw 1.00am Barclays Premier League World 1.30 Haye v Ruiz Countdown 2.00 Championship Rugby League 3.55 Super League

Sky Sports 3 10.00am Modern Pentathlon 11.00 Aerobics 11.30 Racing News 12.00pm Watersports World 1.00 Trans World Sport 2.00 Snow Ride 2.30 Watersports World 3.30 World Cup Of Pool 4.30 WWE: Vintage Collection 5.30 FEI Equestrian World 6.00 Netball Superleague 8.00 Football League Weekend 9.00 LIVE PGA Tour Golf 12.00am LPGA Tour Golf 2.00 Football League Weekend 3.00 Barclays Premier League World Victoria Nangle

kextraterrestrial Sky1








2.00pm A Town Called Eureka (x2) 4.00 Brainiac: Science Abuse 5.00 Malcolm In The Middle 5.30 Futurama 6.00 Oops TV 7.00 The Simpsons (x2) 8.00 Pineapple Dance Studios 9.00 A League Of Their Own 9.30 Glenn Martin, DDS 10.00 Bones 11.00 NCIS: LA 12.00am A League Of Their Own 12.30 Oops TV

7.00pm Don’t Tell The Bride 8.00 Snog Marry Avoid? (x2) 9.00 Lindsay Lohan’s Indian Journey. See highlights. 10.00 EastEnders 11.00 Russell Howard’s Good News 11.30 Family Guy (x2) 12.15am Lindsay Lohan’s Indian Journey 1.15 Don’t Tell The Bride 2.15 Russell Howard’s Good News

7.00pm World News Today 7.30 Only Connect 8.00 Astaire And Rogers Sing George And Ira Gershwin 8.10 FILM: An American In Paris (1951) 10.00 Wallander 11.30 Canoe Man 12.30am In Search Of The Perfect Loaf 1.30 Bread: A Loaf Affair 2.30 FILM: In Memory Of Me (2007) 5.30 Close

1.30pm The Jeremy Kyle Show (x2) 3.40 Loose Women 4.40 The Ricki Lake Show 5.30 Judge Judy (x3) 7.00 Planet’s Funniest Animals 7.30 Harry Hill’s The Best Of TV Burp 8.00 American Idol: Results 9.00 What Katie Did Next 10.00 Celebrity Juice 10.45 FILM: Sliding Doors (1998) 12.50am Coronation Street

12.50pm Heartbeat 1.50 Born And Bred 2.55 Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman 3.55 Dickinson’s Real Deal 5.00 Trails 5.10 On The Buses 5.40 Heartbeat 6.45 Born And Bred 7.55 The Darling Buds Of May 9.00 Wycliffe 10.00 Numb3rs (x2) 12.00am Sherlock Holmes: Sign Of Four 1.55 Upstairs, Downstairs

3.05pm Gilmore Girls 4.00 Veronica Mars 5.00 Friends (x2) 6.00 Scrubs (x2) 7.00 Hollyoaks 7.30 How I Met Your Mother 8.00 Friends (x2) 9.00 The Big Bang Theory 9.30 How I Met Your Mother 10.00 The Inbetweeners 10.30 Glee 11.30 Rude Tube 12.00am How I Met Your Mother 12.30 Scrubs (x2)

2.50pm Coach Trip 3.20 A Place In The Sun: Home Or Away 4.25 How Clean Is Your House? (x2) 5.30 Relocation, Relocation 6.35 Deal Or No Deal 7.25 Grand Designs 8.30 The Daily Show 9.00 The Good Wife 10.00 Brothers And Sisters 11.00 The Closer 12.00am The Good Wife 12.55 Brothers And Sisters

12.00pm 60 Minute Makeover 1.00 Canada’s Next Top Model 2.00 Passport Patrol (x2) 3.00 Ghost Whisperer 4.00 Charmed (x2) 6.00 America’s Next Top Model 7.00 Ghost Whisperer 8.00 Drop Dead Diva 9.00 Grey’s Anatomy 10.00 Criminal Minds (x2) 12.00am CSI 1.00 Canada’s Next Top Model


Comedy Central


Sci Fi

Sky Movies

Sky Movies



1.00pm Mars: The Quest For Life 2.00 Weaponology 3.00 World War II 4.00 Time Team 5.00 Extreme Engineering 6.00 Deadliest Catch 7.00 Mythbusters 8.00 How Do They Do It? 8.30 How It’s Made 9.00 Extreme Loggers 10.00 Swords: Life On The Line 11.00 Bear Grylls 12.00am The FBI Files (x2)

1.00pm 3rd Rock From The Sun 1.30 FILM: City On Fire (2008) 3.10 FILM: Nature Of The Beast (2005) 5.00 Buffy The Vampire Slayer (x3) 8.00 Legend Of The Seeker 9.00 Sanctuary 10.00 FILM: The Foreigner (2003) 11.50 FILM: Dangerous Waters: Shark Attack (2005) 1.30am Buffy The Vampire Slayer

8.30am Giant (1956) 11.45 Bedazzled (1967) 1.30pm Robinson Crusoe On Mars (1964) 3.20 Les Miserables (1935) 5.10 Our Man Flint (1966) 7.00 The Searchers (1956) 9.00 Bedazzled (1967) 10.50 Robinson Crusoe On Mars (1964) 12.50am Compulsion (1959) 2.45 Les Miserables (1935)

8.00am Angel (2007) 10.05 Bart Got A Room (2008) 11.35 Doubt (2008) 1.35pm Control (2007) 3.40 Priceless (2006) 5.40 Julia (2008) 8.05 Psycho (1998) 10.00 Doubt (2008) 11.50 Bart Got A Room (2008) 1.15am The Air I Breathe (2007) 3.00 Julia (2008)

11.00am Tales From Earthsea (2007) 1.15pm Arthur’s Hallowed Ground (1983) 2.45 The Ten Commandments (1956) 7.00 Matthew Vaughn On Kick-Ass 7.05 Taxi (2004) 9.00 This Is England (2006) 11.00 Life Is Sweet (1990) 1.05am Black And White (2000) 3.05 Matthew Vaughn On Kick-Ass

10.00am The Brink’s Job (1978) 12.15pm The Screening Room 1.00 The Best Man (1964) 3.00 How To Murder Your Wife (1965) 5.25 Arizona Whirlwind (1944) 7.00 The Defiant Ones (1958) 9.00 Band Of Brothers (x2) 11.20 What’s New, Pussycat? (1965) 1.25am Band Of Brothers (x2)

2.20pm Dinnerladies 3.00 Waiting For God 3.40 My Family 4.20 As Time Goes By 5.00 Heroes Of Comedy: Les Dawson 6.00 Last Of The Summer Wine (x2) 7.20 Porridge 8.00 One Foot In The Grave 8.40 Dinnerladies 9.20 Gavin And Stacey 10.00 Victoria Wood Live 12.00am French And Saunders

4.00pm Scrubs (x2) 5.00 Everybody Loves Raymond (x2) 6.00 Two And A Half Men (x2) 7.00 The King Of Queens (x2) 8.00 Scrubs (x2) 9.00 Two And A Half Men (x2) 10.00 FILM: Scary Movie 3 (2003) 11.35 Sex And The City (x2) 12.45am Two And A Half Men (x2) 1.45 South Park (x2)



S A 6. Sp pr pa w Sp re lo an 8. Sp pr pa w Co Ha ta Ar de He Ed St an 10 ah Jo Sa Ha W Eu Ire to pr Eu Co Ha ta Ar de He Ed St an 1. in sk lo Jo Sa Ha W

032_LS468_TV_fri_L7fri02apr.qxd 25/03/2010 12:53 Page 1

friday 02 Ashes To Ashes BBC1, 9pm It’s a new series and DI Alex Drake wakes up out of her coma! Woo hoo! In 1983. What?! Yup, it seems that when Gene Hunt shot her it just put her in a coma in the ‘80s and left him in the very brown stuff. Luckily she’s woken up though, and is back at work before too long on the case of a kidnapped girl.

Film: Flash Gordon ITV1, 1.30am The 1980 camp Queen-fest gets a late airing, but it’s Easter weekend so staying up late shouldn’t prove too disruptive. Former marine and Playgirl centrefold Sam J Jones stars as the prospective saviour of the Earth, Flash, having adventures with Brian Blessed’s birdman and Timothy Dalton’s prince. Such fun.

Frank Sinatra: Arena BBC4, 10pm The true lowdown on ol’ blue eyes from Arena. Interviews with friends, family and associates chart his rise to the top in both his musical and film career, his difficulties there, alleged relationship with the Mob, and of course his four marriages and friendship with the Kennedys. Not much of the quiet life here.


¸ terrestrial BBC1

6.00am Breakfast 9.00 The Day Jesus Died 10.00 Homes Under The Hammer 11.00 To Buy Or Not To Buy 11.45 Cash In The Attic 12.15pm Bargain Hunt 1.00 BBC News At One 1.15 South East Today 1.25 FILM: Camp Rock (2008) 2.55 FILM: The Sound Of Music (1965) 5.45 The Weakest Link

6.30 BBC News At Six 6.45 South East Today 7.00 The One Show 7.30 MasterChef There are four semi-finalists remaining, and they face just one daunting challenge to serve their best two courses to three of the country’s most renowned, and toughest, food critics. Gulp. 8.00 EastEnders Will Janine be able to admit her true feelings before it is too late? Probably not. Just look at her track record. 8.30 QI Comedy quiz. 9.00 Ashes To Ashes See highlights. 10.00 BBC News At Ten 10.10 South East Today 10.20 Friday Night With Jonathan Ross Jonathan Ross is joined by US comedienne, creator and writer of 30 Rock, Tina Fey; multi Michelin-starred foodie, Heston Blumenthal; Britain’s newest big-screen star, Nowhere Boy’s Aaron Johnson; and music from Groove Armada featuring Will Young. 11.20 National Lottery EuroMillions Draw Dosh. 11.30 FILM: Crocodile Dundee In Los Angeles (2001) Starring Paul Hogan, Linda Kozlowski. More crosscultural adventures. 12.55am Weatherview 1.00 Sign Zone: MasterChef 1.30 Lark Rise To Candleford 2.30 Tropic Of Cancer 3.30 Michael Portillo: Power To The People 4.30 BBC News


6.00am Brum 6.10 Pablo, The Little Red Fox 6.15 Pingu 6.20 Zigby 6.30 Wibbly Pig 6.40 Pinky Dinky Doo 7.00 Green Balloon Scrapbook 7.25 Finley The Fire Engine 7.35 Kerwhizz 8.00 Pinky And Perky 8.15 ChuckleVision 8.30 Copycats 9.00 Planet Ajay 9.30 The Slammer 10.00 Sorry, I’ve Got No Head 10.30 Prank Patrol 11.00 FILM: Jump In! (2007) 12.20pm FILM: Four For Texas (1963) 2.15 Animal Park 3.00 Diagnosis Murder 3.45 Flog It! 4.30 Pointless 5.15 Escape To The Country 6.00 Eggheads Dermot Murnaghan hosts the quiz show. 6.30 Antiques Road Trip Experts James Braxton and Mark Stacey are on the final leg of their journey. They set off from Abingdon in search of antique treasures. 7.00 Simon King’s Shetland Diaries Simon is enjoying the islands at their best, with 19 hours of glorious sunlight, the remarkable ‘Simmer Dim’, the Shetland word for the midnight gloaming, and a plethora of wildlife. 8.00 Mastermind The specialist subjects are the films of Billy Wilder, the Nuremberg trials, Charles II and the fictional works of CS Lewis. 8.30 Gardeners’ World Gardening magazine. 9.30 Indian Hill Railways Series looking at the little trains that have climbed through the Indian clouds for a hundred years. The Nilgiri Mountain Railway is a romantic line, popular with honeymooners. 10.30 FILM: Papillon (1973) Starring Steve McQueen, Dustin Hoffman. Drama about a petty crook, wrongly convicted of murder, who becomes obsessed with escaping from prison. His repeated attempts at breaking out land him in solitary confinement. Sound familiar Stevo? 12.55am Heroes 1.35 FILM: The Quatermass Experiment (1955) 3.00 BBC News


6.00am GMTV 9.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 10.30 60 Minute Makeover 11.30 Daily Cooks Challenge 12.30pm Loose Women 1.30 ITV News & Weather 2.00 Dickinson’s Real Deal 2.55 A Touch Of Frost 5.00 The Alan Titchmarsh Show

6.00 Meridian Tonight 6.15 ITV News; Weather 6.30 You’ve Been Framed! More home video howlers from Harry Hill. 7.00 Emmerdale Laurel finds herself alone with Sally. Perfect opportunity for revenge. Mwah ha ha. 7.30 Coronation Street An upset Jason’s drinking results in a serious accident. But the actor would never do that in real life. No, no no. 8.00 Countrywise Paul Heiney and Rachel de Thame continue their summer journey across Britain. Wish we could have a summer in Britain. 8.30 Coronation Street Audrey and Rita vie for Lewis’s attention. 9.00 The Door Chris Tarrant and Amanda Holden host a two-part gameshow in which celebrities face a series of tough challenges in a bid to win £25,000 for charity. Taking part are Boyzone’s Keith Duffy, Frankie Sandford from pop group The Saturdays, EastEnder Dean Gaffney, Corrie’s Jennie McAlpine, presenter Michael Underwood and The Bill’s Louisa Lytton. Loads! 10.00 ITV News At Ten; Weather 10.15 FILM: King Kong (2005) Starring Naomi Watts, Adrien Brody, Jack Black, Colin Hanks. Oscarwinning remake of the classic Depression-era monster movie. 1.30am FILM: Flash Gordon (1980) See highlights. 3.20 ITV Nightscreen 5.30 ITV Morning News

Channel 4

6.05am Sali Mali 6.10 The Hoobs 6.35 The Hoobs 7.00 Freshly Squeezed 7.25 Everybody Loves Raymond 7.55 Everybody Loves Raymond 8.20 Frasier 8.50 Coach Trip 9.20 T4 On The Beach 2009 1.00pm FILM: The Robe (1953) 3.25 Countdown 4.10 Deal Or No Deal: Easter Madness 5.00 Coach Trip 5.30 The Simpsons

6.00 The Simpsons 6.30 Hollyoaks Jake hunts for Caroline after escaping from her prison. With a permit, obviously. 7.00 Channel 4 News 7.30 Unreported World As the world’s attention focuses on recent sectarian violence in Nigeria, the series reports on the events leading up to the latest round of bloodletting. 8.00 A Place In The Sun: Home Or Away Jo and Adrian want to find the right property in which to invest their inheritance. Will they decide to buy on England’s south coast, or in the French Pyrenees? 9.00 Embarrassing Bodies In Middlesbrough, the doctors help out with a few squirmy issues. 10.00 Chris Moyles’ Quiz Night Comedy celebrity quiz with guests Rob Brydon, Dominic Cooper and Katie Price. 10.50 FILM: Guess Who (2005) Starring Bernie Mac, Ashton Kutcher, Zoe Saldana. Romantic comedy. Racial inversion of the 1967 film Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner. 12.50am 4 Music: Barclaycard Mercury Prize Sessions 1.10 360 Sessions 1.35 Rockfeedback 1.50 I’m Running Sainsbury’s 2.50 Soft 3.05 3 Minute Wonder 3.10 FILM: Hallo Panda (2006) 3.40 Loves Me, Loves Me Not 3.50 The War At Home 4.15 St Elsewhere 5.00 Countdown 5.45 Yo Gabba Gabba


Sky Sports 1

6.00 – 8.05am Chidlren’s television 8.05 Fifi And The Flowertots 8.25 Peppa Pig 8.35 Thomas & Friends 8.50 Igam Ogam 9.00 Castle Farm 9.05 The WotWots 9.20 Bert And Ernie’s Great Adventures 9.30 FILM: The New Adventures Of Pippi Longstocking (1988) 11.25 Zoo Days 11.35 CSI: NY 12.30pm Five News 12.35 CSI: NY 1.30 Neighbours 2.00 Home And Away 2.35 FILM: Objective, Burma! (1945) 5.15 Five News 5.30 Neighbours 6.00 Home And Away Marilyn’s healthy eating crusade pushes Miles over the edge, and he orders her out of the house. No salad here! 6.30 Michaela’s Zoo Babies Wildlife series presented by Michaela Strachan profiling breeding programmes in zoos across the UK. 7.00 Cowboy Builders Melinda Messenger and Dominic Littlewood come to the rescue of homeowners who have been let down by shoddy builders. Melinda and Dom help a single mother of three patch up her cracked house. 8.00 Highland Emergency Documentary following the work of the emergency services in the Scottish Highlands. 9.00 The Mentalist Crime drama series. Bosco and Lisbon reluctantly join forces to deal with a kidnapping case. When it seems as though the hostage has no chance of survival, Jane comes up with an unorthodox plan to save her life. 10.00 Law And Order: Criminal Intent Crime drama series. Detectives probe the death of a man who washed ashore after falling off a cruise ship. 11.00 NCIS Repeat of Wednesday’s episode. 12.00am SuperCasino 4.05 Motorsport Mundial 4.30 Great Scientists 4.55 County Secrets 5.10 Neighbours 5.35 Home And Away

6.00am Good Morning Sports Fans 7.00 Good Morning Sports Fans 8.00 Good Morning Sports Fans 9.00 Football League Weekend 10.00 Haye v Ruiz Countdown 10.30 Where Are They Now? 11.30 Net Crackers 12.00pm Haye v Ruiz Countdown 12.30 LIVE Super League 2.45 LIVE Super League 5.00 LIVE Football League: Championship 7.30 LIVE Football League 10.00 Ford Football Special 11.00 Haye v Ruiz Countdown 11.30 Barclays Premier League Preview 12.00am Haye v Ruiz Countdown 12.30 Football League 2.00 Haye v Ruiz Countdown 2.30 Barclays Premier League Preview 3.00 Ford Football Special 4.00 Football League 5.30 Haye v Ruiz Countdown

Sky Sports 2 6.00am Aerobics: Oz Style 6.30 Snow Ride 7.00 WWE: Raw 9.00 Darts: Premier League 12.30pm Football League Weekend 1.30 FEI Equestrian World 2.00 Trans World Sport 3.00 Haye v Ruiz Countdown 3.30 Football League Weekend 4.30 Super 14 Rugby Union 6.30 Haye v Ruiz Countdown 7.00 Barclays Premier League Preview 7.30 LIVE Premiership Rugby Union 10.00 WWE: Late Night Smackdown 12.00am LIVE Tennis: ATP Masters 2.00 Elite League Ice Hockey 4.00 World Sport 4.30 NFL: Total Access 5.30 Barclays Premier League Preview

Sky Sports 3 7.00am The Premier League Years 9.00 Netball Superleague 11.00 Live Super 14 Rugby Union 1.00pm Netball Superleague 3.00 WWE: Raw 5.00 Tennis: ATP Masters 6.00 LIVE Tennis: ATP Masters 8.00 World Sport 8.30 Haye V Ruiz Countdown 9.00 LIVE PGA Tour Golf 12.00am LPGA Tour Golf 2.00 NFL: Total Access 3.00 Snow Ride 3.30 IEX Magazine 4.00 Super League

Victoria Nangle

kextraterrestrial Sky1








2.00pm A Town Called Eureka (x2) 4.00 Brainiac 5.00 WWE 6.00 Liza And Huey’s Pet Nation 7.00 The Simpsons (x2) 8.00 A League Of Their Own 8.30 Glenn Martin, DDS 9.00 Lost 10.00 Pineapple Dance Studios 11.00 A League Of Their Own 11.30 Glenn Martin, DDS 12.00am A League Of Their Own

7.00pm Doctor Who 8.05 Doctor Who 9.15 Doctor Who Confidential: Allonsy! 10.00 EastEnders 10.30 FILM: Shark Tale (2004) 11.50 Family Guy (x2) 12.35am Russell Howard’s Good News 1.05 Undercover Princesses 2.05 The World’s Toughest Driving Tests 3.05 The Gemma Factor

7.00pm Sacred Music 8.00 Walk On By 8.50 Astaire And Rogers Sing George And Ira Gershwin 9.00 ... Sings The Great American Songbook 10.00 Frank Sinatra: Arena. See highlights. 11.35 Judy, Frank And Dean 12.25am Walk On By 1.15 ... Sings The Great American Songbook

12.00pm Coronation Street 12.30 Emmerdale (x2) The Jeremy Kyle Show (x2) 3.40 Loose Women 4.40 Judge Judy (x2) 5.40 Dancing On Ice Final 8.00 The Vampire Diaries 9.00 FILM: Sliding Doors (1998) 11.05 Coronation Street (x2) 12.05am What Katie Did Next 1.10 Celebrity Juice 1.50 Emmerdale

7.35am FILM: The Nun’s Story (1959) 10.35 Agatha Christie’s Poirot 11.40 Heartbeat 12.50pm FILM: The BFG (1989) 2.45 FILM: Smokey And The Bandit (1977) 4.30 Heartbeat 5.40 Agatha Christie’s Poirot (x2) 8.00 Lewis 10.00 A Touch Of Frost 12.00am Poirot 1.15 FILM: Jesus Christ Superstar (1973) 2.55 Cane

12.10pm Wildfire 1.05 Scrubs (x2) 2.05 Friends 2.35 Hollyoaks 3.05 Gilmore Girls 4.00 Veronica Mars 5.00 Friends (x2) 6.00 Scrubs (x2) 7.00 Hollyoaks 7.30 How I Met Your Mother 8.00 Friends (x2) 9.00 Rude Tube 10.00 Wife Swap (x2) 12.10am How I Met Your Mother 12.40 Scrubs (x2) 1.35 Rude Tube

3.15pm FILM: Carry On Doctor (1967) 5.05 Heroes Of Comedy 6.10 FILM: Carry On Abroad (1972) 8.00 Heroes Of Comedy 9.00 Celebrity Come Dine With Me 10.05 Bill Bailey: Tinselworm 11.10 The Daily Show 11.40 Deal Or No Deal: Easter Madness 12.30am Celebrity Come Dine With Me

1.00pm Canada’s Next Top Model 2.00 Passport Patrol (x2) 3.00 Ghost Whisperer 4.00 Charmed (x2) 6.00 America’s Next Top Model 7.00 Ghost Whisperer 8.00 Medium 9.00 Criminal Minds 10.00 CSI: Miami 11.00 Criminal Minds 12.00am CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 1.00 Canada’s Next Top Model


Comedy Central


Sci Fi

Sky Movies

Sky Movies



10.00am Christianity: A History (x8) 6.00pm Deadliest Catch 7.00 Mythbusters 8.00 How Do They Do It? 8.30 How It’s Made 9.00 The Bible: A History 10.00 Violent Nation (x2) 12.00am The FBI Files (x2) 2.00 Forensic Detectives (x2) 3.50 Massive Speed (x2) 4.40 Mythbusters

11.00am 3rd Rock From The Sun 11.30 Buffy The Vampire Slayer (x3) 2.50pm FILM: The Dead Will Tell (2004) 4.30 FILM: Meteor Storm (2010) 6.20 FILM: Disaster Zone: Volcano In New York (2006) 8.10 FILM: Quantum Apocalypse (2010) 10.00 FILM: Paycheck (2003) 12.20am FILM: The Foreigner (2003)

6.40am Spartacus (1960) 9.50 Roman Holiday (1953) 11.50 Detective Story (1951) 1.50pm The 300 Spartans (1962) 3.50 Anastasia (1956) 5.50 Spartacus (1960) 9.00 The 300 Spartans (1962) 11.00 The Oblong Box (1969) 12.45am Roman Holiday (1953) 2.55 Detective Story (1951)

9.40am Monty Python’s The Meaning Of Life (1983) 11.30 Margot At The Wedding (2007) 1.15pm Chaplin (1992) 3.45 Paris, Je T’Aime (2006) 5.50 Kenny (2006) 7.50 No Country For Old Men (2007) 10.00 Almost Famous (2000) 12.45am Inserts (1975) 2.45 Joan Of Arc (1999)

11.00am Destination Moon (1950) 12.50pm The Love Bug (1968) 3.00 Bad Day At Black Rock (1955) 4.40 Robots (2005) 6.25 The Parent Trap (1998) 8.50 Matthew Vaughn On KickAss 9.00 Stardust (2007) 11.25 Creep (2004) 1.05am American Splendor (2003) 3.05 Matthew Vaughn On Kick-Ass

7.10am How To Murder Your Wife (1965) 9.30 Arizona Whirlwind (1944) 10.55 The Defiant Ones (1958) 1.00pm Canadian Bacon (1995) 3.00 Support Your Local Gunfighter (1971) 4.55 The Aviator (1985) 6.55 Miracles (1985) 9.00 Band Of Brothers (x2) 11.20 Army Of Darkness (1993) 1.15am Band Of Brothers (x2)

9.10am The Vicar Of Dibley (x6) 1.10pm FILM: Dad’s Army (1971) 3.00 The Vicar Of Dibley (x7) 8.00 FILM: Look Who’s Talking (1989) 9.50 Only Fools And Horses 11.30 Only Fools And Horses 12.35am Ruddy Hell! It’s Harry And Paul 1.15 Men Behaving Badly 2.15 Ruddy Hell! It’s Harry And Paul 2.50 Close Up

9.00am Two And A Half Men (x20) 7.00pm FILM: Teen Wolf (1985) 9.00 Chris Rock: Never Scared 10.30 South Park (x2) 11.30 Dirty, Sexy, Funny: Olivia Lee 12.00am Grouchy Young Men 12.30 Jack Dee Live At The Apollo 2.10 South Park (x2) 3.10 Two And A Half Men (x2)



S A 6. Sp pr pa w Sp re lo an 8. Sp pr pa w Le an Ch Tw lo Jo Sa Ha W W w pl Le 11 in sk Co Ha ta Ar de He Le Cr en fin m Liv He Re th be Le 5. Ch Ch Br

033_LS468_TV_Sat_Latest7Sat3April.qxd 26/03/2010 11:40 Page 1

saturday 3 Doctor Who BBC1, 6.20pm Regeneration can be a messy process. We all remember trying to move the last Doctor about in Rose’s mum’s small flat, avoiding Christmas trees from Hell. It’s hardly like we expect it to be a quiet affair, moving over peacefully in a comfy bed... but saving the whole world immediately? No pressure then.

Blitz: London’s Firestorm Channel 4, 7pm A feature-length documentary remembering the evening of 29 December, 1940, when Hitler hoped to destroy London and break the British people with tens of thousands of incendiary bombs. Taken from eyewitness accounts and reconstructed using CGI, this reminds us of the horrors of war at home.

Film: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Sky Movies Classics, 10.10pm Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe are ‘two little girls from Little Rock’, in this comedy musical of a couple of show girls cruising across the Atlantic in search of a little romance, with perhaps a fortune attached. Apparently, diamonds are a girl’s best friend...


¸ terrestrial BBC1

6.00am Breakfast 8.00 Formula 1: The Malaysian Grand Prix 10.30 Saturday Kitchen Live 12.00pm BBC News 12.10 South East Today 12.15 Football Focus 1.00 Figure Skating: World Championships Highlights 2.10 The Masters: The Green Jacket, Made To Measure 3.10 The Boat Race 5.10 BBC News 5.15 South East Today 5.20 All New Total Wipeout


6.00 – 9.00am Children’s television 9.00 Basil & Barney’s Swap Shop 10.00 Horrible Histories 10.30 The Sarah Jane Adventures 11.00 The Slammer 11.30 Animals At Work 12.00pm Degrassi: The Next Generation 12.25 Single, Together, Whatever 12.50 The 5.19 Show 1.05 The Cut 1.30 The Cut 2.00 FILM: Howl’s Moving Castle (2004) 4.00 Antiques Road Trip 4.30 Final Score 5.10 When Harry Met Ali: A Tribute To Harry Carpenter 5.40 Easter From Kings


Channel 4


6.00 – 8.30am Children’s television 8.30 The Milky And Shake Show 8.35 The Adventures Of Bottle Top Bill And His Best Friend Corky 8.50 Igam Ogam 9.00 Olivia 9.15 The Mr. Men Show 9.35 Gerald McBoing Boing 10.00 Europa League Football Highlights 11.05 The Gadget Show 12.05pm Chinese Food In Minutes 12.35 The Business Inspector 1.35 Zoo Days 2.05 The Gadget Show 2.15 FILM: Aftershock: Earthquake In New York (1999) 5.20 Five News 5.25 FILM: Jesse Stone: Night Passage (2006)

6.00am FIFA Futbol Mundial 6.30 Ford Football Special 7.30 UEFA Champions League Weekly 8.00 Barclays Premier League Preview 8.30 Haye V Ruiz Countdown 9.00 Soccer AM 12.00pm LIVE Ford Football Special 3.00 Gillette Soccer Saturday 5.15 LIVE Football League: Championship 7.55 Haye V Ruiz Countdown 8.25 Football First: Game Of The Day 10.15 Football First: Match Choice (x4) 4.15 Spanish Football 5.45 Sky Sports Classics

6.20 Doctor Who See highlights. 7.25 Over The Rainbow Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber’s search for the girl to play Dorothy in the West End continues. The competition steps up a gear – it’s the first live knockout show of the series. Host Graham Norton transports us to the fantasy world of Oz where anything can happen. The final 10 girls chosen by Andrew and the panel go head to head as they sing for the public’s votes. And they’re joined by the 11th wildcard Dorothy as chosen by the viewers. 8.40 The National Lottery: Who Dares Wins Winning money on a Bank Holiday. Dreams come true. 9.30 Casualty May’s guilt starts to get on top of her. Ruth and Jay prepare for the Inquest Review, while Dixie tries to make amends with her father. Take him to karaoke – ‘Papa Don’t Preach’ or ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’? 10.20 BBC News 10.30 Match Of The Day Gary Lineker introduces highlights from the day’s matches in the Barclays Premier League. With a highlighter pen. Not really, but wouldn’t that be ace? 11.55 The Football League Show Highlights from the day’s Football League games. 1.15am Friday Night With Jonathan Ross 2.15 Weatherview 2.20 BBC News

6.40 Private Life Of An Easter Masterpiece The stories behind iconic pieces of art. 7.30 The Great Offices Of State Michael Cockerell uncovers the secret world of the Treasury, the oldest and most secretive of the three great offices. Anywhere with that much money generally keeps the details to itself. (Cough.) Masons! Joke. 8.30 Dad’s Army Classic wartime sitcom. Mainwaring plots to get Frazer’s hoard of gold sovereigns into his bank. 9.00 Have I Got A Bit More News For You Extended version of the classic news quiz with Paul Merton and Ian Hislop. 9.40 Heroes A restored Sylar seeks out the carnival to obtain a new batch of powers, but discovers a new weakness. Meanwhile, Claire and Peter try to resolve their emotions at Nathan’s wake, and Noah and Lauren capture Edgar and try to determine what he knows. 10.20 FILM: Pearl Harbor (2001) Starring Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett, Kate Beckinsale, Jon Voight, Alec Baldwin. Romantic drama set during WWII about an American pilot, Rafe (Ben Affleck), who travels to Britain to fight in the war in Europe but goes missing in action. Girlfreind and best mate then ‘console’ each other. Hmm. 1.10am FILM: Girl From Rio (2003)

7.00 New You’ve Been Framed! Harry Hill offers up more hilarious footage filmed by viewers on their camcorders and mobile phones. 7.30 Harry Hill’s The Best Of TV Burp Harry Hill serves up another special episode celebrating the best bits from the series. 8.00 Ant & Dec’s Push The Button Two more unsuspecting families get the surprise of their lives when Ant and Dec appear unexpectedly to invite them to ‘push the button’. For the final time this series they must go head to head over four daft games, battling it out for the right to play for a big money jackpot. Sounds awfully like a parody of the future from the ’80s. Ho hum. 9.00 The Door Chris Tarrant and Amanda Holden host the second and final part of the terrifying new gameshow. 10.00 Piers Morgan’s Life Stories: Geri Halliwell In her most revealing interview yet, pop star Geri Halliwell talks to Piers Morgan. 11.00 ITV News & Weather 11.12 ITV Weather (2010, We Late) 11.14 Regional Weather 11.15 Comedy Rocks With Jason Manford Another chance to catch this one-off from last week. 12.15am Nightwatch With Steve Scott: Crime 1.08 ITV News 1.10 FILM: Fiddler On The Roof (1971) 4.10 ITV Nightscreen 5.30 News

6.15 Come Dine With Me Dinner party reality competition. Paul’s boasted about his cooking skills and now has the chance to prove himself. 6.45 Channel 4 News 7.00 Blitz: London’s Firestorm See highlights. 9.05 FILM: The Italian Job (2003) Starring Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron, Donald Sutherland, Jason Statham, Seth Green, Edward Norton and Mos Def. Crime caper about a gang of robbers who are doublecrossed after an elaborate gold heist in Venice and, in an attempt to retrieve the loot, must cause LA’s biggest-ever traffic jam, allowing them to make a clean getaway in their Mini Coopers. Remake of the 1969 classic. No Noel Coward though. Pah! 11.15 FILM: Pan’s Labyrinth (2006) Starring Sergi Lopez, Maribel Verdu, Ivana Baquero, Doug Jones and Alex Angulo. Dark fantasy thriller set in Spain in 1944. A young girl and her pregnant mother travel to meet her step-father, a sadistic fascist officer who is battling Republican guerrillas in the mountains of northern Spain. She escapes the violence of the real world by descending on a quest into a mythic labyrinth. 1.25am FILM: One Hour Photo (2002) 3.00 Six Shooter 3.30 St Elsewhere 4.15 Scrapheap Challenge 5.10 Supporting Acts 5.25 Countdown

7.05 NCIS Drama series. Gibbs is forced to come out of retirement to help Fornell and his daughter Emily, who are being threatened by a convict who escaped from prison. 8.00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation US drama series about a team of forensic investigators in Las Vegas. Grissom and Catherine investigate the death of a comedian who collapses on stage in the middle of his act. Died good and proper. 9.00 CSI: NY New York-based spinoff of the crime drama series. The team investigates the death of a female football star who is found dead in a locker room. 10.00 Law & Order American drama series about cops and lawyers. A young mother is murdered and her five-day-old son goes missing. The trail leads to a traumatised woman who stole the baby and pretended it was her own. But did she also kill the child’s mother? 10.55 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation US drama. The team investigates the murder of two gigolos, both killed by an insulin injection. Meanwhile, Sara investigates the death of Catherine’s ex-husband. 12.15am SuperCasino 4.05 HouseBusters (x2) 5.00 Hana’s Helpline 5.10 The Milkshake! Show 5.35 Thomas & Friends 5.45 Roary The Racing Car

6.00am Aerobics: Oz Style 6.30 Premiership Rugby Union 7.30 LIVE Super 14 Rugby (x2) 11.30 Haye V Ruiz Countdown 12.00pm Super League 2.00 Haye V Ruiz Countdown 2.30 Tennis: ATP Masters 4.30 Haye V Ruiz Countdown 5.00 NFL - Total Access 6.00 LIVE PGA Tour Golf 10.00 World Sport 10.30 Wild Spirits 11.00 Premiership Rugby Union 12.00am Live LPGA Golf 2.00 The Super 14 Show 4.00 Premiership Rugby Union 5.00 World Sport 5.30 UEFA Champions League Weekly

6.00am GMTV 9.25 Horrid Henry 9.40 Emu 9.55 Tricky Quickies 10.00 The Crocodile Hunter Diaries 10.30 The Lakes 11.00 TBA 12.00pm ITV News & Weather 12.08 Itv Weather (2010, We Lunch) 12.09 Regional Weather 12.10 This Morning: Saturday 1.10 Midsomer Murders 3.15 The Funniest Things 4.00 Meridian News And Weather 4.10 ITV News & Weather 4.23 Itv Weather (2010, Teatime) 4.25 FILM: Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban (2004)

6.10am The Hoobs 6.35 The Hoobs 7.00 World Sport 7.30 Road To The 2010 FIFA World Cup 8.00 The Morning Line 8.55 Friends 9.25 Friends 10.00 Glee 10.55 JLS’s Slammin’ R’n’B Mixtape: Top 10 11.55 Ultimate Traveller 1.00pm Smallville: Superman The Early Years 2.00 Channel 4 Racing 4.05 Come Dine With Me 4.35 Come Dine With Me 5.05 Come Dine With Me 5.40 Come Dine With Me

Sky Sports 1

Sky Sports 2

Sky Sports 3 6.00am Tight Lines 7.00 The Premiership Years 9.00 NFL – America’s Game 10.00 WWE Smackdown 12.00pm WWE The Bottom Line 1.00 Max Power 2.00 WWE Smackdown 4.00 World Sport 4.30 IEX Magazine 5.00 LIVE Premiership Rugby Union 7.30 NFL – Total Access 8.30 Haye V Ruiz Countdown 9.00 The Super 14 Show 11.00 WWE Late Night Superstars 12.00am WWE NXT 1.00 WWE: Late Night Smackdown 3.00 WWE Late Night Bottom Line 4.00 Max Power 5.00 NFL – Total Access

Victoria Nangle

kextraterrestrial Sky1








12.30 The Simpsons (x2) 1.30 Futurama (x3) 3.00 Pineapple Dance Studios (x3) 6.00 Noel’s Are You Smarter Than Your TenYear-Old? 7.00 Futurama 7.30 Glenn Martin, DDS 8.00 Lie To Me 9.00 FILM: Ghost (1990) 11.25 Fringe 12.25am A League Of Their Own 12.55 Road Wars (x2) 2.40 Miami SWAT

7.25pm Doctor Who Confidential 8.10 Top Gear 9.30 FILM: Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl (2003) 11.40 Russell Howard’s Good News Extra 12.25am Family Guy 12.50 American Dad! (x2) 1.35 Eddie Izzard: Marathon Man (x3) 4.30 Russell Howard’s Good News Extra 5.30 Close

7.00pm FILM: Oklahoma! (1955) 9.15 Wallander 10.45 Canoe Man 11.45 A History Of Christianity (x2) 1.45 How To Win An Election: A Panorama Guide 2.45 Canoe Man 5.30 Close

1.25pm Planet’s Funniest Animals 1.55 Holiday Showdown 2.55 Ant & Dec’s Push The Button 3.55 American Idol: 10 Finalists 5.55 American Idol: Results 6.55 FILM: Apollo 13 (1995) 9.40 FILM: The Sixth Sense (1999) 11.50 FILM: Basic Instinct (1992) 2.15am Harry Hill’s The Best Of TV Burp 2.40 Celebrity Juice

6.55am FILM: Jesus Christ Superstar (1973) 9.05 Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman (x3) 12.00pm The Darling Buds Of May 1.00 FILM: Mutiny On The Buses (1973) 2.50 FILM: The BFG (1989) 4.45 Wycliffe 5.50 Agatha Christie’s Poirot (x2) 9.00 Lewis 11.00 Murder In Mind (x2) 1.10 Reckless 2.05 On The Buses (x2)

2.25pm Hollyoaks Omnibus 5.00 Friends (x2) 6.00 90210 7.00 The Big Bang Theory 7.25 How I Met Your Mother 8.00 Friends (x2) 9.00 David Blaine: What Is Magic? 10.00 FILM: Final Destination 3 (2006) 10.45 Sacha Baron Cohen: New Heroes Of Comedy 12.50am Supernanny 1.50 Being Erica 2.35 The Class

9.00am A Place In The Sun 9.30 Time Team (x4) 1.40pm FILM: Casablanca (1942) 3.40 Grand Designs (x5) 9.00 The Real Da Vinci Code 11.10 Shroud Of Christ? 12.15am The Real Da Vinci Code 2.25 Shroud Of Christ? 3.30 Close

12.00pm Australia’s Next Top Model 1.00 Four Weddings (x2) 3.00 Celebrity Four Weddings 4.00 FILM: My Girl (1991) 6.10 Celebs 24/7 6.30 Nothing To Declare (x5) 9.00 Criminal Minds (x5) 2.00 Nothing To Declare (x2) 3.00 I Dream Of Jeannie (x4) 4.40 The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air (x2)


Comedy Central


Sci Fi

Sky Movies

Sky Movies



12.00pm Biblical Mysteries Explained (x6) 6.00 Extreme Loggers 7.00 Mythbusters 8.00 How It’s Made (x2) 9.00 Turin Shroud: The New Evidence 10.00 Human Sacrifice 11.00 Bear Grylls: Born Survivor 12.00am The FBI Files (x2) 2.00 Forensic Detectives (x2) 3.50 Extreme Engineering 4.40 The Blasters

11.00am Buffy The Vampire Slayer (x3) 2.00 Doctor Who (x4) 10.00 FILM: Fortress 2: Re-entry (1999) 11.50 FILM: Toxic Skies (2008) 1.40am Heroes (x2) 4.00 FILM: The Dead Will Tell (2004)

10.15am The Beguiled (1971) 12.15pm Samson And Delilah (1949) 2.30 Sabrina (1954) 4.30 BenHur (1959) 8.00 Samson And Delilah (1949) 10.10 Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953). See highlights. 11.50 The Beguiled (1971) 1.45am Sabrina (1954) 3.50 Sweet Charity (1969)

1.50pm Buffalo ‘66 (1998) 3.45 Tom Hanks Talks Pacific 4.15 Out Of Sight (1998) 6.20 South Park: Bigger, Longer And Uncut (1999) 7.50 Mongol (2007) 10.00 Rec (2007) 11.25 F For Fake (1973) 1.00am Buffalo ‘66 (1998) 3.00 South Park: Bigger, Longer And Uncut (1999) 4.30 35mm

1.00pm Rat Race (2001) 3.10 Gunfight At The OK Corral (1957) 5.30 Crocodile Dundee (1986) 7.20 Hot Shots! (1991) 9.00 Alfie (1966) 11.10 A Complete History Of My Sexual Failures (2008) 1.00am Black Christmas (1975) 3.00 Matthew Vaughn On Kick-Ass 3.10 Close

8.50pm The Aviator (1985) 10.45 Miracles (1985) 12.25pm The Screening Room 1.00 Fluke (1995) 3.00 Alexander The Great (1956) 5.50 The Screening Room 6.50 Broadway Danny Rose (1984) 9.00 The Boyfriend School (1990) 11.00 Back To School (1986) 1.00am The Boyfriend School (1990)

1.05pm The Good Life 1.45 FILM: Look Who’s Talking (1989) 3.30 Only Fools And Horses 5.10 The Vicar Of Dibley 6.00 Wallace And Gromit (x3) 8.00 FILM: Look Who’s Talking Too (1990) 9.35 Only Fools And Horses 10.50 Ruddy Hell! It’s Harry And Paul (x2) 12.00am Men Behaving Badly 1.05 Ruddy Hell! It’s Harry And Paul (x3)

9.00am Two And A Half Men (x25) 10.00 Lee Evans Live At Her Majesty’s Theatre 11.20 Alan Carr: Tooth Fairy Live 12.30am New South Park (x2) 1.30 Grouchy Young Men 2.00 Dirty, Sexy, Funny: Olivia Lee 2.30 South Park (x2) 3.30 Scrubs (x2) 4.20 Everybody Loves Raymond



034_LS468_TV_Sun_Latest7Sun4April.qxd 26/03/2010 11:47 Page 1

sunday 4 A Touch Of Frost ITV1, 8.30pm And thus it comes to an end with this, a two-parter kicking off tonight. How are we going to say goodbye to the ever so clever and hirsute DI Jack Frost? You’ll have to watch and find out. It may have something to do with joining forces with RSPCA officer Christine Moorhead though, investigating dogfights.

The South Bank Show Revisited: Billy Connolly ITV1, 10.45pm That was then and this is now, as Melvyn Bragg’s latest interview with the Big Yin is interspersed with clips from the last two times they spoke – in 1979 and 1992. Billy reckons he’s slain many of his past demons and still loves to tour the world exploring. Exploring or running?

The Greatest Songs Of The Noughties E4, 10.35pm Just in case you missed an entire decade of music, here is a rundown of the top 20 songs of the Noughties, as voted for by the public, critics and industry figures. Nothing too embarrassing then. Better not be; we’ve also got some of the featured ‘top’ as talking heads discussing it all!


¸ terrestrial BBC1

6.00am Breakfast 8.00 Formula 1: The Malaysian Grand Prix 10.00 He Is Risen Today 11.00 Urbi Et Orbi 11.40 Bargain Hunt 12.25pm BBC News 12.40 Cash In The Attic 1.40 EastEnders 4.00 Points Of View 4.15 Songs Of Praise 4.50 South East Today 5.00 BBC News 5.10 Regional News And Weather 5.20 Countryfile

6.20 Over The Rainbow Results Show The first results show of the series. Our final 11 girls are sent on their first Dorothy mission, where they’ll muck in together and muck out... on a pig farm. But the Dorothys have one thing on their mind – which of them have persuaded the public that they deserve to stay in the competition? Jump through this hoop pretty girl! 7.00 Antiques Roadshow Fiona Bruce and the team hear fascinating stories and make bombshell valuations as they examine people’s treasures. 8.00 Jonathan Creek Drama series about an eccentric magician who uses his talents to solve mysteries. He’s back! Cool as an iceberg stuck in a fridge! 9.35 Michael McIntyre: Live And Laughing Michael McIntyre, star of the eponymous Comedy Roadshow on BBC One, performs his stand-up show in front of a sell-out crowd at the world-famous Hammersmith Apollo. 10.35 BBC News 10.45 South East Today 10.50 Are Christians Being Persecuted? A hard question. 11.50 The Sky At Night The world of astronomy with Patrick Moore. 12.15am FILM: Grumpy Old Men (1993) 1.55 Weatherview 2.00 Sign Zone: Holby City 3.00 Famous, Rich And Homeless 4.00 BBC News


6.00am Fimbles 6.20 Me Too! 6.40 Clifford’s Puppy Days 6.55 Pingu 7.00 Jinx 7.25 Diddy Dick And Dom 7.30 Tracy Beaker Returns 8.00 The Legend Of Dick And Dom 8.30 Leon 8.35 Match Of The Day 9.55 Formula 1: The Malaysian Grand Prix 11.10 On Thin Ice 11.55 Monk 12.40pm FILM: Summer Magic (1963) 2.25 Formula 1: The Malaysian Grand Prix 4.25 Natural World 5.25 Rick Stein’s Far Eastern Odyssey

6.25 Porridge Classic comedy series. Fletch and Godber reconcile themselves to a quiet evening in at Slade prison. Other options being? 6.55 Top Gear Motoring news and views. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May compete in an epic London-to-Edinburgh race, setting out to discover what Top Gear might have been like 60 years ago. 8.00 Tropic Of Cancer Simon Reeve continues his epic journey around the world following the Tropic of Cancer. In India, Simon’s journey takes him from the coast of Gujurat in the east to Kolkata in the west. 9.00 Wonders Of The Solar System Professor Brian Cox describes how the laws of nature have carved natural wonders across the solar system. Brian descends to the bottom of the Pacific in a submarine to witness the extraordinary life forms that survive in the cold, black waters. 10.00 Match Of The Day 2 Adrian Chiles presents highlights of the Premier League match between Everton and West Ham at Goodison Park. 11.10 FILM: Heat (1995) Starring Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Val Kilmer. Atmospheric thriller. 1.50am FILM: Quatermass 2 (1957) 3.15 BBC News 4.00 The Super League Show


6.00am GMTV 9.25 Coronation Street Omnibus 11.45 ITV News 11.58 Itv Weather (2010, We Lunch) 11.59 Regional Weather 12.00pm This Morning: Sunday 1.00 Columbo: Death Hits The Jackpot 3.00 Agatha Christie’s Poirot 4.00 Foyle’s War 5.30 Meridian News And Weather 5.45 Foyle’s War

6.00 Regional News 6.13 Regional Weather 6.15 ITV News & Weather 6.28 ITV Weather (2010, Teatime) 6.30 Harry Hill’s The Best Of TV Burp Harry Hill serves up another special episode celebrating the best bits from the series. Just in case you missed it yesterday. 7.00 All Star Mr & Mrs Today, Loose Woman Denise Welch and hubby Tim Healy, Gareth Gates and his wife Suzanne, and Nicholas Parson and wife Annie battle it out to see who knows the most about their respective other halves in a bid to win money for their charities. 8.00 Coronation Street How will Audrey react when she finds out about Lewis and Rita? 8.30 A Touch Of Frost See highlights. 10.30 ITV News; Weather 10.43 Itv Weather (2010, We Late) 10.44 Regional Weather 10.45 The South Bank Show Revisited: Billy Connolly See highlights. 11.45 Something About Mary Magdalene Mary Magdalene and her elusive stories. 12.45am Guinness Premiership Rugby 1.08 ITV News Headlines 1.10 FILM: The Paper (1994) 1.40 UEFA Champions League Weekly 3.00 Coastal Kitchen 4.30 ITV Nightscreen 5.30 ITV Morning News

Channel 4

6.10am The Treacle People 6.20 The Hoobs 6.45 The Hoobs 7.10 The McCain Track And Field Show 7.40 Mobil 1 The Grid 8.05 FIM Superbike World Championship 8.30 GT Academy 8.55 The Hills 9.25 Friends 9.55 Hollyoaks Omnibus 12.30pm Running In Heels 1.30 Friends 2.05 Friends 2.40 The Simpsons 3.15 The Simpsons 3.45 Deal Or No Deal: Easter Madness 4.35 Glee 5.35 FILM: Eragon (2006) 7.30 Channel 4 News 8.00 Come Dine With Me Cookery-based reality series. Four very different dinner party hosts from north Somerset, including an eccentric rickshaw pilot and a sophisticated foodie, battle it out for the £1,000 first prize. Who actually still thinks they can come out on top in this programme? 9.00 The Restoration Man George Clarke travels the British Isles meeting people hoping to restore architectural treasures. Clive Bolton and wife Jane want to set up home in a derelict, Grade II Listed windmill in Anglesey. 10.00 FILM: Four Weddings And A Funeral (1994) Starring Hugh Grant, Andie MacDowell, Kristin Scott Thomas, Simon Callow, David Bower, John Hannah, Charlotte Coleman, Rowan Atkinson, James Fleet and Kristin Scott Thomas. Smash-hit comedy of manners about an eternal bachelor who is dazzled by an American girl when both are guests at a wedding. Famous in his social clique for failing to make a commitment to any of his girlfriends, the man surprises them all – and himself – by falling in love with her. 12.15am FILM: The Warlords (2007) 2.25 St Elsewhere 3.10 Hill Street Blues 4.00 Year Dot 4.30 Lifeproof TV 5.00 Countdown 5.45 Yo Gabba Gabba


Sky Sports 1

6.00 – 8.35am Children’s television 8.35 The Adventures Of Bottle Top Bill And His Best Friend Corky 8.50 Igam Ogam 9.00 Olivia 9.15 The Mr. Men Show 9.35 Gerald McBoing Boing 10.00 Hannah Montana 10.35 Wizards Of Waverly Place 11.10 Zoo Days 11.15 Animal Rescue Squad 11.30 Highland Emergency 12.30pm Ice Road Truckers 1.30 Brits Who Made The Modern World 2.00 FILM: King Of Kings (1961) 5.05 Five News 5.10 FILM: 13 Going 30 (2004)

6.00am Aerobics: Oz Style 6.30 Football First: Match Choice (x2) 9.30 Sunday Supplement 11.00 Goals On Sunday 1.00pm LIVE Premiership Rugby Union 3.30 LIVE Ford Super Sunday 6.30 Super Sunday: The Last Word 7.00 LIVE Spanish Football 10.00 Ford Football Special 11.30 Super Sunday: The Last Word 12.00am Scottish Premier League 1.00 UEFA Champions League Weekly 1.30 Spanish Football 3.30 Ford Football Special 5.00 Super Sunday: The Last Word 5.30 UEFA Champions League Weekly

7.05 FILM: The Covenant (2006) Starring Toby Hemingway, Chace Crawford, Steven Strait, Taylor Kitsch, Laura Ramsey and Sebastian Stan. Supernatural thriller. Four teenagers, born to four powerful superpowerendowed dynasties, must join forces to fight their long-dormant evil fifth counterpart, who plans to kill them all and steal their powers for his own devices. It’s a regular teenage rite of passage. Like spots. 9.00 FILM: Layer Cake (2004) Starring Daniel Craig, Tom Hardy, Jamie Foreman, Burn Gorman, Sally Hawkins, Sienna Miller, George Harris, Dexter Fletcher, Michael Gambon and Colm Meaney. Sharpedged crime thriller in which a London cocaine dealer wants to retire with his millions and his skin intact, but a mob boss has other ideas, dragging him into a set-up involving a missing junkie, a million stolen ecstasy tablets and an East European hitman. 11.10 Justin Lee Collins: Good Times Cabaret-style chat show with Justin Lee Collins, featuring celebrity guests, fun and games and musical performances. Another chance to catch last week’s show. 12.10am The Gadget Show 1.10 SuperCasino 4.05 HouseBusters (x2) 5.00 Hana’s Helpline 5.10 The Milkshake! Show 5.35 Thomas & Friends 5.45 Roary The Racing Car

Sky Sports 2 6.00am Watersports World 7.00 The Super 14 Show 9.00 PGA Tour Golf 1.00pm LPGA Tour Golf 3.00 IEX Magazine 3.30 Terje’s Seasons’ Pass 4.00 LIVE Elite League Ice Hockey 7.00 Scottish Premier League 8.00 LIVE PGA Tour Golf 11.00 LPGA Tour Golf 1.00am Wild Spirits 1.30 Watersports World 2.30 British Motor Racing Hall Of Fame 2010 3.30 Wild Spirits 4.00 Tennis: ATP Masters

Sky Sports 3 6.00am Spanish Football 7.30 This Week In WWE 8.00 WWE Vintage Collection 9.00 WWE Afterburn 10.00 The Super 14 Show 12.00pm Premiership Rugby Union 1.00 LIVE Scottish Premier League (x2) 6.00 LIVE Tennis: ATP Masters 8.30 WWE Experience 9.30 This Week In WWE 10.00 WWE Late Night Afterburn 11.00 WWE Vintage Collection 12.00am School Of Hard Knocks 12.30 Tennis: ATP Masters 2.30 School Of Hard Knocks 3.00 Watersports World 4.00 The Premiership Years

Victoria Nangle

kextraterrestrial Sky1








2.00pm Futurama (x2) 3.00 Your Hobby Or Mine? 4.00 The Pacific: Inside Story 4.30 The Simpsons ...Celebrity Friends 5.00 The Simpsons (x2) 6.00 Pineapple Dance Studios 7.00 Got To Dance: Akai...The Winner’s Story 8.00 The Simpsons (x2) 9.00 24 10.00 House 11.00 Bones 12.00am A League Of Their Own

7.00pm Doctor Who 8.05 Great Movie Mistakes 11.05 Heroes 11.50 American Dad! (x2) 12.35 Formula 1: The Malaysian Grand Prix 1.30 Great Movie Mistakes 4.30 Harper’s Island

7.00pm FILM: South Pacific (1958) 9.25 Arena: Johnny Mercer - The Dream’s On Me 11.05 In Concert: Johnny Mercer 11.30 Mad Men 12.20am A History Of Christianity 1.20 Arena: Johnny Mercer - The Dream’s On Me 3.00 Mad Men 3.45 In Concert: Johnny Mercer

1.00pm Ant & Dec’s Push The Button 2.00 Harry Hill’s The Best Of TV Burp 2.30 FILM: Vanity Fair (2004) 5.20 FILM: Charlie And The Chocolate Factory (2005) 7.30 What Katie Did Next 8.30 The Vampire Diaries 9.30 Married Single Other 10.30 Coronation Street 11.05 FILM: Forget Paris (1995) 1.00am Supernatural

11.50pm FILM: Up Pompeii (1971) 1.30pm FILM: Carry On Screaming (1966) 3.30 FILM: Carry On Cowboy (1965) 5.25 FILM: Holiday On The Buses (1974) 7.15 FILM: On The Buses (1971) 9.00 FILM: Carry On Cleo (1965) 10.55 FILM: The Best Of Benny Hill (1974) 12.40am An Audience With Kenneth Williams

2.10pm Reaper 3.05 FILM: Cheaper By The Dozen (2003) 5.00 Friends (x2) 6.00 Scrubs (x2) 7.00 My Name Is Earl 7.30 The Loop 8.00 Friends (x2) 9.00 The Greatest TV Shows Of The Noughties. See highlights. 10.35 The Greatest Songs Of The Noughties 12.15am Ricky Gervais: New Hero Of Comedy 1.15 Supernanny

12.10pm Scrapheap Challenge (x2) 2.25 Coach Trip (x5) 5.10 Come Dine With Me (x5) 8.00 River Cottage 9.00 FILM: Kingdom Of Heaven (2005) 11.50 Father Ted 12.25am Black Books 12.55 The IT Crowd 1.25 Curb Your Enthusiasm 2.05 Deal Or No Deal 2.50 River Cottage

12.00pm FILM: My Girl (1991) 2.10 Celebs 24/7 2.30 Nothing To Declare 3.00 FILM: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968) 6.00 Grey’s Anatomy 7.00 Four Weddings 8.00 Cougar Town (x2) 9.00 Criminal Minds 10.00 Supernatural 11.00 CSI: Miami 12.00am CSI: Crime Scene Investigation


Comedy Central


Sci Fi

Sky Movies

Sky Movies



1.00pm The Bible: A History 2.00 Turin Shroud: The New Evidence 3.00 Attack And Capture 4.00 Extreme Loggers 5.00 Mythbusters 6.00 Swords: Life On The Line 7.00 How Do They Do It? (x2) 8.00 How It’s Made (x2) 9.00 Who Framed Jesus? 11.00 Bear Grylls: Born Survivor 12.00am The FBI Files (x2)

11.00am Legend Of The Seeker 12.00pm Doctor Who (x5) 10.00 FILM: Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995) 12.00am FILM: Fortress 2: Re-entry (1999) 1.50 Heroes 3.00 Sea Of Souls 4.00 FILM: Storm Cell (2008)

10.20am West Side Story (1961) 1.00pm Viva Zapata! (1951) 3.00 The Bible (1966) 6.00 Breakfast At Tiffany’s (1961) 8.00 The Hustler (1961) 10.20 12 Angry Men (1957) 12.00am The Bible (1966) 2.50 The Hustler (1961) 5.05 Breakfast At Tiffany’s (1961)

9.50am Milk (2008) 12.05pm Once (2006) 1.45 Kenny (2006) 3.45 Bart Got A Room (2008) 5.20 Tom Hanks Talks - Pacific 5.50 Three And Out (2008) 7.45 Milk (2008) 10.00 Hurlyburly (1998) 12.10am Serial Mom (1994) 1.50 Angel (2007) 3.55 Bart Got A Room (2008)

11.00am The Riddle Of The Sands (1979) 1.00pm Freaky Friday (1977) 2.55 Meet Me In St Louis (1944) 5.10 King Solomon’s Mines (1985) 7.05 Big Momma’s House 2 (2006) 9.00 The Italian Job (1969) 10.55 Matthew Vaughn On KickAss 11.00 The Business (2005) 12.50am Tales From Earthsea (2007)

11.45am The Screening Room 1.00pm The Brink’s Job (1978) 3.00 Young Billy Young (1969) 4.55 September (1988) 6.50 Wuthering Heights (1939) 9.00 Romantic Comedy (1983) 11.00 Audrey Rose (1977) 1.05am Romantic Comedy (1983) 3.00 Teleshopping 5.00 The Brink’s Job (1978)

2.30pm FILM: Carry On Cruising (1962) 4.20 FILM: Carry On Follow That Camel (1967) 6.10 FILM: Carry On Henry (1971) 8.00 FILM: Look Who’s Talking Now (1993) 10.00 To The Manor Born Christmas Special 11.15 Ruddy Hell! It’s Harry And Paul 11.50 Ruddy Hell! It’s Harry And Paul 12.30am My Family

9.00am Two And A Half Men (x22) 8.00 FILM: Teen Wolf (1985) 10.00 FILM: Scary Movie 3 (2003) 11.35 South Park 12.05am Lee Evans Live At Her Majesty’s Theatre 1.30 Dirty, Sexy, Funny: Olivia Lee 2.00 South Park 2.30 Grouchy Young Men 3.00 Scrubs 3.30 Two And A Half Men



S A 6. w Fo hi Pr Fo hi Pr Su fin W sp Su pr fo an Pr se Iri cr si ca Fo W in To m Sa Su us st ex th Sp 10 ta Go Pr w se tw

035_LS468_TV_Mon_Latest7Mon5April.qxd 26/03/2010 12:37 Page 1

monday 5 University Challenge BBC2, 8pm It’s a classic competition – the University Challenge final and it’s St John’s College, Oxford, versus Emmanuel College, Cambridge. Ancient rivalries will rear their ugly heads, each point gained will be celebrated and each one lost mocked mercilessly. And that’s just by question master Jeremy Paxman.

Channel 4’s Comedy Gala Channel 4, 9pm The biggest stand-up show... ever. No, really it is. Filmed at the O2 Arena in aid of the Great Ormond Street Hospital, 24 of the country’s biggest comics took part to help out. These included Michael McIntyre, Noel Fielding, Catherine Tate, John Bishop, Bill Bailey, Rob Brydon, Alan Carr, Jack Dee, Lee Evans – LOADS!

Cougar Town Living, 10pm & 10.30pm The much-anticipated latest offering from the Courtney Cox stable of TV show ideas. Cox plays Jules, a woman who married and had children in her twenties and is now out on the dating scene as one of the ‘older women’. Seems the rules have changed somewhat since last she went for dinner and a movie.


¸ terrestrial BBC1

6.00am Breakfast 9.00 Animal 24:7 9.45 Homes Under The Hammer 10.45 Cash In The Attic 11.30 Bargain Hunt 12.15pm BBC News At One 12.30 South East Today 12.45 FILM: Three Men And A Little Lady (1990) 2.20 FILM: Spy Kids (2001) 3.40 My Family 4.10 West End Story: What Nancy, Joseph And Maria Did Next 5.10 Van Gogh: Painted With Words

6.30 BBC News At Six 6.50 Regional News; Weather 7.00 The One Show 8.00 EastEnders Billie makes a decision that could change his life forever. Tattoo? 8.30 QI Comedy quiz where the guests get more points for being interesting. A mix of moments from the G Series with Stephen Fry, Alan Davies and their guests. 9.00 MasterChef: The Final Three MasterChef: The Final Three. 10.00 BBC News At Ten 10.10 Regional News; Weather 10.15 The Orphans Who Survived The Concentration Camps The Orphans Who Survived the Camps. 10.40 South East Today The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South East of England. 10.45 The Orphans Who Survived The Concentration Camps Harrowing for five minutes. 10.50 FILM: The Lake House (2006) Starring Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock, Christopher Plummer. Fantasy romance about a relationship that forms between an architect and the doctor who lived in his new lakeside house two years previously. 12.25am The Football League Show 1.45 Springwatch Weatherview 1.50 Sign Zone: Priceless Antiques Roadshow 2.20 How Earth Made Us 3.20 The Great Offices Of State 4.20 BBC News


6.00am Fimbles 6.20 Me Too! 6.40 Clifford’s Puppy Days 6.55 Pingu 7.00 Green Balloon Scrapbook 7.25 Finley The Fire Engine 7.40 Kerwhizz 8.00 Pinky And Perky 8.15 ChuckleVision 8.30 Copycats 9.00 Planet Ajay 9.30 The Slammer 10.00 Sorry, I’ve Got No Head 10.30 Prank Patrol 10.55 Sam And Mark’s Guide To Dodging Disaster 11.05 FILM: Mr Deeds Goes To Town (1936) 12.55pm FILM: McLintock! (1963) 3.00 Diagnosis Murder 3.45 Flog It! 4.30 Final Score 5.05 Match Of The Day Live 7.15 Escape To The Country Series which helps prospective buyers to find their dream home in the country. Who marks out the frontiers bewtween town and country? Eh? 8.00 University Challenge See highlights. 8.30 Raymond Blanc’s Kitchen Secrets Legendary chef Raymond Blanc welcomes the cameras into his kitchen to share his cooking secrets. Raymond uses two staple ingredients with infinite uses – eggs and cheese. He kicks off with a classic omelette made perfectly thanks to a secret technique. Tain’t a secret no more. Ha! Raymond then uses a fine Comte from his home region in eastern France to make a family style souffle guaranteed to rise to the occasion. Yum! 9.00 An Extras Night In An Extras Night In. 9.35 An Extras Night In An Extras Night In. 10.10 An Extras Night In An Extras Night In. 10.45 An Extras Night In An Extras Night In. 11.20 An Extras Night In An Extras Night In. 11.55 An Extras Night In Can you guess what it is? 12.30am Richard Pryor Live In Concert 1979. 1.45 BBC News 4.00 GCSE Bitesize Revision: Science – Physics


6.00am GMTV 9.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 10.30 No Place Like Home 11.30 Dickinson’s Real Deal 12.30pm Loose Women 1.30 ITV News & Weather 1.51 ITV Weather 1.55 Regional News 1.58 Regional Weather 2.00 60 Minute Makeover 3.00 Daily Cooks Challenge 4.00 Rosemary And Thyme 5.00 The Alan Titchmarsh Show

6.00 Meridian Tonight 6.15 ITV News & Weather 6.28 ITV Weather 6.30 You’ve Been Framed! More of viewers’ humorous home videos. 7.00 Emmerdale Cain and Charity discover a new way of getting their kicks. 7.30 Coronation Street Steve and Becky consider adoption. 8.00 Countrywise Series in which Paul Heiney and the team look at the best of Britain’s coast and country. Today, Paul and Rachel de Thame visit the Eden Project in Cornwall. 8.30 Coronation Street Rita explains all to Norris. 9.00 A Touch Of Frost The second in a two-part story which closes the book on this long-running series. The past is catching up with Frost in more ways than one as a series of copycat crimes convinces Mullett that his veteran DI’s life is in danger. 11.00 ITV News; Weather 11.08 Followed By ITV Weather 11.14 Regional Weather 11.15 FILM: Lorenzo’s Oil (1992) Starring Nick Nolte, Susan Sarandon, Peter Ustinov. Fact-based drama about a couple who battle against all the odds to save their young son from a terrible wasting disease. 1.38am ITV News Headlines 1.40 Loose Women 2.30 The Jeremy Kyle Show 3.25 ITV Nightscreen 5.30 ITV Morning News

Channel 4

6.10am The Hoobs 6.35 The Hoobs 7.00 Freshly Squeezed 7.25 Everybody Loves Raymond 7.50 Everybody Loves Raymond 8.20 Frasier 8.45 Coach Trip 9.15 Hollyoaks Music Show 9.50 Friends 10.20 Friends 10.50 The Simpsons 11.20 The Big Bang Theory 11.45 FILM: The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965) 3.25pm Countdown 4.10 Deal Or No Deal: Easter Madness 5.00 Coach Trip 5.30 Come Dine With Me Extra Portions

6.00 The Simpsons 6.30 Hollyoaks Calvin and Theresa wake up together and the reality of their night of passion hits home. Gaz and Lauren make a break for freedom. A desperate Jake tries to win back Loretta, but his plans are scuppered when he is taken in by the police. Those romance-foiling coppers! 7.00 Channel 4 News 7.25 FILM: Doctor Dolittle (1998) Starring Eddie Murphy, Ossie Davis, Oliver Platt and Peter Boyle. Family comedy about a doctor who discovers that he can talk to all kinds of animals. Word quickly spreads around the animal kingdom and soon he is inundated with furry and feathered patients. However, his newly discovered ability soon brings him into conflict with his human friends and colleagues. 9.00 Channel 4’s Comedy Gala See highlights . 11.05 Frank Skinner: Live From The NIA Birmingham Comedian Frank Skinner returns to the stand-up circuit at the Birmingham National Indoor Arena in front of a sell-out crowd. 12.10am The World’s Most Offensive Joke 1.10 Scams, Claims And Compensation 2.05 FILM: The House On Telegraph Hill (1951) 3.40 Honeymoon 4.15 St Elsewhere 5.00 Year Dot 5.30 Lifeproof TV


Sky Sports 1

6.00 – 7.45am Children’s television 7.45 Make Way For Noddy 8.05 Fifi And The Flowertots 8.20 Peppa Pig 8.25 Thomas & Friends 8.40 Igam Ogam 8.50 Castle Farm 8.55 The WotWots 9.05 Hana’s Helpline 9.20 Olivia 9.30 FILM: The Muppets’ Wizard Of Oz (2005) 11.25 Zoo Days 11.30 CSI: NY 12.25pm Five News 12.30 CSI: NY 1.25 Neighbours 1.55 Home And Away 2.25 FILM: The Spirit Of St Louis (1957) 5.00 Five News With Natasha Kaplinsky 5.30 Neighbours

6.00am Good Morning Sports Fans (x3) 9.00 Soccer AM: The Best Bits 10.00 Soccer Extra 12.00pm LIVE Football League 2.30 Gillette Soccer Special 5.15 LIVE Super League 7.30 LIVE Football League: Championship 10.00 Time Of Our Lives 11.00 A League Of Their Own 11.30 Netbusters 12.00am Soccer AM: The Best Bits 1.00 Football League 2.30 Sports Unlimited 3.30 Watersports World 4.30 Max Power 5.30 FIFA Futbol Mundial

6.00 Home And Away Martha finds Xavier’s secret box in the roof and is astounded by the contents. 6.27 Zoo Days Highlights of the documentary series exploring life for the residents and staff at Colchester and Chester Zoos. 6.30 How Do They Do It? Robert Llewellyn discovers how Marmite is made. Ugh. 7.00 Police Interceptors Documentary series profiling the work of a high-speed police interception unit in Essex. 8.00 The Gadget Show Consumer technology show presented by Jason Bradbury, Suzi Perry, Jon Bentley and Ortis Deley. 9.00 FlashForward Sci-fi drama. Demetri, Janis, Simon and Vogel travel to Somalia to investigate a mysterious tower. Along the way, they encounter a man who saw his fellow villagers black out in 1991. 10.00 Justin Lee Collins: Good Times Cabaret-style chat show with Justin Lee Collins, featuring celebrity guests, fun and games and musical performances. Former Texas singer Sharleen Spiteri chats to Justin. 11.00 FILM: Casualties Of War (1989) Starring Michael J Fox, Sean Penn, Don Harvey, John Reilly. Raw Vietnam War drama. 1.10am SuperCasino 4.05 Wildlife SOS (x2) 4.55 County Secrets 5.10 Neighbours 5.35 Home And Away

6.00am Premiership Rugby Union 7.00 WWE The Bottom Line 8.00 This Week In WWE 8.30 British Motor Racing Hall Of Fame 2010 9.30 PGA Tour Golf 12.30pm LPGA Tour Golf 2.30 Premiership Rugby Union 3.30 Tennis: ATP Masters 5.30 Soccer AM: The Best Bits 6.30 SPL Round-Up 7.00 Netbusters 7.30 LIVE Premier League Speedway 9.30 Wild Spirits 10.00 TBA 12.00am Super League 1.30 PGA Tour Classic 2.30 PGA Tour Golf 3.30 Shell’s Wonderful World Of Golf 5.00 PGA Tour Classic

Sky Sports 2

Sky Sports 3 6.00am Scottish Premier League 7.00 The Premiership Years 9.00 The Super 14 Show 11.00 Aerobics: Oz Style 11.30 Racing News 12.00pm Tennis: ATP Masters 2.00 Snow Ride 2.30 Wild Spirits 3.00 The Premiership Years 5.00 WWE Raw 7.00 PGA Tour Classic 8.00 PGA Tour Golf 9.00 Shell’s Wonderful World Of Golf 10.30 PGA Tour Classic 11.30 Snow Ride 12.00am WWE NXT 1.00 WWE Vintage Collection 2.00 LIVE WWE Late Night Raw 4.15 Super League 5.45 Close

Victoria Nangle

kextraterrestrial Sky1








1.00pm Cold Case 2.00 A Town Called Eureka (x2) 4.00 Brainiac: Science Abuse 5.00 Malcolm In The Middle 5.30 Futurama 6.00 Got To Dance: Akai...The Winner’s Story 7.00 The Simpsons (x2) 8.00 Oops TV 8.30 Making The Pacific 9.00 House 10.00 NCIS: LA 11.00 24 12.00am School Of Hard Knocks 12.30 Oops TV

7.00pm Great Movie Mistakes 7.10 Total Wipeout Fast Forward 7.40 FILM: Flushed Away (2006) 9.00 Gavin And Stacey 9.30 Russell Howard’s Good News 10.00 EastEnders 10.30 FILM: Blades Of Glory (2007) 12.00am Family Guy (x2) 12.45 Gavin And Stacey 1.15 Russell Howard’s Good News

7.00pm The World Of Nat King Cole 8.30 Only Connect 9.00 FILM: Little Voice (1998) 10.30 The BBC One Sessions 11.30 A History Of Christianity 12.30am The World Of Nat King Cole 2.00 Only Connect 2.30 The BBC One Sessions

4.40pm Judge Judy 5.00 American Idol: 10 Finalists 6.00 Teenage Cancer Trust Concert 2010 7.00 All Star Mr & Mrs 8.00 Harry Hill’s The Best Of TV Burp 8.30 Grimefighters 9.00 Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen USA 10.00 Celebrity Juice 10.45 FILM: The Sixth Sense (1999) 12.55am Coronation Street (x2)

10.20am FILM: Up Pompeii (1971) 12.05pm FILM: The Best Of Benny Hill (1974) 1.50 FILM: Carry On Cleo (1965) 3.40 FILM: On The Buses (1971) 5.30 FILM: Mutiny On The Buses (1973) 7.15 FILM: Holiday On The Buses (1974) 9.00 FILM: Carry On Screaming (1966) 11.00 The Bill: Great Power 12.00am A Village Affair

1.40pm Friends 2.10 Hollyoaks 2.40 FILM: Ever After: A Cinderella Story (1998) 5.00 Friends (x2) 6.00 Scrubs (x2) 7.00 Hollyoaks 7.30 How I Met Your Mother 8.00 FILM: Black Knight (2001) 10.00 The Cleveland Show 10.30 King Of The Hill 10.55 Friends (x2) 11.55 How I Met Your Mother 12.25am Scrubs (x2)

10.50am FILM: The Thief Of Bagdad (1940) 1.00pm The 100 Greatest Musicals 6.15 Come Dine With Me (x5) 9.00 Relocation, Relocation 10.00 Country House Rescue 11.05 Deliver Us From Evil 1.05am Brothers And Sisters 2.05 Relocation, Relocation 3.05 Deal Or No Deal

2.00pm FILM: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968) 5.00 Charmed 6.00 America’s Next Top Model 7.00 Ghost Whisperer 8.00 Australia’s Next Top Model 9.00 Celebrity Four Weddings 10.00 Cougar Town (x2) See highlights. 11.00 Criminal Minds 12.00am CSI: Crime Scene Investigation


Comedy Central


Sci Fi

Sky Movies

Sky Movies



12.00pm Swords: Life On The Line (x6) 6.00 Deadliest Catch: Lobstermen 7.00 Mythbusters 8.00 How Do They Do It? 8.30 How It’s Made 9.00 Mythbusters 10.00 American Chopper 11.00 Bear Grylls: Born Survivor 12.00am The FBI Files (x2) 2.00 Forensic Detectives (x2) 3.50 Time Team

11.00am Buffy The Vampire Slayer 12.00pm Doctor Who (x5) 10.00 FILM: Blown Away (1994) 12.20am FILM: Warbirds (2008) 2.00 Buffy The Vampire Slayer 3.00 Mysterious Ways 4.00 FILM: Nature Of The Beast (2005)

9.00am Father Goose (1964) 11.00 Indiscreet (1958) 12.40pm Pillow Talk (1959) 2.25 Around The World In 80 Days (1956) 5.20 Guns Of August (1964) 7.00 Father Goose (1964) 9.00 The Grapes Of Wrath (1940) 11.15 Pillow Talk (1959) 1.10am Giant (1956) 4.35 Guns Of August (1964)

9.50am Badlands (1973) 11.25 The Kite Runner (2007) 1.35pm Monty Python’s The Meaning Of Life (1983) 3.25 Joan Of Arc (1999) 6.05 The Duchess (2008) 8.00 Stealing Beauty (1996) 10.00 Mephisto (1981) 12.30am Waltz With Bashir (2008) 2.15 35mm

2.40pm Murder Most Foul (1964) 4.25 The Parent Trap (1998) 6.50 Matthew Vaughn On Kick-Ass 6.55 Romancing The Stone (1984) 9.00 Slumdog Millionaire (2008) 11.20 Danny Boyle Special 11.30 Shallow Grave (1994) 1.20am Hide (2008) 3.00 Matthew Vaughn On KickAss

9.20am September (1988) 11.00 Wuthering Heights (1939) 1.00pm Hour Of The Gun (1967) 3.00 The Misfits (1961) 5.20 The Screening Room 6.15 The Fortune Cookie (1966) 9.00 Moonlight And Valentino (1995) 11.00 Carrington (1995) 1.20am The Island Of Doctor Moreau (1977) 3.00 Teleshopping

3.25pm FILM: Look Who’s Talking Now (1993) 5.20 Morecambe And Wise: The Greatest Moment 7.00 To The Manor Born Christmas Special 8.15 FILM: Daddy Day Care (2002) 10.15 Morecambe And Wise: The Greatest Moment 11.55 Ruddy Hell! It’s Harry And Paul 12.35am Harry Enfield And Christmas Chums

9.00am Two And A Half Men (x26) 10.00 Dirty, Sexy, Funny: Olivia Lee 10.30 South Park 11.00 Sex And The City (x2) 12.10am Two And A Half Men (x2) 1.10 Scrubs 1.40 South Park (x2) 2.40 Samantha Who? 3.10 Two And A Half Men (x2) 4.05 Shortcuts Shuffle (x3)



S A 6. Sp pr pa w Sp re lo an 8. Sp pr pa w Th th an Ex pr fo Liv Le Co co th So da la Ro Rh Rh un tit st Fo Co be Sh Th se Le Fa ab Le ho ca Re As M N go

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